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Authors   Title                                       Year
          Benami transactions act, 1988               1998
          Industrial employment act, 1946             1998
          Factories Act, 1948                         1998
          Representation of the people act, 1950      1998
          Air Force act, 1950                         1997
          Elcina electronics directory 1998-99        1999
          Wild life act, 1972                         1998
          Infrastructure directory 1999               1999
          Immoral traffic (prevention) act, 1956      1998
          Apprentices act, 1961                       1997
          Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996      1999
          Pre-natal diagnostic techniques act, 1994 1998
          Family courts act, 1984                     1997
          Registration act, 1908                      1998
          Advocates act, 1961                         1998
          Air act, 1981                               1998
          Specific relief act,1963                    1998
          Identification of prisoners act, 1920       1996
          Equal remuneration act, 1976                1997
          Provincial insolvency act, 1920             1997
          Guardians and wards act, 1890               1997
          Guidelines for auditing quality systems     1991
          Indian penal code, 1860                     1998
          Hindu succession act, 1956                  1997
          Central excise act, 1944                    1998
          Central motor vehicles rules, 1989          1998
          Trade and merchandise marks act, 1958 1998
          Commission of sati act, 1987                1996
          Indecent presentation of woman (prohibition)1997 1986
          Indian boilers act, 1923                    1998
          Minimum wages act, 1948                     1998
          Explosives act, 1884                        1998
          Bonded labour system act, 1976              1997
          Press and registration of book act, 1967    1998
          Supreme Court rules, 1966                   1998
          Indian post office act, 1898                1996
          Delhi co-operative societies act, 1972      1998
          Bureau of Indian standards act,1986         1997
          Legal services authorities act, 1987        1997
          Mines act 1952                              1998
          Life Insurance Corporation act, 1956        1997
          New minimum rates of wages in Delhi         1998
          Hindu minority and guardianship act, 1956 1996
          Special marriage act, 1954                  1998
          Indian evidence Act, 1872                   1998
          Indian partnership act 1932                 1999
          Wakf act, 1995                              1998
          Guidelines for auditing quality systems : qualification criteria for quality systems audi
          Indian succession act, 1925                 1998
          Carriers act, 1865                          1997
          Railways protection force act, 1957         1997
          Delhi municipal corporation act, 1957       1998
          Police acts,1861                            1997
          Oaths act, 1969                             1996

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Bank credit card business                    1996
Indian electricity rules, 1956               1998
National environment appellate authority act, 1997
Limitation act, 1963                         1999
Quality systems-model for quality assurance in final inspection and text
Bankers books evidence act, 1891             1997
Guidelines for developing quality manuals 1996
Quality management and quality system elements
Quality management and quality system elements
Quality management and quality system elements
Quality assurance requirements for measuring equipment
Quality management and quality assurance 1994: vocabulary
Quality systems model for quality assurance in production installation and servicing
Quality systems model for quality assurance and servicing
Hindu adoptions and maintenance act, 19561996
Infant milk substitutes… infant act, 1992 1996
Trade unions act, 1926                       1998
Consumer protection act, 1986                1999
Industries act, 1951                         1999
Chit funds act, 1982                         1997
Indian contract act 1972                     1999
Hindu laws                                   1999
Monopolies and restrictive trade practices act,1969
Labour and industrial laws                   1999
Citizenship act, 1955                        1996
Indian easements act, 1882                   1998
Electricity supply act, 1948                 1997
Railways act, 1989                           1997
Arms act, 1959                               1998
Sale of goods act, 1930                      1998
                                             (prevention of atrocities)act, 1989
Scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes 1998
Suits valuation act, 1887                    1998
Inter-state migrant workman act, 1979        1997
Powers-of-attorney act, 1882                 1997
Interest act, 1978                           1998
Guiness book of records 1998                 1998
Charitable and religious trusts act, 1920    1998
Maternity benefit act, 1961                  1997
Banking regulation act, 1949                 1998
Indian stamp act, 1899                       1998
Public records act, 1993                     1998
Foreigners act, 1946                         1997
Gift tax act, 1958                           1997
Environment (Protection) act, 1986           1998
Managing yourself: Harvard Business Review   2005
Cable television networks act, 1995          1998
Cinematograph Act, 1952                      1997
Telecom regulatory authority of India act, 1997
Payment of wages act, 1936                   1998
Road transport corporation act, 1950         1998
Cantonments act, 1924                        1997
Medical termination of pregnancy act, 1971 1998
Partition act, 1893                          1998
Prevention of corruption act, 1950           1998
Press council act, 1978                      1996

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Land acquisition act, 1894                   1998
Insurance act, 1938                          1998
Public gambling act, 1867                    1998
Payment of bonus act, 1965                   1998
Delhi rent act 1995                          1998
Motor vehicles act, 1988                     1998
Child labour act, 1986                       1998
Protection of civil rights act, 1955         1998
Motor transport workers act, 1961            1997
Conservation of foreign exchange...act, 1980998
National security act, 1980                  1997
National highways act, 1956                  1998
Monopolies and restrictive trade practice act, 1969
National environment tribunal act, 1995      1997
National commission acts                     1997
Muslim women act, 1986                       1997
Employees' state insurance act, 1948         1998
General clauses act, 1897                    1998
Transplantation of human organs act, 1994 1997
Passports act, 1967                          1997
Transfer of property act, 1882               1998
Code of criminal procedure 1973              1998
Customs act, 1962                            1998
Commissions of inquiry act, 1952             1996
Contempt of courts act, 1971                 1997
Multi-state co-operative societies act, 1984 1998
Contract labour act, 1970                    1998
Dowry prohibition act, 1961                  1998
Multimodal transportation of goods act, 1993 1998
Official secretes act, 1923                  1998
Central sales tax act, 1956                  1998
Hindu marriage act, 1955                     1998
Indian telegraph act, 1885                   1998
Fatal accidents act, 1855                    1997
Protection of human rights act,1993          1997
Working journalists and other newspaper employees and miscellaneous Provision act
Indian trusts act,1882                       1998
Prevention of food adulteration act, 1954 1998
Notaries act, 1952                           1998
Indian Christian marriage act, 1872          1998
Depositories act, 1996                       1996
Emigration act, 1983                         1996
Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act, 1985
Cine-workers and cinema theaters workers act, 1981
Indian penal code                            1998
Recovery of debts due to banks and financial institution act, 1999
Probation of offenders act, 1958             1997
State financial corporations act, 1951       1996
Societies registration act, 1860             1998
Cattle trespass act, 1871                    1997
Public premises act, 1971                    1998
Public liability insurance act, 1991         1996
Foreign exchange regulation act, 1973        1998
Foreign trade act, 1992                      1997
Quality management and quality assurance 1998standards

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Sales promotion employees act, 1976         1998
Indian divorce act, 1869                    1998
Border security force act, 1968             1997
Hire - purchase act, 1972                   1997
Water act, 1974                             1997
Workman's compensation act, 1923            1998
Essential commodities act, 1955             1997
Delhi land revenue act, 1954                1994
Court fees act, 1870                        1998
Indian partnership act, 1932                1998
Indian forest act, 1927                     1998
Industrial disputes act, 1947               1998
Indian electricity act, 1910                1998
Copyright act, 1957                         1998
Payment of gratuity act, 1972               1998
Drugs and cosmetics act, 1940               1998
Delhi prohibition of smoking and non-smokers health protection act, 1996
Delhi police act 1978                       1997
Sick industrial companies act, 1985         1998
Juvenile justice act,1986                   1998
Insecticides act, 1968                      1997
Employees' provident fund...... act, 1952 1998
Stamp duty registration fee and court fees in Delhi
Indian contract act, 1872                   1998
Wealth tax act, 1957                        1997
Essentials of managing change and transition2005
Berkeley's Tofel Primer (CD)                1998
How to read a balance sheet : adapted to Indian laws and requirements
When good people behave badly: what will you do?
Games and simulations                       2004
Strategic planning for information resource management
Electricity (supply) act, 1948              2001
Mastering enterprise                        1997
Mastering management                        1997
When marketing becomes a minefield: what2004you do?
Essentials of negotiation                   2005
When your strategy stalls: what will you do?2005
Dealing with difficult people               2005
Harvard Business Reviw on the mind of the 2005
When people are problem: what will you do?2005
Pocket marketing : skills and practice of marketing
Hand book of international direct and emarketing
Taxmann : reserve bank of India's instructions for banks and banking operations
When sparks fly: harnessing the power of group creativity
Taxation of electronic commerce in India 2002
Decision making: 5 steps to better results 2006
Essentials of finance and budgeting         2005
Berkeley's sat Primer (CD)                  1998
Women in business: Harvard Business Review  2005
Top line growth: Harvard Business Review 2005
Articles of Peter Drucker from IIM, Ahmedabad.Journal of marketing Vol. 57
Information systems and services management: accountability
Outsourcing information system              1997
Redesigning the finance function            1997
When change comes undone: what will you 2004do?

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Power, influence, and persuasion: sell your 2005 and make things happen
                                             for business people 2006-07
India business directory : the address book 2006
Creating teams with an edge: the complete skill set to build powerful and influential te
Virtual corporations how real ?              1997
Electronics commerce                         1997
Getting people on board                      2005
Retaining your best people                   2006
                                             to launch and grow your new business
Entrepreneur's toolkit: tools and techniques 2005
Crisis management: master the skills to prevent disasters
Presentations that persuade and motivate 2004
Managing projects large and small: the fundamental skills for delivering on budget and
Finance for managers                         2002
ICMR case collection- finance                2003
ICMR case collection- business strategy 2003
ICMR case collection- business ethics        2003
ICMR case collection- marketing              2003
ICMR case collection- marketing teaching notes
ICMR case collection- marketing teaching notes
ICMR case collection- Project management 2003 studies and teaching notes teaching
ICMR case collection- Human resource management and organisational behavior
ICMR case collection- Human resource management and organisational behavior
Taking control of your time                  2005
ICMR case collection- IT and systems         2003
ICMR case collection- business strategy 2003
ICMR case collection- Leadership and entrepreneurship
ICMR case collection- Leadership and entrepreneurship teaching notes
                                              business effectively
Negotiation: your mentor and guide to doing 2003
ICMR case collection- finance teaching notes 2003
ICMR case collection- human resource management teaching notes
ICMR case collection- operations management and teaching notes
ICMR case collection- Economics case studies and teaching notes
Harvard business review : on brand management1999
ICMR case collection- opreations management  2003
Motivating people for improved performance2005
Teams that click                             2004
Coaching and mentoring: how to develop top talent and achieve stronger performance
Economic survey : 1997-98                    1998
India reference annual : 1998                1998
Approach paper to the ninth five year plan : 1997
Directory : Indian diplomatic missions abroads and foreign diplomatic missions
Managing change and transition               2003
Managing creativity and innovation           2003
ICMR case collection- business strategy 2003
Becoming an effective leader                 2005
ICMR case collection- business strategy teaching notes
Hiring smart for competitive advantage       2006
Harvard business review on appraising employee performance
Business etiquette for the new workplace 2005
Harvard business review on managing projects 2005
Forms used in human resource                 1997
Business communication: your mentor and guide to doing business effectively
ICMR case collection: business ethics teaching notes
ICMR case collection- business strategy teaching notes
ICMR case collection : marketing             2006
Managing change to reduce resistance         2005

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Securities and exchange board of India act, 2001
Publications of CDM: college of defense management
Essential commodities act 1955                2001
Monopolies and restrictive trade practices act, 1969
Indian stamp act,1899                         2000
Major port trusts act, 1963                   2000
Uttar Pradesh reorganisation act,2000         2000
Reserve bank of India act,1934                2001
Employees' state insurance act 1948           2001
Limitation act, 1963                          1996
Code of civil procedure, 1908                 1997
Special marriage act: 1954                    2001
Indian standard quality management systems : requirements
Delhi development act,1957                    2000
Specific relief act, 1963                     2001
Quality management systems - Requirements.IS/ISO 9001 : 2000
Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary.IS/ISO 9000 : 2000
Risk management excellence                    1997
Negotiable instruments act, 1881              1881
Chicago manual of Style                       1996
Indian contract act, 1872                     1996
C and I guide : commercial and industrial guide
Indian standard qulity management systems : guideline for performance improvement
Habitat and the high rise : traditon and innovation
Taxmann's FEMA: with rules/ regulations/ guidelines/ and Faqs
Global benchmarking : for competitive edg 2000
Indian penal code, 1860                       2000
C&I guide commercial & industrial guide       1998
Eicher city guide                             1998
Eicher city map                               1998
Pocket world in Figure                        1999
Yellow business pages                         1998
Patents act, 1970                             2001
Information technology act 2000               2000
Rules made under the information technology act,2000
Indian electricity act,1910                   2001
Indian ports act, 1908                        2001
Customs act, 1962                             2000
Payment of gratuity act, 1972                 2001
Registration act, 1908                        2000
Quality management systems - Guidelines for performance improvements.IS/ISO 900
Standards of weights and measures act, 1976   2001
Marketing whitebook : the essential marketers handbook
Harvard business review : on customer relationship management
Sale of Goods Act, 1930                       2001
Life insurance corporation act,1956           2001
Securities contracts (regulation) act, 1956 2001
Code of criminal procedure, 1973              2000
Employees provident funds and miscellaneous provisions act, 1952
All India directory of banks and financial institutions : websites with E-mails
Harvard Business Review on doing business in China
Poka yoke : book on mistake proofing          2000
International who's who                       2003
World's geatest scientists                    2002
(A) Voluntary restraint agreement (B) The technological ...........

