5th Bn Suffolks Part1.xls - COFEPOW by heshishandong


									Service Details                                           Civilian Details
5834318 Pte Abbott Charles Edward, B Coy, Born 18/06/10   Occupation Malsters Labourer, C of E, Sister
Joined 24/07/1940 Stowmarket                              Miss Aldred 25 Stowupland St Stowmarket

5835571 Pte Adcock W M Perry, H Q Coy, Born 27/04/08      Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father W Adcock
Joined 14/11/1940 Great Wakering Essex                    Foresters Rd ShoeberryRd Great Wakering Essex

5828683 Cpl Addison Fredk Geo, D Coy, Born 25/10/14       Occupation Farm Labourer, C of E, Wife
Joined 13/06/1939 Haverhill                               Dorothy Beatrice Stour St Cavendish Sudbury

5828709 Pte Addison Percy Edward, D Coy, Born 28/10/19    Occupation Farm Labourer, Baptist, Wife
Joined 19/06/1939 Paslingford                             Mrs K Addison Chilton St Clare Sudbury

4805278 Pte Alderman Harry, H Q Coy, Born 15/06/16        Occupation Shop Asst, Baptist, Wife Mrs
Joined 15/03/1940 Kettering                               Alderman 60 Stamford Rd Kettering Northants

Cha 5828619 L/Cpl Aldous Frank, H Q Coy, Born 26/05/16    Occupation Bank Clerk,C of E, Father Ceal Aldous
Joined 13/06/1939 Newmarket                               Fornhain Rd Gt Barton Bury St Edmunds

5950499 Pte Aldred Cyril John, A Coy, Born 04/01/18       Occupation Dyers Labourer, C of E, Wife Mrs C
Joined 15/01/1940 Luton                                   Aldred 81 Blundell Rd Luton Beds

HWP 5828622 Pte Aldred Douglas Edward, H Q Coy            Occupation Tractor Driver, C of E, Mother
Born 18/04/17 Joined 23/05/1939 Yaxley Sufflok            Mrs E Aldred Church Lane Yaxley Eye Suffolk

5829673 Pte Allard Thos James, H Q Coy, Born 16/10/19     Occupation Hairdresser, C of E, Father T Allard
Joined 18/01/1940 Swaffam                                 Camping Land Swaffam Norfolk
6028801 Cpl Allen Ernest, H Q Coy, Born 20/09/11 Joined        C of E, Wife Mrs E M G Allen 70 Prospect Cres
15/08/1940 Twickenham                                          Whitton Essex

Cha 5827890 Pte Allen Fredk Jack, H Q Coy, Born 20/04/18       Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs Allen
Joined15/01/1940 Bury St Edmunds                               56 Raingate St Bury St Edmunds

5827018 L/Cpl Allen Garnet Alfred, H Q Coy, Born 14/12/20      Occupation Plumber,Cong,Father Mr A W Allen
Joined 01/11/1937 Hadleigh                                     5 Aldham Rd Hadleigh Suffolk

K'Buri 5828920 Pte Allen Phillip W M, H Q Coy, Born 10/07/17   Occupation Tailor Cutter & Trimmer, United Board
Joined 18/01/1940 Haverhill                                    Father J Allen 40 Crowland Rd Haverhill

5830288 Pte Alliston Ronald Chas A Coy, Born 06/12/18          Occupation Lorry Drivers Mate, C of E Wife Mrs R C
Joined 16/10/1939 Hackney Middlesex                            Alliston Southview London Rd Copdock Ipswich

5834455 Pte Andrews Geo, A Coy, Born 07/05/13 Joined           Occupation General Labourer, R C, Wife Louise
26/07/1940 Kensington                                          Helen 53 Bromley Rd N Kensington Ldn

T R 5828373 Pte Annnes Albert Thos, B Coy, Born 25/02/19       Occupation Labourer,Cong, Mother Mrs R Cook
Joined 16/09/1939 Yaxley                                       Church St Eye Suffolk

Cha 5828158 Pte Appleby Herbert Alfred, C Coy HQ, Born 02/01/07 Occupation Labourer, Cong, Wife Mrs Ethel Appleby
Joined 24/04/1939 Dedham                                        The Street Stratford St Mary Colchester

NC 4805235 Pte Armitage Jack, D Coy, Born 08/12/15             Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father J Armitage
Joined 15/03/1940 Alverthorpe                                  5 Canyon Ave Coverthorpe Estate Wakefield Yorks
Cha 6020673 Pte Arnold Harry, A Coy, Born 26/06/16             Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Rita Edith
Joined 15/03/1940 Dehham                                       Long Rd Dedham Essex

