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									Exhibit Your Art – in The Online Art Exhibition BLACK MARKET ART FAIR

The founding of the BLACK MARKET ART FAIR is a reaction to the increasing need of emerging
artists for self-marketing. The BLACK MARKET ART FAIR wishes to be a launch pad in the
established art market and simplify its access for the artists.

Berlin, Germany, November 14, 2013 -- BLACK MARKET ART FAIR, the online art exhibition
for young artists, will take place from February 1 – March 1, 2014.

Online art dealing is still a relatively recent phenomenon. While some see it as an area with great
potential, the reaction from others is more reserved. They are often unaware of how internet trading
and exhibitions function.

The BLACK MARKET ART FAIR acts at the point where the online and offline art worlds meet.
While some visitors search for information online to find out what exhibitions they want to visit
offline, others purposefully track down information about artists whose work they already know.
The clear advantage of the internet is the high frequency at which visitors and purchasers can
occupy themselves with art. This is because art sales require considerable preparation, both online
and offline. Sellers can profit from synergy effects if they are linked.

The BLACK MARKET ART FAIR exhibition website enables artists to pull all the threads
together. They can link various web pages, for example their own home pages and the website of
their next exhibition. During the exhibition, visitors can get in touch with the artists using the
contact function. For this reason, it is by all means an advantage that the BLACK MARKET ART
FAIR ends after one month. The concept of a finite exhibition rather than a permanent one allows
exhibitors to exploit their contacts with the (expert) public purposefully and invite them to view
their work during the exhibition. A lot of attention can be focused in this way. It is particularly
useful if participation in this online exhibition can be combined with offline exhibitions. In this
way, artists can give visitors a foretaste of their work or call it to the minds of anyone interested.
Art can find buyers both online and offline; having an online presence takes artists quite a lot closer
to this aim.

In order to make sure that the exhibitors can also be found after the exhibition, BLACKMARKET
ART FAIR will be publishing a virtual catalogue on the website. Visitors have the possibility to
collect their favourites and view them at any time. This will keep the artists and their works
constantly in their minds. Thanks to this exhibition format, BLACK MARKET ART FAIR too
frequently has the opportunity to invite guests to exhibition openings, do public relations work and
advertise the exhibition.

Artists, galleries and cultural institutions can apply right away through the website:
www.blackmarketartfair.com. Entries will be accepted until December 31, 2013.

Florian Fleischmann
Friedrichstraße 200
10117 Berlin
+49 0 30 60 90 24 55

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