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Saturday_ February 24


									Windstar Colorado Connection Meeting Saturday, February 24 st
1 Quarter 2007 Attendees: Diane Ireland, Betsy & Newell Woodbury, Dawn & John Adams, Ken Bobbit, Rita McLean, Carole Nordgren, Shari Sullivan, Dreux DeMack, Linda Edmondson, Sophie DeMack Hello everyone, We had a really great meeting Saturday, February 24 and kicked off 2007 with some enthusiastic plans for the year. Many projects and programs will reflect previous years in terms of location, goal and people leading them, but we have new members who have stepped forth to volunteer. The ideas and suggestions were spirited and we have a great plan and list of projects for all of our members and even non-members to get involved in. So let’s get started with the recap! SUMMARY OF WCC I gave a brief summary of where the treasury stands, which as of Saturday is right at $2300.00. This takes into account the $800 earmarked for the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center that will receive 100% of the proceeds from the benefit concert at the Aspen Community Church last October. So our real operating fund stands around $1500.00 We have approximately 40 members and were happy to welcome fairly new member Ken Bobbit of Aurora to the meeting. Ken is a software designer for several Colorado colleges and has a passion for John Denver and has promised to make himself available for as many projects and programs as he can. We also touched on some Windstar Foundation issues, essentially bringing everyone up to date on some happenings with programs and people at Windstar. EARTH DAY 2007 APRIL 21ST RED ROCKS PARK, DENVER

For the third year in a row, the Windstar Colorado Connection has been granted permission to set up on Earth Day near the Visitor’s Center above the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a day of music and connecting with the visitors to the park that day. We’ll set up tables and displays for the public to learn more about environmental issues and also hand out information about the Windstar Foundation and its programs. This year, we are pursuing the presence of several other groups like we did last year. We hope to be joined by the Friends of Red Rocks, whom we partnered with last year to create a day of fun, meeting people and great talks about the environment. They are the signature non-profit that has been instrumental in park preservation at Red Rocks. This year, we will have the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center there along with possibly the U.S.

Forest Service. Many of you remember the owl and hawks that have come to Windstar from Hawkquest, a Denver non-profit that uses many different species of birds of prey to educate schools. They have expressed interest in being there as well. So we welcome any volunteers to help with the day’s events. John Adams has committed to providing music as has Diane Ireland on flute and Jon Darling on percussion. A trail cleanup is also being considered. It should be another successful Earth Day and we welcome your ideas and feedback.

2007 WINDSTAR VOLUNTEER WORK WEEKEND May 25-28 Old Snowmass After a very successful and productive work weekend last year, Shari and I were asked to lead this year’s work weekend again. We are awaiting the list of projects that RMI hopes to have completed, but at this time, the list includes work in the greenhouse again. Also, plans are to build a simple path to the John Denver “Spirit” statue from the pond area and the dirt road by the pond. We’re not sure what the path will be built from, that is bricks, sand, bark, etc. As soon as we get word of more projects, we’ll get them out there. For now, you can register for the Work Weekend on the Windstar website. There is a link to the registration page on the homepage at Windstar Summer Retreat Because of the lack of registrations last year and low turnout the year before, we have decided to postpone this year’s version of the Annual Summer Retreat at the Windstar land. There has been much feedback in the past couple of years that it was scheduled too close to the Work Weekend and also too many people are on vacation to make it a viable event. So we’ll take it off this year’s calendar and revisit it next year. JOHN DENVER TRIBUTE CONCERT Estes Park, CO Brad and Cathy Fitch and the Tropicowboy Band Saturday, August 18 Many of you know Brad and Cathy Fitch who do their own musical tributes to John Denver. Every summer they put on a kick butt concert in Estes Park where they live and the last two years, the WCC has been asked to set up a table at their concert. Last year, it was at the famous Longs Peak Inn and under the shadow of Longs Peak itself and several light rain showers. More than 600 people enjoyed the concert despite the cloud cover and light rain. Windstar was well represented and had hundreds of people stop by our booth to learn more about John Denver and what he left behind. The concert benefits the Rocky Mountain Nature Association and we were immediately asked to come back this year by both parties. So we will. We would love to have more members come and join us. Last year, WCC member and former Colorado resident David Armstrong flew in from Florida and helped us man the table. It was truly an experience you all should have. More details will be coming but put August 18 on your calendar to be in Estes Park at the Rodeo Fairgrounds, this year’s concert locale.