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    Face to face communications: for clarity and impact
    Industrial and commercial directory of india 2004
    Indian standard sampling inspection producers 1996
    E-trends : making sense of the electronic communications revolution
    Kobetsu Kaizen manual : focussed improvement  2003
    (a) ASA (B) Cosmetics (C) Life after chemistry
    Managing yourself: for the career you want 2004
    Dental diseases
                                                   mis-field effect device.
    Theortical study of a ternary III-V compound1991
    Hiring and keeping the best people            2002
    Indian diplomatic missions abroad and foreign diplomatic missions in India
    Directory lok sabha and rajaya sabha members council of ministers
    Glossary and tables for statistical quality control
    Secrets of money
    Directory delhi officials                     2003
    Harvard business review : on leading in turbulent times
    Numbers guide : the essentials of business 2001
    Handbook-cum-directory : top international companies
    Quality maintenane manual                     2004
    Harvard business review : on marketing        2001
    Directory central government officials        2003
    Handbook on Indian power industry             2003
    Economic analysis of various irrigation sources in western Uttar Pradesh
    Handbook on Indian petroleum and natural gas industry and global scenario
    Handbook on telecommunications industry in India
    Handbook of international corporate governance2005
    Handbook cum guide industrial promotion policies procedures and incentives of centr
    Back to basics                                2006
    Europa world year book 2003                   2003
    Planned maintenance manual                    2003
    BPO industry report                           2006
    Zero defect manual for machine shops          0000
.                                                 1997
    MS-97, International business: role and processes
.                                                 2000
    Harvard Business Review on business and the environment
.   MS-25, Managing change in organisations 1997
.   International accounting standards 2001       2001
.                                                  and
    MS-10, Organisational design, development1989change
.                                                 2002
    Income tax simplified for salaried employees: as amended by finance Act 2002 (Asse
.   MS-5, management of machines and materials    1997
.   Harvard Business Review on managing diversity 2001
.                                                 value
    Harvard Business Review on managing the 2000 chain
.   Harvard Business Review on managing people    1988
.                                                 2000
    Harvard Business Review on corporate governance
.   Harvard Business Review on change             1998
.   MS-64, International marketing                1993
.   Harvard Business Review on entrepreneurship   1999
.                                                 2000
    Harvard Business Review on negotiation and conflict resolution
.   MS-62, Sales and distribution management 1996
.   Pocket world in figures                       2001
.                                                 1990
    MS-41, Working capital management: approaches and techniques
.   MS-93 Management of new & small enterprises   1991
.                                                 1999
    Harvard Business Review on the business value of IT
.   H.B.R. on culture and change                  2002
.                                                 2001
    Guide to economic indicators: making sense of economics
.   Harvard Business Review on innovation         2001

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.                               Entering the 21st century                     2000
.                                                                             1997
                                MS-42, Capital investment and financing decisions
.                               Internet: an introduction                     2002
.                               H.B.R. on managing uncertainty                1999
.                               Study material (Group I)                      1998
.                               Harvard Business Review on turnarounds 2001
.                               Harvard Business Review interview with CEOs   1995
.                                                                             2000
                                Formation and management of a co-operative society
.                                                                             2000
                                Options : essential concepts and trading strategies
.                               Financial accounting fundamentals             2001
.                                                                             1998
                                Mastering finance : the definitive guide to the foundations and frontiers of finance
.                                                                             1998
                                Harvard business review on strategies for growth
.                               Income tax act                                2000
.                                                                             1999
                                Securities contracts (regulation) act, SEBI act, depositories act
.                               Study material (Group II)                     1992
.                               Harvard Business Review on decision making    2001
.                               MS-6, Marketing for managers                  1996
.                               Substainable development: engineering and2000 technological challenges of the 21st cent
.                               Introduction to foreign exchange and money1999 markets
.                               How the bond market works                     1997
.                               Introduction to technical analysis            1999
.                                                                             1999
                                Mastering global business: the complete MBA companion in global business
.                                                                             2001
                                Harvard Business Review on finding and keeping the best people
.                               New look of corporate performance measurement 2000
.                               Central Reserve police force act, 1949        2000
.                                                                             2000
                                Harvard Business Review on work and life balance
.                               Economics: making sense of the modern economy 2001
.                               Harvard Business Review on organizational 1994learning
.                               Harvard Business Review on leadership         1998
.                                                                             1999
                                Harvard Business Review on managing high-tech industries
.                                                                             2001
                                Harvard Business Review on breakthrough leadership
.                               MS-91, Strategic management                   1997
.                                                                             2002
                                Harvard business review on Advances in strategy
.                               Harvard Business Review on crisis management  2000
.                               Harvard business review on nonprofits         1999
.                               Harvard Business Review on compensation2001
.                               How to make a will                            1999
.                                                                             1998
                                Harvard Business Review on knowledge management
.                                                                             1999
                                Harvard Business Review on effective communication
.                                                                             1999
                                Harvard Business Review on breakthrough thinking
.                               Form the World Development indicators         1998
.                               How to import                                 1998
.                               Asian development outlook 1998                1998
.                               World Development Indicators                  1998
.                               How to read a balance sheet                   1966
                                 N.C.                                         1995
Aagarwal, Renu Rani; Varshneya,Some theoretical studdies on atmospheric electricity with solar- terrestrial relationship
Aaker, David A.                 Building strong brands                        1996
Aaker, David A., Au.                                                          1991
                                Managing brand equity : capitalizing on the value of a brand name
Aaker, David A., Au.            Marketing reserch                             2001
Aaker, David A., Au.            Marketing research                            2002
                                Dynamic Response of Structures Subjected1992
Abbas, Husain.; Dr.D.K.Paul, Dr.P.N.Godbole                                    to Missile Impact.
                                Dynamic Nayak, G.C.                           1992
Abbas, Husain; Paul, D.K.; Godbole, P.N.; response of structures subjected to missile impact
                                Oracle 8: a beginner's guide
Abbey, Michael; Corey, Michael J.                                             1997
Abdul Kalam, A P J, Au.         Wings of fire                                 2000
                                Simulation S.P.                               1998
Abdulkarim, Mohd. Zaid; Dave, M.P.; Gupta,study of cycloconverter fed induction motor drive

                                                  Page 8

                                   Khare, M.K.                                  1994
Abdulmageed, Abdulla Abdulaziz;Performance of some coated carbide inserts in machining of En24 steel
Abey, Arun, Au.                                                                 the new economy
                                  Fortune strategy : portfolio management for 2001
Abey, Arun, Au.                                                                 the new economy
                                  Fortune strategy : portfolio management for 2001
Abichandani, R.K., Au.                                                          1994
                                  Pollock and mulla on Indian contract specific relief acts : with a commentary critical a
Abraham, Mathew; Prakash, Satya                                                 1989
                                  Study of irregular combustion,misfiring,and cycle-by-cycle variation in small two-strok
Abrams, M.H., Au.                 Glossary of literary terms                    2003
Abromovitz, Hedy, Au.                                                           1998
                                  Insuring quality : how to improve quality compliance customer service and ethics in th
Acharya, Shanta, Au.              Asset management : equities demystified 2002
Adam, Everett E., Au.                                                           1998
                                  Productionand operations management: Concepts,models, and behavior
Adams, John R., Au.               Principles of project management              1997
Adams, S.; .                                                                    1998
                                  Economic environment: guidance and revision.Readings in economic environment: pr
Adams, S.; Periton, P.            Economics for business                        2001
Adcock, Dennis, Au.               Marketing principles and practices            1995
Adhvaryu, Atanu; Singh, I.D.                                                    1997
                                  Studies of the effect of base oil composition on additive response
Adler, Nancy J., Au.                                                            2002
                                  International dimensions of organizational behavior
Adriaans, Pieter; Zantinge, Dolf Data mining                                    1999
                                  Flow Ranga Raju, aerators
Afshar, Nasser Rostam; Asawa, G.L.; past spillwayK.G.                           1992
Afshari, Houshang; Pathak, S.K. Longitudinal dispersion in mandering channels   1992
                                   Malik, Wahid U.                              1983
Aftab, Shabana; Bembi, Ramesh;Physico-chemical studies of some new macrocyclic complexes
Aga, Rohinto D., Au.                                                            1995
                                  Changing the mind set : reflections of a chief executive
                                  Minority carrier diffusion length and defect passivation by hydrogenin polycrystalline S
Agarwal, Anil; Singal, C.M.; Barthwal, S.K.                                     1985
                                  Studies on                                    1984
Agarwal, Anita.; Bhushan, Ravi; Goel, R.N. some biologically important nitrogen containing compounds
                                  Heat transfer studies in a                    1980
Agarwal, Chandra Prakash.; Alam, S.S.; Krishna, N.Gopal vertical tube of closed-loop thermosiphon
                                  Physico-chemical studies on some heterocyclic compounds and their metal chelates
Agarwal, Dau Dayal.; Goyal, R.N.; Jain, A.K.                                    1980
Agarwal, Deeksha, Au.             Glossary of IT terms                          2003
                                  Studies of                                    1975
Agarwal, Devendra Kumar; Srivastava, V.K. temperature dependence of dielectric breakdown field in molecular langmu
                                  Some aspects
Agarwal, Laxman Prasad.; R.J.Garde@FGuide of air-entrainment in flowing water.  1962
Agarwal, P.K., Au.                Advertising management : an Indian perspective2001
                                  Experimental study of                         1999
Agarwal, Pankaj; Thakkar, S.K.; Chandrasekaran, A.R. seismic strengthening and retrofitting measures in masonry bu
Agarwal, Piyush; Saini, S.S.      Dynamic analysis of a concrete gravity dam1982
Agarwal, Pramod; Verma, V.K. Microprocessor controlled current source inverter fed induction motor drive
                                  Studies                                       1998
Agarwal, Rachna; Ravi Bhushan@FGuideon peanut protein (Arachin) with special reference to subunits and molecular
Agarwal, Radhey Shyam; Sharma, S.K. problems of heat transfer in fluids         1966
Agarwal, Raj.; Diwan, Parag       Business environment                          2000
                                  Studies with some pyridinol azo dyes and their interactions with chlorite mineral
Agarwal, Rashmi; Goyal, R.N.; Srivastava, S.K.                                  1984
Agarwal, Ritu; Mittal, R.C.       Factorization of a polynomial                 1995
Agarwal, S.P.                     Advanced Financial Accounting                 1993
Agarwal, Sanjiv                   Investor's guide to stock market              2001
                                  Synthesis U.                                  1981
Agarwal, Sharad; Goyal, R.N.; Malik, Wahid and polarographic reduction of pyrazoles, pyrazolines and coupled product
Agarwal, Sudha Rani.; Mohan, C.Effects of rotation and tidal distortions on the structure and periods of small adiabatic
                                  Creep in plates and shells
Agarwal, Surendra Kumar; Bhatnagar, N.S.                                        1970
                                   Garde, R.J.                                  1983
Agarwal, V.C.; Ranga Raju, K.G.;Studies on the characteristics of meandering streams
Agarwal, Veena; Mohan, ChandarGeometric programming and transcendental1984       programming problems in nonlinear
Agarwal, Vijay Kumar; Gupta, S.C.                                               1992
                                  Energy conservation in multiple effect evaporators
Agarwal, Vinod Kumar; Krishna, Bal                                              1972
                                  Problems on vibrations of anisotropic circular plates and spherical shells
Agarwala, Kamlesh N., Au.                                                       2000
                                  Bulls bears and the mouse : an introuduction to online stock market trading
                                  Structural studies and crystallization behaviour of electroless Ni-P films
Agarwala, R.C.; Raghavan, V.; Ray, S.                                           1987
Agarwala, S.K.                    Economic systems and micro-economic theory    2001
                                  Ageing                                        1985
Agarwala, Vijaya; Raghavan, V.; Ray, S. characteristics of rheocast Aluminium-Copper aloys
                                  Dynamic analysis
Aggarwal, Kimat Rai.; Sinhasan, Ram; Grover, G.K.of plates in fluid.            1981
                                   Walid U.                                     1973
Aggarwal, Laxman Kumar; Malik, Studies on some anti-corrosive paints and paint media
                                  Elastic-plastic                               1979
Aggrawal, Sudesh Kumar; Nayak, G.C.; Lal, S. analysis of cylindrical pressure vessels with various end closures
                                  Economy and                                   1986
Agnihotri, Ganga; Sharma, J.D.; Gupta, H.O. security based load flow solution of large scale power systems
Agrawal, A.N.                                                                   2002
                                  Indian economy: problems of development and planning
Agrawal, Anita; Barthwal, Ritu Protein -nucleic acid interactions : Interaction of tyrosine containing modal oligopeptid

                                                  Page 9

                                   S.P.; of laminar and
Agrawal, Dharam Das.; Sharma., Study Gupta, C.P. turbulent burning velocities. 1976
Agrawal, Govind P.                Fiber optic communication systems            1997
                                  Heat transfer                                under
Agrawal, Kailash Nath.; Verma., H.K,; Lal, S. during boiling of referigerants 1984 swirl flow conditions.
                                  Heat Rajendra                                boundary layer over flat plate.
Agrawal, M.L.; Pandey, P.K.; Prakash,transfer across redeveloping turbulent 1977
Agrawal, M.R., Au.                Budgeting: profit planning and control       2004
Agrawal, Nawal K.; Guha, Dipak Radiation Characteristics of A Horn Antenna.    1978
                                  Evaluation V.K.                              1970
Agrawal, P.N.; Chandrasekaran, A.R.; Gaur, of earthquake parameters in Koyna and Dakpather regions
                                  Study in                                     1978
Agrawal, R.D.; Kapoor, M.L.; Mehta, M.L. production of alloy powders by cementation
                                  Behaviour of shallow foundations subjected 1986
Agrawal, Raj Kishore; Saran, Swamee                                             to eccentric-inclined loads
                                   K.                                          1980
Agrawal, Ravindra Kumar; Murari,Some fundamental queueing models with heterogeneous input sources
Agrawal, Rita                     Stress in life and at work                   2001
                                  Analysis                                     1975
Agrawal, S.M.; Nayak, G.C.; Khanna, S.K.of cement concrete overlays for pavement slabs
                                  Some straight crack problems om Elastic-Plastic media
Agrawal, Sharad Chandra; Bharagava, R.R.                                       1997
                                  Synthesis U.                                 1981
Agrawal, Sharad; Goyal, R.N.; Malik, Wahid and polarographic reduction of pyrazoles,pyrazolines and coupled products
                                  Prediction                                   1979
Agrawal, Shrihari; Trikha, D.N.; Jain, O.P. of post cracking behaviour of RCC plate structures
                                  Dispersion of tractive and                   1973
Agrawal, Siya Ram; Menezes, M.; Jain, O.P.; Arya, A.S. braking forces in railway bridges
                                   S.C.; Varshney, B.S.                         horizontal cylinders
Agrawal, Subodh Kumar.; Gupta, Nucleate pool boiling of saturated liquids on 1983
                                   Wahid U.
Agrawal, Surendra Kumar; Malik, Physico-chemical studies on the interaction1966  of metal ions & silicic acid with casein,-
                                  Studies S.K.
Agrawal, Sushma; Jain, A.K.; Srivastava,on ion exchange behaviour of some1978    heteropolyacid salts and their use as ion
                                  Analysis of cable statyed
Agrawal, Tej Prakash.; Prem Krishna@FGuide; Arya, A.S. bridges                 1979
Agresti, Alan, Au.                Statistical methods for the social science 1999
Ahluwalia, Jsher Judge, Ed.       India's economic reforms and development 1998
                                   K.                                          1989
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                                                  Page 11

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                                                  Page 12

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                                                 Page 14

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                                                 Page 22

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                                                  Page 23

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                                                Page 24

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                                                 Page 25

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                                                 Page 31

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                                                 Page 35

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                                                  Page 36

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                                                  Page 43

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                                                   Page 45

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                                                  Page 47

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                                                  Page 48

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                                                  Page 49

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                                                  Page 50

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                                                 Page 51

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                                                    Page 52

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                                                  Page 57

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                                                 Page 58

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                                                 Page 61

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                                                  Page 62

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                                                  Page 63

