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FALL 2009 Vol. 37

#1 Community College
Chosen by LAUSD graduates
More than $13 million available in Financial Aid Fastest growing college in the Southland with 23,000 students One of the top transfer schools in Southern California Alliances with UCLA, USC, CSUN, Caltech & more 100 subject fields to choose from Opportunities in the arts & sports Spacious 426-acre campus 2 Metro Orange Line stops
Lowest cost higher education in the nation

Just keeps getting better

SEPTEMBER 2009 Celebrity High

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This month instead of going through the contents of this issue I wanted to share with you some life lessons on a more personal level. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over time and was raised on was to never judge a book by its cover. It is okay to be skeptical based on the cover, but not to pass judgment without reading it first. When I first started Celebrity High, a month before its scheduled first issue launch, I was introduced to my first investor. I was introduced to him not by initial request, but more on fate. My first meeting with this investor was in the back of a Denny’s parking lot in an old RV (recreational vehicle). I walked into this RV with my business plan and suit thinking to myself “he must live in this RV and he has to be poor.” Even though in the back of my mind I entertained these thoughts I treated him as if I would treat a possible “Rich” investor. So we held the meeting for about two hours. When the meeting came to a close, he said he was interested in investing. The funny thing is upon leaving his RV I was skeptical that it was even possible on whether this man could afford to invest. One week later, he invited me to his home for dinner. That night he signed a contract and became my investor. Important lesson number two, Treat others the way you would like to be treated. There is nothing to lose in this particular lesson, and zero risk in this situation. Acts of kindness can only do one thing, and that is defeat negativity every time. It is always possible to undermine your opponent, but an undermined opponent is not worth the repercussions. In this scenario you may have won the battle, but you will definitely lose the war. The entertainment industry, like many business circles, is small. It takes one person to pull all your power. I had a scenario once with a publicist where I undermined her authority. For a year I struggled to pull top artists for interviews. Lesson number three is the most valuable lesson I have learned so far in my 25 years of experience. “Treat life as if it was a blank canvas and educate yourself along the way as much as you can.” Sometimes we all fall into the ‘rat race’ trap and forget my ‘blank canvas” analogy. One of my most memorable experiences in high school was when a teacher asked me in front of the whole class, “What are your plans after high school?” My response was “I am going to college, of course.” I recall the teacher reiterating the question a couple times and me giving him the same answer. I started to be unsure of what he was asking. So then he said “if there was one thing you could

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After a long summer of beaches, parties, movies, and staying up until 3 in the morning watching nick at night reruns, it’s time to go back to school, and we all know what that means-SHOPPING! This fall there’s plenty of styles, trends, and tricks for you all to try out! We’ve found trends inspired by industry leaders such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton and found ways for you to get their looks while considering you budgets. All the trends and items can be found at chain stores like American Boutiques LA and Etnies. Some other good places to look for rare and unique items are at vintage boutiques and 2nd hand stores like Buffalo Exchange and even Goodwill!

1 2



1: Hoodie and shoes by Єtnies. 2: Jumper and shirt by American Boutiques LA

All clothes provided can be found online: American Boutiques LA To rent retail space, showcase your art, or to shop for organically made clothes by numerous designer brands contact American Boutiques LA. 1(818)563-4230 ЄTNIES The first skate-boarder owned and operated global action sports footwear and Apparel Company. Customer Service: 1(877)438-6437 Mon-Fri-8a-5pPDT NYC Subway Line The exclusive licensee’s of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Check out their website for a variety of Metro Wear. 1(914)238-7883



1 5
1: Dress by American Boutique LA and bag by NYC Subway Line Clothing 2: Above: shirt and school bag by NYC Subway Line clothing. 3: Dress by American Boutiques LA

4: Shoes provided by skate company etnies. 5: American Boutiques LA


young entrepren - eurial spotlight


accident. Our rent went up for our San Francisco apartment and we had to figure out a way to bring in some extra income. There was a design conference coming to the city, but hotels were sold out. The size of our apartment could easily fit airbeds on the floor, so we decided to rent them out. We didn’t want to post on Craigslist because we felt it was too impersonal. Our entrepreneur instinct said “build your own site”. So we did. It wasn’t much of a site to start out - a couple page, and pictures of our apartment. Three people stayed with us, and we cooked them breakfast each morning. We became friends by the end, and they were grateful to have saved hundreds of dollars on their trip, and connect with actual people. We netted close to $1000! What inspired you to start the company? After that first weekend when we hosted people on our airbeds, we received emails from all around the world asking when we would make the site available in places like Buenos Aires, London, and Japan. At that point we started to brainstorm what a larger, international version of the site would be. What’s inspiring now is how this tiny little idea from our apartment has spread to thousands of other apartments around the globe. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? Well, based on the last question I’d say you have to believe in yourself even when the times are tough and no one else is rooting for you. Surround yourself with other

supportive people. This is so important. The reason I moved to San Francisco is because I intuitively knew that people here have a optimistic sense about them. All over the city are other people just like you trying to get their idea off the ground. Every city has this, you just have to find the community. Your business would be considered to be in the service industry, what made you decide to get into the service business? It’s not a normal service industry, as we’re service two clients at the same time: guests and hosts. Some describe this as a two sided marketplace. The advantage of a service is you can usually operate with lower overhead and expenses, as compared to manufacturing a product. We have thousands of rooms on the site, but unlike a hotel, little overhead costs associated with those rooms. It’s fun because we can scale very quickly without have to buy more office space, or inventory. What are your future plans in regards to Air BNB or outside of AirBnb? Because the movement we’ve started is global, we plan to make the site more user friendly in countries outside the United States. There is a long list of features and improvements to make. We work 12-14 hours, 7 days a week and are committed to making our web site as easy to use, and widely adopted as possible! Did you go to college?

