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					                                                REQUEST FOR MAINTENANCE LOG
Number Requested                                                                               Assigned
Assigned By               Description of Job                            Location Date          To         Status    Date
  000157 R. Glahn         Repair/replace wheel on exercise bike         FC        11/13/2009      Lee      Complete 12/8/2009
  000158 R. Glahn         Check lights in favor                         FC                        Lee      Complete
  000159 B. Leppert       Install First Aid Kit                         LMC       11/14/2009      Lee      Complete 11/19/2009
  000160 ASPC             Paint various areas in Student Center         SC        11/19/2009      Tim
  000161 J. Wiens         Bring Christmas tree to AC lobby              AC101     11/24/2009      Lee     Complete 11/24/2009
  000162 M. Coleman       check leek on hose of capachino machine       SC        11/24/2009      Tim
  000163 R. Viotto        change electrical plug to overhead            SM102     11/30/2009      Lee
  000164 C. Bodine        Open vents to AC/Heat in office               BO        11/30/2009      Joe     Complete 12/3/2009
  000165 J. Fallert       check noise & rattle in light fixture         AC109     11/18/2009      Lee     Complete 11/24/2009
  000166 R. Goode         Remove center bubls from ceiling fixture      SM125      12/9/2009      Lee
  000167 R. Goode         Screws are loose and falling                  SM125      12/9/2009      Lee
  000168 C. Moorehead     Pickup glass display from store/remove old    BS         12/9/2009   Lee/Tim
  000169 D. Chamberlain   check latch on cabinets and 2 safety lights   DR/FA      1/13/2010      Tim     Complete
  000170 C. Bodine        Move file boxes to Foundation                 BO        12/10/2009      Joe     Complete 1/28/2010
  000171 J. Ortega        6 Boxes of paper to Financial Aid             FA        12/17/2009    John S    Complete 12/17/2009
                                             REQUEST FOR MAINTENANCE LOG
Number Requested                                                                                               Assigned
Assigned By             Description of Job                                         Location       Date         To          Status
  000172 P. Childress   install keyboard mount                                     AC101           1/13/2010      Lee       Complete
  000173 P. Childress   Mount whiteboard in Bill's office                          AC101           1/15/2010      Lee       Complete
  000174 R. Velasco     8 boxes of paper                                           St. Serv        1/15/2010      Joe       Complete
  000175 R. Glahn       Install coat rack                                          FC              1/15/2010      Lee       Complete
  000176 L. Barker      Key for Lorie                                              L448             2/3/2010      Lee       Complete
  000177 P. Childress   8 boxes of paper                                           AC101            2/4/2010      Joe
  000178 V. Lombardi    Lorrie Rogers phone line                                   HC2044           2/5/2010      Lee
  000179 L. Barker      Remove section bench to east lobby                         LB              2/18/2010     John s    Complete
  000180 D. Marine      trouble shoot scoreboard, assemble batting cage/L-screen   BB Field        2/16/2010     Carlos
  000181 C. Bodine      Assemble Chair                                             BO              2/16/2010      Joe      Complete
  000182 R. Glahn       repair rowing machine/elliptical                           FC              2/17/2010      Lee      Complete
  000183 T. Hayes       Move employee of the year sign needs to be moved                           2/23/2010   Lee/Tim     Complete
  000184 J. Fairless    Light out above door in lobby                              B.O.            2/18/2010   J. Wright   Complete
  000185 D. Marine      Cover bull pen mounds & plates                             B Field         2/25/2010     Carlos    Complete
  000186 R. Glahn       check drivebelt on Star Trac/Man. Recall                   FC              2/25/2010      Lee      Complete
  000188 R. Velasco     8 boxes of paper                                           St. Serv        2/25/2010     Joe       Complete
  000189 M. Hart        check light and repair                                     DRC              3/1/2010     Lee       Complete
  000190 V. Dugan       Assemble socknet fram and replace torn                     S. Field         3/1/2010    Carlos     Complete
  000191 V. Dugan       Check roof for leak                                        Wt Room          3/1/2010     Lee
  000192 D. Williams    check knob on upright bicycle                              FC               3/1/2010     Lee
  000193 K. Gifford     Set-up office for D. Castro/ Phoneline                     AC116            3/9/2010     Lee       Complete
  000194 C. Bodine      Replace chair cylinder                                     B.O.            3/19/2010   Joe/Lee     Complete
  000195 J. Ortega      6 Boxes of paper/ Replace light bulb                       FA              3/19/2010     Joe       Complete
  000196 V. Gurrola     Clear out item in room                                     S. C            3/22/2010     Lee       Complete
  000197 C. Brown       Keyboard installation                                      Pres. Office    3/22/2010   Lee/Tim     Complete
000198 T. Hayes          check sink faucet and stale latch         HC office   3/11/2010     Lee     Complete
000199 A. Roberson       Take boxes #43 to storage                 HR          3/16/2010     Joe     Complete
000200   K. Gifford      check light balast                        AC126       3/24/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000201   R. Glahn        Repair seat adjustment on Arm Bike        FC          3/26/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000202   R. Leppert      Replace tire block                        PL           3/3/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000203   C. Bodine       3 boxes of paper                          B. O.       3/31/2010     Joe     Complete
000204   R. Velasco      8 boxes of paper                          St. Serv     4/5/2010     Joe     Complete
000205   L. Barker       check phone at circulation desk message   LB          4/13/2010     Lee     Complete
000206   M. Roman        Replace wall plug (A. Carranza's)         AC126       4/13/2010     Lee     Complete
000208   T. Bethurum     4 boxes of paper                          B.O.        4/15/2010     Joe    Complete
000209   R. Glahn        check doors                               FC          4/20/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000210   K. Ball         Check temp AC unit                        CDC          5/3/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000211   M. Brownfield   Install cup dispenser                     WC          4/29/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000212   R. Glahn        Check drive belt on elliptical trainer    FC          4/30/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000213   S. Huckabay     Move equipment and furniture              B.O.         5/4/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000214   J. Ortega       Replace 2 florecent light tables          FA           5/4/2010     Joe    Complete
000215   P. Childress    Check lights                              AC101       5/17/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000216   M. Hart         Put up shelves/unlock door                AC115       5/19/2010   Lee/Tim Complete
000218   K. Ball         check off campus day care for termites    CDC                   Lee/Tim     Complete
