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					Enterprise Content Management
  “The Vertical Possibilities”

       Pamela Doyle, Fujitsu

               AIIM’s definition of ECM:
       The strategies, methods and tools used to
     capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver
        content and documents related to key
              organizational processes.

What ECM Covers
•    ECM is not a single system
•    ECM usually is a group of aligned systems
•    ECM is about “unstructured” information

     Unstructured information    Structured information
     •   Used by humans          • Processed by systems
     •   Images                  • Databases
     •   Office documents        • Ordered data
     •   Graphics and drawings   • Sales and invoicing
     •   Print streams           • Accounting
     •   Web pages and content   • Human resources
     •   E-mail
     •   Video
     •   Rich media assets

Agenda and is …not
ECM – is

•    ECM is not…
      – a single technology
      – a black box
      – a miracle cure
      – easy

•    ECM is…
      – about business & organizational processes
      – not just technology
      – complicated

ECM – E = Enterprise

     •   Think like an environmentalist
     •   Think globally, act locally
     •   Think strategically, implement tactically

ECM – C = Content

     •   All content, not just text documents, not just e-
         mails without attachments
     •   How widely do you need to search & retrieve
     •   Users inside & outside the organization

ECM – M = Management

     •   Not just collecting & holding content,
         but actively managing it

 ECM Software Technologies

  •   Production Capture      •   Document Management
  •   Distributed Capture     •   WCM
  •   OCR                     •   Digital Asset Mgmt.
  •   ICR/OMR/Barcode         •   Electronic Records
  •   Forms Processing            Management
  •   IDR                     •   Business Process
  •   Document Distribution       Management
  •   Key from Image
                              •   Enterprise Report Mgmt.
  •   Image Enable
ECM Hardware Technologies

  •   Network Infrastructure   •   Storage:
  •   Scanner(s)                    • Magneto Optical
  •   Image Enhancement             • WORM
  •   Security                      • RAID
                                    • CDs/DVDs
                                    • NAS
                                    • SAN
Agenda Drivers

        Core         Business
     Competencies    Continuity

      Regulatory    Environmental
      Compliance     Conscious
Agenda Applications

 •   Horizontal Applications:
     • Disaster recovery
     • Customer records management
     • Human resource records management
     • Processing forms
     • Document distribution
     • Document publication
     • Automating business processes
Health Care – The Prospects

•   Hospitals            •   Dentists
•   Multi-physician      •   Assisted living
    practices                facilities
•   Solo-physician       •   Nursing homes
    practices            •   Optometrists
•   Pharmacies           •   Insurance providers
•   Drug manufacturers
•   Health care plans
Health Care – The Business Drivers

•   Paper intensive
•   High administrative costs
•   Lost or misplaced files
•   Need to improve quality of care (competitive)
•   Improve accuracy of diagnosis
•   Need for clinical repositories
•   Expedite transaction processing (i.e. EOBs)
•   Regulatory compliance (HIPAA, FDA CFR)
Health Care – The Applications

•   Admissions
•   Patient records
•   Claim processing
•   EOBs
•   Order entry
•   Clinical data repositories
Alamo Asthma & Allergy

 •   Company Overview:
       – San Antonio, TX
       – 2 Physician Practice (opened Aug., 1999)
       – Provide quality treatment for asthma & allergy related
       – Small office, 1,100 sq. ft.
       – Practice grew, added 1,900 sq. ft.
 •   Business Problem:
       – Space was being over taken by patient charts
       – Maintaining records was time-consuming & tedious
Alamo Asthma & Allergy

    •Lost records (NIGHTMARE)
    •Retention – 7 yrs. or more
    •HIPAA Requirements
 •Implementation Objectives:
    •Remote access to records (patient calls after hrs.)
    •Easy to use
       •Use existing MS Word patient templates
    •Minimize manual indexing
    •Data security (in case of server crash)
    •HIPAA compliant
Alamo Asthma & Allergy
     •FileBound Content Management Solution
     •e-forms module
     •Backfile conversion of 3,500 existing patient records
          •Temporary help
     •Establish a daily routine for imaging patient records
          •Patient documents, including MS Word, printed prior to
         patient’s arrival
         •Barcode applied (patient ID, date, form type)
         •Documents scanned and automatically filed without
         manual indexing
Alamo Asthma & Allergy

    •Reduced time and frustration of dealing with paper records
    •Reduced storage requirements
    •White-out functionality aided with processing EOB
    •Remote access via Internet (home access 24 X 7)
    •Redundant storage to laptop
    •HIPAA compliant (privacy, track access, protection)
    •Practice expansion with no additional administrative staff
Self Memorial Hospital

•   Referral hospital (421 beds; 1,600 staff)
•   Problem:
     –Turnaround time for trauma patients was too long
      due to inability to find files quickly (250 boxes in hall
      with 3,000 documents)
•   Solution:
     –Scan to CD
     –4 MVP scanners
Self Memorial Hospital

