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Corridors of Commerce

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									Corridors of Commerce
Highway 169                             traveling	behind	slower	moving	        Highway 23
                                        vehicles,	commercial	trucks	and	
2 to 4-lane expansion of TH 169                                                Passing	lanes	from	Willmar	to	I-90
                                        recreation	traffic.
from Itasca County Road 15 to 1                                                •	Enhances	highway	safety	by	
mile east of Itasca County Road 7                                                reducing	pressure	for	traffic,	to	
                                       Highway 14
•	Critical	link	of	Western	Mesabi	                                               make	high-risk	passes
  Corridor                             4-lane	east	of	Owatonna	(Segment	
                                                                            •	Encourages	commercial	traffic	
•	Key	freight	route	for	Mesabi	iron	                                          to	use	the	corridor	instead	of	
  ore industry                         •	Support	Rochester	Destination	       seeking	a	longer	and	potentially	
                                         Medical	Center	and	its	projected	    less	safe	alternative	route
•	Improves	connection	from	US	
                                         40,000	jobs
  Highway	53	(Virginia)	to	US	                                              •	Provides	opportunities	to	pass	
  Highway	2	(Grand	Rapids)             •	Gateway	to	southern	Minnesota	       slower	traffic	which	better	
                                         regional	trade	centers	              accommodates	the	varying	mix	of	
Highway 2                              •	Address	critical	safety	challenges   corridor	traffic

Add	three	passing	lanes	to	a	38	                                            •	Increases	the	predictability	of	
mile	portion	of	Hwy	2	between	         Highway 14                             travel	time	for	the	corridor
Deer	River	and	Cass	Lake               4-lane	N.	Mankato	to	Nicollet	
•	Enhances	highway	safety	by	          (Advanced	to	2015-16)                   Highway 610
  reducing	pressure	for	traffic	to	    •	Mankato-North	Mankato	           New	Freeway	connection	from	
  make	high-risk	passes	when	            Metropolitan	Statistical	Area	   Hennepin	County	Road	81	to	I-94
  traveling	behind	slower	moving	        (MSA)is	the	fastest	growing	MSA	 •	New	connection	will	
  vehicles,	commercial	trucks	and	       in	the	state	(gross	domestic	      accommodate	50,000	vehicles	
  recreation	traffic.                    product,	employment	growth	and	    per day
                                         goods	production)	
                                                                          •	Alleviates	traffic	on	existing	
I-94                                   •	Mankato	MSA	leads	all	Greater	     principal arterials I-94 and I-694
Add	lanes	from	MN	101	to	MN	241          Minnesota	MSAs	in	population	
                                                                          •	Modal	connectivity	with	future	
•	Adds	capacity	to	one	of	the	                                              Bottineau	LRT	Transit	hub
  state’s	fastest	growing	corridors    •	Addresses	critical	safety	
•	Alleviates	congestion	along	                                            I-694
  heavily	used	tourism	corridor	to	                                            Dynamic	shoulder	lane	from	Rice	
  Northern	Minnesota                   Highway 14
                                                                               to	Lexington
•	Alleviates	congestion	on	            Nicollet	Bypass	(4	lane)
                                                                               •	Over	25	major	employers	adjacent	
  secondary routes                     •	Improves	safety	at	two	high	crash	      to	this	segment	of	the		I-694	
•	First	step	towards	planned	            intersections	(TH	99	and	TH	111	in	     Corridor
  managed	lane                           Nicollet)
                                                                               •	Total	employment	adjacent	to	the	
                                       •	Enhanced	mobility	for	heavy	            improvement	is	37,000	employees
Hwy 34                                   commercial	traffic	between	
                                                                               •	I-694	carries	100,000	vehicles	per	
                                         regional	trade	centers
Passing	lanes	from	Detroit	Lakes	                                                day,	and	serves	as	the	designated	
to	Nevis                               •	One	step	closer	to	goal	of	             truck	bypass	of	I-94	through	the	
                                         4-lane	facility	from	New	Ulm	to	        core metro area
•	Enhances	highway	safety	by	
  reducing	pressure	for	traffic	to	                                            •	Only	2	thru	lanes	in	each	direction	
  make	high-risk	passes	when	                                                    results	in	over	6	hours	per	day

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