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 Purwoko Ary Wibowo                                 Rita Kurnia Dewi                                       Dian Arief Wahyudi
                        Purwoko Ary Wibowo                                      Rita is a licenced tax                               Dian is a licensed tax
                        is the Managing                                         consultant and                                       consultant and
                        Partner of Smartax as                                   currently a partner in                               currently a partner in
                        well as 3S with more                                    3S. With almost 15                                   3S. Dian has more
                        than 15 years of                                        years experience in                                  than 11 years
                        p r o fe s s i o n a l                                  taxation and financial                                experiences in
                        experience in tax                                       accounting she has,                                  taxation matters and
                        consulting under his                                    Rita Kurnia Dewi has                                 has assisted more
                        belt. Purwoko's                                         become a trusted tax                                 than 200 clients in a
                        professional career in                                  consultant for her                                   w i d e va r i e ty
                        tax advisory services                                   clients.                                             multinational and local
                        began when he joined                                                                                         Company
                        Deloitte .
right out of college in 1996 prior to being         She start her career as the auditor for 1 year and     of several fields industry including property, coal
recruited by Ernst & Young in 2000 Having           spent her 14 years as the tax expert in Mazars         mining, manufacturing, trading, banking &
amassed a wealth of experience and a roster of      Indonesia (previously known as Moores Rowland          finance, agriculture and general services
clients, he plucked up his courage and              and Grant Thornton).                                   industries.
established his own company, Oneway Smartax
Indonesia, in 2008.                                 She take care the monthly and annual                   He once works with Purwoko helping and
Purwoko has outstanding expertise in tax            compliance of the client very carefully and she        developing Oneway Smartax, where later he
litigation, tax planning, business restructuring    has been helping a lot of clients in the tax audit     decides to join Mazars and work together with
and advisory services pertaining to client          and winning the tax objection case on behalf of        Rita in Mazars Indonesia (previously known as
transactions which include fund raising,            the clients.                                           Moores Rowland and Grant Thornton).
divestment and acquisitions and its tax risk
management execution. He has extensive              She also has extensive experiences in the tax      Besides accounting degree, He also hold
experience in tax planning and                      advisory for different cases and different entities.
                                                                                                       graduate certificate of E-commerce business
business/financial restructuring including tax       She provides both internal and external tax        from Edith Cowan University (ECU) Western
management on shareholding structure, tax           training.                                          Perth Australia. Dian not only understand
diagnostic reviews, tax manuals, tax advisory                                                          internet and e-commerce business scheme but
and compliance and transaction taxes on             She liaises with tax officers and other also internet marketing and have helps several
mergers and acquisitions. During his career         government officers to remain updated with new Company in facing several tax matters in e-
Purwoko has acted on behalf of more than 20         tax regulations and other regulations that relate commerce business practice.
publicly listed companies and subsidiaries,         to tax.
including those listed in the European and the                                                         Dian specializes in, Compliances, Advisory, Tax
US stock markets for matters ranging from           She has been successfully in assisting tax due Audit, Transfer Pricing, Objection, tax diagnostic
complex tax litigation to transfer pricing issue,   diligence on merger and acquisition project, reviews and restructuring work, tax due diligence
tax advisory works and tax restructuring.           liquidation process and obtaining several tax r e v i e w s i n r e l a t i o n t o p r o v i s i o n o f
                                                    license request by the clients such as approval to advice/consultancy on various tax issues.
Under his reign, Smartax have won many cases        use the US$ bookkeeping, tax clearance letter,
for various clients including tax litigation for    tax exemption letter etc.                          He also assists clients in meeting their tax
Halliburton Group, Holcim Group, Sun Life                                                              reporting requirements as well as keeping up to
Financial, Merck, Bristol Myers, PT. Darma          Recently she engaged in transfer pricing date with relevant tax laws and regulations, and
Henwa Tbk, Axa Life et cetera. He also devised      documentation preparation and successfully help also provides advice on tax minimization and
tax planning and tax restructuring for more than    the clients with the transfer pricing case tax planning. Dian also have knowledge in
ten group of companies. In addition to his Tax      audit. Most of her client is foreign and Accounting and Bookkeeping matters including
Consultant License, Purwoko also holds CPA and      multinational company engage in construction, delivering financial package in accordance with
IFRS (CPSAK) certifications. He has also             distribution, hotel and restaurant, consumer and the Indonesian Accounting Standard as well as
obtained advanced training in international         industrial goods manufacturer, chemicals, International Accounting Standard.
transfer pricing and transaction tax education in   consumer financing, etc.
Beijing, Bangkok and Jakarta.

