Why You Should NOT Proofread Your Own Work

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					            Why You Should NOT Proofread Your Own Work

Many students are good writers and possess a proper command of the English language.
They even have the confidence that they can edit and proofread their own essays, theses,
dissertations, manuscripts and other documents quite satisfactorily. A few readings are all
it will take and all the errors will jump out slowly and can be corrected accordingly. In fact,
“Who can check my work better than me remains the predominant notion in the minds of

On the contrary, it is always advisable to NEVER edit or proofread your own work!

Wondering why? Well, you may have followed all the rules of editing and proofreading very
carefully – reading every sentence slowly, reading aloud, reading backwards and so on -
and the material seems perfect in your eyes. Certainly you have crossed all the t’s and
dotted all the it’s and every subsequent re-read shows that you have not missed anything.
Satisfied, you pat yourself on the back and proceed to submit your material.

But hang on a bit. Could it be that your eye is jaundiced by your own work? Isn’t it possible
that the excessive familiarity with the material can breed unintentional neglect?

Indeed, it is tough to find every mistake in your own work. This is due to the fact that the
eye automatically sees only what the mind’s eye wants it to see! This is why you may miss a
glaring error despite the most careful attention, while a third person may spot it
immediately. Alas, your proximity itself can be your undoing. After all, someone who is
reading text for the first time comes to it with completely fresh eyes!

And this is where an editing and proofread service comes into the picture. Take HKNETS
for example. It has a team of professional editors and proofreaders who not only correct
the grammatical mistakes and typos that you and your spell-check function together cannot
spot, but also polish your writing to a native English standard.

HKNETS’ proofreading service encompasses document editing, thesis editing, essay editing,
manuscript editing before submission to journals (including formatting) as well as
academic papers, professional documents, business correspondence, emails, etc. The essay
proofreading and editing service is available for all academic areas, including postgraduate
white papers, conference papers, journal submissions and grant proposals. Standard
academic formatting and citation styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Manual of Style,
Turabian, etc.) can be applied as well as special style guides issued by universities.

Being distanced from your writing coupled with the exceptional qualifications and
experience of HKNETS’ specialists will ensure that your final copy conforms to the highest
standard of English.

And after this, if you are still not convinced that you should not be editing and proofreading
your own work, just try this. Try proofreading your own work and then compare it to the
results from HKNETS’ professionals. They will give you a highlighted copy that tracks the
required changes and you can see for yourself where you are still going wrong!

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