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					ICM MCQ 1. Anemia and jaundice: Hemolytic anemia, also in hereditary spherocytosis 2. Anemia and clubbing: Infective endocarditis 3. Clubbing and cynosis: TOF 4. Anemia and koilonychias: iron def anemia 5. Macrovesicular change: stroke 6. microvesicular change: peripheral neuropathy 7. THS increases: Hypothyroidism 8. TSH normal: euthyroid 9. Coarse …: Bronchiectasis 10. ALP inc: carcinoma of head and pancrease? 11. Tender hepatomegaly seen in : acute …, right heart failure 12. Nutrition levels: BMI and Skin fold tenderness 13. Suprapubic catheterization : Malecot’s CASE: portal hypertension:L bleeding from esophageal verices Diabetic ketoacidosis, , inc renal failure Anemia, no jaundice, stable vital signs, hemoptysis , HBsAg=== hepatitis 1. morning stiffness: inflammatory joint disease 2. spleomegaly: portal htn 3. SLE: specific is antidsDNA, sensitive is ANA, antihistones is for DLE 4. cause of hemoptysis: pulm TB, bronchiestasts, br carcinoma 5. Irregulary irregular pulse: atrial fibrillation 6. IM: gluteus medius 7. L3, L4: 8. Kernig’s sign, CSF, PMN: pyogenic meningitis 9. sinus tachycardia is a feature of: T 10. 2 complications of pulm TB: military TB, spread, cavity formation, hemoptysis 11. Biceps jerk: cervical 5, 6 12. catgut: absorbable naturally 13. CSF: in meningitis 14. paroxosmal nocturnal disease: migraine, paroxysmal epilepsy, 15. stony dullness: pleural effusion 16. Hemoptysis: TB 17. Suturing CI: dog bite, infection 18. Diabetic complications: nephropathy, pilonephritis 19. bradycardia caused by: hypothyroidism, obst jaundice, heart block 20. TSH increases: untreated primary hyperthyroidism

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