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					Kitten Care Guide

You have purchased a kitten that has never been caged and has been handled regularly from birth. Your kitten needs the following attention for continued optimal growth: Dry food served fresh in the morning and refreshed in the evening Clean water served in a glass or stainless steel bowl and available at all times Regular contact with a companion pet or human Neuter/spay surgery after the age of 7 months No vaccines or wormers used concurrently with anesthesia Combing at least once a week to stimulate health skin and prevent matting Your kitten is from a feline leukemia negative cattery and thus should not require a feline leukemia test or vaccination. As you have agreed that your cat is to be a household pet which will not be allowed to roam outdoors or be allowed outdoors without direct supervision, it is highly unlikely that your cat will be exposed to animals infected with feline leukemia or rabies. Feline research indicates that a cat’s immune system is compromised by repeated unnecessary vaccinations. Your purchase contract includes an explanatory paragraph regarding corona virus and the development of FIV and FIP. I recommend your kitten be examined and treated by a veterinarian trained in holistic medicine and familiar with dietary approaches to strengthening the immune system. I feed Diamond Professional dry cat food mixed with other brands of KITTEN food such as IAMS, Science Diet, WalMart chicken/rice, Royal Canin. Your choice of food may be gradually increased in the mix until your kitten’s digestive tract is accustomed to the preferred brand. One tablespoon of chicken or turkey moist food can be served as a daily treat. Fresh fish is an excellent source of nutrition. NEVER feed cheaper brands of cat food as they contain unhealthy amounts of minerals. I also augment the diet with a dry powder vitamin/mineral supplement purchased through a holistic vet or ordered by mail. Your cat’s litter box should be cleaned in the morning and the evening. Cats begin to mark territory and use other places to “go” if the litter box is not cleaned regularly. Many adult male cats stand when they urinate so a covered box is preferred. Litter pearls are excellent as they absorb odor, dust free, and much healthier for everyone.

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