5832442 Pte Ashdown Cecil Jos, A Coy, Born 27/11/13            Occupation Linotype Cp?, C of E Wife Rita Edith
Joined 20/06/1940 Paddington                                   15 Walkley Houghton Regis Dunstable Beds

Ban Pong 5825999 Sgt Ashfield Percy, D Coy,                    Occupation Motor Mechanic, C of E, Wife Grace
Born 31/12/13 Joined 13/03/1933 Bramfield Suffolk              Minnie The Street Chedgrave Loddon Norfolk

5950567 Pte Askam Gordon, A Coy, Born 03/03/18                 Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Hazel
Joined 15/01/1940 Thorn Doncaster                              98 Woolgrave Rd Hitchen Herts

5833502 Pte Atkins Chas W M Leslie, C Coy, Born 02/10/12       Occupation General Labourer, Cong,Wife Edna
Joined 27/06/1940 Ely Cambs                                    Brick Kiln Cottage Thorpe Bury St Edmunds

4805350 Pte Atkins W M, B Coy, Born 09/07/16                   Occupation Boot Maker, C of E, Wife Irene
Joined 15/03/1939 Hinckley Leics                               Northleigh Farm Earl Shelton Leics

7343636 Pte Austin Brian Stanley, HQ Coy, Born 11/11/17        Wife Mrs G M 80 Kemball St Ipswich
Joined 15/12/1939 Ipswich

6020166 Pte Avis W M, C Coy, Born 26/10/19 Joined 15/02/1940   Occupation Corrugated Cardboard Scorer, C of E
London                                                         Mother Mrs L Gladding Highbury N 5

6020609 Pte Ashton Edward, HQ Coy, Born 11/09/16               Occupation Grocery Manager, C of E, Wife Ceilia
Joined 15/03/1940 Clacton on Sea                               Mary 15 Hove Villas Hove Sussex
RV 5826748 Pte Baalham Fredk Chas, A Coy, Born 13/05/18          Occupation labourer, C of E, Wife Evelyn Grace
Joined 05/11/1936 Hintlesham Ipswich                             Nr Reading Witton Happisburgh Norfolk

5952384 Pte Bailey Arthur John, A Coy, Born 06/12/18             Occupation Upholster, C of E, Wife Gladys May
Joined 16/10/1939 High Wycombe Bucks                             South Bank Kings Mead Rd Wyckams Marsh Bucks

4805294 Pte Bailey John Clarence, C Coy, Born 02/02/16           Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs A M
Joined 15/03/1940 Gainsborough                                   Bailey 118 Church St Gainsborough Lincs

5828922 Cpl Bailey Kenneth Albert, D Coy, Born 06/11/19          Occupation Tailors Asst, C of E, Father A E Bailey
Joined 18/01/1940 Parkeston Essex                                33 Collier Rd Cambridge

5828739 Pte Baker Fred, HQ Coy, Born 09/11/15                    Occupation Milkman, Cong, Mother 28 Mill Rd
Joined 03/09/1939 Haverhill                                      Haverhill

5826066 Pte Baker Herbert Jos, HQ Coy Born 15/11/13              Occupation Driver, Wife Florence Edith 93 Barton Ave
Joined 22/05/1933 Brandon Suffolk                                Paignton Devon

5828330 Pte Baker Ronald Fredk, A Coy, Born 19/01/21             Occupation Farm labourer, C of E, Father Stanley
Joined 05/05/1939 Stowupland                                     John Baker Elm Farm Wickham Skeith Eye Suffolk

5825605 C S M Baldry Bert W M, B Coy, Born 31/12/12              Occupation Seaman, S A, Wife Edith May
Joined 21/01/1932 Ipswich                                        3 Parliament Rd Ipswich

Cha 5828696 Pte Ball Victor Henry Calver, HQCoy, Born 02/11/18   Occupation Farm Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs
Joined 20/06/1939 Stanton                                        E Howe Duke St Stanton Bury St Edmunds
Cha 5832453 Pte Barber Cyril, HQ Coy, Born 20/12/14             Occupation Compositor, C of E, Wife Mabel Beatrice
Joined 20/06/1940 Ipswich                                       10 Lancing Ave Ipswich

Cha 5832918 Cpl Barber Leonard Robt, C Coy, Born 07/05/14       Occupation Clerk,C of E, Father Mr Barber
Joined 24/06/1940 Saxmundham                                    St Leonards Chapel Rd Saxmundham Suffolk