•   ROI:
     –Faster patient response (10 min. vs. < 3 min.)
     –Reduced storage (elim. storing 150,000 docs.
     –Cost savings ($500K per year)
     –Faster retrieval and processing for HIPAA
Agenda – The Prospects

 •   Large banks
 •   Community banks
 •   Credit unions
 •   Brokerage firms
 •   Accounting firms
 •   Financial investment firms
 •   Check cashing facilities
Agenda – Business Drivers

 •   Heavily reliance on microfilm
 •   Seeking the use of Internet to accelerate business
 •   Maintain competitive advantage
 •   Cost of office space
 •   Reduce operating system costs
 •   Heavily regulated - SOX, GLB, SEC, Check 21 (Risks
     and Total Costs of Failure)
Agenda – The Applications

 •   Proof of deposit
 •   Check truncation
 •   Signature verification
 •   New account ID
 •   Transaction processing
 •   Safe deposit contracts
 •   Wire transfer documentation
Maier, Markley & Menashi LLP

 •   Company Overview:
       – Professional services firm
       – White Plains, NY
       – Provide clients with accounting, tax compliance &
         consulting, medical billing, and collection & accounts
         payable management
 •   Business Problem:
       – Must maintain several years of records for their
       – Pushed the physical limits of on-site storage
       – Increasing cost for off-site storage
Maier, Markley & Menashi LLP

       – One of their clients, a health care organization, who
         provides renal-dialysis services, was experiencing
         steady growth. As they grew so did the volume of
       – This client was the catalyst for seeking DM solution
       – The business process? Accounts Payable
 •   Implementation Objectives:
       – Integrate with LOB application to eliminate data entry
         duplicity (MAS 200 AP Module)
       – Dynamic and scalable
Maier, Markley & Menashi LLP

       – Web access for customers
       – Workflow to automate business processes
       – Cost effective
 •   Solution:
       – FileBound Web-based Content Mgmt. System
       – FileBound Importer Pro (key to integration with MAS
         200 AP system)
           • Metadata imported to FileBound
           • Invoices scanned
           • User can search & locate documents in seconds
Maier, Markley & Menashi LLP

 •   ROI:
       – Documents are digitized
       – Search and retrieve in seconds vs. days
       – New functionality to existing LOB
       – Reduce cost of AP processing
       – Reduce duplicate payments & late fees
       – Visibility to status of payment
 •   Looking Forward:
       – Add workflow component to automate business
         processes (i.e. invoices over $1,500)
Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch,
Solomon Smith Barney
    •   Full service financial brokerage firms with branch
        offices throughout U.S.
    •   Business Problem:
           – Branch offices generate 350-450 new accounts
             daily (average of 5 documents = 10,000 pages
             per day)
           – Previously documents sent via interoffice mail
           – At corporate, enter new account workflow
           – Many documents were lost
Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch,
Solomon Smith Barney
   •   Remote Capture and Workflow Solution:
         – Distributed Capture Solution (Kofax ACIS)
         – LVP Scanners/VRS
         – Documents sent via any Internet connection
   •   ROI:
         – Eliminate courier services
         – Ensure regulatory compliance
         – Accelerate business processes
         – Enable better B2B and B2C
Transportation – The Prospects

   •   DOTs
   •   Courier services
   •   Brokers
   •   Trucking companies
   •   Food distributors
   •   U.S. space program
   •   Airlines
   •   Relocation providers
Transportation – Business Drivers

   •   Economic issues and price of fuel seeking ways to cut
        • Photocopying
        • FAX
        • Storage space
        • Workforce reduction
        • Administrative costs
   •   Regulatory compliance
   •   Data analysis (collisions, road and bridge repairs)
   •   Enhance customer service (self customer service)
   •   Accelerate revenue
Transportation – The Applications

   •   Proof of delivery
   •   Accounts payable
   •   Customer records management
   •   Custom documentation
   •   Document distribution
   •   Shipping documents
   •   Packing slips
   •   Maintenance records

  •   Company Overview:
       – Based in Westmont, IL
       – Leader in providing relocation solutions
       – Brands include:
              • Allied
              • Global
              • North American Van Lines
       – 7,800 employees
       – 365,000 relocation per year (end to end)
  •   Business Problem:
       – Each household move generates an average of 25 pages of
         shipping documents
       – Agents used mail or courier to overnight documents to be
         processed using Datacap Taskmaster data & document
         capture solution integrated with custom DM system

     v   Implementation Change Objectives:
           – Reduce processing time
           – Reduce costs
     •   Solution:
           – Datacap Taskmaster Web (browser-based scanning
             & indexing solution) to remotely capture shipment
             paperwork & transmit to corporate in Indiana
           – Fujitsu fi-4110 and fi-4120 workgroup scanners
     •   ROI:
           – Reduced processing time by an average of 2 days
           – Reduced scanning costs
           – Reduced costs associated with shipping documents