000219   C. Bodine       Remove non-working refrigerator           B.O.         6/8/2010 John W      Complete
000220   M. Hart         hang bulletin board                       AC115        6/8/2010   Tim       Complete
000221   K. Bishop       Replace
000222   R. Viotto       Check lights in Graphics area             TI          6/14/2010   Lee       Complete
000223   D. Kavern       Check screen on rowing machine (3)        FC          6/15/2010   Lee       Complete
000224   R. Viotto       Replace plug on overhead projector        SM101B      6/16/2010   Lee       Complete
000225   M. Coleman      Repair Booster to dishwasher              SC          6/16/2010 Lee/Tim     Complete
000226   R. Viotto       4 boxes of paper                          FA          6/21/2010   Joe       Complete
000227   V. Gurrola      Removing item from A&R                    AR          6/22/2010 Lee/Tim     Complete
000228   K. Knutson      Remove file cabinets/typewriters          AC121       6/30/2010   Joe       Complete
000229   K. Knutson      Hang brochure holder                      PT3         6/10/2010   Lee       Complete
000230   L. Barker       make key for L447                         LB           7/6/2010   Lee       Complete
000231   K. Gifford      Move furniture for carpeting              AC           7/8/2010   Lee
000232   D. Cabrera      Move furniture in EOPS area               AC121        7/9/2010
000233   K. Gifford      Hook up Miles' phone                      AC126       7/15/2010   Lee       Complete
000234   K. Ball       Check lights in storage room #40 & #41    CDC            7/16/2010   Joe/Lee   Complete
000235   M. Coleman    Check lightsin cafeteria/kitchen area     SC             7/19/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000236   M. Hart       Exchange phone                            DRC            7/20/2010     Lee     Complete
000237   K. Gifford    Replace panels to expand counseling       AC126          7/22/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000238   L. Guillen    Move whiteboard to north wall             HC2031         7/28/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000239   N. Macias     Remove Desk/Replace with smaller          AC126           8/6/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000240   K. Gifford    Phone for Norma Macias ext.2237           AC126          8/17/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000241   B. Davis      Assemble new weight rack/weights          GYM            8/17/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000242   K. Gifford    8 boxes of paper                          AC126          8/19/2010     Joe     Complete
000243   M. Hart       table added to SM125 accessibility        SM125          8/23/2010     Joe     Complete
000244   R. Viotto     Hang Key case on wall                     LRC507         8/24/2010     Lee     Complete
000245   K. Gifford    Paint AC121; Remove plaque; unlock door   AC121          8/25/2010   Lee/Tim
000246   M. Black      5 moving boxes; moved to LRC 529          LRC529         8/26/2010     Joe     Complete
000247   A. Ecung      Key for C. Whitfield/Phone                LRC525         8/25/2010     Lee     Complete
000248   J. Ortega     4 boxes of paper                          FA             8/30/2010     Joe      8/30/2010
000249   C. Brown      Check restroom in President's office      Pres. Office   8/31/2010     Tim     Complete
000250   M. Hart       boxes of backpacks                        DRC            8/31/2010     Joe     Complete
000251   M. Hart       Check phone in 1st office not working     DRC            8/31/2010     Lee     Complete
000252   R. Morgan     3 boxes of paper                          HC             8/31/2010     Joe     Complete
000253   L. Baker      Remove arm Pivot                          LB             8/30/2010     Lee     Complete
000254   L. Baker      Vacuum L437                               L437            9/1/2010     Joe     Complete
000255   A. Goebel     Check lights Athletic Training room       GYM             9/1/2010     Joe     Complete
000256   B. Davis      Move ext. to new office                   FC              9/2/2010     Lee     Complete
000257   L. Baker      Clean filter on book exit                 LB              9/2/2010     Phil    Complete
000258   V. Gurrola    Move cabinet                              AR              9/8/2010     Lee     Complete
000261   D. Hensley    Remove drop-down                          CA20        9/9/2010    Lee
000262   D. Bezayiff   Replace Chalkboard with whiteboard        SM101A/121 8/30/2010
000263   R. Glahn      Repair extention                          FC                                   Complete
000264   R. Glahn      Clean coach's locker room                 FC                   Joe             Complete
000268   R. Morgan     deliver copy paper                        Graphics       9/16/2010 Joe         Complete
000269   B. Ward       Check phone and check cabinets            HC2043         9/16/2010 Lee         Complete
000270   J. Kiser       Remove Gras from catcher's area                                         B Field     9/20/2010   Carlos    Complete
000271   J. Kiser       Add top bar to frame bull pen                                           B Field     9/20/2010   Carlos    Complete
000272   J. Kiser       Bolt on tire to pole                                                    B Field     9/20/2010   Carlos    Complete
000273   A. Messchart   Place a podium                                                          Lib 449     9/21/2010
000274   A. Messchart   Place clock                                                             Lib 449     9/21/2010
000275   R. Morgan      Spray for black widows                                                  Graphics    9/29/2010   Alex      Complete
000276   V. Dugan       check door on women's locker room                                       GYM         9/30/2010   Lee
000277   ASPC           lights in game room and office                                          SC          10/5/2010   Lee/Joe
000278   T. Brown       Reinstall name board, bookshelves                                       CT1310A                 Tim       Complete
000279   J. Thompson    check lights 50% of lights are out                                      CA-4       11/30/2010   Lee/Tim   Complete
000280   J. Word        Install two wall pockets in M & O office                                MO2         12/1/2010   Tim       Complete
000281   J. Word        Repair/Replace broken window on the FA building                         FA          12/1/2010   Tim       Complete
000282   C. Vanni       Install 3 new paper towel dispensers SM lab                             SM         12/10/2010   Lee       Complete
000283   C. Vanni       Connect a hazardous storage cabinet to the existing exhaust vent system SM         12/10/2010   Lee       Complete
000284   J. Fallert     Close vents over desk to stop cold air from blowing                     AC         12/15/2010   Lee       Complete
000285   J. Word                                                                                LRC
                        Inspect for options to connect the canopy lights A)EMS system B)photo cell         12/15/2010   Lee       Complete
000286   R. Hess        Unlock back door to student services/remove motion sensor               AC125      12/15/2010   Lee       Complete
Date         Notes/Comments

 2/17/2010 Bench was moved to east


  3/1/2010 2 New ballasts

3/29/2010 replaced 2

4/14/2010 need to set-up voice mail account through help desk
4/14/2010 data plug techs notified

 5/4/2010 Joe completed



            need to sign out keys
            needs to be organized undecided Pending

8/30/2010 M. Black to call when she is ready to move.