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                                                   Page 66

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                                                  Page 67

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                                                   Page 68

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                                                 Page 70

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                                                  Page 73

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                                                Page 75

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                                                   Page 76

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                                                   Page 77

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                                                  Page 79

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                                                   Page 80

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                                                  Page 81

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                                                  Page 82

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                                                 Page 85

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                                                  Page 86

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                                                 Page 87

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                                                  Page 89

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                                                Page 90

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                                                 Page 91

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                                                Page 92

Class Number   A900
340            277530
340            277611
340            277576
340            277666
340            277524
338.4562138    MGD1217
340            277688
338.0954       MGD1201
340            277592
340            277525
340            MGD1097@A277526
340            277649
340            277577
340            277665
340            277522
340            277523
340            277675@AMGD1099
340            277591
340            277573
340            277657
340            277584
658.4013       277956
345.54         MGD1084
340            277589
340            277538
340            277539
340            277681
340            277550
340            277593
340            277594
340            277626
340            277575
340            277531
340            277650
340            277679
340            277605
340            277559
340            277533
340            277619
340            277624
340            277620
340            277625
340            277588
340            277674
340            277601
340            MGD1096
340            277685
658.4013       277959@CMGD@A277960@CMGD
340            277607
340            277536
340            277662
340            277561
340            277647
340            277640

                                Page 93

332.178    MGD1693
340        277600
340        277635
340        277621@AMGD1098
658.4013   277958@CMGD
340        277528
658.4013   277955@CMGD
658.4013   277944@CMGD@A277945@CMGD@A277943@CMGD
658.4013   277938@CMGD@A277939@CMGD@A277937@CMGD
658.4013   277936@CMGD@A277935@CMGD@A277934@CMGD
658.4013   277954@CMGD
658.4013   277942@CMGD@A277941@CMGD@A277940@CMGD
658.4013   277957@CMGD@A277931@CMGD
658.4013   277932@A277929@A277933@A277924@A277926@A277925@A277927@A277930@A277928
340        277585
340        277672
340        277682
340        277553@AMGD1095
340        MGD1094
340        277544
340        MGD1092@AMGD1093
340        277586@AMGD1091
340        MGD1089@AMGD1090
344.01     MGD1088
340        277547
340        277598
340        277568
340        277663
340        277527
340        277669
340        277671
340        277678
340        277615
340        277648
340        277616
032        276978@CMGD
340        277542
340        277623
340        277606
340        277661
340        277581
340        277583
340        277572
658.409    324225
340        277534
340        277546
340        277680
340        277646
340        277668
340        277535
340        277622
340        277642
340        277652
340        277651

                              Page 94

340        277618
340        277614
340        277658
340        277644
340        277564
340        277629
340        277543
340        277655
340        277628
340        277552
340        277638
340        277637
340        277627
340        277636
340        277634
340        277632
340        277571
340        277582
340        277684
340        277643
340        277683
340        277549
340        277558
340        277551
340        277554
340        277630
340        277555
340        277566
340        277631
340        277641
340        277541
340        277587
340        277608
340        277578
340        277656
340        277689
340        277609
340        277653
340        277639
340        277595
340        277565
340        277569
340        277633
340        277545
340        277604
340        277664
340        277654
340        277677
340        277673
340        277537
340        277660
340        277659
340        277579
340        277580
658.4013   277951@CMGD@A277950@CMGD@A277949@CMGD@A277948@CMGD@A277946@CMGD

                            Page 95

340             277670
340             277597
340             277532
340             277590
340             277686
340             277690
340             277574
340             277560
340             277557
340             277603
340             277602
340             277610
340             277599
340             277556
340             277645
340             277567
340             277563
340             277562
340             MGD1422
340             277617
340             277613
340             277570
340             277676
340             277596
340             277687
658.301         323460
657.3           277472@A277445@CMGD@A277446@CMGD@A277447@CMGD@A277448@CMGD@A27744
658.3045        323524
658.404         321899
658.4038        278074@CMGD
343.0929        279340
338.04          278905
658             278904
658.8           323525
658.30014       323461
658.4012        323528
658.3045        323534
658.4092        323471
658.3045        323526
658.8           279872@CMGD
658.8402        290490@CMGD
332.113         291035@CMGD
658.4038        323527
336.278         MGD4988@CMGD@AMGD4938@CMGD
658.403         323535
658.150246583   323459
331.425         323531
658.406         324206
338.954         MGD4141@AMGD4184@AMGD4243@AMGD4244@AMGD4205@AMGD4206@AMGD4611@A
658.4038        278071@CMGD
658.4038        278072@CMGD
658.4038        278073@CMGD
658.406         323523

                                  Page 96

658.4092    323446
338.88854   MGD5638@CMGD
658.4022    323508
658.4038    278075@CMGD
658.4038    278076@CMGD
658.4092    323546
658.3       323451
658.11      323540
658.4056    323532
658.452     324228
658.404     324223
658.15      323542
658.4012    323661@B17
658.4012    323647@BIII
658.4012    323650@BVI
658.4012    323652@BVIII
658.4012    323654@BX
658.4012    323655@BXI
658.4012    323656@BXII
658.4012    323657@BXIII
658.4012    323658@B14
658.4093    323455
658.4012    323660@B16
658.4012    323648@BIV
658.4012    323662@B18
658.4012    323663@B19
658.4052    323518
658.4012    323667@B23
658.4012    323666@B22
658.4012    323665@B21
658.4012    323664@B20
658.827     290221@A279231@CMGD
658.4012    323659@B15
658.314     323516
658.4022    323456
658.3124    323506
330.954     276317@CMGD
032         276316@CMGD
338.954     276314@CMGD
327.2025    276313@CMGD
658.16      323510
658.514     323512
658.4012    323646@BII
658.4092    323497
658.4012    323645
658.311     323478
658.3125    323495
395.52      323504
658.404     323514
658.3       276254@CMGD
651.7       323503
658.4012    323651@BVII
658.4012    323649
658.4012    323653@BIX
658.4063    323511

                              Page 97

            346.092         279337
            338.9           MGD4142@AMGD4143@AMGD4144@AMGD4145@AMGD4146@AMGD4147@AMGD4148@A
            343.08          279348
            341.753         279351
            343.057         279347
            343.0967        279333
            342.54          279354
            346.082         279331@A277667
            331.255         279346
            347.052         279345
            347.9           277548
            346.016         279328
            658.562         298772@CMGD@A298771@CMGD
            344.06          279339
            346.0432        279327
            658.4013        293039@A293040
            658.4013        293038@A293037
            658.155         276703@CMGD
            346.096         279355
            070.5           278336@CMGD@A278334@CMGD@A278335@CMGD@A276279@CMGD@A276280@CMGD
            346.02          279349
            338.0954        MGD800@CMGD
            658.562         298773@CMGD@A298777@CMGD
            720.483         276918@CMGD
            332.45          MGD4934
            658.562         MGD2417@CMGD@A279003@CMGD
            345.54          279335
            338.0954        RF800
            912.5456        278046@CMGD
            912.5456        278047@CMGD@A278048@CMGD
            330.9           279320
            380.102         MGD807
            346.0486        279353
            343.0999        279344
            343.0999        279336
            343.0929        279341
            343.0967        279332
            343.056         279342
            331.252         279352
            343.07          279330
            658.4013        293042@A293041
            343.075         279338
            658.8           MGD4796@CMGD@A323143
            658.812         294329
            346.065         279329
            346.086332      279350
            346.092         279326
            345.05          279334
            331.252         279343
            332.1           306625
            330.951         323539
            686.2255        298781
            950             306387@CMGD
            509.2           306243
technological ...........   NB411

                                             Page 98

658.452          324222
338.954          306627
658.562          298775@A298776@A298774
658.84           305951
658.562          298779
658.409          324224
Thesis C-91      245669
658.31           299110@A323477
327.54           306622
352.293024       306624
658.5621015195   298795
352.293024       306623
658.4092         299080
332.6            305976
338.7            306628
658.562          298778@CMGD
658.8            299109
352.293024       306621
338.480954       306629
TMZ-87           245155
338.2728         306631@CMGD
384.0954         306630@CMGD
330-03           327079
338.0954         306626
658.005          323146
030              306385@Bi@CMGD@A306386@Bii@CMGD
658.202          298782
338.76           323145
670.423          298780
658              278223
658.408          290220
658              278205
657.30218        296146
658              278199
336.24           296139
658              278194
658.3008         294621@A294328
658.5            290214
658.3            290209@A279242
658.42           290203
658.406          290437@A279238
658              278216
658.421          290223@A279245
658.405          290211
658              278214
310              279948
658              278206
658              278220
658.4038         290201@A279243@AMGD2973
658              294625
338.9            290175@CMGD@A279258@CMGD@A278052@CMGD@A305983@CMGD
658.406          294628

                                  Page 99

338.9                 MGD1942
658                   278207
621.3853              294003
658.4012              290435@A279246
658.152               MGD2748
658.4063              294630@A294327
658.4                 279255
346.0668              279325
332.63228             279828
657.071               279876
332                   278903@CMGD@A290125@CMGD
658.4012              279237@A290210
336.24                MGD2798@AMGD2799@AMGD2800@AMGD2801
346.0666              291029
658.152               MGD2747
658.403               294626
658                   278195
338.9                 279401
332.45                279680
332.6323              MGD2506
332.6                 279681
658                   279261@A278906
658.3111              294627
658.4013              MGD2418
340                   277540
306.36                294631
330.1                 290081
658.4038              294629
658.4092              279241@A290436
620.0068              279235@A290202
658.4092              294623
658                   278218
658.4012              294622
658.4056              290204
658.048               290229@A279244
658.32                294620
346.054               279324
658.4012              279296@A279239@A290213
658.45                279234@A279808@A290228
658.406               290222@A279232
338.9                 276651
382.5                 276850
338.9                 277323
338.9                 276652
657.3                 277457@CMGD@A277458@CMGD@A277459@CMGD@A277460@CMGD@A277461@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis of Physics
658.827               325018
658.827               277747@CMGD
658.83                293399
658.83                298486
D1-92 ABB             2455870
Ph. D. Thesis Deptt. of Civil
621.381952            MGD1565
925                   MGD2416
Ph.D., Thesis, Electrical Engi

                                  Page 100

Ph.D, Thesis, Mech. and Ind.,
332.6                 290492
332.6                 307004
346.02                276838@Bii@CMGD@A276837@Bi@CMGD
D6-89                 245448
803                   298442
658.562               290084
332.6                 307327@CMGD
658.5                 MGD2333@AMGD2334@A277742
658.404               276560
330.9                 278092@A278093
657.071               279875
658.8                 MGD1503@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
658                   299011
658.4038011           279417@A279310
Thesis D1-92          245879
                       Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 245882
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of177761
658.562               276524@CMGD
Thesis C-85           178897
TE-84                 178258
TF-80                 176649
T E-80                176872
621.380285            298443@CMGD
C-75                  108562
D1-62 AGR             62523
659.1                 293234@CMGD
Ph.D., Thesis, Earthquake Engg
D1-82                 177110
Ph.D., Thesis, Electrical Engg
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
B-66                  64124
658                   2964@AMGD2965@AMGD2966@AMGD2967
TE-84                 178275
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247259
657.48                RF276710
332.6322              292470
T E-81                177774
B-87                  179390
B-70                  106763
D1-83                 177749
Ph. D. Thesis of Mathematics
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical Engg.
B-72                  107499
658.84                306245
TF191-87              245502
338.5                 292261
TF191-85              178978
Thesis D6-81          177047
T E-73                108192
D6-79                 176193
D66-86                245153
338.954               294458@A294459@A294461@A294462@A296067@A296069@A296068@A296066@A296065
Ph.D. Thesis of of Biosciences

                                     Page 101

D6-76                 109374
621.38275             291238
Thesis D6-84          178297
D6-77                 109975
658.154               321863@A321864
D65-78 AGR            175319
TH-70                 106761
TF191-78              175744
D1-86                 179212
B-80                  177351
155.9042              292113
D1-75                 108570
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 248227
T E-81                177605
TD1-79                176182
D1-73                 107792
TF-83                 178300
T E-66                64106
T E-78                175983
D1-79                 176191
300.72                278993@CMGD
338.954               277329@AMGD1937@AMGD1938
D65-89                245503
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247147 &
303.372               279363
Ph. D.,Thesis of Mathematics
D181                  177360
332.1                 MGD2038@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247205
T E-82                177791
T E-70                106989
D65-82 SHA            177168
D66-82                177782
TMZ-84                178260
TMZ-84                178561
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247357
TE-84                 178291
346.02                4308
T E-66                64127
D1-81                 176824
D1-89                 245436
Thesis C-82           177381
338.5                 MGD2411
339                   MGD2410
Thesis C-91           245668
621.3819592           276244@CMGD
657.3                 299378
621.381952            276272@A276273@A276804
Thesis C-90           245694
                       E&C Engg
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247410
B-88                  245149
658.152               307840
TF-72                 107398
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry

                                       Page 102

658.848               293956
658.403               296804
658.403002855369 296815
658.800285            279682
658.81                276887
519.72                292903
332.6                 290030
332.6                 305214
Ph.D.Thesis of Civil Engg.
658.314               276456
658.15                276646@A276647
658.812               298784
658.152               292996
420.7                 MGD2010@CMGD@AMGD2011@CMGD@AMGD2012@CMGD@AMGD2013@CMGD@AMGD
657.0825              299399@CMGD
515.352               326831@A326832
658.4092              291240
D65-92                245871
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
658.4038011           278847
658.15                293246
Thesis D6-88          245143
338.6041              305220@CMGD
621.3853              279397
530.143               4351
658.848               290132
658.802               290133
338.762138150973 324789
658.4                 279295@CMGD@A291343@CMGD@A305952@CMGD
D1-92                 245886
332.7                 293693@CMGD@A307333@CMGD
658.84                290134
658.84                296664
658                   279790@B14
658.1                 294589
332.645               290191
658.4038              290135@A279278@A279418@A2401
TH-86                 179233
Ph.D. Thesis of Electrical Eng
Ph.D.Thesis Deptt. of 245729
658.3                 RF290096
658.4013              298786
658.3                 276207@CMGD@A276208@CMGD
658.45                276511@CMGD
658.4033              305035@CMGD@A299420@CMGD
519.5                 305034
658                   305207@CMGD@A305746@CMGD@A305033@CMGD
Thesis H-86           179825
515.352               292986
306.4460954           279362
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
Ph.D. Thesis of Mathematics
D6-84                 178263
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
332.645               290002

