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                       I N N O VATI O N                                                                                           Publication.
                       A Business Technology News & Information Update

                                                                                                                   4th Quarter 2005

SPAM Email: A Greater Risk Than You Think
Survey reveals that a company’s biggest                                          by Jason E. Hundley, Marketing Assistant
security threat may be its own End Users.
According to a recent survey on “email hygiene”, End Users take great    Isis Introduces Spam Filtering Services
risks when it comes to handling SPAM emails. The survey, conducted by
                                                                         Because of the huge profits being generated by SPAM email, it doesn’t
Mirapoint and the Radicati Group, revealed that an overwhelming num-
                                                                         look like the problem is going away any time soon. In an effort to keep
ber of people click on embedded links within SPAM emails. Even more
                                                                         customers’ valuable data safe, Isis, Inc. is now offering a powerful new
disturbing: 1 out of 10 respondents to the survey have actually made a
                                                                         service: Isis SPAM Prevention.
purchase from SPAM email, ensuring that SPAM emails will be a great
security risk for quite some time. Here are some more details from the   As a preemptive email security service that sits between the Internet and
survey:                                                                  your email gateway, Isis Spam Prevention Services (ISPS) prevents email
                                                                         threats from ever reaching your network. ISPS effectively stops SPAM,
Of people responding to the “Email Hygiene” survey:                      phishing, viruses, directory harvest attacks and other email threats
 31% have clicked on embedded links within a SPAM                       through its patented, multi-layer technology.
    email (NOT including the “Unsubscribe” link).                        Practically all organizations use email and view it as an essential tool in
    Clicking on embedded links reveals an active email account to        their day-to-day activities. Because uninterrupted delivery of our cus-
    Spammers, encouraging more SPAM to be sent to that address and       tomers’ email is of paramount importance, our solution is designed to
    to the email domain. Clicking links also increases the chances of    improve the manageability, security, and resilience of this mission critical
    a computer within your network becoming infected with viruses        corporate function.
    and other malicious code, which can easily spread throughout an
    organization, and –                                                  Features of Isis SPAM Prevention Services include:
    worse case scenario – infect the computers of outside business        Network Uptime: guaranteed 100% network uptime.
    partners and customers.
                                                                          Resilient Email Delivery: If the company’s email servers
 18% have clicked the “Unsubscribe” link in SPAM.                           become unavailable, our ISPS dynamically queues inbound email
    Many Spammers exploit the unsubscribe link to identify active            until the problem is solved.
    email accounts. Once they have individual email addresses,
    Spammers can then target entire domains, increasing security risks    Triple Virus Protection: ISPS scans inbound email with 3 antivi-
    for an entire organization.                                              rus engines: McAfee, SOPHOS, and FPROT.

 Over 10% have purchased products from SPAM.                             Guaranteed SPAM Filtering: Our Spam Trap removes over
    That’s right – 1 out of 10 recipients of a SPAM email bought             97% of all SPAM and malicious content from inbound messages.
    something advertised in the email. Considering the near-zero cost     Broad Product Coverage: We provide Spam and Virus
    of sending out huge quantities of SPAM messages, Spammers are            Filtering for Microsoft Exchange, Group Wise, Notes/Domino,
    reaping major profits, but in the process clogging bandwidth and         Oracle, Sendmail, and Linux/Unix.
    compromising security of organizations around the world.
                                                                          Perimeter Protection: Our Gate Sentry makes your Internet
                                                                             facing mail systems invisible
                                                                          Delivery Manager: Our Delivery Manager eliminates all down-
                                                                             stream link problems or application abnormalities.
                                                                          Control & Configuration: The Administrator directly controls
                                                                             filter settings, capture rates, and quarantines via an integrated
                                                                             Management Console.
                                                                          Reports & Stats: Provide feedback on system performance in
                                                                             areas such as held mail, top SPAM messages, top viruses, and top
                                                                         Isis SPAM Prevention Services is reasonably priced for all of the function-
                                                                         ality and benefits received from it. For more information, contact the Isis
                                                                         Networking Team.