8/26/2010 1 key given and signed out


            See notes on original
            See email attachment with original

             see attached email to original
             see attached email to original

12/13/2010 new ballasts and bulbs

01/26/211 Replaced hardware
                                                                                                                                             REQUEST FOR MAINTENANCE LOG

 NUMBER      REQUESTED                                                                                                        REQUESTED Assigned                    DATE
Assigned            BY                              DESCRIPTION of JOB                                             LOCATION     DATE      TO                StatusCOMPLETED Notes/Comments
    000287   K. Wright       Remove electric bed from skills lab to storage                                     HC2011            1/5/2011                                     On hold; see email attached
    000288   B. Garcia       Pick up a broken typewritter for disposal                                          AC126             1/6/2011      Tasha    Complete    1/10/2011 placed in vehicle storage w/other e-waste items
    000289   B. Henry        install flat screen in the information desk                                        AC               1/10/2011    Tim/Tasha Complete
    000290   R. Morgan       Move telephone line                                                                LRC507           1/10/2011       Lee     Complete    1/10/2011
    000291   C. Bodine       Shredder is making a "growling squeak"                                             BO               1/12/2011       Lee     Complete    1/13/2011 Cleaned, adjusted, lubed 1 1/2 hours
    000292   A. Beheler      Move Judy into Bill's old office                                                   AC101            1/11/2011     Lee/Tim   Complete    1/11/2011
    000293   C. Craig        Make key for new graphic tech                                                      TI               1/11/2011       Lee     Complete    1/13/2011 Done key for Dolores Meurer sign out
    000294   P. Childress    1) move 2 file cabinets from AC102 to LRC                                          AC102            1/12/2011      Tasha    Complete              Labeled boxes in storage with 1. name and ext. 2. date moved into storage.
    000294   P. Childress    2) move several boxes from AC102 to storage                                        AC102            1/12/2011      Tasha    Complete
    000294   P. Childress    3) move several boxes from AC102 to LRC                                            AC102            1/12/2011      Tasha    Complete
    000295   J. Word         update stickers on career tech building                                            campus           1/13/2011       Tim     Complete
    000296   D. Berry        Make a new sign and install 10 3/4 h x 16 3/4 w                                    CT               1/14/2011       Lee     Complete    1/18/2011
    000297   D. Meurer       3 boxes of paper                                                                   HC2072           1/13/2011       Joe     Complete    1/13/2011
    000298   B. Henry        issue key to Patrick Chan                                                          L433             1/13/2010       Lee     Complete    1/13/2011 Key issued and sign out
    000299   A. Beheler      Move whiteboard to front of room                                                   AC119            1/14/2011     Lee/Tim   Complete    1/18/2011
    000300   C. Vanni        Mount bulletin board                                                               SM221            1/19/2011    Tim/Tasha Complete     1/19/2011
    000301   C. Vanni        Secure compressed gas cylinders and resin tanks                                    SM221            1/19/2011       Lee     Complete    1/20/2011
    000302   V. Trueblood    Light flickering please check lights                                               AC120            1/19/2011       Lee     Complete    1/21/2011 Changed Ballast 9-bulbs
    000303   Tim             Replace light bulb 2 fixture covers                                                FA Men's         1/19/2011       Tim     Complete    1/20/2011
    000304   Tim             Replace damaged paper towel, soap, toilet paper, and seat cover dispensers.        FA Men's         1/19/2011       Tim     Complete    1/19/2011
    000305   Tasha           Remove graffiti off stalls 1 and 2                                                 AC RR            1/18/2011      Arnie    Complete    1/22/2011
    000306   Tim             Repair vacuum breaker urinal                                                       FA Men's         1/19/2011       Tim     Complete    1/19/2011
    000307   Tasha           Toilet leaking in stall #1 at handle                                               AC WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha    Complete    1/25/2011 Replaced handle cartidges leaking stopped
    000308   Tasha           Stall #1, #2 toilets leaking at sills; Stall #3 toilet leaking at shut off valve   AC WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha    Complete    1/21/2011 Removed # toilet install new move ring cartidge and handle parts all leaks stopped
    000309   Tasha           Replace can light bubls and flourescent bulb                                       SM WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha    Complete    1/24/2011
    000310   Tasha           Replace chalking at top of sink to wall                                            SM WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha    Complete    1/24/2011
    000311   Tasha           Toilet leaking in restroom at catridge                                             SM WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/24/2011
    000312   Tasha           Replace can light bulb                                                             SM WRR           1/19/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/24/2011 removed broken bulb replace with new
    000313   M. Brownfield   Check light bulbs above desk and change water bottle                               WC               1/20/2011       Lee    Complete               1 ballast 4 bulbs
    000314   R. Velasco      8 boxes of paper                                                                   AC126            1/24/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/24/2011 put in student services copy room
    000315   Tasha           replace stall #2 handle                                                            FA WR            1/21/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/25/2011 Replaced cartidge in handle
    000316   Tasha           Toilet leaking in stall #1 and #3                                                  SC WR            1/21/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/25/2011 installed new cartidges and orings on both toilets
    000317   Tasha           graffitti on toilet seat cover holder stall#2                                      FA WR            1/21/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/25/2011 replaced holder
    000318   Tasha           Water valve for hose leaking (safety hazard wet floor)                             FA WR            1/21/2011      Tasha   Complete               Retightened valve stopped leak
    000319   J. Fallert      classroom needs 5 more chairs 40 students enrolled - only 35 chairs                CT1304           1/21/2011       Tim    Complete     1/21/2011 room CT1303
    000320   M. Hart         2 boxes of backpacks                                                               AC115            1/19/2011       Tim    Complete     1/19/2011
    000321   Tasha           chrome cover plate in stall#2 for clean out                                        FA WR            1/21/2011      Tasha   Complete     1/26/2011
    000322   P. Childress    Pick up boxes from LRC509 and put in storage; Fix locks on file cabinets           LRC              1/21/2011       Lee    Complete     1/26/2011 owner's name and date put on boxes
    000323   Tasha           Tile above and below mirror to be cleaned remove tape                              SC WR            1/21/2011      Arnie   Complete     1/28/2011 cleaned and removed all tape
    000324   Tasha           Clean A/C register                                                                 FA WR            1/21/2011      Arnie   Complete     1/22/2011 Does not need paint cleaned
    000325   Tasha           Clean 2 A/C register above stalls 1 vent above sink                                LIB WR           1/21/2011      Arnie   Complete     1/28/2011 Cleaned both men's and women's A/C registers and vents.