                                 Page 103

332.0151              278844
658.1511              278527@CMGD@A278531@CMGD@A278522@CMGD@A278530@CMGD@A278523@CMGD
657                   MGD1672
658.3                 293291
658.562               293965
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247401
Ph.D. Thesis of Humanities & S
T E-66                64788
332.024               292532@CMGD
332.042               MGD1699@CMGD
658.15                MGD1601@AMGD1602@AMGD1603@AMGD1604@AMGD1605@AMGD2265@AMGD2266@A
658.312404            320475
512.7                 121826
621.381952            MGD1501
332.645               MGD1710@CMGD
337                   276893
658                   RF232
Ph.D., Thesis, Earthquake Engg
338.544               293967
658.401203            306293@Biii@CMGD@A306294@Biv@CMGD@A306295@Bv@CMGD
659.10285             290069@CMGD@A279253@CMGD
658.15                296649
330                   306999
658.4038011           MGD1651@AMGD1652@AMGD1653@AMGD1654@AMGD1655
D1-83                 178305
D66-73                107785
TMZ-87                179827
T E-69                105549
657.48                292582@CMGD@A305692@CMGD
331                   MGD1611@AMGD1612@AMGD1613@AMGD1614@AMGD1615
D1-73                 107794
301.3103              277473
T E-77                175313
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
T B-80                176178
T E-72                107503
658.4012              MGD1494@AMGD1500
658.3                 MGD2106
650.1                 277324
B-81                  177224
E-83                  177766
D1081                 177786
658.4                 305229@CMGD@A299890@CMGD
T E-69                105548
T E-69                105547
Ph.D. Thesis of Earth 246575
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of245667
658.8342              278450@CMGD
D6-85                 178883
338.9                 292234@CMGD@A292235@CMGD@A292236@CMGD@A292237@CMGD@A292238@CMGD
658.3                 MGD2940@CMGD@AMGD2894@CMGD@AMGD2957@CMGD@AMGD2958@CMGD@AMGD
511.322               292622
657                   305218@CMGD@A298435@CMGD
657                   292125@A292124
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry

                                  Page 104

658.1511              278327@A278326
TMZ-89                245678
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247248
621.381952            MGD2526
384.33                323458
D66-78 AVA            177362
332                   279703@Bi@CMGD@A279704@Bii@CMGD
658.4032              292128
658.4012              306247
TH-79                 176030
658.72                290031
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
025.524               279276
658.15244             290063
174.4                 323536
658.4092              294587@A323489
HV;5-91               245725
D1-89                 245427
658.312404            278599
658.402               278586
658.422               292572@CMGD@A305714@CMGD
658.562               278562@CMGD
D1-81                 177787
346.7307              323530
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistrry
D6-77                 109893
658.4038              299182
                       Civil En
Ph.D.Thesis Deptt. of 246565
658.84                290085
621.381952            MGD2531
658.84                294002
658.15                321895
658.8                 290070@A325083@A327211
658.8                 279848@Bi@CMGD@A279849@Bii@CMGD@A279851@Biv@CMGD@A279852@Bv@CMGD
650.1                 290006
613.2                 306248
TD1-91                245719
342.54                279455@A276875
331                   292274
658.32                292277
E-83                  177760
658.848               MGD2728@CMGD
D66-76                109740
D66-76                109896
B-90                  245505
338.762               277748@CMGD
TF191-86              179284
621.381952            279382
658.312404            278579
658.312404            278578
658.5                 279971
332.645               293244
330.015195            292982@CMGD@A299084@CMGD
658.4012              279760@A279009
330.126               276708

                                   Page 105

658.30019             276602@CMGD
346.072               MGD1060@AMGD1061
346.096               MGD1062@AMGD1063
346.03                MGD1087
346.0682              MGD1064@AMGD1065
346.02                MGD1078@CMGD@AMGD1079@CMGD
658.15                279282
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 245136
332.03                290147@CMGD
330.03                290071@CMGD@A305954@CMGD
332.03                305953
T E-82                177768
D6-85                 178894
TF-79                 176189
D66-82                177773
                       E&C Eng
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248351
Thesis D192           245881
658.83                MGD1533@CMGD
658.575               290494@CMGD
658.1511              321861@A321862
343.07                292281
657.42                299393@CMGD
657.42                296802
621.381952            MGD2780
658.456               276417@CMGD@A276418@CMGD@A276419@CMGD@A276420@CMGD@A276421@CMGD
658.500285            279859
650.0712              299068@CMGD
658.4038011           296814
658.84                307019
514.74                279106
150                   298390@CMGD
302                   298391
658.812               321898
658.4038              276395@CMGD@A276399@CMGD@A276398@CMGD@A276400@CMGD@A276401@CMGD
657.9042              276608@A276609@A276610
362.1                 298803
658.049               292088@CMGD
658.049               279466@AMGD1764
658.312404            279889
332.6                 278392@A278393
D1-82                 177059
D1-92                 245887
621.381952            MGD2792
658.4038              MGD1273@AMGD2259@A278563@A278564@A278565@A278566@A278567@A278756
658.4038011           MGD1162@CMGD@AMGD1163@CMGD@AMGD1164@CMGD@AMGD1165@CMGD@AMGD
Thesis H41-75         108565
G-89                  245133
D66-85                179221
658.827               305077@CMGD@A305955@CMGD
621.381952            293275
332.6                 MGD2788
658.1                 278395
345.54                279389
342.54                MGD1725
345.05                279371@B1@A279372@B2

                                   Page 106

342.54                279390
D66-69                105600
658.81                MGD2486@CMGD
658.8342              278456
658.151               292434
658.049               305688@CMGD
658.8                 292593
658.3                 305718@CMGD
910.2                 305693
658.8                 305705
658.151               305717
658.151               292575@A292439
338.954               292594
659.1                 MGD1218@CMGD@AMGD1219@CMGD@AMGD1220@CMGD@AMGD1221@CMGD@AMGD
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247146&
551.6309              294635
338.5                 296964
332.6015              1868
658.84                279868
363.347               322305@A323447
658.3                 279957@AMGD1823
658.40092             225
658.40092             MGD2421@A290182
650.14                279685
331.125               277028
658.3                 277026
670.285               296637@CMGD@A290032@CMGD
794.8                 323548
658.3                 323466
331.11423             326967
321.801               292098
352.380285            292111
D1-79                 175986
                      and Indus
Ph.D., Thesis, Mech. 247183
659.1                 325021
658.812               322302
338.9                 306997
331.408996073         294596
351.4100285           292097
T E-72                107501
503                   MGD2456@Bi@CMGD@AMGD2457@Bii@CMGD@AMGD2458@Biii@CMGD@AMGD2459@B
658.4092              MGD1828
658.1511              320469
658.1511              305785
657.48                290124
658.4012              323507
658.406               MGD1534
658.834               278368@CMGD@A278377@CMGD@A278369@CMGD@A278370@CMGD@A278371@CMGD
658.049               290137
658                   279792@B16
658.15                MGD1681
303.34                323545
581.35                298439
658.3125              276553
658.4038              278121@B1@A278124@B1

                                  Page 107

658.4038              278065@CMGD
658.4038              278066@CMGD
332.0151923           279700@CMGD
658.500285            279890
658.500285            299165
519.86                293378
658.812               324464
658.403               306993@CMGD
658.83                276326
658.1511              323543
657.3                 MGD1678
368                   293016
332.6                 292174@A296072
658.3112              322321
658.31124             290138
658.4013              299012@CMGD@A298797@CMGD
621.381952            276269@CMGD
530.12                320931
332                   MGD2407@CMGD
658.15                296806
332.10681             292551@CMGD
658.4013              290136@A279867
658.4062              MGD1269@A278611
                      Earth Sc
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247162
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of246571
Thesis D6-87          179291
658.4                 299066
338.927               276974
323.2                 MGD4603
658.15                279077
TNA-87                179826
D1-82                 177378
382.92                305709
382.92                292584
T E-74                108190
Ph.D. Theses, Electrical eng
Ph.D., Thesis of Electrical En
Ph.D. Thesis, Earth Sciences
D66-79                176180
TF-75                 108502
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247237
336.36                278388
T E-81                177358
THV-88                179846
080                   306250@CMGD@A306262@CMGD
B-78                  175303
Thesis D1-92          245888
C-78 KUM              175302
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of245697
343.042               276846
621.380265            279285
F-89 BHA              245468
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247185
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
Ph. D. Thesis of Physics

                                      Page 108

658.84                306263
Thesis D6-82          177387
TE-85                 178892
658.003               292443@Bi@CMGD@A292444@Bii@CMGD@A292445@Biii@CMGD@A292446@Biv@CMGD
658.1511              305707
658.151               305689@CMGD
338.9                 305706@CMGD
338.9                 292576
658.151               292580
658.1511              292595
658.152               292463
657.450285            293498
658.04                321497
658.049               292592
658.049               305770
D6-79                 175988
B-67                  105018
T E-77                175318
384.0954              279834
D1-83                 178565
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247260S
Ph.D.Thesis of Civil Engg.
B-69                  106766
658.152               290456@A290452@A290453@A290454@A290455@AMGD3617
Ph.D. Thesis of Earthquake Eng
658.4012              2295
657.42                RF278551
657.48                294196@A294195
657.48                298436@CMGD@A299887@CMGD@A305227@CMGD
657.4                 276071@A276072@A276073@A276074@A276075@A276076@A276077@A276078@A276079@
D66-69                105602
E-86                  179285
315.4                 297
658.11                279761
332.10973             MGD1597@AMGD1598@AMGD1599@AMGD1600@AMGD1759@AMGD2280@AMGD2281@A
D1-81                 176972
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 246555 &
TH-86                 179388
658.409               278571
332.645               292905
658.802               292163@CMGD
660.6                 298454
D66-86                179386
658.4053              292107
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of248224
658                   279984
340.03                276862
658.83                MGD1528@CMGD
346.066               278101@BII@A278102@BIII@A278100@BI
658.15                278127
330.03                290072
658.3125              279891
621.3981              MGD1555
621.3853              279286
658.15                292904

                                     Page 109

621.381952          279391
658.575             279144
658.406             MGD1524
332.6               293053
332.6               MGD1676
658.4095            276540
658.7               279866@CMGD
658.83              290484@CMGD@A290485@CMGD
658.812             294326@CMGD
621.381952          279377
658.3               MGD1956
332.63247           279205
658.16              MGD1721
330                 MGD1858
658.5               278451@CMGD
332.04154           327090
338.064             292528
621.381952          MGD1560
658.4038011         279966
659.1               290086@CMGD
658.403             279706
658.88              MGD1712@CMGD
364.168             279275
658.4033            276181@AMGD1701
658.84              279220
Ph.D. Thesis of WRDTC
658                 RF278433
658.8               293519@CMGD
658                 MGD2379
Thesis C-82         177384
Ph.D. Thesis of Mech. & Indust
658.155             292550
338.6041            279699
658.4038            292544
621.381952          MGD2532
658.155             292840
658.562             278620@CMGD
658.4012            293677
300.723             277069
346.07              MGD1506
658.8               278619@CMGD
659.1               276888@CMGD
658.152             290428
332.1095            299155@CMGD
658.84              276896
658.84              320699
658.4012            MGD1256@AMGD1271
341.2               279449
658.4012            276594@CMGD@A276596@CMGD@A276595@CMGD
621.381952          279408
519.2               MGD5541@CMGD
303.34              323450

                                   Page 110

658.83           276374@CMGD@A276375@CMGD@A276376@CMGD@AMGD362@CMGD@AMGD363@CM
658.312404       276623
658.403          308489
658              279266
658.848          294868
658.05           RF290206@CMGD
658.16           290033@A307002@CMGD
910.94           MGD2538@CMGD
658.3            276081@CMGD@A276082@CMGD@A276083@CMGD@A276084@CMGD
658.312404       276624@CMGD
658.72           293380@CMGD
339              MGD1855
658.84           290139
658.15           278399@CMGD@A278400@CMGD@A278401@CMGD@A278402@CMGD@A278403@CMGD
658.8            299078
658.1512         305957
658.562          278424@CMGD@A278425@CMGD
658.562          298798
338.5            276249@CMGD
658.15           278445@CMGD
658.15           296811
658.15           296809
658.15           MGD1967
658.15           278461
332.6323015118   292985
658.1511         278119
658.4038         322306@A324200
658.15           299385
658.382          MGD1540
657.303          276858
658.15           305958
658.406          MGD1487
303.4833         290219
423              276642@Bi@CMGD@A276643@Bii@CMGD
658.4012         291231
658.812          290074@CMGD@A290495@CMGD
658.8            292074
658.5            290140
658.5            296654
658.5            290073
572.86           298534@CMGD
658.4038         279315
658.562          322331
658.83028        322025@BII
658.83028        322026@BI
658.83028        322023@BIV
658.83028        322024@BIII
658              276977@A292173
658.3125         290431
658.1            290075
658.049          279230@CMGD@A290218@CMGD
332.45           276147@A276148@A276149@A278349
332.49           278318@A276293@A276292@A276291@A276290@AMGD1735
658.154          278321@CMGD@A278322@CMGD
658.5            276307@A277976

                                  Page 111

658.312404    291274@A291275
658.4012      276220@CMGD@A276219@CMGD
510           MGD1677
658.5         MGD1917@AMGD1918@AMGD1919@AMGD1920@AMGD1921@A278150@A278149@A2777
658.84        279274
658.4012      279304@A279411@A290141
103           327091
658.514       276110@CMGD@A276111@CMGD
155.2         298493
621.381952    MGD1286
384.02        277060
616.89        306249
338.91        276256
658.4038011   279270
520           298748@CMGD
658.83        290034@CMGD
658.4012      MGD2373
509.403       299172
332.645       293060
658.002       276327@CMGD
658           278417@AMGD1664@A1665
650.015195    296644
332.1         299413
658.4012      305960
658.1141      305959
658.802       MGD1502
658.1599      279819
658.022       292169@A296930
658.022       292140
332.645       290019
338.954       MGD1935@AMGD1936
330.954       MGD1931@AMGD1932
658           279780@B4
621.381952    276805
032           MGD2455@CMGD
032           MGD2454@CMGD
658.404       321906
511.8         299406@CMGD
909.82        299168
621.381952    279378
330.015193    307328
658.406       327213
658.3         279247
658.8         278449@CMGD
332.60151     307845
658.406       279762
658.4013      290076
658.408       277042
337           MGD1970
337           307009@CMGD
374.02        MGD2022@CMGD
658.84        290224
658.050285    292353
658.4062      323538
658.1599      305956