      Purwoko Ary Wibowo                                Rita Kurnia Dewi                                   Dian Arief Wahyudi
      Mobile : 087780080020                             Mobile : 08128184967                               Mobile : 0818666646
      Email :                                           Email :                                            Email :
      purwoko@smartaxindonesia.com, or                  rita@3staxconsult.com                              dian@3staxconsult.com
                        About us                                                       Our People
                        Smartax as well as 3S (Smartax Solid Solution) is a team of    We employ a diverse group of experienced, qualified
                        highly qualified tax consultant professionals providing a       individual's people who want fast-paced opportunities that
                        range of tax-related services. Our experience, expertise,      make real change in an industry that matters to everyone.
                                                                                       From recent graduates to the experienced team driving
                        and dedication to understanding the needs of our clients       corporate strategy, our staff embodies the principles that
                        have made us the leader in the tax consultancy                 have guided many Companies since its inception.

                        We have a solid professional reputation with both clients,     Our Industry Expertise
                        government tax authorities and tax court alike and we offer
                        clients a complete tax solution with the most                  With many experiences and strong knowledge, we have
                        comprehensive support services in the industry. Through        provided best of our efforts to our valued clients, varying
                        our quality assurance services model, we collaborates our      from oil and gas companies, manufacturing companies,
                        executives with your expectation and implement the best        services companies, banking and other types of industry.
                        solutions to our client toughest challenges.

                        Why us                                                         Our Office
                        Curious why you or your Company should turn to us for          Smartax Solid Solutions [3S]
                        guidance and solutions? Our expert tax advisors have           Ruko Emerald UG/16
                        analyze and experienced hundreds of cases every year to        Summarecon Boulevard
                        find and share proven best practices and output for our         Bekasi Barat, Indonesia
                        valued clients. Our team offers hands-on solutions to
          OUR COMPANY

                        cultivate best solutions and drive result oriented             In Alliance With:
                        engagement. Our team also provides hands-on support and        Oneway Smartax Indonesia
                        guidance in taxation practices around Indonesia.               Equity Tower
                                                                                       Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
                        Our focus is to ensure your tax exposures are kept to a        Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
                        minimum and to maximize your tax savings while ensuring        Phone: +62 21 2903 5700
                        compliance with Indonesia's tax regulation and international   Fax: +62 21 2903 5415
                        tax treaties. We belief that a company's tax strategy should
                        support its business operations instead of the other way

Fulfillment of client's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from service qualtiy delivered
               Tax Planning & Compliance                               Tax Advisory & Transfer Pricing
               We can assist Company tax planning & compliance,        Tax advise and Transfer Pricing documentation need
               including customize timeline as per your request in     to be conducted before your Company enters any
               order to minimize tax risk and streanghten your         related party or complicated transactions. such action is
               business opportunities.                                 highly recommended in order to avoid any surprise
                                                                       lossess or penalty.

               Customized Tax Training                                 Custom and Import Service
               We can make your tax team strong and dependable.        We can handle your Company custom and import
               Enhance your tax knowledge by attending our             matters, including advisory, planning, audit and appeal
               customized inhouse tax training and learn the           hearings in tax court.
               fundamental tax preparations.

               Tax Due Dilligence & Audit Assistance                   Tax Objection and Appeal Service
               We can review and conduct a detailed analysis of your   What can our tax objection and appeal team do for
               Company tax positions, including potential exposures    your Company? our team could resolve controversies
               and how can we minimze the risks. We can assist your    with strong litigations basis and experiences, including
               Company tax audit event by working together with our    appeal hearings in regional tax office and tax court in
               experienced tax audit team                              Indonesia.

                                                                                              SERVICE QUALITY
                                                                                         the degree of sevice excellence

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