CAMPOUT AT THE COLORADO WOLF AND WILDLIFE CENTER As many of you know, we’ve been helping out with some projects at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center down in Divide, Colorado. Many of our WCC members have made several trips there as the Center moved locations this past year to a new location 5 miles away in Florissant. The move is complete and the 35 acres is as close to heaven for the new residents as they can be. So they thought they would invite as many Windstar people as possible to a campout with the date to be determined this summer. You’ll be able to help out on the grounds with any projects, or you can simply come and enjoy the educational tours that they offer each day. So keep an eye out for more details. In the meantime, visit their website at to see more about this great place. Aspen in October Unlike past years, we are not as involved in the key events and programs in Aspen in October as many new and fun events have been planned and we also set our focus on the Sunday celebration out at Windstar. Also, with a great success in Georgetown last November, we’ll put more resources into that event this year. More on that next. With this being the 10th anniversary of John Denver’s death, it will be a very special time in Aspen and there is great potential for an exciting series of events and programs and music. You can see the current schedule on the World Family of JD page at Our main focus will be the Windstar Celebration Sunday, October 14 at the Windstar Land. We are making a call for volunteers now and will take suggestions for assignments that you want to lead or help out with. The format will be a bit different than past years. Rather than have continuous music throughout the day, we are planning to have some guest speakers, local groups present and if anyone remembers the Earthbeat Choir, a strong performance of kids led by Karen D’Atillo from the first Aspen in October week in 1998, we hope to invite them too. Perhaps there will be some surprises, but plan for a great day to celebrate Windstar and observe the 10th year since John died. You can see more about that on the Windstar website as well. LETTER DAY 2007 Georgetown, CO Saturday (and maybe Sunday) November 24 Well, last year exceeded our expectations with a very well organized day by our own Linda Edmondson who got the entire town of Georgetown in on this annual day. Celebrating John’s 1986 movie, The Christmas Gift, Linda led a plan to get many of the town’s businesses and town folk involved in last year’s Letter Day. And it included getting the Busy Bee Cab owners to town with the restored cab itself. It was truly a wonderful day and even 9News in Denver came out and did a story (shameless plug, I know). You can see that story at this link: Linda will lead the day’s events again and has put together a fine proposal for the day already, 9 months early. It involves filling as many of the cubicles in Strousse Park as possible with like-minded groups who will look to meet the public and join in the day’s…and night’s festivities. Guess you could say the movie turns into adult this year as we celebrate the 21st year of The Christmas Gift. We’ll of course, look for more volunteers as the plans progress. And yes, we’ll try to get the Busy Bee Cab back this year. You can see some pictures on our own website at WRAPUP The Windstar Colorado Connection has gone through a period of change and positive growth recently and many lessons have come from this change. As we grow our annual programs, new people always seem to step up and join in helping out. For that reason, we are looking at expanding the Board to provide leadership from those who have the time and energy to do so. During Saturday’s meeting, two familiar people stepped forward with interest in joining the Board and once we have talked to them more, we’ll put their names out for a consensus of our members. The WCC is, as I’ve always said, not a huge organization like some of the title environmental groups you always hear about globally or even nationally. We just try to do what we can in our own little corner of the world. I hope those reading this realize we are always open to new ideas, feedback about the programs and projects that make up our annual calendar and always what you would like to do to help out. It is a group effort and will always be. You make the Colorado Connection a success, so let’s all make 2007 the best year yet! Submitted By: Dreux DeMack WCC Secretary/Treasurer Sunday, February 25, 2007

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