                               Page 112

658.3                 293292
621.381952            293497
658.049               277053
658.422               324232
658.4013              279078
658.15                279892
658.302               279893
658.16                276252@CMGD
658.422               327092
658.3                 276245@CMGD
330.01                278900
339                   278899
621.3981              279810
657.071               279882
511.8                 299408@CMGD
621.381952            290142@AMGD3037
032                   MGD2422@Bxxxii@CMGD@AMGD2423@Bi@CMGD@AMGD2424@Bii@CMGD@AMGD2425
658.4063              MGD2032@CMGD
TH-89                 245132
658.1145              292436
658.1511              MGD2524
657.48                MGD2520
530.15255             4613
658.406               296677
341.23                279398
D1-80                 177045
D1-68                 105595
D1-84                 178280
174.4                 277331
305.5095412           279359
658.3                 328@A276344
658.31244             276543@CMGD
D6-85                 178977
323.44                298445
TE-92                 245727
658.8                 323473
D1-82                 177109
658                   279794@B18
658                   279788@B12
621.382               279321
657.45                MGD1516
519.2                 293714
332.645               MGD1968
D1-81                 176960
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 246710&
D1-81                 176816
T E-67                64779
Thesis D6-84          178286
Thesis C-67           105123
TMZ-91                245670
C-81                  177338
332.6                 276672@CMGD
B-72                  107784
657.3                 278419
658.15                MGD2100@AMGD2101@A2102@A1188

                                  Page 113

658.15                 278418
658.404                MGD2686@CMGD@AMGD2687@CMGD@AMGD2688@CMGD@AMGD2689@CMGD@AMGD
D1-81                  177739
658.4038               305818@Bix@CMGD@A305814@Bv@CMGD@A305817@Bviii@CMGD@A305815@Bvi@CMG
338.954                305676@Bi@CMGD@A305680@Bv@CMGD@A305678@Biii@CMGD@A305683@Bviii@CMG
D1-81                  176975
D1-68                  105121
Ph.D, Thesis, Civil Engg., UOR
Ph. D. Thesis of Chemistry
Ph.D. Thesis of Biochemistry
TF-78                  175299
D1-63                  62897
Ph. D. Thesis of Mech. & Indus
658.4063               321494@A321887@A321888
658.31244              278592
658.402                278574
658.1                  276236
658.4013               278591
658.4013               278590
658.4013               278598
658.4012               276233@A278573
658.562                276231@Bi@CMGD@A276232@Bii@CMGD@A278589@Bii@CMGD
658.5038               278588
658.4013               278601
658.4013               278603
658.4013               276238@A278594
658.4013               278597
658.4013               276240@A278600
658.312404             278572
621.3828               279861
TD66-82                177770
Ph.D Thsis Deptt. of Civil Eng
D6-76                  109899
D1-76                  109372
Ph.D., thesis, Civil Engg.
658.5                  278394
658.503                277847
658.4095               MGD2483
658.403                276632@CMGD@A276633@CMGD
658                    276611
658.8                  276346@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247272S
628.5                  298455@CMGD
822                    306264
D1-82                  177119
339                    292263
338.5                  292276@CMGD
338                    292282
658.56                 278549
G-89                   245134
D66-85                 178884
658.409                292162
920                    306265
Ph.D. Thesis, Earth Sciences
HV:5-83                178274

                                    Page 114

THV:5-82CHA           177752
E-86                  179236
382.92                305768@CMGD
382.92                292590
Ph.D. Thesis of Electrical Eng
HV:5-73               107797
347.09                276842@CMGD
657.72                MGD1527
658.802               279974
519.82                292621
658.827               324439
382.6                 MGD2727
338.9                 292357@A292358@A292359@A292360@A292361
658.8                 MGD3006@CMGD@AMGD3007@CMGD@AMGD3008@CMGD@AMGD3009@CMGD
658.8                 276221@CMGD@A276222@CMGD@A276223@CMGD@A276224@CMGD@A276225@CMGD
338.9                 306991@CMGD
658.514               323520
530.12                298743
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248388
T E-80                177375
621.3853              279153
                       Elec. E
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248352
D6-75                 108387
658.83                276806
D66-80                177361
658.155               307332@Biii@CMGD
658.45                277325
158                   MGD1886
158.1                 MGD1887
934                   298448
TE-64                 63562
658.7                 279869
338.7015118           296661
650.0285              MGD1558
658.155               293245
Ph.D. Thesis of Earth G10190
D65-68 CHO            105603
658.404               MGD2752@CMGD@AMGD2753@CMGD@AMGD2754@CMGD@AMGD2755@CMGD@AMGD
TH-68                 105133
332.4954              293999
512.55                292144
625.794               306860
658.4012              294080
658                   294616@A294325@A322316@A323468
658.4063              322315@A323469
658.40355             323453
174                   277027
658.4063              MGD2348@AMGD2480
658.155               299416
658.5                 290143
658.83                278463@CMGD@AMGD1965@CMGD
658.83                298989
658.3                 279894
658.4092              294594@A324230
658.3124              277055

                                  Page 115

658.15       279855
658.406      MGD2517
658.4012     294082
658          279791@B15
658.812      290035
658.404      MGD1680
658.404      276559
658.4032     278612
650.1        MGD1499
658.4038     278068@CMGD
658.84       MGD1537@CMGD
515.352      294202@A294201
658.4012     279895
658.4012     296074
658.4        292139
302.35       323482
302.35       294617
658.4058     323517
338.954      292114
658.4092     305078
332.6        279203
658.4        279896
658.402      290144
501.4        277033
510          299086
658.4012     278843
621.381952   MGD2933@CMGD@AMGD2934@CMGD@AMGD2935@CMGD@AMGD2945@CMGD@AMGD
621.3853     MGD5994@A326728@A326729@A326730@A326731@A326732@A326733@A326734@A3267
621.381952   292102@A292103
621.381952   292104@BII
621.3853     279406
516.35       298275
331          298990
658.003      279897@CMGD
658.003      MGD5577@CMGD@AMGD5578@Bi@CMGD@AMGD5579@Bii@CMGD@AMGD5580@Biii@C
658.0072     320695
658.0072     290509
658.409      MGD1212
658.81       MGD1492@CMGD
808.066659   322304
658.7        MGD2849@CMGD@AMGD2850@CMGD@AMGD2851@CMGD@AMGD3745@CMGD@AMGD
658.46       279257
332.6        279898
658.311      276250@CMGD
658.570973   276558@CMGD@A279143@CMGD
621.381952   MGD1566
341.758      279435
516.35       MGD5596@CMGD
650.0285     279309
332.7        293058
332.7        293057
658.562      293668
658.84       279958
621.381952   290145

                               Page 116

658.4012             276644@CMGD@A276645@CMGD
658.406              296659
658.4012             294601
650.1                276257@CMGD@AMGD3028@CMGD@AMGD3029@CMGD@AMGD1576@CMGD
658.81               MGD1523@CMGD
658.1554             294075
658.303              276591@A276592@A276593@A277335@A277336
658.403              MGD1531
658.7                299876@CMGD
332.6                290036
658.4012             MGD2034
650.14               MGD1530
658.406              MGD1744
658.002              279970@CMGD
658.002              305950@CMGD
332.042              290427@CMGD@AMGD1723@CMGD
658.575              292009
300.72               MGD2382
025.06658            292908
658.562              298800
658.562              MGD1669
658.16               276210@CMGD
658                  323465
658.4038             290077@CMGD
658.562              298788
658.5                306996
711                  292242@CMGD
658.049              305177
336                  279763
658.155              296820
302.35               298487@CMGD@A307024@CMGD
658.4038             278079@CMGD@A278078@CMGD
340.03               276859
658.3                MGD1954
658.3                MGD1958
332.632              299417
658.3                276900
658.839              293294
658.848              MGD1973@A278459@CMGD
658.839              278448
338.88               292091
658.049              293293@A296959
658.049              293679
658.049              278446@AMGD1969
658                  293520
658                  MGD2366@A305038@CMGD@A298490@CMGD
658.4092             278435
658.4092             293680
658.3                293295
658.4                293381@CMGD@A305170@CMGD
Ph. D. Thesis of Mech. & Indus
658.562              279899
621.381952           MGD2783@CMGD@AMGD2784@CMGD@AMGD2785@CMGD@AMGD2793@CMGD
658.562              277851@CMGD@AMGD2413@CMGD
658.812              MGD5666@CMGD@AMGD5667@CMGD@AMGD5668@CMGD@AMGD5669@CMGD@AMGD

                                Page 117

658.15                279467
658.15                292992
658.15                292993
336.6041              1867
336.6041              MGD4394@AMGD4395@AMGD4396@AMGD4397
519.287               278877
658.049               278976
658                   MGD5664
332.042               299398@CMGD@A296812@CMGD
352.1                 279399
D65-91                245661
339                   MGD1860
658.4038              276815
658.4012              294074@A296648
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 177332
338.954               292116
G-89                  245506
Theiss C-75           108498
658.4012              279764
Thesis C-82           177217
332.632               292912
332.42042             292934
658.84                290037@CMGD
T E-80                177171
E-83                  177758
C-69                  105607
D1-85                 178899
621.381959            278730@A278731@A278732@A278733@A278734@AMGD1042@AMGD1043@AMGD1044@A
332.45                MGD4935
T E-71                107086
338.954               277481
338.954               277486
512.9434              294205@A294204
658.3                 323476
658.4038011           279717@AMGD2972
303.4833              294615
658.403               290233
658.4012              278898
658.4012              278902
658.4032              278436@CMGD
658.4063              307842@CMGD
158.2                 294258@A294259
332                   320671@CMGD
658.4038              276192@CMGD@AMGD172@CMGD
332.40151             293706
621.381952            MGD1484
330.16                279714@AMGD2975
658.4033              296846
658.4012              279294
658.8                 290183
658.4012              276185
658.562               277735
658.827               305961
658.4012              279818
D1-85                 179235

                                    Page 118

T E-80                176654
Ph.D. Thesis of Earthquake
658.3                 321499@CMGD
658.312404            321498
621.381952            MGD2290
B-79                  177368
658.3                 276814@CMGD@A276813@CMGD@A276811@CMGD@A276810@CMGD@A276807@CMGD
658.3                 MGD1569@AMGD1570@AMGD1571@AMGD1572@A1573
D1-83                 178266
657.3                 279798
657.3                 279801
657.3                 279800
657.3                 279799
658.46                290038
658.45                305962
658.409               MGD1526
658.408               276725
E-88                  179856
657.42                299400
339                   1253
332.645               293002
338.9                 276707
D66-89                245437
621.381959            MGD1032@CMGD@AMGD1033@CMGD@AMGD1034@CMGD@AMGD1035@CMGD@AMGD
D1-86                 179292
TD66-83               178314
337                   278889
423                   278890@CMGD@A278891@CMGD@A278892@CMGD@A278893@CMGD@A278894@CMGD
670                   256857@CMGD
915.404               306246
D1-85                 179224
Ph.D., Thesis, E. & Comp.
658.3                 293296@A296958
514.02                299114@CMGD
658.8342              322317
954.052               279364@CMGD
658.4038              279299
658                   279965
658.3                 276682@CMGD@A276683@CMGD@A276684@CMGD@A276685@CMGD@A276686@CMGD
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
336.46091724          327096
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248229
658.16                305963@CMGD
658.3151              294371@A294370
330.954               277482
658.4013              278738
Thesis D6-81          177383
338.925               MGD1724@A278553@CMGD
657.48                278561@AMGD1757
B-87                  179828
658.1                 MGD5425
TE-84                 178294
658.8                 MGD1240@CMGD@AMGD1241@CMGD@AMGD1242@CMGD@A278747@CMGD@AMGD22
338.5                 279765
B-74                  108187

                                  Page 119

Ph.D., Thesis of WRDTC247240
657                   307003@CMGD
658.4063              276991
658.812               322300
HV-83                 178888
382.60954             293998
320.12                279400
910.01                279373@CMGD
910.01                279394@CMGD
658.5                 293297@CMGD
658.5                 276889@CMGD
658.5                 278610@CMGD
511.8                 299422@CMGD
621.4028              305886
332.12068             307034
TC-86                 179231
658.4038011           278966@Bi@CMGD@A278967@Bii@CMGD@A278968@Biii@CMGD@A278969@Biv@CMGD
158.7                 279994
658.45                290194
658.7                 278398@CMGD
658                   279796@B20
658                   279782@B6
336.207               278117@BIII
657.071               279878
658.802               294333
658.81                290449@CMGD@A290448@CMGD@A290450@CMGD@A290451@CMGD@A290447@CMGD
174.4                 307326
658                   MGD2260
658.406               296847
658.514               MGD1901@CMGD@A279100@CMGD
368                   296643
339                   278489@A1856
339                   MGD5600
570.76                299115@CMGD
823                   306266
Ph.D. Thesis of Electrical Eng
510.2433              279811
650.01513             279813
658.4038              MGD1709
658.8                 296652
823                   306244
158.1                 290021
658.84                327098
658.4012              305964
658.151               MGD1532
302.35                324459
658.827               296848
658                   323519
658                   279753
658                   279757
658                   279756
658                   279758
658                   279752
658.4012              290078@AMGD1265
658                   279754

                                    Page 120

658                   279751
658                   276959@A290234
658                   279755
658                   305967
658.406               276989@A290080@A279759
658                   299895@CMGD
658.4012              305966
658                   305968@CMGD@A305970@CMGD@A305971@CMGD@A305969@CMGD@A305972@CMGD
658.406               305965@CMGD
338.95                290079@A276658@A276660@A290079@A276659
657.45                MGD4942@CMGD
T E-76                109380
TD1-79                176186
D1-82                 17728
382.9                 RF276705
Ph.D. Thesis, Mech. and Ind. E
D6-68DUB              105169
Ph.D. Thesis of Physics
658.72                307841
418.4                 306267@CMGD
658.1511              278107@BII
327                   299169
658.802               296678
657.48                278105
657.071               279880
658.87                307031
658.87                278453@CMGD
657.3                 278112@B.
657.071               279881
624.171               76242@A76241@A45883
TMZ-81                177790
TMZ-81                178165
658.57                276750@CMGD@A276751@CMGD@A276752@CMGD@A276753@CMGD@A276491@CMGD
338.7                 277037
Ph.D. Thesis of Humanities & S
658.3                 MGD1829
658.3                 292269
658.40380285          290186
658.72                326834@A326833
657                   279961
519.23                294841
332.632               279900
D66-79                175997
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248215
323.2                 306268
384.30285             278050@A278051@A279280
658.83                290087@CMGD
658.402               279269
332.645               279978
658.8802              276552@CMGD
658.4038              276816@A278348
658.15                279683
519.7                 293191
658.15                279803

