Johnny and the VA Lenders

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					Johnny and the VA Lenders
Johnny was veteran. He wasn’t too bright which meant he never made it high up in the ranks, but he
was a loyal and hard-working soldier. Everybody liked him. Everybody except the banks. Johnny wasn’t
the greatest at managing his small cache of money. That was because his parents were very wealthy
and never thought about teaching Johnny how to use money wisely. They had assumed that Johnny
would be wealthy like them and hire an accountant like all well-to-do people. But when Johnny joined
the army, his parents were not pleased and cut him off. They wanted him to be a lawyer, not a soldier.
Everyone, including Johnny, knew they were in denial about his lack of genius. He could never be a
lawyer, but he could be a good soldier. And he was. But his parents refused to care. Yes, it’s true.
Johnny’s story is a sad one.

House Hunting
But despite all the barriers in Johnny’s life, he pressed cheerfully on. His diligence and positive nature
earned him a steady job and nice little apartment. But he had bigger dreams. Johnny wanted to get
                                       married and move into a real house. It didn’t have to be the
                                       mansion his parents owned, just a two-story, three-bedroom deal
                                       that his family could enjoy being together in.

                                    One day Johnny met a nice girl named Sally. They dated, fell in love
                                    and decided to get married. Johnny and Sally went out looking for
                                    a home to buy. But everywhere they went, no one was willing to
                                    risk selling to man with such a weak financial history. No one
believed that Johnny had learned over the years how to better manage his money (which he had, by the
way) and everyone refused him.

Veteran Benefits
One night, after an especially upsetting house hunt, Johnny called up his old
army buddy Jack. After catching up with each other, Johnny mentioned his
housing troubles. Jack was surprised. “Don’t you realize you are a veteran
Johnny? That comes with privileges bro!” Now Johnny was surprised.
(Remember, Johnny wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.) Jack went on to
explain that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs could help him out with
getting a loan. He suggested that Johnny call up the VA and ask them about it

Johnny called the VA and learned all about VA lenders. VA lenders are generally
privately owned lenders that receive a special guarantee from the VA. If a
veteran for some reason cannot meet the terms of his/her loan, the VA will
cover any losses the lender may face. This guarantee helps borrowers like
Johnny get better terms and conditions when they take out a loan.
Johnny was thrilled. Once he had the VA guarantee behind him, he was able to purchase a beautiful
house and begin living his dream with Sally. Johnny finally got his dream and the added satisfaction of
proving to the world that he had learned to manage his money.

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