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									Assignment: Lord of the Flies
Updated 4/1/13

All print books listed are on reserve unless otherwise noted. They can be found on the reserve cart for your class (just
ask the Media Center staff). These resources may only be used in the Media Center & may not be checked out. For
databases & eBooks that require a username & password, please use the universal username & password (you can
get this from your teacher or Ms. Reinfried or check the signs posted in the Media Center & computer lab).


For ALL searches consider some search terms to use. Consider phrases that include common themes, setting etc…
Brainstorm some more here before you begin your search:

Print Books:
To search for books you can order use the BELS or BCCLS catalogs. Both can be accessed through the NVD Media Center
website ( Click on the “Catalogs” tab & select which catalog you would
like to use. *You need your public library card to order books from other libraries!!
         -BELS ( will show you what NVD & other schools own
                 -If you are searching from school, you will have the choice to select Demarest or Old Tappan when you
                 go to this link. If you are outside of school, go to the top right corner and click “switch to another
                 library”. Scroll down to “Z Northern Valley – Demarest HS” & click on it. If you search for a book, this
                 will now show you only what NVD owns. To see where to find it, click “availability”, scroll down to NVD
                 and look for the call # on the left-hand side under the school name”. The call # will either start with FIC,
                 BIOG or a number. To see what all school libraries own, select “BELS” instead of “Z Northern Valley –
                 Demarest HS” from the list.
                 -If you would like to order a book from another school library, please see Ms. Reinfried to set up a
                 password. You MUST have your public library card.
         -BCCLS ( will show you what the public libraries own
         -You can also use the reference collections at Ramapo College & Bergen Community College.
         These books must remain in their library & you must have your public library card with you to use them.
         -Books we own:
                 -FIC GOLDING, Lord of the Flies (3 copies)
                 -813 REI, Lord of the Flies: Fathers and Sons
                 -823.914 VIO, Social Issues in Literature: Violence in Williams Golding’s Lord of the Flies
                 -823.914 WIL, Bloom’s Guides: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies – 2004 edition (2 copies)
                 -823.914 WIL, Bloom’s Guides: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies – 2010 edition (2 copies)
                 -823.914 WIL, Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies (4 copies)
                 -823.914 WIL, Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, New Edition
                 (2 copies)
                 -823.914 WIL, Bloom’s Notes: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies (2 copies)
To search eBook catalogs go to the NVD Media Center website ( Click on
the “Catalogs” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Choose from a number of eBook catalogs or go directly to
the links below to see just a few of the many options. Under each eBook company below are just a few suggestions of
titles they offer.
         -Bloom’s (Infobase) (
         *Search full text or title text (select from drop down next to search box) for words/phrases/titles etc…
         *This will be mostly digital copies of the Bloom’s Notes & Bloom’s Guides that are on the cart.
                   -Bloom’s Guides: Lord of the Flies
         -Gale (Infotrac) (
         *Select the Gale Virtual Reference Library
                   -Novels for Students
         -Salem Press Literature (
         *Use the search box on the left
         *Use tabs along top to limit by type of article
         *Use boxes along the left side to limit further
To search the databases, please go to the NVD Media Center website (
Click on the “Databases” tab. The description of each database will list what it includes. Click on the picture next to the
description to enter that database. Anything marked with a * requires our universal username & password. If you click
on BCCLS Databases, you will need your public library card number. You can also use the direct links below:

If you go into the advanced search option of many of these databases you will have the option to narrow your search
to only full-text articles. This is a great place to start & then, if you aren’t finding enough information open your
search up to include just abstracts (summaries) and Ms. Reinfried can see if the full article can be located elsewhere
(not always possible, but worth a try)

        -EBSCO, Literary Reference Center -
                -Enter username & password
                -Click on Literary Reference Center
                -Browse by author or works to get alphabetical lists or do a direct search from the main page
        -GALE, Literature Resource Center -
                -Enter username & password (just password if on a school computer)
                -Click on Literature Resource Center (NOT Gale Virtual Reference Library)
                -Conduct either a basic or advanced search
        -FACTS ON FILE, Bloom’s Literary Reference -
                -Enter username & password
                -Click on Bloom’s Literary Reference (down under Literature & Language Arts)
                -Search by author or title
                -A good tab to look under after searching is “Topics & Themes”
                -Under “Browse” select “How to Write About” for helpful hints for writing essays on
        -PROQUEST, ProQuest Learning: Literature -
                -Enter username & password & click “My Products Page”
                -Click on Proquest Learning: Literature
                -You can search a specific criticism tab!

Paper Writing Tools:
To access a variety of tools, please go to the NVD Media Center website: (
Click on the “Online Tools” tab and scroll down to “Research Tools”. EasyBib is a great tool to use! Click on “EasyBib” &
create a personal account. Please see Ms. Reinfried for our school coupon code to get advanced features.

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