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Meeting opened at 7:35pm Chairman Kuma Ekanayake Present Julie Kirkman, Cathy Korte, Adam Elvy, Bronwyn Wilson, Caron Taylor, Tracey Rosine, Christine Pollard, Surur Arain, Jessica Scott, Michael Scott, Amanda Mackie, Caroline Owens, Margaret Gordon. 1. Apologies Angie DeBoer 2. Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous general meeting held on 5th February 2007, carried as a true record. 3. Social and Fundraising a) Hot Cross Buns (Tracey Rosine) Orders must be received by 3:00pm Friday 30/3/07. Tracey to copy & distribute hand-out / order form to the oldest child in each family. Many payments are coming combined with Disco/Aprons & T-towels. Therefore Cathy Korte will process these payments & distribute order details to co-ordinator for each activity. b) Entertainment Books (Caron Taylor) Jane has spokent to Jane Worthington regarding distribution of books & payments to made to the office. Now awaiting delivery. c) Kids Disco 30/3/07 (Julie Kirkman) Cathy & Julie have discussed detail: Moving of instruments from hall, Amanda suggested we contact Margaret Taylor to see if instruments can be moved after rehearsal on Friday morning – Julie will do so. More helpers needed. Margaret & Caroline have circulated e-mail requesting volunteers. Names to be forwarded to Julie, who will draw up a roster. BBQ 2-3 needed for steady flow, 3-4 for 7:00-7:30 between Junior & Senior discos. Julie discussed letter to neighbours, all happy to be distributed, signed by Kuma. Julie & Cathy will carry out. Surur has not yet invited staff, will do so. Drum lessons are scheduled up until 5:00. The DJ requests access from 4:00 to set up. Cathy Korte shall look into re-locating/rescheduling the lessons.

Minutes of General Meeting - Monday, 19th March 2007 Amanda Mackie reports that Margaret Taylor will be at band practice Friday morning & may be able to assist with moving the large band instruments/equipment. Julie shall contact Margaret. d) Mothers Day (Adam) Art work expected to have been completed today (Friday 30 th March). Bronwyn Wilson has not yet seen these works. Adam reports, on time for production, delivery by Mother‟s Day. Surur suggested print-outs of each year‟s works be offered for sale. Adam to investigate. e) Movie Night 31/3/07 „Hoodwinked‟ P&C to offer BBQ to Yr 6 as P&C is to do the BBQ at the Kids Disco. Jess shall speak to Colleen (Yr 6 fund-raising co-ordinator). Scotts unavailable for the Movie Night, therefore we would have to run BBQ without them! Cathy suggested we also run a pop-corn stand. Kuma to attend meeting with Bronwyn & Dave Hayes (Northside Church) 1pm Thurs 22/3/07 to finalise detail. Shall enquire whether Northside Church could help w. BBQ & Popcorn. f) Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Release (Adam Elvy) To be released 21/7/07. Adam Elvy has suggested that major book stores can offer for a best price of $29.95, Borders say that they are under v. tight constraints laid by the publisher (min. price, date of release etc.) In the past, Bev Southern has bought from Big W, picked up herself & sold on at no profit. Orders would be required in April. General meeting consensus that we have enough happening for the P&C at present, therefore decided not to continue with this. g) Election BBQ 24/3/07 Jessica reports only 2 volunteers to date. Everyone to continue spreading the word. 4. Principal’s Report (Bronwyn Wilson) a) School Budget: Bronwyn Wilson made a presentation on the school‟s budget process. She confirmed the importance of the P&C & thanked the parent body and P&C for their support. b) Parent Road Safety Evening: 21st March 2007 To be run by the Road Safety Officer of Ku-Ring-Gai Council, Maria Rouso, in an effort to reduce the unsafe driving/parking in Apollo Ave. The “Kiss & Drop-Off Zone” to be explained in detail. Bronwyn particularly encourages parents who are new to the school to attend. Caroline will distribute an e-mail, emphasising the importance of this event to Kindy parents. c) Harmony Day run by Mikala Gersbach, the school‟s Anti-Racial Conflict Officer. The children are encouraged to wear an orange item to school on this day. d) Environment & Sustainability Evening Postponed to the 27th April due to conflicting events. To be co-ordinated by Steve Holland. e) Working Bee Bronwyn voiced her gratitude to the parents who helped at the working bee. 5. School Expenditure Requests (Kuma Ekanayake) Approved as requested: 1. Expand guided reading Stage 2 $ 4,000 rd 2. Set up 3 Kindy classroom $ 1,500 Page 2

Minutes of General Meeting - Monday, 19th March 2007 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Photo copier rental and maintenance 6 computers to update lab STLA Teacher Maths equipment for new kindy Classroom teachers resources $ 2,760 $ 6,000 $11,500 $ 1,200 $ 1,700

