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									License Termination Notice
This License Termination Notice can be sent to an individual or business that has been
granted a license to provide notice that the license is being terminated. A license can be
terminated because the license expired or if the Licensee violated a material term of the
license agreement. Customize the information of the parties, the type of license granted,
the reason the license is being terminated, and more. This notice should be used by
individuals or small businesses that have granted a license to a third party and want to
notify them of the termination of the license.
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Licensor’s name]
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Licensor’s address]

_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the date of this nice]

_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Licensee’s name]
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Licensee’s address]

Dear _____________________: [Instructions: Insert the Licensee’s name]

We are writing this notice to inform you of our intent to terminate the license that was granted to
you. Pursuant to the provisions of the License Agreement dated _____________________
[Instructions: Insert the date the license was granted] between you, as Licensee, and
_____________________, [Instructions: Insert the Licensor’s name] the undersigned, as
Licensor, which License was granted for the purpose of _______________________________,
[Instructions: Insert why the license was granted] the undersigned hereby gives notice of
termination of the aforementioned license. The license is being terminated because
[Instructions: Insert why the license is being terminated. E.g., expiration of the license,
violation of a term of the license, if so, state which term was violated] The effective date of
the termination of the above-identified License Agreement shall be _____________________.
[Instructions: Insert the effective date of the termination]

Witness my signature this the _____ day of _____________, 20____. [Instructions: Insert the
date the Licensor will sign this notice]

                                                        [Instructions: Insert the Licensor’s signature]
                                                        [Instructions: Insert the Licensor’s name]

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