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					AUTO RACING Spring has arrived, it is warm outside, and time for the roar of racing engines. Auto racing is certainly in the air and is one of the world’s most spectacular and most popular spectator sports. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, and enjoy the excitement and thrill of the sport. RC 18918 FAST AS WHITE LIGHTNING: THE STORY OF STOCK CAR RACING Kim Chapin This is a thorough history of the sport that was born down south in the thirties as moonshiners hauling their wares to market outraced pursuing lawmen. This colorful account considers the drivers and mechanics, their spouses, the backers and fans, the Detroit Connection, and the family dynasties of the track. RC 23115 INDY 500 Jim Murphy A detailed, behind-the-scenes tour takes the reader through an Indy 500 race, including the crash of one of the cars. This book was written for grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 47516 AMERICAN ZOOM: STOCK CAR RACING FROM THE DIRT TRACKS TO DAYTONA Peter Golenbock This is an oral history of stock car racing from the informal contests between moonshiners to the NASCAR tracks and corporate sponsors. It includes profiles of the great drivers and highlights of famous races.

RC 48508 THE COMPOSITE GUIDE TO AUTO RACING John F. Wukovits This book traces the history of auto racing from its inception to its 1990s popularity in the United States. It includes a chronology. This book was written for grades 4-7. RC 48823 FORMULA ONE RACING Richard Huff This book is an introduction to the world's fastest sport, Formula One racing. It includes biographies of famous drivers including Germany’s Michael Schumacher, Brazil's Ayrton Senna da Silva, and Canada's Jacques Villeneuve. This book was written for grades 5-8. RC 51188 AUTO RACING: A HISTORY OF FAST CARS AND FEARLESS DRIVERS Mark Stewart This book discusses the origins, evolution, historic milestones, and key personalities of automobile racing. It recalls the first motor race in France, in 1887. Although there was only one entry, the event signaled the beginning of an extremely popular spectator sport. The book also describes the first American race, in 1895, in the snow. This was written for grades 5-8.


This book traces the history of the American sport of stock car racing from its informal beginnings in the South to the 1948 incorporation of the National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racing (NASCAR). It describes subsequent racing competitions through the 1990s and some of the sport's famous drivers. The book was written for grades 4-7. RC 52037 THE ALLISONS: AMERICA'S FIRST FAMILY OF STOCK-CAR RACING Steven Frank This book chronicles the rise to fame of the Allison-family drivers in the National Association for Stock-Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) tour since the 1950s. It describes how Bobby's quest for victory was joined by brother Donnie and sons Davey and Clifford. This biography is written for grades 5-8. RC 52198 DALE EARNHARDT: REMEMBERING THE INTIMIDATOR This book describes the fatal last race of the legendary NASCAR driver on February 18, 2001, during the Daytona 500. Eleven articles briefly trace Earnhardt's life and highlights of his long and successful career including seven Winston Cups as well as his legacy. This book was a bestseller.

RC 53666 DRIVER #8 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., son of the late NASCAR racing champion, describes his own first year on the stock-car circuit. He

details the strategy and camaraderie between the drivers and their support teams, the difficulties a rookie encounters, and the tragedy of his father's death. This bestseller contains some strong language. RC 58145 DW: A LIFETIME GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES Darrell Waltrip This is a memoir by sports commentator Darrell Waltrip, retired race car driver, 1989 Daytona 500 winner, and three-time Winston Cup champion. He describes his childhood, faith, love of family, and victories and defeats in a career spanning NASCAR racing's history. RC 60477 SUNDAY MONEY: SPEED! LUST! MADNESS! DEATH! A HOT LAP AROUND AMERICA WITH NASCAR Jeff MacGregor A journalist and his wife follow the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup circuit in a motor home, covering hundreds of races in thirty-five states to document the fastest-growing sport in America. He highlights the drivers, fans, and history of stock-car racing and investigates the cultural and economic forces behind the phenomenon. This book contains strong language.

RC 61129 FULL THROTTLE: THE LIFE AND FAST TIMES OF NASCAR LEGEND CURTIS TURNER Robert Edelstein A sportswriter recounts Curtis Turner's stock car racing career in the 1950s and 1960s. He traces the Virginian's life from his teen

moonshining days to later success as a timber baron and builder of the Charlotte Motor Speedway before his early death in 1970. This book contains some strong language. RC 61842 THE WILDEST RIDE: A HISTORY OF NASCAR (OR, HOW A BUNCH OF GOOD OL’ BOYS BUILT A BILLIONDOLLAR INDUSTRY OUT OF WRECKING CARS) Joe Menzer A sports writer surveys the history of stock car racing, which began with redneck bootleggers and became a big business. He shares anecdotes from famous drivers and describes family dynasties and track tragedies. RC 61972 NASCAR FOR DUMMIES Mark Martin A champion race car driver describes the sport of stock car racing including the rules, strategies, series, tracks, and famous drivers. He explains NASCAR sponsorship and promotion, vehicle design and technology, team composition, and safety measures and gives tips on how to enjoy the spectacle.

RC 62730 DANICA—CROSSING THE LINE Danica Patrick This book is an autobiography of a young woman who competes in the male-oriented sport of auto racing. Patrick describes driving go-karts as a child, the ups and downs of her professional racing career, and being named the 2005 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year. It includes a foreword by Bobby Rahal.

RC 63457 ON THE EDGE: A NASCAR NOVEL Pamela Britton Precocious ten-year-old Lindsey Drake convinces widow Rebecca "Becca" Newman to hire her father, Adam, to drive the race cars Becca inherited from her late husband, a NASCAR legend. After Adam passes the tryouts, Becca's feelings for the Drake family begin to grow. This book contains some descriptions of sex. RC 63476 IN THE GROOVE: A NASCAR NOVEL Pamela Britton This novel takes place in North Carolina. Fired from a teaching job, Sarah Tingle drives a motor coach for washed-up racecar driver Lance Cooper. When Lance wins at Daytona, he believes Sarah has changed his luck and pursues her romantically. Sarah tries unsuccessfully to keep their relationship professional. This book contains some descriptions of sex.

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