4805302 Pte Baker Jas Stanley, D Coy, Born 07/09/16             Occupation Meth Labourer, Father Jas Barker
Joined 17/03/1940                                               74 Meadow Lane Loughborough Leics

CHS 4805286 Pte Barks Thos W M, D Coy, Born 09/01/17            Occupation Meth Silk, Father Harry Barks
Joined 17/02/1940 Heonor Derby                                  14 Northern Rd Heanor Derby

5828428 Pte Barnard Spencer W M, A Coy, Born 08/06/20           Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father B Barnard
Joined 12/05/1939 Needham Market                                75 High St Needham Market Suffolk

5828360 Pte Barnes Bernard Sidney, HQ Coy,                      Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Gladys
Born 19/11/20 Joined 16/05/1939 Sudbury Suffolk                 Dorothy 11 Lumley Buildings Pimlico London

5834524 Pte Barnes John, D Coy, Born 18/12/11 Joined 26/07/1940 Occupation Painter, R C, Father W Barnes, Wife
Haslingden Lincs                                                1 Dunville Rd Queens Park Bedford

CHS 5834525 Pte Barnes John W M Stanley, C Coy, Born            Occupation Lorry Drivers Mate, C of E, Father
15/03/10 Joined 26/07/1940 Claydon                              W B Barnes Walters Farm Ipswich

5952171 Cpl Barnes Maurice W M, C Coy, Born 14/06/18            Occupation Clerk, C of E, Wife Eva 30 Woodford Rd
Joined 15/09/1939 Watford                                       Watford Herts
5828443 Pte Barnes Stanley Jas, HQ Coy, Born 01/06/14         Occupation Miller, C of E, Father WM Creeting
Joined 17/05/1939 Stonham                                     St Mary Suffolk

RV 7906495 Pte Barrow Jas McKenna, B Coy, Born 01/10/19       Occupation Washerman, RC, Mother Mrs Barrow
joined 12/12/1939 Gosforth                                    1 Elliott Gardens High Farm Wallsend on Tyne

5950561 Pte Bartlett Eric, HQ Coy, Born 15/05/18              Occupation Steel worker, C of E, Father W M
Joined 15/01/1940 Bariwick Herts                              62 Barwick high Cross Ware Herts

5828545 Sgt Bass Geo Edward, HQ Coy, Born 18/09/06            Occupation clerk,C of E, Wife Phyllis May Madieley
Joined 17/05/1939 St Neots Hunts                              Cambridge St St Neots Hunts

5828784 Sgt Baxter Raymond Allen,C Coy, Born 14/04/17         Occupation Grocer,C of E, Wife Kathleen Clive
Joined 18/01/1940 Lowestoft                                   3 Blackheath Rd Lowestoft

RV 4805290 Lcpl Bayliss Ronald Frank, D Coy, Born 26/06/16    Occupation Bricklayers Labourer, C of E Wife
Joined 15/03/1940 Northants                                   Mabel Gladys Sunnyside Rothersthorpe Northants

K'Buri 5830885 L/Sgt Beales Richard, D Coy, Born 13/01/19     Occupation Bricklayer,C of E, Wife Olga Lilian
Joined 18/10/1939 Peterborough                                Elsie 3 Keaton Rd New England Peterborough

HWP 5826559 Pte Beckett Frank Ernest, HQ Coy, Born 20/11/12   Occupation Bricklayer, Cong, Mother Susan
Joined 30/08/1935 Hadleigh                                    9 Aldham Rd Hadleigh

HWP 5828271 Pte Beckett Fredk John, HQ Coy, Born 07/05/20     Occupation Labourer, Cong, Father Ernest W M
Joined 04/05/1939 Hadleigh                                    9 Aldham Rd Hadleigh Suffolk
Cha 5834034 Pte Bedford Lewis HY, HQ Coy Born 03/06/12         Occupation Toolsman, C of E, Wife Mrs L H Bedford
Joined 17/07/1940 Ramsey Hunts                                 9 Langlands Rd Lt Whyte Ramsey Hunts

5832466 Pte Bedworth Edward Albert, HQ Coy, Joined 20/06/1940 Occupation Signwriter, C of E
Bethnel Green

4805307 Lcpl Bell Wilfred Richard, C Coy, Born 09/11/16        Occupation Clay Getter, C of E, Father George Bell
Joined 08/03/1940 Lincoln                                      187 Newark Rd Lincoln

TR 4805281 Pte Beeton Chas Alfred, C Coy, Born 09/11//16       Occupation Hosiery Stock Keeper, C of E, Wife
Joined 16/03/1940 Leicester                                    Mrs C Beeton 25 Cover Park Ave Leicester