000326   C. Craig       Move Canon IR3300 copier from storage to self service area in Graphics                TI           1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/26/2011   moved copier/Tim and Lee
000327   Tasha          Toilet in stall #2 leaking at spud                                                    LRC WR       1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/26/2011   replaced spud vaccum breaker and oring. No leaks all seals new
000328   Tasha                                                                                                LIB
                        Replace cartidge stall #3, 4, and 5 in toilets; stall #5 toilet possible spud replacement WR       1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/26/2011   Replace orings and vaccum breakers all 3 toilets leaks have stopped.
000329   C. Whitfield   Automatic door tries to open every couple of minutes please check                     LRC503       1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/21/2011   Lee adjusted knobs in control panel
000330   M. Carley      Move office and phone will need a bookself from AC116 to AC109                        AC109        1/21/2011    Lee     Complete   1/24/2011   Tues morning 25th.
000331   Tasha                                                                                                LK Rm WR
                        Replace 2 lights bulbs (florescent) install new cover clean florescent light cover above sink      1/20/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/20/2011   Replaced 2 lights fixtures entirely with bulbs and cover panels
000332   Tasha          Replace 1 can light bulb aboce sink #1                                                LIB WR       1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/24/2011   Replace 2 can light bulbs
000333   Tasha          Remove old soap dispencer bracket                                                     LK Rm WR     1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/24/2011   removed and cleaned area of tile
000334   Tasha          Install foam covers on sink ! & 2 cold valves                                         GYM WR       1/21/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/24/2011   nothing to correct cold valves not need to be covered everything else up to code
000335   Tasha          Toilet leaking stall #1 (needs immediate attention)                                   LK Rm WR     1/20/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/20/2011   Replaced complete swan valve inner parts and escutcher piping no more leaks
000336   Tasha          Clean A/C registers above stalls                                                      LRC WR       1/21/2011   Arnie    Complete   1/28/2011   Cleaned both men's and women's A/C registers and vents.
000337   C. Brown       Check for broken irrigation pipe tennis court has standing water                      T Courts     1/21/2011   Carlos   Complete
000338   V. Dugan       Put up memorial sign on softball fence                                                SB           1/24/2011 Carlos/Tim Complete               Memorial scheduled for 1/27 sign will need to be taken down after season
000339   J. Word        Repair gate by football field                                                         Stadim       1/24/2011   Carlos   Complete
000340   M. Coleman     Drain over-flowing                                                                    SC           1/27/2011    Tim     Complete   1/24/2011
000341   J. Thompson    Lights in office were working in AM but will not work now                             CA10         1/24/2011    Tim     Complete   1/24/2011
000342   J. Word        Remove brokenn tires stops by vehicle storage area; adjust tire stops                 M&O          1/24/2011   Carlos   Complete   1/25/2011
000343   D. Meurer      4 boxes of copy paper                                                                 LIB          1/25/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/25/2011
000344   K. Ball        Children'a toilet needs to be fixed in classroom                                      CDC RM42     1/25/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/25/2011 shortened chain on handle to allow for stronger initial flush
000345   V. Trueblood   3 boxes of paper                                                                      LRC          1/25/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/25/2011
000346   Tasha          Remove graffiti on handicap sign left of south GYM door                               GYM          1/25/2011   Tasha    Complete   1/25/2011 Removed graffitti entirely
000347   D. Meurer      Graphics Restroom is in need of toilet paper                                          TI           1/31/2011    Joe     Complete   1/31/2011 Refilled paper/soap
000348   J. Word        Prep and paint handrail at HC restroom building using existing color                  HC RR         2/1/2011    Tim
000349   J. Word        Patch and paint interior of classroom                                                 AC107         2/1/2011    Tim
000350   J. Word        patch hole in wall by sink                                                            HC MR         2/1/2011    Tim
000351   J. Word        Replace burnout light                                                                 AC 107        2/1/2011   Tasha
000352   P. Childress   Move empty file cabinet from LRC 509 into storage                                     LRC           2/1/2011    Tim     Complete
000353   P. Chan        Move one bookcase 17 boxes from AC116 to L433                                         LRC433       1/26/2011    Tim     Complete   2/15/2011 Replaced 4 ballasts
000354   J. Kiser       Already talked to Carlos about raise base pegs                                        BF           1/31/2011   Carlos
000355   J. Kiser       Fix leaking quick cuplar between 1st and 2nd base                                     BF           1/31/2011   Carlos   Complete               Carloas/Todd
000356   J. Kiser       Check scoreboard and sound system overall pre check before we open up nxt week        BF           1/31/2011  Lee/Tim Complete      2/1/2011   Sound sys no good will use ASB's per Eric Mendoza
000357   N. Macias      Install 2 shelves in office                                                           AC126        1/31/2011   Tasha    complete    2/1/2011   Used existing shelves from copy room.
000358   Tasha          Replace 4 lights bulbs (florescent) 4100                                              HC WR         2/1/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/1/2011   replaced 4
000359   D. Meurer      1 Box of copy paper                                                                   LRC           2/1/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/1/2011
000360   Tim            Toilet #1 rebuild handle tighten/replace seat reseal toilet to wall                   GYM LBY Mr   1/25/2011    Tim     Complete   1/25/2011
000361   Tim            Sinnk #2 Repair faucet check p-trap all sinks                                         GYM LBY Mr   1/25/2011    Tim     Complete   1/26/2011
000362   J. Word                                                                                              M&O
                        Prep/Secure and forklift 4-55 gal drums of pool acid onto frieght truck for delivery to BC         1/31/2011  Lee/Tim Complete      2/1/2011
000363   J. Word        Replace burnout light                                                                 AC107         2/1/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/2/2011   Replaced ballast on security light replaced 8 light bulbs.
000364   Tasha          replace vaccum breakers on stall 1, 2, and 3 and orings                               HC WR         2/1/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/2/2011   replaced all 3 breakers and 3 orings all leaks stopped
000365   Tasha                                                                                                W
                        Replace ballast in security light fixture clean light fixture in front of GYM entery doorLk Rm      2/2/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/2/2011   Replaced ballast changed 4 bulbs cleaned both light fixtures.
000366   S. Regier      Cockroaches in AC119                                                                  AC119        1/21/2011    Alex    Complete   1/29/2011   Orkin came out and sprayed inside of building (see original notes).
