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									Lisbon High School Outing Club
Membership for year only costs $10
Benefits include special trip rates, club status, and specialty clubwear items.

Lisbon High School

Sign up before Sept. 30, 2009 by returning your completed application and $10 and you will receive: 1st year members: Black outing club short sleeve. 2nd year members: Red 09 long Refund Policy, Etc. sleeve  The Outing Club plans trips according
to the number f students who commit themselves to trips. It is difficult if, for ANY reason, a student pulls out of a trip after they have committed to it. Therefore it necessary to have following refund policy: Deposits and payments of $25 or less—Nonrefundable. Payments of $26-$30—1/2 will be refunded Payments of $31 or more—1/4 forfeit to club, ¼ toward replacement, and ½ refunded. *** If you drop out within one week of a trip there will be no refund*** O.C. activities are intended for properly registered L.H.S. students. Students should not plan on friends or family following or meeting on the trips unless approved of by the club advisor ahead of time. The dates for O.C. have been carefully planned. However, it is impossible to schedule around every event. Please be sure your O.C. plans do not conflct with other obligations you may have (i.e. school and sports etc.)

Outing Club
Lisbon High School Outing club 09-10

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See: Mr. Keith Rm. 304 for more info. Or email at:


2009-2010 Trips
**Detailed information on specific trips is available to interested students. **
**Dates and costs are tentative.**

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS --------------------November 21st GOING TO BOSTON -- LOTS OF OPTIONS! The Freedom Trail, North Church – Home of Paul Revere, Old Ironside, Breeds Hill (Bunker Hill), Boston Museum of Art, Boston Science Museum, Boston Aquarium, Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum (site of one of the biggest art heists in history!), Quincy Market, and MORE!! COST: $30.00/members, $35.00/nonmembers

Two excellent hikes. We may choose one or do both. We’ll have our bagged lunch on a summit and explore Camden after hiking. COST: $10/members, $15/non-members WHALE WATCHING, Portland Me. -------------May ? For this trip we will be joining forces with the Marine Biology Class to hopefully see some truly amazing marine animals. Keep an eye out! We could see seals, porpoises, puffins, finback whales, right whales, etc. Bring warm clothes, sunscreen, and a bag lunch. COST: $50/members, $55/non-members **Trips may be paid for in payments. However, the total cost must be paid prior to the trip.** **See refund policies on the back of the brochure.**

BAR HARBOR- Biking, Hiking, Camping-September 27+28th
We’ll go biking on miles of carriage trails designated for walkers, bikers and horseback riding only. After biking in Acadia National Park we may check out “Thunder Hole” before heading back to the campground for dinner and s’mores over the fire. Sunday morning we’ll watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, hike some local trails and explore the many shops and scenic coastal spots offered downtown Bar Harbor.. COST: $35 for members/$40 for non-member

The best of tubing without the work! Relax and be pulled uphill by a towrope. Then enjoy the thrill of sliding down a variety of runs – some have moguls! Connect with friends to make a train or create circle of tubes and spin down! COST: $18/members, $23/non-members

SNOWTUBING –Gray, Me.---------------------------January 9th

SHAWNEE PEAK Afternoon/Night Skiing-----February 13th
Come ski or ride with us with us!.... We’re heading for Pleasant Mountain in Naples to show off our snow skillz or learn some new ones Get friends together, ski, laugh and have lunch at the lodge. COST: $45/members, $50/non-members cost may depend on rentals.

PAlNTBALL – L.H.S. Battle in the Valley!!!----------October 17th

We’ll head to either Lost Valley or Gorham for a fun few hours of paintball combat. Participants can bring their own equipment or can rent it on site. You don’t need to have played before. We’ll give you the run down and maybe a little mercy. Bring a bag lunch and plenty to drink. Make sure you wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and sneakers or boots. COST: members W/Equipment rental+ 500 paintballs $40/ W own Equipment + 500 paintballs $25 non-members W/Equipment rental+ 500 paintballs $45 own equipment w/ 500 paintballs $30


ROCKCLIMBING --- Maine Rock Gym, Portland—--------February 7
Under the careful guidance of experienced guides you will be instructed in the basics of climbing, become familiar with belay systems and sheer face repelling. Find out why thousands of people have been drawn to this fascinating sport. COST: $25/members, $30/non-members


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