Due to parental concern, it was decided the request for $8,000 toward children‟s library books & the establishment of a parents‟ library be split as follows: a) Children‟s Library books $ 7,500 b) Parents‟ Library books $ 500 It was suggested that further discussion on this be undertaken at a later date. Total $36,660.00 approved for payment on receipt of invoices. Kuma has received an e-mail from Glenn Ryder, regarding the P&C‟s previous commitment to provide each class-room with a TV, DVD & Video player (2005?). Two rooms currently do not have DVD players. Reconditioned units are available for $100-$200. Jessica suggested that new DVD players are available at Kmart for as little as $50-$80, when on special. Bronwyn shall check how many are required & prices shall be investigated. 6. Voluntary P&C Contributions Discussion on the amount to be requested: Cathy suggested we consider our next major project – Air conditioning ($?) Play surface under the shade structure ($20 000 - $30 000). Roughly $200 per family, full compliance = $40,000.00, this being a very high expectation. All contributions to the Building Fund can be expected to be spent on the shade structure. The request is to be distributed to parents in sealed envelopes, under the WPPS P&C letter-head. 7. Finance Report (Cathy Korte) No internet banking is yet available. Cathy has had meeting with John Boyle, no MYOB entries were available, only the paper-work. Expenses carried over from 2006 $17 000.00 (approx) for the telephone system & IBM carrier. Approved at this meeting $40 000.00 Total: $57 000.00 Estimated $88 000.00 at bank, $25 000 being the Building Fund. Cathy has failed to confirm with the ATO whether Building Fund money can be used toward the shade structure, she shall consult with Tim Taylor. To date approx. $2000.00 has been spent on the shade structure. Construction is unlikely to begin before next Christmas holidays. Bronwyn reports there should be no trouble with holding the granted funds until then, work shall be begun with the clearing of trees in October. 8. Staff Liaison Report (Surur Arain) Surur has nothing to report, shall extend invitation to the disco this week. 9. Class Parent Report (Caroline Owens, Margaret Gordon) Page 3

Minutes of General Meeting - Monday, 19th March 2007 Class lists shall be forwarded to Julie Kirkman & Bronwyn Wilson. Shall confirm with class parents that they are happy to have their phone numbers & e-mail addresses listed on the WPPS P&C Web-site. 10. Family Fair (Christine Pollard) Rides are booked. Mufti-day approved by Bronwyn Wilson. Storage: The committee were of the belief that the storage space under the library would be available for their 2ns-hand goods. Christine is awaiting a response from Steve Tatt (WPSC President) regarding the moving of soccer equipment from this area. Publicity: In term II a biweekly Family Fair update shall be distributed, plus a full-page in each school newsletter. Sponsorship: Kuma has come across reluctance to commit to large amounts. Sundell Motors will sponsor a major ride. John Boyle is considering sponsoring a ride Eden Gardens to be approached (Kate Worrad). Parents to be approached with the suggestion of sponsoring a ride ($550-$4000), a stall or the raffle. Chris shall discuss with the committee at their next meeting (over the Easter holidays). Auction: It has been decided not to carry out the usual big auction, but to save items for the Golf Day. Class artworks shall be auctioned at a live auction. Entertainment: Various acts shall be roaming around the grounds rather than a time-table in the amphi-theatre. 11. Outdoor Facilities Report (Adam Elvy) a) Shade Structure: It is hoped that construction shall take place over the Christmas Holidays. Tree works shall begin over the October Holidays. b) Rainwater Tank: It has been found that it would be much cheaper to erect a rainwater tank outside of the structure, rather than under the floor. The proposed model is to be buried 1.5m below ground & protrude 1.5m above ground, to be located behind the library, not blocking car access to the BBQ. It has been decided that plastic is not appropriately durable, therefore a concrete tank shall be used & a child-proof fence is required. Rooves of the library/computer room building & the shade structure shall be drained into this tank & it shall supply the existing irrigation system (courtyard area). The building fund cannot be used to finance the rain-water tank. The tank itself is estimated to cost aprox. $7000.00. In 2006 a government water grant was applied for, but not achieved. Adam Elby & Denise Coldwell will re-write & re-submit this application. Year 6 are hoping to raise $1000 to be contributed to the purchase/installation of this rain-water tank. 12. General Business a) School Newsletter: Julie requests all entries to be forwarded to her by 6:00pm Tuesday in order to have the final P&C News to the office by Wed. morning. b) The Storage Container: 3 secure locks to be on the same key as other school locks $164.23. Discussed & approved.



Minutes of General Meeting - Monday, 19th March 2007 c) The School Oval: Many thanks to Michael Stuart for his assistance in mowing the oval. Mick Scott reports apparent mechanical malfunction of the ride-on mower. He shall investigate & report at next meeting. Ku-Ring-Gai Soccer Association are to mark the fields. Caron Taylor shall appeal to the West Pymble Soccer Club for a financial contribution to the line-marking & goal posts. Mick Scott shall supply Caron with the costs. d) Year 6 Cake Stall: During the State Election (24/3/07), year 6 shall run a cake stall to raise money for their farewell gift to the school. All school members shall be asked to donate cakes. Next Executive meeting 2/4/07 Next General meeting 7/5/07 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:40.



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