000367   M. Hart        Change ext & voicemail from 2215 to 2299. Need longer phone cord.                     AC101         2/2/2011    Lee     Complete    2/2/2011
000368   Tasha          clean 4 AC registers                                                                  CWR          1/19/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/3/2011
000369   Phil           Fix Cust. Car                                                                         M&O           2/3/2011    Lee     Complete    2/4/2011   New Plugs rewired
000370   Tasha          Replace ballast above stall #1                                                        CWR           2/3/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/3/2011
000371   L. Rogers      5 bedside tables (HC2044) and 4 (skills lab) need to be assembled                     HC            2/2/2011   Tasha    Complete    2/3/2011   Assembled 5 tables placed in CT1302
000372   Tim            Replace 2 ballasts                                                                    SCMRR         2/3/2011    Tim     Complete    2/3/2011
000373   J. Entz        Wooden screen/panel between urinal and sink needs to be replaced                      FAMR         12/7/2010    Tim     Complete    2/2/2011
000374   K. Behrens     Move equipment that is labled "storage" to storage                                    HC2075        2/7/2010 Lee/Tasha Complete     2/8/2011
000375   K. Behrens     Shampoo Carpet                                                                        HC2075        2/7/2011 Arnie/Phil Complete    2/8/2011
000376   K. Behrens     Clean Trash Can                                                                       HC2075        2/7/2011   Arnie    Complete    2/9/2011
000377   K. Behrens     Move Desk from HC2074 to HC2075                                                HC2075                     2/7/2011 Lee/Tasha Complete        2/9/2011   Also moved copier
000378   D. Meurer      4 boxes of copy paper                                                          FA                         2/8/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/8/2011
000379   K. Gifford     Check scoreboard.                                                              BB Field                   2/8/2011      Lee      Complete    2/7/2011   Fixed plug and rewired
000380   A. Goebel      Cart does not work.                                                            Athletic                   2/7/2011      Lee      Complete    2/7/2011   Fixed Switch
000381   B. Davis       Add 4 safety emergency maps to fitness center                                  FC                         2/8/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/8/2011   adde 4 maps at exit doors
000382   CDC            Replace inside tank parts to allow flushing/repair kitchen sink handle         #42/40                     2/8/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/8/2011
000383   D. Meurer      2 boxes of 11x 17 delivered                                                    LIB                        2/9/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/9/2011   Delivered
000384   M. Coleman     Broke lock on file cabinet                                                     SC                         2/9/2011      Lee      Complete    2/9/2011
000385   Tasha          Replace light bulb in Student Services replaced 1 ballast                      AC126                      2/8/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/8/2011   Replaced ballast and light bulbs
000386   Tasha          Clean exhaust fan                                                              HC WR                      2/1/2011      Phil     Complete    2/8/2011
000387   D. Meurer      move boxes from pallet in graphic's Ctrain to paper room                       IT                        2/14/2011      Tim      Complete   2/16/2011
000388   C. Vanni       Install spill containment device and/or drain for D1 water tanks               SM221A                    2/15/2011    Lee/Tim Complete      2/11/2011   Tasha - 1 table not assembled rod missing 3 completed
000389   R. Morgan      Move telephone line                                                            LRC507                    2/15/2011      Lee      Complete   1/10/2011
000390   L. Barker      Please locate and give library staff the keys to the cupboards.                LIB                       2/15/2011      Lee      Complete   2/17/2011
000391   J. Word        check lights in room                                                           AC119/120                 2/16/2011    Tim/Lee Complete      2/17/2011   AC120 changed from 3000 Bulbs to 4100. AC119 Replaced 2 ballasts
000392   J. Keele       Remove broken large screen in the front of the forum                           SM102                     2/16/2011
000393   J. Keele       Remove stacks of broken chairs in the back of the forum                        SM102                     2/16/2011
000394   J. Word        Measure dimensions of all transformers                                         Campus                    2/24/2011      Lee      Complete   2/25/2011
000395   R. Childress   Replace damaged handicapp parking bumper                                       Parking lot               2/24/2011      Tim      Complete   2/24/2011
000396   T. Haynes      Assemble Detecto Scale.                                                        HC                        2/23/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/25/2011
000397   R. Viotto      Please have the video projector pole moved                                     SM220                     2/28/2011
000398   J. Word        Repair picnic table @ smoking area between M & O and IT                                                   3/1/2011      Tim
000399   J. Word        Install illumatating EXIT signs indicating the way out of the basement         SC Basement               2/28/2011      Tim      Complete    5/2/2011
000400   P. Duncan      Requesting a 35 gallon trash can to place outside ASPC office.                 SC                         3/1/2011
000401   Tasha          3 sinks are leaking at supply lines                                            AC WRR                    1/18/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/25/2011 6 supply lines resealed remounted 3 sinks resealed remounted 3 faucets reinstalled and sealed 3 p-traps
000402   Tasha          install toilet tank cover stall #3                                             GYM WR                    1/21/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/24/2011 installed
000403   L. Rogers      Bedside tables for SM lab & Skills lab                                         HC2041                  11/24/2011       Lee      Complete
000404   C. Craig       Install strut support hardware and run one electrical outlet                   CA2                       1/20/2011 Lee/Tim/Tasha Complete   2/28/2011
000405   J. Word        Extend power outlet on wall to the sound suppression system                    LIB                       1/13/2011      Lee      Complete   1/15/2011
000406   Arnie          Repair door to college nurse area                                              SM                        2/15/2011      Lee      Complete   2/15/2011
000407   Tasha          Remove toilet to unclog                                                        AC WRR                    2/11/2011     Tasha     complete   2/11/2011   Replaced cartidge, waxring, o-ring. Toilet was clogged at drain in floor removed deris reinstalled toilet.
000408   A. Goebel      Sink clogged                                                                   GYM                       2/11/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/11/2011   Unclogged drain
000409   R. Childress   Replace burned out building exterior light and parking lot lights              Parking lot               1/24/2011 Lee/ Tim Complete        2/12/2011   Started on 1/25, see attached map on original
000410   J. Wright      Men's urinal overflowing #                                                     AC MRR                    2/10/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/10/2011   changed out handle and diaphram
000411   Tasha          Toilet not flushing #3                                                         AC WRR                    2/10/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/10/2011   checked Seals & Diphram, plunged toilet and working properly.
