USA program - PROJECT 59 by Levone


									59 SECONDS VIDEO FESTIVAL - USA Program Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University 1. Blind Spots Jenny Vogel (NY) 2005, A close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV replacing the pupil as the eye scans the images. 2. Me to tango Lucia Warck Meister (NY) 2005 A mirrored image of a woman dancing in front of a window depicts her loneliness. 3. Connector Briony Barr (NY) 2005, Connecting growth and complexity, an accumulation, building visual and rhythmic complexity 4. Joey Gets Milk John H. Malone (NY) 2005 Joey leaves his home to get some milk… 5. Vibrato Jessie Stead (NY) 2005 Allegorical narrative demonstrates how to make party confetti for the masses with killer bass… 6. redsmackrack Jeff Bauer and Melania Semerad-Radulescu (NY) 2005 Eggs, blueberries and cheap red wine were harmed in the making of this film. 7. Bee Petting David Lachman (MA) Bee Petting explores a childhood memory of petting bees.… Don't try this at home. 8. Buster Diana Kingsley (NY) 2004, "A mothlike lantern fly flutters between a flower and a window, beating its wings against the glass..." Oona Stern A Little Slapstick, 9. Reception Alana Kakoyiannis (NY) Cell phone ring tones as a window into the identities of people encountered in Marrakech. 10. I sea 59 Lili White (NY) 2005 Homage to the human body, its eye and salt water. 11. 59 Catches Regina Water (TX) 2006, Images of sailing and fishing as metaphors for works of culture. 12. The Gates Project The Bruce High Quality Foundation (NY) 2005, A miniature Gate in hot pursuit of a miniature Central Park 13. Dance Piece Erik Moskowitz (NY) 2005, with Sasha Biganthal and Monique Safford The dance is first referenced by the dancers' own commentary: "Jumping up and down..." 14. Gas Em Ianthe Jackson (NY) 2005 Animation explores the intersection of contemporary social constructs and attempt to walk through social boundaries 15. Still Life: Lulla-bye Rev C. Hite ( CA) Clutter and chaos become art as a baby wails and a mother distractedly sings "teat's pie" 16. Run From It Norm Scott (NY) All the joy and horror of growing up, distilled into one 59 second jaunt down a steep cow pasture in SW Virginia. 17. Chakra Brooks Williams (NY) 2005 18. Una Pelicula Du Cinema Retrato Reverso Lloyd Blander/Aaron Krach (NY) 2004 A moment, a wish, captured, held and released. 19. rock paper scissors Valerie Opielski (NY) 2005 A fractured, visceral study of texture, mood and shadow. 20. Take For Granted Isidore Bethel (GA) 2005 A shirt escapes the laundry unbeknownst to its owner. 21. hey, sweetheart Craig Downing (WA) 2005 Two people [Tim Brown and Ryan Davis]rebel against their parents. File under book club. 22. Under Glass (Gorilla) Michelle Beck and Jorge Calvo (NY) 23. Beauty No. 4 Victor Barbieri (CA) Beauty No. 4 begs for the suspension of disbelief balancing precariously between seduction and illusion 24. Vienna in the desert Wago Kreider (CA) 2005 25. Numerical Portrait Andrea Ortado (NJ) 2005 26. Sign 59 Irina Danilova (NY) 2006 Apex of urban minute 27. A portrait of a young man in a dog movie Ian Keller (NJ) 2005 28. Mediated Raina Benoit (AZ) 2005 The sense of powerlessness is explored in a media-controlled world. The TV incubating my identity as a woman and self in society. 29. pulp circle 359 59’ 59” J.P. Maruszczak (TX) 2005, Pulping the city 359 degrees, 59 minutes and 59 seconds at a time. 30. German Project Project 59 (NY) 2006, A proposal for perfecting the German language 31. colorant Josephine Lipuma (IL) 2005 Through image processing/colorization/visual effects/sound & tight editing of public domain

footage, viewers are guided from pretty into their own internal voice to confront bias. 32. AMNEZAC FULANA (NY) 2005, Block your historical memory and ask your doctor about AMNEZAC: The Most Powerful Anti-Historiamine on the Market. 33. Dream House Michelle Beck and Jorge Calvo (NY) 2001, speed up in 2005, Manipulated image and sound used to create a window into a conflict of memory and reparation through destruction of the past and present. 34. Global Warning Ursula Scherrer (NY) 2007 the increasing urgency of Global Warming… 35. 59 Revolutions Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (NY) 2007 A fan turns. A series of 59 revolutionary images are shown. 36. Void Jody Zellen (NY) 2005, A voyage through old and new cities. A meditation on space, time, and human interaction. 37. cart-ography Lora Alaniz (AZ) 2005 A real-time video documenting the mundane existence of a shopping cart’s wheel 38. LIX Dubi Kaufmann (IL) 2005, LIX is 59 in Roman numerals and it all started from there… 39. A Finger Orchestra Jinho Im (NY) 2006 In an insipid daily life we usually hit fingers on things daily. 40. Weather and Traffic Project 59, (NY) 41. and Football Project 59, (NY) 42. Take 59 Deborah Rosenberg (NY) 2007 The making of “Director’s Folly”,. The same twoline scene 59 times. 43. Duna Jessie Stead (NY) 2005, Abstract animation potentially suggests everything from censorship to ontological meditation.... 44. Plastic Walk Ingrid Taro / Italy / USA 2005
 Related to the action of walking, using plastic as a diffuse object like land. 45. Water Craig Downing (Seattle, WA, USA) 2005 With Tina Lemond, an ambiguous story with friends, enemies, a mysterious traveler and an old wooden door. 46. Self Portrait Yu-Chen Chiu (NY) 2005, An experimental video about the inner selfdiscovery through the reflection of a mirror.

47. Songs of Israel Irina Danilova and Hiram Levy (NY) 2006 48. Predictions Katherin McInnis (CA) 2005, Machines in the Musée Mechanique offer insights into love, the future, and you. 49. Collaboration Project 59 (NY) 2006, Every video we managed to download from the 2nd One Second Video Festival 50. Perfect Family Project 59 (NY) 2005, with Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat Ayzenberg and dog Laila. Every family has mementos… Sometime you have to stop breakfast in order to catch one. 51. 59 Pellets David Lachman (MA) 2005, Zami, a cat with a will to eat. She loves her pellets and won't be distracted for too long. 52. Perfect Family II Project 59 (NY) 2006, with Sarah, Rosa, Ilyusha and Zhenya Lidsky. Kids count. 53. Twenty-Six Randall Wakerlin (OR) 2004, One self portrait every day for a year. 54. Streetymades Andrew Eyman (CA) 2004 Collection of photos taken in the streets of Paris as a sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp with Edith Piaf accompaniment. 55. Saddamites Fereshteh Toosi (PA,) with Mark Dixon & Tsvika Solan Inspired by Saddam Hussein’s use of body doubles, the video documents a visit to Washington DC on his birthday in 2003. 56. Boy With a Ball Victor Barbieri (CA) A portrait of adolescence with its undercurrent tensions, ambiguities and rebellions. 57. Hitler, the First Superstar Darya Zhuk (NY) 2004 A study in deconstruction of Leni Refienstahl's Triumph des Willens famous sequence. Hitler's speech at Nuremberg rally is edited to leave him speechless on the podium. 58. Both Ends David Lachman (MA) 2005, A meditation on burning the candle at both ends. Can we take the time to just enjoy the smoke? Interesting patterns are created in the swirls and wisps, such as the number 59. 59. 59 Endings Andrew Eyman (CA) 2006, Video montage of 59 endings from films made during the Golden Era of 1950s Hollywood.

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