                                  Page 121

658.15                299415
658.4012              292549
621.381952            277048
D65-80                176875
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 248332
519.7                 324462
332.60151             293709
658.1511              279983
330.0112              323493
658.827               290162@CMGD
621.381959            278725@CMGD@A278726@CMGD@A278727@CMGD@A278728@CMGD@A278729@CMGD
658.155015118         292988
658.15                290131@CMGD
D66-88                245154
658.84                MGD3703@CMGD
332.632               279698
621.380285            299004
658.8                 MGD5373@CMGD
658.562               MGD1966@CMGD
658.562               296962
347.052               276854
341                   279432
338.544               294084
658.83                MGD1509@CMGD
658.4012              279229@A323500
510                   290510
150                   298400@CMGD
332.6                 294866@BIII
332.1                 294063@CMGD@A294064@CMGD@A294065@CMGD
658.15                290130
516.35                MGD5353@CMGD
658.478               292200
658.4012              292167@A296075
808.51                MGD1695@CMGD
652.1                 276452
658.4012              276137@CMGD@AMGD2519@CMGD
658.848               294213@CMGD@A294214@CMGD
658.31124             299108
621.381952            279379@CMGD@AMGD2533@CMGD
658.04                279901
338.542               482
Ph. D. Thesis of Humanities &
332.60151923          4602
658.87                290163@CMGD@A299875@CMGD
658.8                 278462@CMGD
658.8                 296816@CMGD
658.8                 305042@CMGD
530.144               298746
658.404               278452
658.11                276503
658.802               290497
658.802               290500@CMGD
658.802               290503
658.4012              279967
658.4012              276442@CMGD@AMGD428@CMGD@AMGD429@CMGD@A276443@CMGD@A276446@CM

                                  Page 122

300.723            277074
300.723            277072
300.723            277067
300.723            277075
300.723            277071
300.725            277068
658.15             279288
658.1526           299077
332.6              MGD1002@AMGD1003@AMGD1004@AMGD1005@AMGD1006@AMGD1007@AMGD1008@A
323.2              MGD4604
658.45             276319@CMGD@A276320@CMGD@A276321@CMGD@A276322@CMGD@A276554@CMGD
511.8              299395@B114
658.05442          278151
658.15             305977
384                277046
001.42             MGD2380
658.3              276302@CMGD@A276303@CMGD@A276304@CMGD@A276305@CMGD
658.84             279290
519.76             293692
658.514            321519
332.6323           290040
515.353            294219@A294220
658.4062           MGD279@CMGD
658.155            296679
658.3              276518@CMGD@A276546@CMGD@A276547@CMGD@A276548@CMGD
658.312404         294217@A294216
658.4038           RF703
658.4012           322303
658.402            276636@CMGD
658                279778@B2
658.82             MGD1488
658.452            276392@CMGD@A276394@CMGD@A276396@CMGD@A276393@CMGD
651.78             276447@CMGD@A276448@CMGD@A276449@CMGD@A276450@CMGD@A276451@CMGD
658.31244          278595
658.4033           326836@A326835
658.403201519536   326837@A326838
341.754            276840
658.8342           298986@Bi@CMGD@A298987@Bii@CMGD@A298988@Biii@CMGD
332.6              278624@A276180
332.632044         293061
624.0288           307641
658.4038           278067@CMGD
657.3              306642
174.4              294812
332.6327           2505@A278380
658.3              276337@CMGD@A276338@CMGD@A276339@CMGD@A276340@CMGD
658.301            294367@A294368@A294369
658.4063           2926@A2730
300.723            277070
332.63228          290088
332.632042         299377
658.404            296639
658.80072          293020
658.155            296657
340                279429

                                    Page 123

808.042               MGD1713@CMGD
660.6                 298437@CMGD
658.302               279981
332.6                 278488
658.407124            292092
621.381952            276817
D1-92                 245889
658.81                305176
332.1752              292430@CMGD@A291033@CMGD
D66-80                177333@A177046
E-91                  245666
Ph.D., Thesis, Earth Sciences
D6-85                 178890
658.5                 2930
323.2                 4609
323.2                 MGD4605
323.2                 MGD4610
323.2                 MGD4608
382                   326843@A326844
337                   326839@A326840
332.042               299382@A326841@A326842
338.7                 MGD2039
346.0486              276613@CMGD@A276614@CMGD@A276615@CMGD@A276616@CMGD@A276711@CMGD
658.57                MGD1190@CMGD
658.409               278570
658.406               290188
650.14                294600
332.7                 1751
332.645               MGD1755@A278748@AMGD2279@AMGD2503
332.645               MGD2499@A278750@AMGD2277@AMGD1752
332.632332.2          MGD2501@A278749@AMGD1753@AMGD2278@AMGD2502@AMGD1751@AMGD2744
332.6322              MGD2500@AMGD1754
153.85                324234
332.1                 MGD2377
621.381952            279149
Thesis C-72           107505
TD1-88                245144
Thesis C-84           178560
TMZ-91                245737@A247299
658.400292254         277039
Ph.D. Thesis of of Biosciences
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 248195
E-65                  63912
ThesisC-71            107079
658.4038              279375
D65-80                177334
Ph.D. Thessis of Biosciences &
658.45                276630@CMGD
658.1511              MGD1762@AMGD1761
352.38                307027@CMGD
658.4012              290208
658.406               279716@AMGD2971

                                  Page 124

332.63221             MGD1683
1111                  1205
658.3                 293298
658.7                 MGD1101@CMGD@AMGD1102@CMGD@AMGD1103@CMGD@AMGD1104@CMGD@AMGD
TF97-91               245696
Ph.D. Thesis of of Biosciences
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of G10181
G-91                  245895@A247286
658.514               294585@CMGD
658                   276964@A1894@AMGD1895@AMGD1896@AMGD1897@AMGD1898
658.4063              321017
658.514               MGD2953@CMGD@AMGD2950@CMGD@AMGD2956@CMGD@AMGD2951@CMGD@AMGD
621.3853              279316@A290164
658.4                 279113@CMGD@A279115@CMGD@A279116@CMGD@A279114@CMGD@A290022@CMGD
658.827               324468
507.2                 292533
658.3124              279902
658.3                 279956
658.562               292172
338.88941             307329@CMGD
621.381952            276274@A276275@CMGD
658.72                307033
658.045               MGD280
D66-80                177229
D6-76                 109889
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
530.12                320932@CMGD
658.404               279865
                       Civil E
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247167
621.381952            279775
Ph.D.ThesisDeptt. of Civil Eng
332.456               292596@A305708
658.3                 MGD2336@AMGD2337
338.9                 277968@CMGD@A277969@CMGD@AMGD2000@CMGD@AMGD2001@CMGD@AMGD2002@
828.993               306162@CMGD@A306283@CMGD
TF191-86              179217
657.3                 291031@CMGD@A296142@CMGD@A296143@CMGD
657.3                 MGD4936
D1-85                 179216
658.4012              293205
658.4063              MGD1210
332.63228             293013
658.87                279921@CMGD
658.3125              306163@CMGD
658.5                 279954
T E-73                107789
670.427               290230
Thysis C-67           105124
B-68                  105130
339                   MGD1861
332.178               299401
658.15501519282       307020
658.1511              276179@CMGD
658.155               290482@A290483
516.3                 MGD4022

                                  Page 125

658.3124              276587@CMGD
Thesis C-92           245900
658.404               292441@CMGD
658.5                 MGD5661
519.7                 293224
TMZ-79                176640
D65-88                245431
HV;5-80               177372
THV-90                245687
B-90                  245700
Thesis C-85           178898
TF191-77              109976
G-92                  245876
MZ-91                 245883
TE-85                 178973
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247403
D6-75                 108571
T E-83                177781
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
TH-69                 105609
TH-84                 178270
530.12076             298747
650.1                 MGD1512
658.787               290114
658.5                 4388@AMGD4389
658                   290113
658.5                 MGD4392@CMGD@AMGD4393@CMGD
658.406               290112
658.04                290111@CMGD
658.5                 MGD1191
658.5                 305796@AMGD4390@AMGD4391
332.17530685          293003@CMGD
658.155               299101
658.155               290005
658.15224             294610
658.404               292527
657.72                MGD1719
658.404               MGD1245@AMGD1246@AMGD1247
658.202               MGD1264@AMGD2249@A278366@A278753
658.7                 279079
332.45                292438@CMGD@A292577@CMGD
332.45                305686
338.14                278536@AMGD1257
658.1145              278557
382.9                 278552
658.4012              MGD5547@CMGD@AMGD5548@CMGD@AMGD5546@CMGD@AMGD5543@CMGD
658.1511              292161
658.87                324727
658.4038011           278447@CMGD
651.75                294261@A294262
658                   276818@A278352
658.4052              296893
658.312404            276628
332.6                 279287

                                 Page 126

658.15                MGD1535
658.4033              MGD1543
658.5                 290115
Ph.D. Thesis of Humanities & S
D65-821               178327
621.38195             276712@CMGD
658.8                 278429@CMGD@A278428@CMGD
658.406               324231
                       and Ind.
Ph.D. Theses, Mech. 247217
338.9                 292589
338.9                 305767
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247251
B-74                  108566
T E-74                108203
E-83                  177745
Ph.D., Thesis of WRDTC247230
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247153
TE-84                 178285
658.4038              279388@A277743@A292095
658.42                276334
658.4012              294814
658.4012              290116
658.406               279281
658.4012              290041
150                   305772
658.83                278362@CMGD@A278364@CMGD@A278361@CMGD@A278365@CMGD@A278363@CMGD
658.3                 299882@CMGD@A305222@CMGD
658.30019             276493
340.11                279256
658.409               294478
658.84                279226@CMGD
621.381952            279148
658.15                294085
658.3                 293268
658.812               279980
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 108199
657.2                 277476
658                   276612@A372
628.21                296813
658.812               324790
333.9115              325079
670.427               298787
658.4038              MGD1504
658.8                 293495
670.285               MGD2492@CMGD
332.63228             293062
657.98                292531
658.3225              MGD1889
658.83                279222@CMGD@A279827@CMGD
658.3125              323544
658.406               MGD1202
D6-66                 64101
TMZ-85                179220
D1-85                 179219
658.575               290089

                                  Page 127

658.4012              299075@A326846@A326845
338.064               276966
345.54                279434
530.12                292070
621.3853              279152
530.155353            298742
651.7                 298491
Ph.D. Thesis of Earthquake Eng
658.8                 278621
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of248380
D1-81                 177335
621.381952            MGD1568
D6-85                 178895
D66-78                175305
658                   MGD2491
B-84                  178302
                      Civil En
Ph.D.Thesis Deptt. of 248238
D6-92                 245880
B-67                  105016
338.954               MGD5371
TMZ-90                245688
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247246
Ph.D. Thesis of of Biosciences
Ph.D.,Thesis of P&P 246723
T F-83                178317
F-90                  245584@A247311
D1-81                 177367
E-68                  105127
T E-80 GUP            176645
TH-68                 105248
658.4                 292189@A292188@A292187@A292186@A292180@A292184@A292183@A292182@A292181@
B-67                  64782
T E-72                107391
TH-73                 108196
D1-82                 177121
B-83                  177746
B-74                  108347
T E-72                107395
Ph.D. Thesis of Mech. & Indust
B-91                  245682
T E-66                64776
C-80                  176655
H-85                  178878
D66-79                176647
TH-69                 105611
Ph.D., Thesis, of Electrical
D6-89                 245130
Thesis D6-88          245128
T E-79                176185
C-77                  175310
332.1                 MGD1893@CMGD
658.84                MGD3701@CMGD
658.422               277328
H41-84                178567
658.4034              MGD1287@AMGD1768@AMGD1769@AMGD1770@AMGD1771@A276109@AMGD2840@AMG

                                     Page 128

                       Civil E
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247394
TD1-77                175733
Thesis H-80           176876
T E-82                178304
TMZ-86                179833
657.42                306994
D65-87                179387
658.4038              279402
                      Earth Sc
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247425
D6-92 GUP             245873
TH-87                 179821
Ph.D. Thesis of Electrical Eng
510                   292271
TH-74                 108189
Thesis B-66           64107
658                   290425
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 248191
B-67                  64793
D1-76                 109382
T E-78                175738
T E-72                107210
T E-73                107795
TE-89                 245157
D65-71 GUP            106985
TD66-69               106762
658.83                MGD1577@CMGD@AMGD1578@CMGD@AMGD1579@CMGD@AMGD1580@CMGD@AMGD
658.81                MGD1582@CMGD@AMGD1583@CMGD@AMGD1584@CMGD@AMGD1585@CMGD@AMGD
346.096               279426
343.071               279447
658                   277276@A277277@A277278@A277279@A277280@A277281@A277282
D66-86                179222
Thesis D6-86          179234
Ph.D.Thesis of Biosciences & B
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical Engg.
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical Engg.
B-70                  106987
F-78                  175300
B-91                  245714
Ph.D.,Thesis of Paper247289
TF97-87               245703@A247267
Ph.D. Thesis of EarthQuake
THV-91                245713
332.46                277483
TH-82                 177759
TF191-85              179228
B-70                  106767
332.04150922          306998@CMGD
531.382               107084
658.84                294211@CMGD@A294210@CMGD
658.81                294207@CMGD@A294208
C-81                  177216
B-89                  245446
Thesis H-84           178555
T E-79                176000
D1-68                 105594

                                 Page 129

B-71                 107396
B-61                 62415
658.84               279856
658.4012             279240@A290200
621.381952           1688
658.312404           276626@CMGD
658.4092             294591@A323490
658.4063             290193@AMGD1850
621.381952           279368
658.84               323521
658.4012             323472
658.800285           290226@CMGD@A276961@CMGD@A279722@CMGD@A279456@CMGD
658.800285           279805@CMGD
332.6                276490
658.4032             278333
659.2                279252
658.827              305978
332.1                MGD1518
658.155011           290023
658.83               298399
658.812              290042
658.0558             MGD2367
657.0285574          299394@CMGD
658.84               296672@CMGD
658.4012             279155@A279715
658.406              MGD1193
658.4063             292090
658.4063             292118
658.15               278330@CMGD@A278331@CMGD
658.15               305750@CMGD@A305211@CMGD
332.15               307023@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis of EarthScience
658.403              MGD1207
658.5                290117
338.544              299869
387.71               276177
658.562              278060@CMGD@A278059@CMGD
658.1552             296803@CMGD@A306995@CMGD
658.1511             305217@CMGD
658.84               MGD2293
379.54               276318
658.312404           276625
519.5                307844
658.4063             323479
T E-66               64789
658.402              276706@CMGD
910.285              307110
658.406              306834
616.89145            MGD1953
658.5038             278575
657.071              279950
338.70285            MGD2292
658.812              307330