000412   Tasha          Replace 8 light bulbs                                                          A/R                       2/10/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/10/2011   Replaced bulbs
000413   Tasha          Clean AC register paint as needed                                              AC WRR                    1/18/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/10/2011   Cleaned both registers and surrounding walls
000414   L. Rogers      Floors cleaned on a weekly schedule (increase use)                             HC                        2/10/2011      Phil     Complete   2/10/2011   Phil to increase schedule for service
000415   J. Word        Check lights on tennis courts, chain on gates to tight                         Tennis CRT                1/21/2011      Lee      Complete    2/8/2011
000416   R. Viotto      Remove mointors and VHS taken down in AC 105,106,107,117,118,119,120 AC                                12/15/2010 Tim/Tasha Complete         1/6/2011   removed all and put in storage
000417   Tasha          Clean and repaint ac register above stall#2 clean register at entry            AC WRR                    1/21/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/9/2011
000418   Tasha          replace 1 ballast in AC building Student Services                              SS                         2/8/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/9/2011   Replaced ballast and 4 bulbs
000419   K. Ball        Kitchen faucet has a constant drip                                             CDC RM40                  1/25/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/8/2011   Retightened valve stopped leak
000420   D. Thompson    1 Box of copy paper                                                            AC101                      2/9/2011     Tasha     Complete    2/9/2011
000421   B. Kidder      Change out the vaulves on the west greenhouse                                  GH                        1/13/2011 Carlos/Todd Complete
000422   B. Kidder      cut cactus all the way back scrape and level groung around greenhouse          GH                        12/1/2010     Carlos    Complete
000423   D. Berry       Install new AED in front hall to fitness center; another to Anja               FC                        2/17/2011      Lee      Complete               Gave log sheet to Anja and Bret; installed and issued. (emailed attached)
000424   D. Berry       update the safety and emergency campus maps in cafeteria and throught campusSC/Campus                    2/20/2011     Tasha     Complete   2/24/2011   See original for buildings completed
000425   Tasha          Repair/Replace bathroom sign left of sink #1                                   AC WRR                    1/21/2011     Tasha     Complete    3/2/2011   Removed old wood, mud, textured and repainted
000426   Tasha          Drywall repair above left sink next to canister light                          AC WRR                    1/21/2011     Tasha     Complete    3/2/2011   3/1-patched holes, 3/2-sand and texture, sand and killz and paint
000427   Tasha          Sink left handle peeling off finish and on faucet of sink #2 on right          AC WRR                    1/18/2011     Tasha     Complete    3/2/2011   Replaced hardware
000428   Tasha                                                                                         FA WR
                        Sink #2 request for replacement corruded and tarnished, no airator causing a mess with the flow of water 1/21/2011     Tasha     Complete    3/2/2011   Cleaned up faucet and installed aerator.
000429   J. Word        Repair/Patch roof leak                                                         Theater                    3/7/2011      Tim      Complete    3/7/2011   Cleaned area that needs to be patched applied sealant.
000430   Tasha          Toilet #2 leaking at spud                                                      CT WR                      3/3/2011     Tasha     Complete    3/3/2011   retightened seals at spud.
000431   J. Wright       Reinstall soap dispenser pulling off of wall                                       AC WRR         3/2/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/3/2011   Remounted
000432   M. Brownfield   check bottom drawer of large file cabinet - difficult to close all the way         Nursing        3/7/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/8/2011   completed by Tim
000433   J. Word         Box up old light lubes for recycle pick-up by 2pm                                  M&O            3/7/2011     Lee       Complete    3/9/2011
000434   D. Meurer       2 boxes copier paper                                                               AC110          3/9/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/9/2011
000435   R. Childress    Add wording to visitor sign "no students"                                          AC Parking     3/9/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/11/2011   Home Depot 1'' black, Peel and Stick letters installed
000436   R. Childress    Put new signs approx 18'' sq reading "bus parking only"                            Stadim         3/9/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/10/2011   Had 2 on hand Run OK 2 signs only hung on fence
000437   R. Childress    Security cart dies/looses all power while driving                                  Security       3/9/2011     Lee       Complete   3/10/2011   cleaned all connectors and checked battery voltage
000438   R. Goode        Ballast in the light fixture on the west side of the classroom has a pitch noise   SM 125        3/10/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/15/2011   Replaced ballast and 3 bulbs
000439   D. Meurer       4 boxes of copy paper                                                              BO            3/14/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/15/2011   delivered
000440   D. Meurer       2 boxes of copy paper                                                              LRC           3/14/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/15/2011   delivered
000441   D. Meurer       2 boxes of copy paper                                                              AR            3/15/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/15/2011   delivered
000442   J. Word         Clean drains and screens on roof drain of Library                                  Lib.          3/15/2011   Lee/Tim     Complete   3/15/2011
000443   D. Kavern       Tricep press machine - sticking, not working smoothly                              FC            3/15/2011
000444   D. Kavern       Vertical Bench Press, equalizer exercise machine need "o" ring                     FC            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   6/13/2011 completed by Tasha; confirmed with Bret Davis.
000445   D. Kavern       Upright bicycle Strap on foot pedal broken needs replacement                       FC            3/15/2011
000446   D. Kavern       Stair stepper - pedals stick and catch                                             FC            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   3/15/2011 completed by Tasha
000447   D. Kavern       Clinical upper pro body cycle - makes a popping and grinding noise                 FC            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   3/15/2011 completed by Tasha
000448   D. Kavern       Treadmill #7 - Suddenly stops                                                      FC            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   6/13/2011 completed by Tasha; confirmed with Bret Davis.
000449   D. Kavern       Treadmill #14 - Jumps in speed                                                     FC            3/15/2011
000450   D. Kavern       Upright bicycle - Pedal broke off                                                  FC            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   6/13/2011   completed by Tasha; confirmed with Bret Davis.
000451   D. Meurer       Move pallet of paper into graphics from seatrain                                   Graphics      3/11/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   Delivered
000452   R. Hess         Change light switch from sensor to regular                                         HR            3/15/2011     Lee       Complete   3/16/2011   J. Word instructed not to drill cabinet.
000453   J DeRosa        Cauld refrigeration lines as they penatrate the HVAC cabinet LRC roof              LRC           3/15/2011     Tim       Complete   3/15/2011   new switch
000454   J. Word         Roof leak around roof drain                                                        FC            3/17/2011    Tasha
000455   J. Word         Patch leak at theater stage backwall                                               CA            3/17/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/31/2011 Added more henry's to suspected area of leakage.
000456   J. Word         Clean Roof free of debris patch as required                                        FA            3/17/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/17/2011
000457   R. Viotto       move projector                                                                     SM 220        3/17/2011 Tim/Tasha     complete   3/17/2011
000458   R. Viotto       Mount video projector on ceiling                                                   AC 107        3/18/2011
000459   Tasha           Clean roof and drains; Please report any roof system failures or concerns          LRC           3/17/2011    Tasha
000460   J. Word         Clean roof and drains; Please report any roof system failures or concerns          LRC           3/17/2011 Tasha/Lee     Complete   3/29/2011
000461   J. Word         5 boxes of paper                                                                   LRC           3/21/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/22/2011   Delivered
000462   D. Thompson     Assemble chair                                                                     AC101         3/18/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/22/2011   Assembled Chair
000463   D. Meurer       3 boxes of paper                                                                   Lib           3/22/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/22/2011   Delivered
000464   C. Moorhead     Take misc. items to storage/trash. Display needs to be dismantled.                 BS            3/22/2011 Lee/Tasha     Complete   3/24/2011
000465   J. Brisson      Move table (marked HR) from storage to HR                                          HR            3/23/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   Tabled delivered.