                                                                                                                   SOURCES: mirapoint.com, isisinc.com
 2                                                           INNOVATION                                            4th Quarter 2005

                                                                       How Healthy Is Your Network?
                    A Letter from                                      Ensuring your network still runs after hours.
               Chuck Pistole                                                      by Jason E. Hundley, Marketing Assistant
                                                                                       The office hours of your organization may be from 9am
       Customer Service Manager                                                        to 5pm, but that doesn’t mean your business closes
                                                                                       down after that. Your computer network is still operat-
We may not have met face-to-face yet, but there’s a good
                                                                                       ing in some way at all times – over holidays, through
chance that we have spoken on the phone. As I transitioned                             the weekend, all day and all night. If you have a website,
into my new role here as the Customer Service Manager,                                 you’re most likely getting hits at all hours. Employees
I made a point of speaking with each of our clients                                    may decide to work from home before or after their
personally. I called to introduce myself and to gain a better                          shifts begin. And of course there’s your organization’s
understanding of the unique set of challenges facing your                              valuable data, stored on servers that run 24-7. So, if
business. If we haven’t spoken yet, please give me a ring.           there is a problem with your network while no one is in the office, what
I would greatly appreciate hearing your ideas and business           do you do?
challenges.                                                          For large firms, the answer is simple: keep an IT staff on call 24 hours a
I have been with Isis for two years now and just recently            day. That way, if a server crashes at 2am, for example, someone will be able
stepped up to the plate as the new Customer Service                  to get it up and running again right away. But for small and medium sized
Manager. While I may be new to that role at Isis, I have             organizations, such a solution is impractical, if not impossible, because
over a decade of experience in Customer Support, and all             of the tremendous cost involved. Even with outsourcing, the expense
of this within the IT field. As your corporate advocate at Isis,      of having a dedicated IT staff to monitor all aspects of your network is
I want to do everything in my power to ensure a successful           not cost-effective. So with all the expense involved, what can a small or
partnership between you and Isis.                                    medium sized organization do to ensure that its network will be up and
Last month you received an email from me. In it I asked
                                                                     One possible solution is a service known as Network Monitoring, and
you to take a new on-line customer satisfaction survey.
                                                                     it’s a service that Isis now offers to our customers! Isis Network Moni-
I sincerely thank you for taking your time to complete it.
                                                                     toring Services continuously monitors the health of your infrastructure,
The candid and insightful responses have proven very                 and alerts an Isis IT staff member when something goes wrong. The staff
informative. Our management team spent a significant                  member then remotely accesses your network, diagnoses the problem,
amount of time of reviewing it and discussing the results. I         and makes corrections to the system. This reduces costly downtime and
expect you will see many of the suggestions implemented in           saves the company money.
the coming months.
                                                                     Isis Network Monitoring is an inexpensive, reliable, and efficient way to
Improving the communication between Isis and you is one              not only prevent your network from breaking down, but to boost its per-
significant step toward improving our business relationship.          formance as well. The continuous “check-up” of your network allows us
Thus, you will be hearing from me more often. For example,           to forecast failures before they occur. In other words, we can take correc-
I will be checking in to see how things went following the           tive action before a problem even occurs. Similar services were previously
completion of each project. In addition, I may give you a call       only available to large corporations with huge budgets. Isis Network Moni-
occasionally during the year just to see how things are going.       toring provides comparable coverage of your network at a fraction of the
I look forward to growing into my new role at Isis, and to
ensuring that you receive the services and support you               For some additional information on Isis Network Monitoring, contact the
expect and deserve.                                                  Isis Networking Department: informationreq@isisinc.com
                                                                                                                             SOURCE: isissinc.com
                                                                               Some Immediate Benefits of
                                                                            Isis Network Monitoring Include:
                            Chuck Pistole, MCP                          Significant decrease in employee downtime, which
                         Customer Service Manager                        increases your profitability.
                                                                        Improved network and hardware performance.
                                                                        Fewer “growing pains” via network capacity

        Isis Welcomes Our                                                management.
                                                                        Lower costs and increase efficiency via resource

          New Employees                                                  allocation.
                                                                        Protection against various security breaches.
                                                                        Service calls are more productive and less intrusive.
  Chris Rollings – Accounting Assistant
                                                                        Boost employee productivity by automating routine
  David Marble – Software Developer                                      administrative functions.
                                                                        Detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports available.
  Tom Travers – Business Consultant
                                                                        Significantly reduced monitoring cost, starting at
                                                                         under $100 per month.

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    3                                                                     INNOVATION                                                     4th Quarter 2005

