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									A Beginner's Non-fussy Approach to Eating Clean The Easy Way

Great Kitchen Blenders for Eating Clean
A few people have been asking me about blenders — for smoothies, soups and so on.

Obviously, there are dozens and dozens (probably hundreds and hundreds) of different
makes and models; more importantly, different price points. To get started I’m listing some
of the mid-to-higher priced blenders simply because they are the best.

That won’t suit everyone’s needs because I realize that not everyone is blending away every
day and they also don’t need the high power functions nor ongoing reliability that is built
into these better machines.

I will get onto cheaper models later, meanwhile have a look at the ones I like.
                                                       List      Sale
                                                                            Savings Rating Reviews
                                                      Price     Price
      Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2 Speed             $479.00 $378.95 $100.05 20%          4.6      159
   Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend is the second highest rated machine in the top 20 best sellers at
Amazon. The highest rated is its more expensive Vitamix Professional Series 750 – 64 oz which is
  rated at 4.8 stars from an impressive 153 reviews, but it’s about $650 even on discount. The
 1782 has the same capacity 64 ounce container, 2 hp motor, patented tamper tool designed to
avoid the spinning blades. I like that it’s BPA-free, self-washing (as long as you only have stuff on
   the inside!). Well built and will last longer than you will need. Not top of the range but an
                                         excellent workhorse.
                                                     List      Sale
                                                                          Savings Rating Reviews
                                                    Price     Price
 Tribest PB-250 BPA Free Personal Blender /
                                                  $75.00    $69.95     $5.05 7%       4.1      50
    Big blenders take longer to clean than to use — that can stop you from juicing. Here’s my
answer. The Tribest is also BPA-free and fantastically designed for quick spins and minimal clean
up. Comes with clever containers that double up as the blending container and then has its own
 screw on top so you can take it with you without spilling. 3 different size containers with their
 lids. Grinds coffee, ice, spices; blends and purees smoothies, pestos, salad dressings and whips
        cream. You might not love the look but you will love how quick and easy it really is.
                                                     List       Sale
                                                                           Savings Rating Reviews
                                                    Price      Price
 Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender
                                                 $659.00 $454.95 $204.05 31%          4.3       16
             WildSide, White
  I’m including two Blendtec models in my selection for you. BPA-free, as I require, but these
  models really pack some punch; 1,560 watt 3 horsepower direct-drive motor that can even
    make an avocado stone edible and invisible in your smoothie. It’s a bit noisier than other
  models and the raw power is sometimes too much for small batches of solids which tend to
bunch up under the blades. The square design seems to be oddly more efficient at distributing
 the ingredients so you don’t need all that stopping and starting to scrape stuff off the sides. I
  hate that. I mean, I hate the stopping, scraping and starting — I love NOT having to do that.
                                                       List      Sale
                                                                             Savings Rating Reviews
                                                      Price     Price
   Blendtec Home Blender HP3A, WildSide /
                                                   $789.95 $524.95 $265.00 34%          4.7      7
             FourSide Jars – Red
This Blendtec comes with two different shaped containers — 4-sided will store inside the 5-sided
 — and 25 pre-programmed blending cycles, digital touchpad controls and auto shutoff plus a 7
 year US warranty. I think it only comes in red. The containers are better at some jobs than the
 other is. I’ve got friends who absolutely rave about this and you can see the same devotion in
                                         the user reviews.

You may not be able to justify big money for a better quality machine — even though you
can see the benefits — well, why not go for a Blendtec Total Blender Reconditioned by the

It’s a great way to get a new quality machine at an unbeatable price. You won’t know the
difference once you start using it.

OK, that’s my view and I hope you can get some value out of it, if not – just have a potter
around Amazon and see if there’s something you like better over there. **Those prices
were correct when I got them from Amazon; they may have changed since then.
I'm Emma Madison and I hope you enjoyed this great summer recipe and I just know it will help you
with your clean eating meal plan.

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