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									A Grape in the Fog
400 Old County Road, Ste. 1
Pacifica, CA 94044

Owner: Beth Lemke

The Friendly Pour
In addition to our wine/beer/food menu, we host events like “Wine’d Down Wednesday” (Happy Hour and Wine Flight Specials),
“Friday Night Flight & a Flick” (wine flights paired with a film), “Spice up ‘yer Sunday” (gumbo paired with wine accompanied by a
special musical guest). Soon we’ll add a Pub Quick Night and a Saturday Night Live-style evening with music and comedy (probably
rotate one week music, the next comedy, etc.).

We’ll also offer education – winemaker events, that sort of thing.

My Philosophy
Irreverent person opening an irreverent wine bar. Not pretentious. Passionate. Committed to helping every person find a wine that
they love. When people ask me for my favorite wine – I put the question back on them – everyone is different, what’s good for me
may not be to your liking. I want to encourage people to try something new. Whimsical. Unexpected is to be expected.
Wine is farming. Every wine has a story. In Vino Veritas. It’s about more than just wine. Wine is a vehicle for building community and
helping people relax . High-touch, not high-tech. Meet up with friends, hang-out. Try something new.

Seminal wine experience
While I spent much time in Sonoma County wine-tasting during my 20’s … it was at my friend’s 30th birthday at Frank Fats in
Sacramento that I had a glass of wine that changed, forever, my attitude toward wine. I realized, that - Boeger Barbara. Epiphany.

Dreamed of opening a coffee house.
Way back when (around the age of 20) I wanted to open a coffeehouse. I worked at The Willow Glen Tatler, a neighborhood
bookstore and coffeehouse in a quaint part of San Jose. I loved chatting with the locals and the overall vibe of intellectual
stimulation and the slower pace (a respite from “Silly Valley”).
Soon I was reading urban-planning/community-building/sociology books like Utne Reader and the, Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg
Ph. D. Sociology. From the book:
“What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably — a ‘place on the
corner,’ real life alternatives to television, easy escapes from the cabin fever of marriage and family life that do not necessitate
getting into an automobile.”

From an early age I was making money - hawking goods door-to-door … so you can say that I’ve always had an independent mind for
making money though I don’t consider myself a natural salesperson, at all!

Great Aunt Mona
Mona’s Club 440
My grandfather’s sister, Mona Nystrom-Hood, was a renaissance woman who opened a “wine and beer joint” in the 30’s, right after
prohibition. Mona ran Mona’s Club 440 for about 20 years. There’s been a nightclub in continuous operation at that address ever
since. Currently 440 Broadway is home to the swanky ultra lounge – Apartment 24 (

Mona passed away early this century at the age of 92. After living a full life filled with adventure (she practically raised herself in the
Russian River town of Guerneville and married a “Leatherhead,” John Sargent, in her 20’s), poetry and painting.
The San Francisco hotel, Carriage Inn, features a room dedicated to my aunt. Her name is posted on the door, and inside there is a
portrait and a biography (I will get a copy).

Mona was irreverent. Her club’s tagline, “Girls will be Boys,” was featured in ads she ran in many main-stream (non-gay)
publications. Many of the stories she told me had a theme of rebellion. This theme runs throughout her “Rhymes.” Here are a few
choice poems.

Life Goes On                                                          So What

When I am gone, dear ones                                             I overheard a little gossip
please do not shed tears.                                             While walking out today
Try to remember the fun times                                         I heard my good name mentioned
we've had back through the years.                                     In a most unflattering way.

The laughs, the tears, the times we cared.                            I think she's a little wicked
And all the wonderful                                                 Said one of them on the sly
dreams we've shared.                                                  Certainly not much of a Saint
                                                                      i just shrugged and walked on by
Take a stroll down old Broadway
San Francisco, of course ... I'll be there.                           'Cause what if I am
You won't see me ... my soul will be ashes blowing gently in          And what if I ain't!!
the air.
                                                                      Carpe Diem
Someday find your way                                                 (Seize the Day)
around indescribably Telegraph Hill                                   Good Morning World
and then hesistate awhile.
If there should be a wild wind blowing                                God has created us
think of me ... and smile.                                            one more wonderful day.
                                                                      Take time to smell the rosed
Remember now ... I will see you anon.                                 before it slips away.
So live a little, play a little, pray a little ... LIFE GOES ON.
                                                                      feel the warmth of the sunshine
Follow Your Dream                                                     as the day begins to start.
                                                                      Catch a merry bird song
Wouldn't life be dreary                                               and lock it in your heart
If we didn't dare to dream
And isn't it all a part of life's plan                                Let us make the best
To work and wish and scheme                                           of this beautiful day,
                                                                      and whatever you do
Realities are built on dreams                                         don't throw it away.
You can see it everywhere
So pick a dream that's worth your while                               Make many happy memories
And examine it with care                                              for this I know,
                                                                      Someday today
If we go on wishing hard enough                                       will be a long time ago.
Dreamers tell us dreams come true
I'll follow the dreamer, for I believe                                _______________
Now honestly - don't you?                                             A poet I'm not
                                                                      Buty a rhymer I am
                                                                      If you don't like these verses
                                                                      I don't give a Damn

                                                                                -From “Out of my Mind” – Mona Nystrom-Hood

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