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					Holcomb Bridge Middle School Band Syllabus
Band Web Site: http://holcombbridgeband.googlepages.com adel@fultonschools.org 770-594-5280 x 226 Teacher: Jonathan Adel Date: 2009-2010 School Year Course Title: Symphonic Band Grade Level: 7th Grade

Textbooks and Music: Standard of Excellence Book II, Foundations for Superior Performance (Both available at Music and Arts and Ken Stanton Music), and supplementary music Course Description: The Symphonic Band at Holcomb Bridge is a course intended for students who have played a band instrument before and have achieved a certain level of proficiency on their instrument. The class analyzes the different aspects of playing and musical knowledge necessary for advancement. Course Outline/Objectives: Each week throughout the year, the class will cover the following objectives: posture, playing position, breathing, tone quality, intonation, articulation, style, fingerings, syncopation, various rhythms, rhythmic precision, dynamics, balance & blend, and phrasing. In addition, students will have weekly musical vocabulary and theory lessons. Grades: Nine weeks grades will be determined as follows: 50% Full Participation (playing improvement, class participation, performance attendance, and written assignments) 35% Playing/Written Exams 15% Practice/ Practice Records (grade will be determined by practice records) Playing/Written Exams: Students will be tested on a regular basis to gauge comprehension on a variety of aspects of musical performance. In addition, students will have regular music vocabulary and music theory quizzes. Practice/ Practice Records: Students are expected to practice at home and turn in practice records. Practice sheets are to be turned in every Tuesday. Scheduled Help Sessions: Every Friday from 7-7:40 AM will be designated as help time for band. Any student needing extra assistance may attend. Teacher/Parent Communication: Parents will be contacted by telephone or email if their child is having difficulties in class. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher with any concerns. Email is the preferred method of contact for the teacher.

Holcomb Bridge Middle School Band Regulations
In order to maintain and continually improve the Holcomb Bridge Band Program, Students will be expected to display good behavior, a positive attitude, and respect for others and ones self. Students will also be expected to practice, complete all required subject matter, and observe all rules.

Attendance Policy
It is important that students be present for performances; however, a student with a written request from the parent may be excused from a performance and given an alternate assignment. A student who is not excused from a performance (i.e., no written request) will receive a failing grade for that performance. Death in the family or illness is an automatic excused absence.

After School Rehearsals
The Symphonic Band (All 7th and 8th Grade Band Students) will have mandatory after school rehearsals throughout the school year. These rehearsals are necessary in order to have an ensemble that performs at the highest musical levels. A calendar is provided so that advance preparations can be made for students to be in attendance.

Conduct and Discipline
During the rehearsal, students may talk only when recognized. There will be no disruptions while the director is on the podium. Insubordination will not be tolerated. Director’s comments are designed for improvement and to promote a higher quality of performance, and deserve to be heard by all students.

Rehearsal Room
Gum, candy, food or drinks will not be allowed in the rehearsal room. All paper and refuse are to be deposited in appropriate receptacles before entering the room. In order to maintain a neat and organized rehearsal room, each student will be assigned an instrument storage space/locker. Following the rehearsal, students must return their instrument and music to the proper place of storage.

Instruments and Equipment
School instruments (baritone, horn, tuba, etc.) will be issued to those students who need them. These instruments will be issued in good playing condition, and the students will be responsible for their proper use, maintenance, and storage. Each student is responsible for all issued materials, such as instruments, percussion equipment, and music.

See addendum for specific instrument necessities

I, _________________________________, agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Holcomb Bridge Middle School Band and understand the grading procedures.

Student Signature:___________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________________

Please Return this form no later than August 14th, 2009. Welcome Back to the Holcomb Bridge Band!

Percussion Addendum
In order to preserve and enhance the percussion curriculum at Holcomb Bridge Middle School, all percussion students will have to meet the following requirements for the upcoming school year. Percussion students at Holcomb Bridge are fortunate to be provided with nearly $20,000 worth of percussion equipment to perform on. In order to keep our instruments in good working condition and be able to purchase upgrades to our percussion section, all percussionists wishing to play on school owned instruments are requested to pay the $20 fee assessed by Fulton County. In addition, percussion students will be required to have the required sticks and mallets to play the school owned instruments. All percussion students will be required to have the following sticks and mallets: 1) Vic Firth SD2 Bolero American Custom Drum Sticks 2) Vic Firth M3 American Custom Vibraphone/Marimba Mallets 3) Vic Firth M6 American Custom Bell & Xylophone Mallets 4) Vic Firth T3 Staccato American Custom Timpani Mallets These sticks are part of the “Vic Firth EP2” pack, and come with a stick bag. Music and Arts Center on North Point Pkwy is keeping these in stock for our students at a cost of $74. You are free, of course, to shop online for this pack if you should feel so inclined. Once the students have their required stick pack, they will be provided with their own personal locker to store them in. This pack should last a student all the way through middle school and into high school if they are cared for properly. Due to the delicate nature of our school owned percussion instruments, students without the correct sticks and mallets will not be allowed to play on school owned instruments. In these instances, students will be required to bring and play on their own bell kit or snare drum.

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