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									New Portable Photo Studio Sparks Photography Revolution

SimpQ Mini Photo Studio Works With Any Camera, Smartphone Camera

Kinnitty, Ireland — Nov.15, 2013 — A new product is sparking a photography revolution by offering a
portable photo studio bearing super-high-quality, high definition photos.

SimpQ is a complete photo studio solution that comes with everything that is required to take
professional-quality photos without a full-blown studio. SimpQ mobile photo studios include a light-
weight and collapsible, portable lightbox with built-in lighting, washable black and white backgrounds,
and reflection boards all in one.

This innovative range is suitable to be used in almost any sector, whether it is for website images,
marketing material or inventory and stock control. For anybody selling products online, or uploading
images to social media websites, SimpQ is a must for their business. There are many benefits
associated with using SimpQ photo studios: SimpQ reduces the amount of time required for product
photo shoots, perfectly balances light to increase the quality of photos with minimal shadows,
producing professional product images for use online or print media.

Thanks to these revolutionary photo studios, it is now possible for anybody from photographers to
business owners, and artists to craft designers to efficiently produce photos with fine, exact detail,
without reflections or harsh, glaring surface lighting. The SimpQ portable photo studios consistently
create perfectly lit, professional photos. Eliminate the stress and expense associated with hiring
professional photographers, and use SimpQ to take quality photos with the flexibility to be used any
time. The portable photo studios assemble easily and fast, requiring minimal storage. With SimpQ
anyone can shoot products in any location without the need for large spaces or specialized equipment
as SimpQ works with any SLR camera or smartphone camera.

SimpQ is guaranteed to save money as well as generate income: it is perfect for product shots, as it
provides sharp, clean images guaranteed to increase sales and develop a sense of professionalism
around any business.

                                          Several options exist for those interested in purchasing a
                                          SimpQ portable photo studio, from the small and portable
                                          No. 5 to the more elaborate and largest in the range, No. 8
                                          Photo Studio.

                                          “In today's visual culture, the expectations for photo quality
                                          seem to increase every day," according to Haizan Shaw,
                                          owner of SimpQ. "Many people buy more expensive,
                                          complicated cameras and sharp lenses hoping to achieve
                                          higher quality photos. And yet even the highest quality
                                          camera won't create professional photos without the proper
                                          lighting environment. Our new line of portable photo studios
                                          helps people create the right lighting and color reproduction
without having to invest in complicated, expensive photo studio equipment."

Haizan Shaw is a famous photography master who received eight years of training at the American
School of Photography. He has more than 40 years' experience providing product and packaging design
for many well-known companies worldwide and is the recipient of many design awards.

Just a few years ago, Shaw introduced a revolutionary development in high definition photo studio
technology by combining lighting sources, backgrounds and reflectors into one lightweight, collapsible
suitcase. This prototype eventually became SimpQ, the groundbreaking new mini photo studio solution
that will be sure to simplify photography for professionals and amateurs alike while producing the
highest quality photos.

For more information about the SimpQ photo studio range, go to

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