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									 On the Move
              Laurie                           Paul
              Smaldone                         Johnson,
              Alsup,                           LotLinx
              KaloBios                         The San
              Pharmaceu-                       Francisco
              ticals                           direct-linking
                 The South                     technology
San Francisco drugmaker                        platform for
appointed Laurie Smal-          those searching for cars
done Alsup to its board of      appointed Paul Johnson to
directors. Currently, she is    its board of directors. Pre-
president and chief scien-      viously, he held positions
tific officer at PharmAp-       at Kelley Blue Book.
              Anne                             Salem,
              Ehresman,                        WildPackets
              United Way                     The Wal-
              Silicon Val-                   nut Creek
              ley                            provider of
               The San Jose                  network and
               organization                  application
               that raises   performance analysis
funds and assists oth-       software named Enrique
ers that need help in the    Salem to its board of
community named Anne         directors. He is former
Ehresman to its board of     president and chief execu-
directors. She is execu-     tive officer at Symantec.
tive director of the YMCA
of Silicon Valley’s Project                  Paul Stich,
Cornerstone.                                 Appthority
                                             The San
               Steve                         Francisco
               Finder,                       provider of
               Nosal                         app secu-
               Partners                      rity manage-
               The San                       ment named
               Francisco     Paul Stich chief executive
               executive     officer and a member
leadership solutions firm    of its board of directors.
appointed Steve Finder as Previously, he served as
a partner. He is a former    president and CEO at
talent acquisition leader at Dasient.
              Linda                            Underwood,
              Gallagher,                       Nexenta
              Agiliance                        Systems
              The Sunny-                      The Santa
              vale provider                   Clara storage
              of integrated                   software
              risk man-                       tools provid-
              agement           er named Phil Underwood
software named Linda            chief operating officer.
Gallagher chief informa-        Previously, he held posi-
tion security officer and       tions at Wyse Technology.
vice president of product
planning and evangelism.
She is a former executive
at HSBC.

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