        •    Paper and Lumber Manufacturer based in
             Portland, OR
        •    Business Problem
              • Too many man hours spent filing and
                retrieving documents
              • Physical space to store was becoming
              • Needed a disaster recovery plan for
                critical information asset
        •    Solution:
              • Capture with LVP scanner

        •    ROI
              • Processing time reduced from 17-20
               minutes to 20 seconds
              • Reduced storage costs
              • Accelerated business process by enabling
               customers to have direct access to
              • Ensured security of data from any data
               storage disaster
Agenda The Prospects
SMBs –

 •   Law firms
 •   CPAs
 •   Real estate and property management
 •   Municipal governments (courts, transit, city and
     county governments)
 •   Professional service organizations
 •   Not for profits
 •   Educational institutions (state and community
     colleges, professors, local school districts)
Agenda Business Drivers
SMBs –

 •   Economy and cost of fuel forcing many SMBs to seek
     cost reductions
 •   Regulatory compliance
 •   Business continuity
 •   Lower costs ECM hardware and software
Agenda The Applications
SMBs –

 •   Records management (customer, vendor, HR)
 •   Document distribution
 •   Contracts
 •   Transaction processing
 •   Invoice processing
 •   Disaster recovery
 •   Sales agreements
Agenda Management Plus, Inc.

      •   Company Overview:
           – San Jose, CA
           – 4 Person Property Mgmt. & Real Estate Co.
           – Serves clientele in greater SF Bay &
             international clientele in Australia, China, Israel,
             Japan, Philippines, & UK
      •   Business Problem:
           – Highly paper intensive (agreements, photos,
             inspection reports, disclosures, etc.)
           – For regulatory purposes, physical file must be
             archived for up to 4 yrs.
           – Receive an avg. of 70 calls per day requiring
             immediate access to files
Agenda Management Plus, Inc.

          – Relying on traditional information sharing
          • (FAX, Postal & Courier Services)
     •   Solution:
          – ScanSnap to digitize files to PDF for archiving
            and sharing via e-mail
     •   ROI:
          – Eliminate costs of faxing (1 doc. to Philippines
            $27 / Korea $36) (Saved thousands)
          – Eliminated courier minimum 7 day staggering
          – PDF provide for vast ability to collaborate
          – Execute contracts faster resulting in company
Agenda Toughest Sheriff – Joe Arpaio

•   Overview:
      – Served in U.S. Army
      – Police officer in Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, NV
      – 32 yr. Federal law enforcement career concluded as head of
        state DEA
      – Reputation for fighting crime and drug trafficking
      – Campaigned to become county sheriff in 1992
      – Re-elected to an unprecedented four 4-year terms
Agenda Toughest Sheriff – Joe Arpaio

•   Benefits (Community Programs):
      – Bicycle registration
      – Block watches
      – Child identification & fingerprinting
      – Project lifeline (free cellular for domestic violence victims)
      – S.T.A.R.S. (Sheriff’s Teaching Abuse Resistance to Students)
•   Problem:
      – Arpaio believes inmates should be treated as harshly as legally
Agenda Toughest Sheriff – Joe Arpaio

•   Solution:
      – Limited meals to twice daily (avg. cost .15)
      – Banned smoking, pornographic magazines & weight lifting
      – Hard knocks high study program
      – Chain gangs
      – Pink underwear
      – Tent city
•   ROI:
      – Substantial reduction in costs
      – Significantly enhanced community service
      – No prisoner released before his time
Agenda County Sheriff’s Office

•   Overview:
     – Headed by the famed Sheriff Joe Arpaio
     – Maricopa County, Arizona
     – 3rd largest sheriff’s office in the country
     – Employees over 3,000 people
     – Committed to being the leader in establishing the
        standards for providing professional quality:
         • Law enforcement,
         • Detention, and
         • Support services for its citizens
Agenda County Sheriff’s Office

•   Business Problem:
      – Employee hiring and screening process was very complex and
         paper intensive
      – The lengthy hiring process was resulting in:
          • Excessive overtime
          • Costly mistakes
          • Misfiled paperwork
          • Inability to comply with privacy laws and regulations
Agenda County Sheriff’s Office

•   Solution:
      – FileBound enterprise-class content management (document
         management; workflow and eforms)
      – Integrated with LOB application
•   Benefits:
      – Hiring process shortened by weeks
      – Streamlined and innovative business process
      – Reduced overtime
      – Substantial reduction in lost documents
      – Secured access
      – More accurate employee records that are compliant with
         privacy laws and regulations
More Information

•   Case Studies and White Papers:
     – Fujitsu at
        • Health Care
        • Banking/Financial Services
        • Transportation
        • SMBs
        • Distributed Capture

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