                                  Page 130

658.45                306284
658.3                 293521
658.4038              276528@CMGD
332.640285            279308
658.5                 294073
331.12072             277040
658.404               320468
658.514               MGD5698@AMGD5699@AMGD5700@AMGD5701@AMGD5702@AMGD5703@AMGD5704@A
621.381952            279922
330.9                 279392
658.453               MGD386@CMGD@AMGD387@CMGD@AMGD388@CMGD@AMGD389@CMGD@A276406@C
658.1511              278131@BII
658.3                 277047
657.3                 MGD1698
THV:5-84              178566
658.84                290165
332.66                MGD1747
658.802               290498
658.802               278744
155.9042              MGD1522
658.15                305037
658.4032              278339
658.4012              278628@CMGD@A278148@CMGD
658.4012              296670
340                   279427
658.406               296647
519.5                 296817@CMGD@A299427@CMGD@A305849@CMGD
650.1                 277038
                      Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of G10213
C-87                  179835
501                   276704
658.4012              279233@A290438
658.8                 294624
332.6                 278440@CMGD
658.4056              279977
658.3                 276247
658                   279777@B1
658                   279787@B11
621.3981              MGD2291
303.34                291232
621.381952            292548
658.5                 1884@AMGD1885@CMGD
658.562015195         290090
658.15                276323@A276324@A276542
658.4                 278457@CMGD
658.4                 306165
301.1                 305179
332.45                MGD2275
332.6                 307836
350                   292100@A292099
658.408               278085@A278086@A278082@A278083
658.409               277031
658                   293302
658.4092              MGD2393

                                  Page 131

658.4092      296619
342           279446
621.381952    MGD2535
320           299174
621.381952    279405
658.4038      278841@A279260@A279416
658.8         292170@CMGD@A296073@CMGD
658.314       299105
658.403       276563@CMGD
658.15        305212@CMGD@A307005@CMGD
657.42        293007
659.1         299073
658.406       290064
150           298398
338.6041      279982
658.049       292073
658.3124      290118@A290120
658.409       324233
658.812       290119
658.8         278521@CMGD
658.827       294608@CMGD
658.5         MGD2970
658.3         292176
658.4032      276884
658.402       290121
658.15        MGD1673
658.4013      276819@A276590@AMGD2522
658           290148
658           279317
658           290168
658           290167
658.456       292119
332           290166
658.802       290501@CMGD
D6-83         177740
338.5024658   298993
658.4038011   296954@A296849
943.086       306285
658.4012      293374@CMGD@A305173@CMGD
658.4038      307011
621.381952    290236
658.3         293299
658.3         278455
658.049       276191
621.381952    MGD2685
658.8342      293669
658.8342      278439@CMGD
001           305979
658.3         305980
346.078       276856@BI@A276857@BII
347.052       276852
658.4         296632
331           293681
658.421       MGD1831@CMGD@AMGD1832@CMGD@AMGD1833@CMGD@AMGD1834@CMGD@AMGD
658.049       296960@A293300

                              Page 132

658.049               278466@CMGD
658.827               324218@A324688
658.3                 276538
658.4034              278745@AMGD1270@AMGD2272
335.4                 305981
327.1                 296636@CMGD@A305781@CMGD
332.632               279142
658.80072             279822@CMGD
658.4038              RF276497
658.403               279713
621.300285468         305780@CMGD
658.4092              MGD1826
423                   278044@CMGD
657.48                RF453@A454
657.48                299010
657.42                MGD1891@CMGD@AMGD1892@CMGD@A278324@CMGD@A278325@CMGD@A276259@C
657.42                305210@CMGD@A305749@CMGD
658.15                MGD1687@AMGD2513
658.3                 299018@A299888@CMGD@A305228@CMGD
658.812               279903
384.55                290024
                      Earth Sc
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247239
HV-89                 245501
658.812               294810@CMGD@A296955@CMGD@A296850@CMGD
658.4038              307847
332.4                 299158
658.4342              321909
511.8                 299412
621.381952            MGD2778@A2779
332.1                 299418
546                   305884@CMGD
384.041               279356
332.6363              MGD1731@A278379@A279904
332.6323              294222@A294223
621.381952            279403
658.15                MGD1674
658                   279789@B13
658                   279784@B8
658.407124            279905
658                   279779@B3
302.34                290123
658.402               306286
D-65-82               178298
658.4063              294586
658.301               323475
Ph.D. Thesis, Mech. and Ind. E
658.562               276535@CMGD@A279985@CMGD
332.6                 293010
658.8                 278443@CMGD
658.8                 294870
658.8                 299403@CMGD
347.052               276853
336                   299405@CMGD
658.8                 290169@CMGD
607.2                 279718@A290430@AMGD1689@A2252

                                  Page 133

650.14                324209
330.122               307018
658                   278192
658                   278215
658                   278197
658                   278200
658                   278221
658                   278222
658                   278219
658                   278204
658                   278193
658                   278211
658                   278196
658                   278210
658                   278201
658                   278212
658                   278191
658                   278190
658                   278198
658                   278202
658                   278209
658                   278208
658                   278213
658                   278203
338.954               4601
658.4052              276820@A278351
332.63222             293110
658.00952             276962@AMGD1682
658.00952             298802
658.46                MGD1766@AMGD1847
TE-89IMR              245466
D1-61 INA             62411
658.827               290157
305.26                299163@Bv
305.26                299161@Biii@CMGD@A299162@Biv@CMGD
658.4038              279312
657.48                299396@CMGD
658.81                278437@CMGD
658.81                307026
658.003               MGD1521
657.96                299397@CMGD
TMZ-89                245507
658.15242             278391
658.151               MGD1498
621.381952            MGD1772
516.36                MGD5349
658.049               MGD2395
E-87                  179389
B-89                  245138
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
Thesis H-88           245043
658                   298397
658                   278532
621.381952            276286@CMGD@A276287@CMGD
323.2                 MGD4607

                                      Page 134

332.642               MGD3700
658.827               MGD1517@CMGD
658.812               293376
658.4                 293961@A296666
658.4063              276502@CMGD
338.064               279986@A276968
658.84                290091
658.4038              299877@CMGD@A307016@CMGD
658.4092              290170
512.023943            279962
332.1                 MGD2482@CMGD@A298387@CMGD
332.6322              299070@CMGD
Thesis C-85           178981
Ph.D., thesis, Electronics and
D1-77                 109980
E-68                  105249
658.406               292160@AMGD2355
TH-69                 105610
Thesis C-89           245152
TE-89                 245156
C-77                  175309
TE-84                 178319
D6-89                 245454
D1-82                 17717
920-9621381           MGD5590
D1-82                 177131
T E-68                105250
D1-82                 177738
D1-76                 109741
Thesis C-87           179290
D66-72                107392
621.3981              292127
621.381952            292133@B1@A292134@B2@A292131@B1@A292132@B2
                       Civil En
Ph.D.Thesis Deptt. of 246705
TE-66                 64784
B-82                  177376
Ph. D. Thesis of Huminities &
D65-68 JAI            105555
TF191-86              179232
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247381
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247150
D1-83                 178315
658.421               277327
658.15                MGD1266@AMGD1748@A278735
Ph.D ThesisDeptt. of Civil Eng
Ph.D. Thesis of Mech. & Indust
T E-79                175992
338.9                 292588@A305756
382                   MGD2789
628.5                 307427
T E-75                108573
B-66                  64071
E-77                  175320
D66-79                176644

                                     Page 135

B-86                  178980
D1-87                 179896
D66-69                106512
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of G10211
Thesis D6-90          245492
Thesis D6-82          177765
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247190
THV:5-90JAI           245504
658.848               305043
D6-83                 178279
Ph.D Thesis of Chemistry
D1-77                 175317
D6-80                 176617
B-79                  175987
D6-89                 245435
342.0872              299156
658.84                306169@CMGD
658.15                306604@CMGD@A306603@CMGD
658.1511              296805
338.954               MGD2104@AMGD2105
338.954               305041
808.02                279184
332.82                293014
340.03                276860@A279448
621.381952            MGD1574
658.403               279374@AMGD2542
658.4063              296671@A279906
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of G10183
658.4012              276197@CMGD@A276198@CMGD@A276199@CMGD@A276200@CMGD@A276201@CMGD
658.4012              278617
658.4038011           293276
658.3                 MGD1493
651.8                 276963
658.4063              279424
658.4063              278420
658.049               290126@A292089
659.1                 279923
659.1                 MGD1259@CMGD@AMGD1263@CMGD@AMGD1707@CMGD@AMGD2488@CMGD
658.4012              305882
658.403               MGD1486
621.3820285           291235
658.31244             276239@A278584
658.31244             278583@A276234
D1-81                 177172
Ph.D., Thesis, Metallurgical E
330.954               299153
T E-69                105551
TE-87                 179838
658.1511              298492@CMGD
TE-84                 178276
                      Earth Sc
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247174
E-67                  64780
D1-89                 245499
658.4063              323470
011.422               321496

                                  Page 136

658.81                276203@CMGD@A276204@CMGD@A276205@CMGD@A276206@CMGD@A276898@CMGD
658.4012              278337@CMGD@A276261@CMGD@A276260@CMGD@A276262@CMGD@A276263@CMGD
332.042               279710@CMGD
519.53                293274@CMGD
519.535               299053
519.535               294228@A294226@A294227@A294229
658.848               279161@CMGD
658.848               278460
512                   MGD1490
658.4                 MGD278@CMGD
658.312404            290065
332.6                 293019
658.402               278978@CMGD@A276523@CMGD
658.827               MGD1685@CMGD@A278405@CMGD@A277736@CMGD
658.40353             276638
338.7                 276641
T E-82                178163
Ph.D., Thesis, Earth Sciences
TH-87                 179392
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
332.042               MGD1647@CMGD@AMGD1648@CMGD@A278406@CMGD@A276525@CMGD
658.15244             276576@CMGD@A276675@CMGD
D65-80                177369
T E-72                107502
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
Thesis C-84           178161@A178556
332.10954             MGD2384@CMGD
338.954               MGD1933@AMGD1934@A277332
658.4012              296650
658.562               278077@CMGD
D1-72                 107389
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
658.406               279008@CMGD
338.954               MGD1939@AMGD1940
515                   292902
D1-71                 107077
                      and Ind.
Ph. D. theses, Mech. 247413
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical Engg.
658.31124             299069
423                   MGD3342@CMGD
658.5038              292105
TH-73                 108186
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of245150
D1-85                 178880
658.84                278994@CMGD@A278995@CMGD@A278996@CMGD@A278997@CMGD@A278998@CMGD
658.84                MGD3040@CMGD@AMGD3041@CMGD@AMGD3043@CMGD@AMGD3044@CMGD@A2788
519.2                 293713
Ph.DThesis Deptt. of Earth Sci
Ph.D. Thesis, Earth Sciences
G-91                  245734
343.09944             279431
343.099               279453
658.84                294592
Thesis C-67           105014

                                  Page 137

658.5                 MGD2103@CMGD
658.3                 299872
621.381952            MGD3304@CMGD@AMGD3305@CMGD@AMGD3306@CMGD@AMGD3307@CMGD
629.8                 MGD1738
Thesis B-82           177336
658.4038              277963@A277967@A277964@A277965@A277966@A277962@A278344
658.4062              294611
658.406               322307
338.04091724          324458
658.314091724         277049
658.827               290171@CMGD
658.1511              276270@A250
658.4012              294490@A294609@A295925@A323474
658.1552              299102
658.4012              307846@A322311@A323457
658.4012              323454
658.4012              294332
D1-83                 178308
346.02                1072@AMGD1073@AMGD1058@AMGD1059
346.066               MGD1076@AMGD1077
343.07                MGD1083
346.066               MGD1082
346.02                MGD2925
658.8                 299868
658.84                306270
Ph.D.,Thesis of Physics
658.4012              276501
650.01513             293711
384.50112             307040
511.8                 299083
Ph.D. Thesis, Mech. and Ind. E
332.645               279925
                      of Hum.&
Ph.D.Thesis of Deptt. 248349
Ph.D. Thesis of Physics
THV-81                177225
551.6                 MGD6096
332.6                 299071@CMGD
621.381952            MGD2528
TH-75                 109373
Ph.D., Thesis, WRDTC  247367
Thesis C-88           179858
382.91091724          307039
658.314               290237
658.406               292120
658.4092              MGD1890
658.4092              MGD1842
332.644               292995
C-83                  178312
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247400
Ph.D. Thesis of Physics
343.0944              279454
TF191-81              176867
658.406               279263
658.5150287           MGD1189@CMGD
658.401               279772

                                 Page 138

658.4012              306287
658.403               279987
658.8                 MGD2936@CMGD@AMGD2862@CMGD@AMGD2863@CMGD@AMGD2864@CMGD@AMGD
658.4038              290426
658.800285            290216
658.84                290215@CMGD
658.15                306288
658.31244             278581
910.944361            MGD2540@CMGD
519.5                 299049
658.4092              323496
658.3128              279988
658.4013              MGD2869@CMGD@AMGD2870@CMGD@AMGD2871@CMGD@AMGD3473@CMGD@AMGD
331                   299013@Bi@CMGD
331                   299017@Biv@CMGD@A299014@Bv@CMGD@A299015@Bii@CMGD
658.402               278582
658.4012              290172
658.4032              MGD2398
658.1511              278106@BI
658.4052              290173
339                   MGD1862@AMGD1857
658.87                307030
338.9                 277485
658.503               290174
658.314               276489
342.73                279439
658.404               320930
621.3821              279284
658.812               298785
658.15                MGD1700
621.3853              279425
332.10285             299452@CMGD@A299426@CMGD
658.514               MGD5696@AMGD5697
D65-81                177373
332.6322              293059
T E-66                64128
TD1-91                245659
D65-74 KHA            108194
658.151               278415
657.42                279773
658.15                MGD4446@AMGD4447@AMGD4448@AMGD4449@AMGD4450@AMGD4451@AMGD4452@A
658.15                276661@CMGD@A276666@CMGD@A276668@CMGD@A276670@CMGD@A276664@CMGD
332                   278846@CMGD
658.15                MGD2255@A278407
658.15                278062@A278061
D6-78                 175740
331.129641            294470@A294469
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
954.025               305982@CMGD
                       E&C Eng
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247209
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of245702S
D66-79 KHA            175993
D66-79                176657
D65-88                241459
D6-80                 176642

                                  Page 139

TE-85                  178968
TMZ-91                 245718
658.403                276529
658.04                 MGD1848
658.314                278543@CMGD@A278541@CMGD@A278539@CMGD@A278545@CMGD@A278540@CMGD
658.4063               292110
658.421                MGD2412
D6-72                  107796
D1-72                  107390
D1-68                  105122
Thesis C-72            107790
001.422                305719
Ph. D., thesis, Civil Engg., U
TH-81                  177751
D6-88                  245045
658.514                277052
658.409                MGD1824
158.1                  306289
294.561                306242
891.431                306241
323.2                  306240@CMGD
332.10973              278421@CMGD
C-87                   179830
658                    278217
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247369
154.63                 306290
Ph.D. Theses, Deptt. of Chemis
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil 247226
658.4038               292546
338.064095195          276958@A279720
658.802                322301@A323501
658.382                279708
181.4                  279277
658.83                 276308@CMGD
349.42                 279428
658.3                  506@A507@A508
657.3                  278114@BII@A278113@BIII
Ph.D., Thesis of WRDTC 246725
658.406                296676
T E-80                 176871
C-70                   106983
657.42                 291028
332.103                276861@CMGD
658.404                MGD1705
530.15                 292763
510                    299116
511.322                MGD2802
511.322                294234@A294235
659.1                  292983@CMGD
657.95                 305181
657.45                 296956
658.4                  323522
658.15                 320470
374                    MGD2025@CMGD
338.04                 320466@A321900@A321901@A321902@A321903@A321904@A321905@A326847@A326848