What Does Microsoft Have on the Horizon?
Microsoft has a lot on its plate for the immediate future. Here are 3 upcoming projects
that you might find interesting.                    by Jason E. Hundley, Marketing Assistant
Microsoft SQL Server 2005                                                             Vista is nothing short of a complete redesign of the way Windows looks. From
                                                                                      folders to animations, thumbnail views to the glass look of interface elements,
Microsoft has redesigned the SQL Server 2005 product family to better meet the        Windows Vista is visually stunning.
needs of each customer segment with four new editions: Express, Workgroup,
Standard, and Enterprise. As a low-cost mainstream database, SQL Server 2005          Open windows are translucent, meaning that it’s easier to focus on the content
will deliver unprecedented value and functionality compared with competitive          of a window rather than the window itself. This feature (along with other window
solutions. SQL Server 2005 is designed to empower users across an organization        design enhancements on all Windows Vista computers) reduces distraction and
through a more secure, reliable, and productive data management platform.             streamlines your work while making windows easier to manage. Even details
Additionally, with the reduced application downtime, robust scalability and           such as how windows move when they are minimized have been improved. When
performance, and tight security controls, SQL Server 2005 represents a dramatic       minimized, a window now clearly minimizes to a thumbnail on the taskbar where
step forward in supporting the most demanding enterprise systems in the world.        it resides, making it easier to locate later.
SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated end-to-end data solution that               New scalable thumbnail images are used throughout Windows to show you the
empowers users across your organization by providing them with a secure,              actual first page for documents, the actual photo for photos, a screen capture for
reliable, and productive platform for enterprise data and business intelligence       videos, and album art for individual songs. By previewing the actual contents of a
(BI) applications. SQL Server 2005 delivers powerful, familiar tools to Information   file at a glance, you’ll find what you want more quickly without the trial-and-error
Technology professionals as well as to information workers, reducing the              of opening files to preview them.
complexity of creating, deploying, managing, and using enterprise data and            Overall, the Windows Vista experience is more polished, smooth, and refined on
analytical applications on platforms ranging from mobile devices to enterprise        all computers. For more information on Windows Vista, visit Microsoft’s Windows
data systems. Through a comprehensive feature set, interoperability with existing     Vista website: www.microsoft.com/windowsvista
systems, and automation of routine tasks, SQL Server 2005 provides a complete
data solution for enterprises of all sizes.
                                                                                                          The Microsoft Business Solutions
In today’s connected world, data and the systems that manage that data must
always be secure yet available to your users. With SQL Server 2005, users and
                                                                                                          Product Line
Information Technology professionals across your organization will benefit from                             Microsoft is moving forward with its plan to combine several
reduced application downtime, increased scalability and performance, and tight yet                          products of the Microsoft Business Solutions line – Solomon,
flexible security controls. SQL Server 2005 also includes many new and improved                             Great Plains, Axapta, and Navision – into a single product.
capabilities to help make your Information Technology staff more productive. SQL                            Formerly known as “Project Green”, Microsoft recently
Server 2005 includes key enhancements to enterprise data management in the                                  announced that the official name of the combined business
areas of Manageability, Availability, Scalability, and Security.                                            software solutions will be Microsoft Dynamics. The name
                                                                                      change will occur first, followed by the actual combining of the software products.
Windows Vista                                                                         There will be a transitional period in the coming months from the familiar Microsoft
                                                                                      Business Solutions branding to Microsoft Dynamics, so this is not likely to affect
The newest version of Microsoft’s Operating System – Windows Vista – is               the next releases of its products. The changeover will take place in two waves.
slated to make its debut in July 2006. On their website, Microsoft promises that
Windows Vista will deliver to end users, “…a compelling user experience from          In the first wave of the branding conversion, the names of the products will be
the moment that you start interacting with the computer to the moment that you        simplified. “Microsoft Business Solutions” will be replaced with “Microsoft
leave it.” Working with Windows Vista is all about seeing, finding, organizing, and   Dynamics”, followed by an abbreviated form of the product name. See below:
confidently controlling your information and your computer desktop. The new                 The product named...                Will now be called...
Windows Vista user interface is streamlined, useful, and efficient to work with.
                                                                                            Axapta…                             Dynamics AX
The top priority for Microsoft’s new OS is security. Windows Vista security
                                                                                            Great Plains…                       Dynamics GP
features protect against the latest generation of threats, such as worms, viruses,
and spyware. In the unlikely event of a successful attack, Windows Vista actively           Navision…                           Dynamics NAV
minimizes the effects. With Windows Vista, you can feel confident that your                 Solomon…                            Dynamics SL
information and your computer are safe.
                                                                                      In addition to the above, Microsoft CRM will change its name to “Microsoft
                                                                                      Dynamics: CRM”, but will remain a separate product.
                                                                                      According to a poll of consumers taken by Microsoft, there was some confusion
                                                                                      distinguishing “Microsoft Business Solutions” from “Microsoft Office”. Changing
                                                                 Screenshot of        the branding to the more distinctive “Dynamics” should clear any confusion up.
                                                                 Microsoft’s new
                                                                 Operating System,    Uniting the products under a single name now will prepare Microsoft’s current
                                                                 Windows Vista        customers for the eventual combination of the software products into a single
                                                                                      The second wave of the conversion will involve the physical integration of the
                                                                                      various products. As mentioned previously, there will no longer be distinct and
                                                                                      separate product suites. So Solomon and Great Plains customers will be using
                                                                                      the same base product, just with the specific customizations they order.
                                                                                      Microsoft hopes that this unification will provide a simpler experience for
                                                                                      the end user, and strengthen the overall product line.
                                                                                                                 SOURCE: microsoft.com, pcworld.com, Microsoft Newsletter

