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					3 important reasons behind older
men dating younger women
It is well known that men prefer to date youth and beauty first for mate selection and women may
choose men who offer resources and stability. U.S. president Grover Cleveland, writer J.D.
Salinger, artist Pablo Picasso, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and silver screen royalty such as Humphrey
Bogart, Laurence Olivier, Fred Astaire are all examples of older men dating younger women, so it
becomes more and more popular and acceptable. But why? what’s the real or the most important
reasons of older man want to date younger woman. There have been so many studies conducted
exploring the real reasons behind older men dating younger women. One of them published in
Wikipedia and on the websites Spraydate and Age-Match.com.
Men, espercially older men are more likely to look for younger and beautifpartners. Of a total of
97 men who mentioned age in their surney, only three were looking for an older partner — among
men aged 40 to 59, only one out of 67. Let’s reveal some of the reasons behind older men dating
younger women.

1. Child is one important reason. Many men over 40 who admit to wanting to have more
children —regardless of the fact he may have already raised a few of his own. Seeking a younger
woman in this case is a requirement (or excuse) to decrease the odds of any birth defects.
An older man seeks a younger woman for this specific purpose If he hasn’t had the chance to
father a child,. This seems more like a fostering plan for some but some men want to carry on their
legacy with children of their own. Men have biological clocks too if you didn’t already know and
assume older women cannot safely have children.
2. Younger woman will bring back his fun days. Well this is an easy explanation. When men
get older and are tired of their regular life, they feel It’s as if he seeks a younger woman to replace
his older wife and convince himself somehow dating a younger woman will bring back his
youthfulness and give him a second chance to have fun again.
3. Menopause give a cause. If he’s had a bad experience with his partner going through
menopause, frankly it scares the crap out of him to think about having to go through it all over
again with someone new.
Menopause seems to be a cause for many failed marriages or at least that’s what some men I’ve
talked with blame it on. If he’s ever been online dating or on a few sour blind dates with a woman
who’s still bitter about her break up; all of a sudden he thinks they’re all like that.
Love doesn’t judge by age which is a slogan provided by a famous age gap dating site. Older men
date younger women. Some find their soul mates while others do not. But it’s worth a try…If you
want to read more advice about age gap relationships, please go to our official site.