How Man Made Diamonds Stones Are Produced by perezwilliam267


									                      How Man Made Diamonds Stones Are Produced

Diamonds are very rare and its characteristics are just fascinating. No wonder the reason it is the
world’s most desired gem that ever been known. Diamonds have captured a lot of consumers that’s
why the rising demand of these diamonds resulted to the development of diamond replications ..
Latest technology technologies has its way of creating what you believed was impossible in the first
place. Man-made diamonds for one is a product of technological innovation and have existed since
decades ago specifically in the early 1950's. General Electric, a semiconductor company is said to be
the first ones to produce the first commercially successful diamond synthesis.

Man-made diamonds also called synthetic diamonds are purely produced and cultivated in a
laboratory. Industry experts were able to imitate the heat and pressure from the Earth's mantle to
produce these diamonds which are also composed of pure carbon like the real diamonds. Although
having the same materials properties such as chemical composition and crystal structure, the
distinction between man made and natural diamonds is that synthetic diamonds are artificially
produced while real diamonds are actually mined from the Earth. From the high temperature and
pressure at the bottom of the Earth, diamonds form and later brought to the Earth’s surface area
through volcanic eruptions. Exactly how long it will take for an Earth diamond to form, we don’t know
for sure. What we know is that they have existed for hundreds of thousands and even billions of years

One should know that artificial diamonds are not the same as simulated diamonds. Simulated
diamonds have totally different properties from those of the real or synthetic diamonds. The most
typical simulants are rhinestone, cubic Zarconia and Moissanite. As you would expect, these diamond
simulants are more affordable than mined or synthetic diamond but show the same visual appearance.
Natural diamond jewelry tends to be way more pricey than simulated as well as man made ones. It all
depends on the buyer what he wants and what he can afford to pay.

How man made diamonds are produced is through two different ways. The normally used procedure is
High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) synthesis which consists of large presses to produce the
necessary pressure and temperature to produce the diamond. The second technique is Chemical
Vapor Deposition (CVD) which uses hydrocarbon gas mixture to grow the diamond.

Not only diamonds are used as expensive jewelry purposes but they are also designed for industrial
use. They are very important to metalworking and mining companies. Because diamonds are really
durable and are known to be the hardest substance, these businesses use diamonds for
cutting,drilling, grinding and other industrial operations. They use diamonds that have a lot of
impurities and are poorly shaped that are not ideal for jewelry. Diamonds that are completely colorless,
the ones that are suitable for jewelry, are the most highly valued and highly price.

Affordability is the main advantage of man-made diamonds and simulated ones. Even if they are not
excavated, as long as they have the very same qualities in every sense as of the genuine ones,
consumers would find it hard to resist them.

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