                                      Page 140

658.84                279307@CMGD@A279907@CMGD
658.1511              278132@BIII
621.381952            MGD1281@CMGD@AMGD1282@CMGD@AMGD1283@CMGD@AMGD1284@CMGD@AMGD
658.4012              279251@A279926
658.421               294618
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247169
D66-69                105601
D66-755               108575
D66-78                175735
332.6                 279990
380.1                 278378@A1732
511.6                 293273
621.381952            263281
338.04092             MGD2974@CMGD
D1-77                 109894
658.049               322318
658.4                 292190@CMGD@A292191@CMGD@A292192@CMGD@A292193@A292194@CMGD@A2921
B-76                  109369
658.3                 299189@CMGD
658.5                 278736@A1943
332.6015118           279705
658.84                279908@CMGD@A279297@CMGD
515.352               292630
621.381952            MGD1037@CMGD@AMGD1038@CMGD@AMGD1039@CMGD@AMGD1040@CMGD@AMGD
658.839               278390
658.848               292203
658.848               279470
D1-86                 179382
001.42                MGD1616@AMGD1617@AMGD1618@AMGD1619@AMGD1620@AMGD1621@AMGD1622@A
D1-89                 245458
658.8                 MGD1186@CMGD@AMGD1924@CMGD@AMGD1925@CMGD@AMGD2847@CMGD
791.0688              290217@CMGD
658.8                 MGD1854@CMGD
658.8                 276894@CMGD@A279963@CMGD
658.8                 290181@CMGD
658.8                 279776@CMGD@AMGD2507@CMGD@A276821@CMGD
658.8                 294604@CMGD@A294330@CMGD
658.8                 276484@CMGD@A276488@CMGD@A276487@CMGD@A276486@CMGD@A276485@CMGD
338.95                290007@A324441
338.6042              290127
332.6                 292599@CMGD@A305713@CMGD
658.4092              294790
658.406               MGD1691@A279806@A290235@A323488
658.406               294792
658.4038              292267
658.84                292266
658.16                276325
332.632               293962@BI@A293963@BII
658.4038011           308346
330.015195            279927
330.015195            305789
658.4034              296667
658.5                 278977
658.5                 MGD5695
658.4012              294634

                                   Page 141

658.4092               294632
658.4092               299107
621.381952             279380
621.381952             276277@A255
658                    278533
658.3                  MGD2274
338.521                294232@A294231
Thesis D6-88           179854
B-65                   63823@A63692
658.5                  MGD2509@CMGD
658.5                  305223@CMGD@A299883@CMGD
332                    293009@CMGD
658                    278353
337                    278979@A279928
344.01                 276866
NA-88                  179834
TE-67                  64785
658.45                 276237
D1-81                  177228
Ph.D.,Thesis of Paper247414
G-89                   245135
Ph.D. Thesis of Elec. 248199
B-85                   178893
658.15                 MGD1686
Ph.D. Thesis of PhysicsG10209
Ph.D. Thesis of Biosciences &
HV;5-85                178979
TMZ-85                 178975
B-84                   178162
D6-92                  245874
T E-77                 109890
TE-89                  245465
TE-90                  245508
621.38215              320929
T E-82                 177221
D65-86                 179229
D65-88                 245148
D1-83                  178295
                       Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 248197
B-90                   245689
Ph.D.,Thesis of Earthquak
TMZ-82                 177785
Ph.D. Thesis of Biosciences &
TF191-81               177175
D6-85                  178976
C-84                   178261
346.073                276841
TE-88                  179855
D1-82                  177114
D66-91                 245735
                       Civil En
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247407
C-82                   177350
Ph. D., thesis, Electronics an
THV-82                 177337

                                       Page 142

B-82                  177374
Ph. D. ,D6-91         245716@A247307
344.01                276870
344.01                276868
344.01                276874
343.07                276867
346.054               276873@A279323
344.01                276871
344.01                276865
344.01                276869
621.3828              MGD801@AMGD802@AMGD803@AMGD804@AMGD805
Thesis C-88           179842
Thesis H41-84         178288
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of G10214
B-87                  179383
C-86                  179226
338.064091724         276995
B-84                  178290
B-91                  245726
658.8                 323144
D65-90                245491
D65-92                245896
Ph. D. Thesis of Physics
D1-88                 245042
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 246712&
D1-86                 179289
Ph.D., Thesis of Physics
Thesis C-74           108202
TH-62PRA              62495
Ph.D.Thesis of Civil Engg.
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
T E-74                108184
Thesis C-83           178259
TMZ-84                178558
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247250
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247244
Ph. D. Thesis of Physics
D1-90                 245658
382.92                292585
Ph.D. Thesis of Mech.& Industr
TE-85                 178881
658.802               MGD2354@CMGD
658.827               292159
D66-81 KUM            177223
D66-88                245452
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247168
T E-75                108563
Ph.D. Thesis of Earthquake Een
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical Engg
TF191-88              179840
TH-91                 245732@A247298
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemical
338.9                 292591
338.06                305769
658.4                 292262

                                   Page 143

T E-83                178320
C-77                  109898
Ph.D. Thesis, Earth Sciences
D1-90                 245721
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247431
D1-82                 177108
658.83                293496
B-68                  105131
C-77                  109891
F-89                  245462
D66-83                177744
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247191
TF191-90              245679
Ph.D., Thesis, Civil Engg.
T E-81 VIR            177214
D1-84                 178267
512.5                 294237@A294238
Thesis C-89           245139
C-87                  179391
T E-77                109977
658.407124            MGD1750
621.381952            MGD2497
658.421               278432@CMGD
338.04                MGD5663
658.421               305226
621.381952            279283
Ph.D., thesis, Hydrology, UOR
658.812               MGD4349@CMGD
658.8                 278434@CMGD
808.51                MGD1704@CMGD
330                   276965
658.4053              299104
621.381952            278856@A278858@A278857@A278855@AMGD1100
530.143               MGD4795
658.3124              MGD2023@CMGD
G-90                  245509
Ph.D. Thesis of Biosciences &
658.8                 305699@CMGD@A305701@CMGD@A305698@CMGD@A305697@CMGD@A305696@CMGD
Ph.D Thesis Deptt. of 247241
B-81                  177174
T E-67                64790
C-79                  175985
B-79                  176031
551.4820977           307596
658.8                 305178
658.403               MGD1718
658.802               290025
423                   278045@CMGD
338.5                 MGD2378
658.049               306828
621.381952            292130
658.15                299407@CMGD
658.4012              320474
330.0151              293690
658.8                 MGD2276@CMGD

                                  Page 144

658.84                MGD5651@AMGD5652@AMGD5653@AMGD5654@AMGD5655@AMGD5656@AMGD5657@A
658.4038011           294240@A294241
658.4038              MGD1864@A1865@AMGD1866@AMGD1950@AMGD1951@A278723@A279393@A2959@AM
658.562               299103@CMGD
Ph.D. Thesis of Electrical Eng
658.049               306233@CMGD@A305076@CMGD
658.31124             276631@CMGD
658.402               276635@CMGD
658.4093              290478@A290479
658.155               290192
658.4                 324205
658.408               MGD1497
546                   305885
621.809519            276971
330.015195            294840
332.642068            279766
347.052               276855
332.6322              290026
658.83                278465@CMGD
658.56                278517@CMGD@A279807@CMGD@A294364@CMGD@A294365@CMGD
658.84                299008
658.4012              MGD1765
658.84                279292
658.4038              306296@CMGD
621.381952            MGD1562
621.381952            MGD2341
621.38195             MGD2347
337.142               278053
658.4036              290225
658.3124              324221
330.9                 298392@CMGD
658.827               306234
332                   293054@CMGD
808.066651            MGD2247@CMGD
658.45                276059@CMGD@A276060@CMGD@A276061@CMGD@A276062@CMGD@A276063@CMGD
332.042               MGD1641@CMGD@AMGD1642@CMGD@AMGD1643@CMGD@AMGD1644@CMGD@AMGD
658.1511              MGD33@A276042@A276043@A276044@A276045@A276046@A276047@A276048@A276049
658.4034              2269@A278609
519.50285             279976@CMGD
332.45                290149
658.87                279816@CMGD
657.071               279952
658.4038              278122@BII@A278123@BIII@A278125@BII@A278126@BIII
658.4038              278070@CMGD
658.001               279989
153.69                277066
658.84                276886
658.404               279826
658.404               299065
658.4012              307012@CMGD
657.3                 279953
152.40712             326727
658.4038              292530
658.40380285          290187

                                     Page 145

658.4038        279289@A276640
551.5943        93130
658.84          279910@CMGD
658.84          279909@CMGD@A299173@CMGD
658.8           278355@CMGD@A278354@CMGD@A278358@CMGD@A278356@CMGD@A278357@CMGD
530.12          298744@CMGD
658.834083      306251@CMGD
658.306         276422@CMGD@A276423@CMGD@A276425@CMGD@AMGD409@CMGD@A276426@CMG
658.31124       276412@A276413@A276416@A276414@AMGD399
651.75          276407@CMGD@A276408@CMGD@A276409@CMGD@A276410@CMGD@A276411@CMGD
621.381952      279404
621.381952      278861@A278862
519.2           279812
519.2           278494@A278493
320             279376@CMGD@A279395@CMGD
300.723         277073
300.723         MGD2392
337             276970
658.15          276186
657.48          296071
523.1           292998
658.003         276347@Bi@CMGD@A276348@Bii@CMGD@A276349@Biii@CMGD@A276350@Biv@CMGD
331.35          279272
658.562         278064@CMGD@A278063@CMGD
658.4012        MGD1520
621.381952      MGD1561
331.129224      294464@A294463
658.409         278568
658.155         290150@CMGD
658             294662
658             323494
658.02          279911
658.15          296961
658.834         MGD222@CMGD@A278623@CMGD@AMGD4797@CMGD
512.50          4794
621.381952      279929
658.82          MGD1476@CMGD@AMGD1477@CMGD@AMGD1478@CMGD@AMGD1479@CMGD@AMGD
332.6           278404@CMGD
658.4038011     279099@CMGD
657.42          279993
658.1511        279992
658.4033        279991
658.83          MGD2510@CMGD
658.45          276027@CMGD@A276138@CMGD@AMGD2518@CMGD
621.381952      293271@CMGD
338.762130952   321908
658.1554        305213
658.4053        290027
658             296963
658.3           276187@A276188@A276189@A276190
658.4           298488
321.8           306180@CMGD
658             278098
658.312404      294466@A294467@A277050
TE-69           105550

                                  Page 146

D1-59 MIR             41163
658.3                 277035
332.042               278559@CMGD
658.404               292158
332                   305937@CMGD@A305938@CMGD
658.314               296894
658.4                 279995
650.1                 278625@CMGD
658.4093              276897
658.1511              299414@CMGD
174.4                 277051
658.385               279996@A294723
658.385               294724
658.4012              279833
346.04                279322
338.9                 324465
516.35                4307
658.1599              279821@A299380
332                   292432@CMGD
Ph.DThesis Deptt. of Chemistry
D1-83                 177763
658.4092              290151
658                   279236@A292909
512.55                MGD4793
382.6                 276851
382.5                 276847
954.0359              279361@CMGD
333.79                292460
Thesis D6-83          177756
658.045               MGD1845
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of245455
T E-79                176187
D1-82                 176963
658                   2790@AMGD2791
657.42                MGD5692
658.15                276603@CMGD
346.07                MGD1085
351.54                298449
351.092               298446
351.54                298447
Ph.D. Thesis, Civil Engg.
658.4038011           294809@A296953
621.381952            279975
Ph.D. Thesis of Chemistry
658.8                 276156@CMGD@A276157@CMGD@AMGD137@CMGD
519.3                 292629
954                   298441
954                   1742
658.5                 278141
658.5                 278754
658.83                MGD1626@CMGD@AMGD1627@CMGD@AMGD1628@CMGD@AMGD1629@CMGD@AMGD
954                   298452@CMGD@A298451@CMGD
174.4                 320462@Bi@CMGD@A320463@Bii@CMGD@A320464@Biii@CMGD@A320465@Biv@CMGD
ThesisC-71            107078
D65-75 MAL            108499

                                    Page 147

910.285               290177@CMGD
B-68                  105129
658.83                293267@CMGD
TMZ-90                245510
D6-78                 176192
344.01                291272@A291273
TE-84                 178971
Theis D6-92           245715
658.403               MGD2244
TE-90                 245498
650                   323463
516.15                279111
332.015195            MGD2701@CMGD
TD1-87                179829
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
621.381958            292129
Ph.D. Thesis of Civil Engg.
658.404               MGD3927
658.4030285           MGD1903@AMGD1904@AMGD1905@AMGD1906@AMGD1907
515.350285            298591
D1-79                 176194
658.403               290004
658.4038              279311
658.827               325076
511.322               293707
658.46                279997
                       Civil E
Ph.D. Thesis Deptt. of247283
658.4012              290196
303.6095493           298389
658.1                 278111
659.1                 279314@CMGD@A290152@CMGD
332.45                292978@CMGD
658.15                MGD1729
658                   279785@B9
658.456               MGD1511
332.63228             292991
338.8                 296638
B-81                  177050
658.4063              294661
658.88                306297@CMGD
658.406               297083
332.6                 1525
621.381952            279227
607.2                 279823
E-77                  109897
658                   277855@A277856@A1988@A1989@A1990@A1991@A1992
368                   321860@A321859
658.3                 276333@CMGD
658.3                 296810
C-82                  177349
Ph.D. Thesis of Humanities & S
ThesicsC-71           107081
E-88                  245106
658.152               MGD5688
658.802               290153

                                    Page 148

TF191-83              177736
TE-85                 178887
516                   294843
658.40380285          292101
658.16                MGD1717@A2490
571.966               299598
530.12                306252
621.2153              279259
514.2                 299113
174.4                 MGD1510
658.816               279969
303.6095493           298388
658.404               279930
338.09273             323483
658.4063              276544
658.3                 276607@CMGD@A276606@CMGD@A276605@CMGD
150.72                305172
658.407124            276494@A276513
658.407124            294588@A323537
330                   279225
658.4038011           MGD1559
330                   279809
658.4                 305788
658.4                 279306
658.421               MGD1536
658.049               299178@CMGD
658.802               290154@CMGD
658.84                279262@CMGD@A279931@CMGD
658.05                292529
174.4                 294079
658.4038              MGD2494
658.4012              323480
658.575               322309
658.3                 276140@CMGD@A276141@CMGD@A276142@CMGD@A277333@CMGD@A27