000466   K. Behrens      Window is leaking, water dripping onto window sill                                 HC2079        3/23/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/24/2011   Recaulked w/Henrys
000467   K. Ball         check roof on CDC 41, clean gutter on 40, 41, 42                                   CDC           3/23/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/24/2011   Patched roof w/Henrys. Cleaned all gutters from 406 and debris.
000468   A. Narvaiz      Reattach faceplate for computer line to wall                                       CT1303        3/23/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   Reinstalled
000469   A. Nix          Repair toilet in ship office not flushing                                          MO            3/23/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   Adjusted sensor
000470   D. Meurer       2 boxes of paper                                                                   SM upstairs   3/24/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/29/2011   This might be a duplicate w/o.
000471   G. Wiggins      Urinal # 2 not flushing                                                            AC MRR        3/24/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   Changed handle seal
000472   J. Tanguma      GYM entry custodial room drain pipe cracked leaking                                GYM           3/24/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/29/2011   installed new washer tightened drain line.
000473   J. Tanguma      Sink drain cracked leaking water urinal #3 not flushing                            M LKR         3/24/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/31/2011   Retighted faucet at spout leak stopped; replaced handle on urinal now flushing.
000474   J. Word         Check clean roof patch suspected leaks replace stained c-tiles                     CT building   3/25/2011    Tasha      Complete   4/20/2011   Replaced 11 tiles.
000475   J. Word         Repair floor tile                                                                  CT 1303       3/25/2011    Tasha      Complete   4/19/2011   Removed damaged tile and preped for tile company.
000476   J. Word         Repair floor tile                                                                  CT 1304       3/25/2011    Tasha      Complete   4/19/2011   Removed damaged tile and preped for tile company.
000477   C. Whitfield    unlock the LC door at 9:00am and lock at end of day on 3/28, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15        LRC 503       3/25/2011 Lee/ John W   Complete   4/15/2011
000478   S. Lala-Bell    Check Accessibility button to DRC                                                  AC115         3/22/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/23/2011   battery replaced and lubed controls. Working properly.
000479   K. Behrens      Ceiling leaking water in skills lab                                                HC2011        3/25/2011    Tasha      Complete    4/9/2011   No leaks reinstalled ceiling tile that fell.
000480   K. Behrens      Refrigerator in break room not working                                             HC2001        3/25/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/31/2011   GFI was tripped now working.
000481   D. Meurer       3 boxes of paper                                                                   HC2001         3/8/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/8/2011
000482   J. Word         reattach the "visitor parking" sign                                                Parking lot    3/8/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/8/2011   Reinstalled sign using a washer
000483   Tasha           Replace women's symbol sign on front of door (missing)                             AC WRR        1/18/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/8/2011   Ordered from Grainger and installed.
000484   Phil            2 light fixtures not working check ballast                                         SM 101A        3/2/2011    Tasha      Complete    3/5/2011   Replaced 6 bulbs and 1 ballast
000485   tasha           Replace door handle stall #1 and stall #4                                          GYM WR        1/20/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/10/2011   Installed new handles handicapp compliant
000486   Tasha           Install new latch and handle stall #1                                              LR WR         1/20/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/10/2011   Installed handicapp compliant handle.
000487   Tasha           Replace stall #1 handle 3 stall doors to be cleaned remove tape                    C WR          1/19/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/10/2011   Installed handicapp compliant handle.
000488   Tim             Replace door latches on stalls - FA, Cafeteria, GYM Lobby, RR                                    3/14/2011     Tim       Complete   3/14/2011
000489   J. Wright       Toilet seat stall #1 FA is loose                                                   FA WR         3/10/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/10/2011   Missing 1 bolt replaced bolt tighten seat.
000490   M. Brownfield   change water bottle to heavy                                                       WC            3/15/2011    Tasha      Complete   3/15/2011
000491   J. Word           Powerwash in front of GYM, Paint trim red                                    GYM           3/25/2011      Tim    Complete      5/2/2011
000492   J. Entz           Repair the big screen in the Forum (SM-102)                                  SM 102        3/29/2011   Tasha/Lee Complete     3/29/2011
000493   M. Coleman        Fix leg on dishwasher counter                                                Café          3/29/2011    Tim/Lee  Complete     3/29/2011
000494   J. Word           move cabinet from base of stairs in receiving area                           M&O           3/30/2011      Tim    Complete      4/4/2011
000495   J. Word           Install fire extengisher at the top of stairs                                M&O           3/30/2011      Tim    Complete      4/4/2011
000496   J. Word           Install missing/broken weather proof outlet covers around building           SF Field      3/30/2011      Tim    Complete      4/5/2011
000497   Ruben             Need chemical dispenser installed in cafeteria                               Café          3/30/2011      Tim    Complete      4/5/2011
000498   L. Rogers         Door to HC 2041 stuck hard to open will not close                            HC 2041       3/30/2011   Lee/Tasha Complete     3/30/2011   Replaced Door closer
000499   J. Word           Set clocks in office and shop to match exact time on Annette's computer      M&O           3/30/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/5/2011
000500   D. Meurer         3 boxes of paper                                                             HC            3/31/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/31/2011   Delivered
000501   K. Boriack        Wall mounted pencil sharpened                                                HC2051        3/31/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/9/2011   Resecured pecil sharpener to wall.
000502   Ruben             Running faucet does not shut off                                             CA            3/31/2011      Tim    Complete      4/5/2011
000503   Ruben             Chemical dispencers                                                          FC/CA         3/31/2011      Tim    Complete      4/5/2011
000504   D. Kavern         Repair Star Trac abdominal machine                                           FC             4/4/2011             Complete      6/3/2011   Startrac made repairs.
000505   P. Childress      Mount literature display on wall                                             LRC 509        4/6/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/12/2011   installed display on north wall.
000506   L. Barker         Replace screws in upper shelve/cupboards front "lid"                         LRC413         4/6/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/12/2011   installed 6 screws
000507   M. Brownfield     change bottle water                                                          WC             4/6/2011             Complete
000508   C. Vanni          Move stored furniture from SM211c to Maintenance storage                     SM211C         4/6/2011      Lee    Complete                 Completed by Tasha.