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    4                                                                         INNOVATION                                              4th Quarter 2005

Microsoft Training Classes                       User Group Meetings
Training is essential in order to gain           Join Isis for our Microsoft Business Solutions

the competency necessary to use your             User Group meetings for FREE lunch,
Microsoft Business solution to its fullest       great fun and informative conversation. Isis
potential. Isis provides courses in all of the   hosts user group meetings each quarter to
products we sell. As you become familiar         discuss issues and find out how other users
with your solution, you can continue to
build efficiency with additional training
                                                 are utilizing their software to maximize
                                                 their effectiveness and efficiency. To get
                                                                                                  Solomon Solutions
opportunities from Isis. In addition, Isis       the ball rolling, we start the meeting with      Many of our customers are users of Microsoft
will provide custom training to meet your        a kick-off topic. Hope to see you at the next
specific needs at our location or yours.         User Group!
                                                                                                  Solomon. This issue’s TechTIPS section is devoted
                                                                                                  to some features and shortcuts of Solomon, and will
Isis Software Training                           Positioned for Profit Seminars
Isis Software Training classes are now           Join us for a FREE Seminar. How do you ef-
                                                                                                  hopefully help everyone in some way!
available for the entire Isis Software           fectively manage your business, determine
product line. Isis Software Training classes     what makes you profitable, and handle the         Using Function Keys
are hands-on, and instructed by one of our       influx of new customers? Find out how your
Business Software Consultants. Classes           firm can maintain a competitive edge by us-                   If you want to:                   Press:
available include Time & Billing, Non-Profit     ing the right technology solution.
Fund Raising, and bundled classes for the                                                          Access Solomon Help                            F1
various Isis Enhancements modules.                                                                 Edit field in grid view or in a date or
                                                                                                   period field
                             Color & Abbreviation Key
                                                                                                   Look up possible values for a field,
 = Microsoft Training      = Isis Software Training     = User Group       = Isis Seminar                                                     F3
            RIC = Richmond          RKE = Roanoke              HR = Hampton Roads
                                                                                                   or access a calendar for a date field
Enhancements 1 = AP-AR Refunds, AR Collections                                                     Look up extended possible values
                                                                                                                                              Shift + F3
Enhancements 2 = Expanded Master Info., 401K Data Interchange, Positive Pay, SQL Save              for a field
                                                                                                                                                F4 or
                                                                                                   Toggle Form View and Grid View
   October           Class Type                   Focus / Topic of Class              Price                                                  double-click
     21st      User Group - RIC         Isis Software Products for Solomon 6.0       Free          Clear text in a field                           F5
    24th       Isis Software Training   Enhancements 1                               $395
                                                                                                   Enter the current date in a field               F7
    26th       Microsoft Training       Great Plains Payables Manager                $495
                                                                                                   Bring up the Note field                         F9
                                                                                                   Access the Solomon toolbar                     F10
 November            Class Type                   Focus / Topic of Class              Price
     2nd       Microsoft Training       Solomon Payroll                              $495
     4th       Microsoft Training       Microsoft Word                               $245         Operating Tips
     9th       Microsoft Training       Solomon Accounts Receivable                  $495         Many fields have possible value lists from which you
     11th      Microsoft Training       Great Plains Receivables Manager             $495         can select a value to enter into the field. To access a
    18th       User Group - HR          Isis Software Products for Solomon 6.0       Free         possible values list:
     21st      Microsoft Training       Great Plains Payroll                         $495
                                                                                                   Place the cursor in the field.
    30th       Microsoft Training       Microsoft SQL Server Admin.                  $495
                                                                                                   Double-click the right mouse button or press F3. A
                                                                                                    list of the possible values for that field displays.
 December            Class Type                   Focus / Topic of Class              Price
     2nd       Isis Software Training   Enhancements 2                               $395          To sort the list, click the title of the column you
     7th       Microsoft Training       Crystal Reports I                            $495           want to sort.
     9th       Microsoft Training       Windows Server 2003 Admin.                   $495          Double-click on a value, or highlight a value and
     9th       User Group - RKE         Isis Software Products for Solomon 6.0       Free           click OK. The selected value appears in the field.
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                                                               Fax: (804) 762-4195
                                                               P.O. Box 70460
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