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MKT 230 Week 6 Assignment Life Cycle Management Analysis


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  Assignment: LifeCycle Management Analysis

        In this assignment, you practiceusing critical thinking skills. You
        analyze a case by conducting research,defining problems, and
        making recommendations. Remember to suspend personalbias and
        judgment while investigating the multiple stages of product
        strategiesand life cycle management.

  Resource:      Ch    9   of   Marketing:Real   People,   Real    Choices

 Read thefollowing: In recent times, a popular consumer electronics
  company, Apple®has released a high-demand product to the
  marketplace. The iPod®portable MP3 player and iTunes®interface allow
  the user to quickly and easily purchase, download, and listento music.
As with any new product in the marketplace, Apple®hastaken steps to
manage this product throughout its marketing life cycle.

Write a 700- to 1,050- word paperanalyzing how the company has
managed each stage of the product life cycleofits popular MP3 player.
Determine which stage of the life cycle the productisin currently.
Defend why you feel the product is in the stage you identified.Your
paper should include the following elements:
         o A brief description of the product’s objectives and marketing
         o An analysis of the introduction phase of the product
         o An overview of how the company has managed or should
           manage the product through the growth stage
         o A review of how the maturity stage has affected or will affect
           the product’s sales, profits, pricing, and marketing
         o A prediction of the product’s decline in the marketplace
Summarize your paper by answering thefollowing questions: Do you
agree or disagree with how each stage has >enmanaged? What
alternative approaches to life cycle management would yousuggest?

Include a recommendation for managementofthe next applicable stage
of the product life cycle.
Format            your     paper according   to    APAstandards.

Post your paper as an attachment        in the Assignments link of the

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