5830915 Sgt Bell Victor Clifford, B Coy, Born 01/01/19         Occupation Compositor, C of E, Father Charles The
Joined 18/09/1939 Waltham Cross                                Cottage 3 Brays Lane Ely Cambs

Cha 4805298 Pte Bellaby Harry, C Coy, Born 09/07/16            Occupation Storeman, C of E, Wife Margaret
Joined 15/03/1940 Nottingham                                   1 Gloucester Ave Derby Rd Nottingham

4805296 Pte Bellamy Donald Hugh, D Coy, Born 04/12/19          Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father G Bellamy
Joined 15/03/1940 Redmile Leics                                Church Lane Redmile Nottingham

C'Kai 5828744 Pte Bennett Henry Alfred, B Coy, Born 21/02/14   Occupation Miller, C of E, Mother Mrs C Blake
Joined 03/09/1939 Mellis Suffolk                               Tower Cottage Mellis Suffolk

5834701 Pte Bentick Albert Edward, D Coy, Born 17/05/08        Occupation Farm Labourer, Bapt, Wife Edna May
Joined 19/02/1929 Mildenhall
C'Kai 6020003 Pte Berry Frank, C Coy, Born 23/09/14           Occupation Labourer, C of E, Son F Berry
Joined 15/02/1940 Barking Essex                               26 Linshall Rd Barking Essex

 6020681 Pte Bettinson David Warth, D Coy, Born 31/05/16      Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Dorothy
Joined 15/03/1940 Cavendish Suffolk                           8 Church St Castle Hedingham Essex

Cha 5933360 Pte Bidwell Arnold Arthur, B Coy, Born 23/04/21   Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father Mr Bidwell
Joined 28/04/1939 Ely Cambs                                   7 Lower Lane Lt Downham Ely Cambs

5832472 Pte Binge Archibald Leslie, B Coy, Born 04/05/13      Occupation Rubber Sprayer, C of E, Father Alan
Joined 20/06/1940 Godmanchester                               Binge 48 London St Godmanchester Hunts

6022963 Pte Birch Chas Alfred, HQ Coy, Born 10/07/15          Occupation Greyhound Racing Official, C of E,
Joined 16/05/1940 Highbury                                    Mother Mrs Birch 44 Park Drive Winchmore N 21

5828552 Pte Bird Boyce Jas, HQ Coy, Born 16/04/20             Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs Bird
Joined 31/05/1939 Hazelwood Suffolk                           Home Cottage Tower Rd Great Yarmouth

5832474 Pte Bird Francis John, A Coy, Born 24/01/13           Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs Annie Bird
Joined 20/06/1940 Liverpool                                   20 Middletons Lane Yaxley Nr Peterborough

Missing 4805284 Bird W R , A Coy                              Wife 2 Holly St Burton on Trent

Missing 5832360 Blackburn A, HQ Coy                           Wife 135 Magladen Rd Norwich
Details of Death

Died 03/06/1943 at Maton A from Malaria
N/K Sept 1945

Died at Chungkai 21/08/1943 Suffering from
Dysentry & Malnutrition N/K Aug 1945
Died 05/10/1943 at Tamboya Burma
from Tropical Ulcers

Died 27/07/1943 at Matona from
Beri-Beri N/K Oct 45

Died 06/11/1943 at Chungkai suffering from
Cardiac Beri- Beri N/K Oct 45

Died at Kamburion? 20/10/1943 Cel Mal
Died at Matona 23/07/1943 From Dysentry

Died at Chunkai 14/06/1943 Suffering from
Dysentry & Malaria

Died at Kanburi 13/01/1944 N/K 18/10/1944
           Died 13/10/1943 Tambaya Burma

3 Barton Ave
Died at Nicki Thailand Diarroea 07/08/1943

Died at Chungkai 24/08/1943 from Malaria,
Anaemia & Malnutrition N/K 04/10/1945

Died at Kanyu Railway Camp on 29/07/1943
from Cadiac Beri-Beri Buried at Kanyu
Central same day
Died at Chungkai 24/10/1943 Dysentry
N/K Jan 45

Died 25/11/1943 Cardiac Beri-Beri at Taiwan
N/K Dec 44
Died at Matona on 29/04/1943 Suffering from
Cholera N/K Oct 45
Died 26/12/1944 Peritonitis Thailand
N/K 04/10/45

Died 26/10/1943 N/K 06/11/45

Wounded not returned 17/02/1942 presumed
missing believed killed

Wounded not returned 15/02/1942 presumed
missing believed killed N/K May 45

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