000509   C. Vanni          Assemble new utility carts                                                   SM             4/6/2011    Tim/Lee Complete       4/5/2011
000510   C. Vanni          Install standard large paper towel dispenser                                 SM125          4/6/2011     Tasha   Complete     9/26/2011
000511   J. Word           deliver boxes to Student Services/EOPS                                       AC 126         4/7/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/14/2011
000512   M. Hart           4 boxes of copy paper                                                        AC 101         4/6/2011     Tasha   Complete
000513   J. Word           Clean and clear roof drains/clean roof and remove debries                    SM            4/11/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/13/2011
000514   J. Word           Noisy exhaust fan                                                            SM Roof       4/11/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/15/2011   order new motor & new belt . Installed motor & belt all working properly.
000515   J Word            Patch and paint wall damage                                                  SC RR         4/11/2011     T,T,M   Complete     9/20/2011
000516   C. Vanni          Exchange 28 qrts wastebaskets for 41 qrts.                                   SM upstairs   4/11/2011             Complete      6/1/2011   Researched and forwarded prices to Chris V. for larger cans; to be ordered by Chris V.
000517   J. Word           Replace missing corner guards on risers in forum                             SM Forum       4/8/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/8/2011   installed 4 pcs used contact cement
000518   Alex              Hole in wall in small copy machine office please repair                      TI             4/5/2011      Tim    Complete      4/5/2011
000519   R. Viotto         check screen in conference room. Binding when going up and down.             LIB CR         4/6/2011    Tim/Lee Complete       4/6/2011   had to readjust screen and stops was raised to high
000520   V. Trueblood      phone not working                                                            LRC            4/5/2011      Lee    Complete      4/5/2011
000521   Alex              Check thermostat, needs cover wires are exposed                              CT 1309        4/5/2011   Tasha/Lee Complete      4/5/2011   Removed old thermostat installed cover plate over wires. Rescrewed plate on box.
000522   Resa Hess         Remove form board; install wall pocket on whiteboard                         HR             4/5/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/5/2011   removed form board installed wall pocet w/dbl sided tape installed 2 pictures
000523   Tasha             Clean pit of debris and around pump                                          SC Stairs      4/5/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/5/2011   cleaned debris and webs.
000524   Alex              cover are missing 2 light 1 panels in big copy machine 2 handicapp button    TI             4/5/2011      Lee    Complete      4/5/2011   covers replaced/auto door done (switch was not on)
000525   Alex              Ballots are bad 2 panels                                                     CT1308        3/30/2011    Lee/Tim Complete      3/30/2011   changed ballists
000526   Tasha             Install foam covers on 3 straps and 3 cold valves                            AC            3/29/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/29/2011
000527   J. Wright         Stall #2 seat cover holder broken replace                                    SC WR         3/29/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/29/2011   Installed new holder
000528   J. Entz           Repair Projection screen fell to ground                                      SM 102        3/24/2011   Tasha/Lee Complete     3/25/2011   L-Joy coupling set screw stripped out. Rethread reset working properly.
000529   Tasha             Sink 1 & 2 foam covers on exposed piping hot side and ptraps                 LR WR         1/21/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/29/2011   Cold side does not need them. Installed.
000530   Tasha                                                                                          SC WR
                           Add Foam covers under sink 1 & 2; sink 1 hot handle not working aerator missing sink 2     1/21/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/29/2011   repaired handle installed foam covers repaired aerator.
000531   Tasha             Sink #3 Leaking at P-Trap                                                    SB Field      3/31/2011     Tasha   Complete     3/31/2011   replaced seal and reattached
000532   Tasha             clean LRC and Forum mechanical room                                          LRC/Forum      4/1/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/1/2011   swept floor clean off cobwebbs
000533   V. Dugan          Coach restroom toilet leaking                                                LR WR          4/1/2011     Tasha   Complete      4/5/2011   fill tube was pushing water out of tank repaired.
000534   J. Word           Lubircate door latch hardware; tighten screw on top latch at edge of door    Storage       3/30/2011      Lee    Complete     3/30/2011
000535   J. Word           take boxes, tape, and lables to DRC, FA, AR, and SS                          Campus        4/11/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/12/2011
000536   J. Kiser          Raise base pegs                                                              BB Field      1/31/2011     Carlos  Complete                 Dirt was to high smoothe and lowered dirt base pegs fine for now.
000537   C. Vanni          Check southwest most light panels. Four out of six lights not working.       SM220         4/14/2011     Tasha   Complete     4/18/2011 Replaced 1 ballast and 5 bulbs
000538   J. Wiens          make adjustments to current light switches (2 w/o submitted)                 SM lab        4/14/2011
000539   D. Meurer         6 boxes of copy paper                                                        LRC           4/15/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/25/2011
000540   J. Word           install fall protection on off stage in CA building                CA            4/19/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/14/2011   was treated as an quick response.
000541   A. Goebel         Repair belco washer                                                          GYM           4/19/2011   Lee/Tasha   Complete   4/19/2011   cleared water lines of rust % debris
000542   J. Word           Move picnic table; move smoking area sign and ash trays                      Quad          4/19/2011   Lee/Tasha   Complete   9/20/2011   by grounds
000543   D. Berry          Install benches                                                              Campus        4/25/2011   Tim/Tasha   Complete   6/16/2011   installed 5 benches and secured to concrete.
000544   tasha             Clean (vacumm) dry lint trap and behind dryers                               GYM           4/20/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/20/2011   Vaccummed out all lent and debris
000545   Tasha             Door knob broken                                                             AC 106        4/20/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/20/2011   Repaired door replaced insides.
000546   Fire Inspection   Install cover for electrical wires                                           GYM           4/20/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/20/2011   installed extension box and cover plate.
000547   J. Wright         lights in 119 - ballest I think all 3 bulbs not working                      AC 119        4/19/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/19/2011   Replaced 6 bulbs in 119 and 3 ballast in 120
000548   D. Meurer         ASPC office needs 1 box of paper                                             ASPC          4/25/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/25/2011
000549   D. Meurer         Student services needs 8 boxes of paper                                      AC 126        4/25/2011     Tasha     Complete   4/25/2011
000550   J. Fairless       Move computer to lowered side of workstation                                 AC 102        4/25/2011     Techs     Complete   4/25/2011   Message forwarded to Techs. (see email).
aled 3 p-traps

nstalled toilet.

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