“Airbnb is the eBay of space.”

From left to right, Brian Chesky, Joe , Nathan Blecharczyk. he N97 Mobile Phone from Airbnb is the eBay of space. Airbnb allows anyone to rent space - a spare room, entire apartment, vacation rental, bed and breakfast, couch - through our site to travelers coming to that city. Transactions are facilitated online, and hosts earn reviews that guests leave behind through our reputation system. Airbnb has rooms in 1100 cities, and 82 countries. Celebrity High recently spoke with Joe co founder of What was some of the first steps you took to get this company off the ground? We started the company by

Yes, I attended the Rhode Island School of Design. It’s an art school in Providence, RI, USA. I completed BFA in Graphic Design, and a BFA in Industrial Design. Completing two majors in 5 years was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, and certainly set the bar for work ethic as an entrepreneur. What do you think it takes to be an entrepreneur? Passion and action! Combine those two, and I wouldn’t want to get in your way. One without the other though can be pretty stale. Entrepreneurs are doers. They make stuff happen, on their own, without someone pushing them. They push themselves because

they believe, with a passion, in what it is they’re doing. There’s a great saying that goes “Ready, Fire, Aim!”. If you have an idea, don’t fall into the trap of over planning. DO. Did you need a lot of Capitol to start AirBnb? We used the money in our wallets, some credit cards, and small loan from our parents. Web sites do not need a lot of money to start. The internet is so cheap that it’s like an entrepreneur’s playground. What was important is that we had a way to make money from day 1 (and it wasn’t advertising). That’s the biggest challenge, figuring out how to reach the break even, and then profitable mark


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Top four Technology Must Haves’

Nokia N97 Black Smartphone
The N97 Mobile Phone from Nokia is more like a pocket multimedia computer than just a phone. It has in-built features for surfing, gaming, watching videos and taking crisp pictures. The N97 mobile also has a 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, auto focus and flash for outstanding picture quality.

Sony lithium ion rechargeable batteries
The new batteries use olivine-type lithium iron phosphates as the cathode material, which Sony Insider claims is “a perfect cathode material due to its robust crystal structure and stable performance.” The new batteries have a high power density of 1800W/kg, and an extended life span of approximately 2,000 chargedischarge styles. Even better the battery will keep 80% charge retention even after those 2,000 charge-discharge cycles. That’s four times as long as normal lithium ion batteries.

Black Label Series Chocolate
The Black Label Series Chocolate from LG is finally official and it sure does looks good. The mobile main feature is its wide 4” screen which can hold a resolution up to 800 x 345, which sure is great. The mobile is a stylish candy bar given the black and red shiny glossy look. It sure looks like a great touch screen Smartphone, as you can see from the teaser pictures the mobile screen carries out all the folders for you. I sure am impressed with the screen size and it gives me an instant excitement to use this beauty.

iPhone 3G
The fastest, most powerful iPhone to be revealed, the new iPhone™ 3G S has been announced by Apple. It has some new features which include longer battery life with up to twice as fast improved speed and performance as iPhone 3G, a highquality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording capability and hands free voice control. The world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 100 new features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard and more, the new iPhone OS 3.0 is available with iPhone 3G S.

Price Range: $578.99 to $629.00

For more information on these products visit


“ The weekend my parents went out of town I decided to take
the car for a joy ride. I ended up getting into a car accident. My parents made me change my grandma’s diaper for a year.” -Sam Hutchinson “Last summer there was this huge band playing in Vegas and me and my friends really wanted to go. My parents said I could go but I would have to find the funds to do so. My friend Diana had suggested we sell a few of my mom’s Coach Purses and replace them with some of her identical knockoffs. We sold the purses but got caught right before we were getting ready to leave for Vegas. My mom took my allowance away for 6 months. “ -Cayenne Childs “ Because I failed a few math tests my Step-dad made me sing in the church choir for a whole summer! -Jay Simpson



“Because I failed a few math tests my Step-dad made me sing in the church choir for a whole summer!”

“I stole a pair of Reebok’s a few weeks ago. It was wrong but I really liked the shoes. I got caught on the way to the bus stop. My Dad found out and flipped! After talking to the manager of the shoe store, he arranged for me to work at the same store I stole from to pay off the debt. “ -Semaj Bradley “I stole my Mom’s Brand New car one day when no one was home. I drove maybe a few blocks and drove it into a ditch, I completely totaled the car. Everyone in my family from my older sisters and brothers to my mom & dad beat me up for that. They had to eventually stop before it would be considered real child abuse. I am currently still in the doghouse for that a year later. Anonymous



CH: How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a football player? T.O: I loved playing basketball as a kid and that’s still my favorite sport today, but in high school I realized that I was pretty good in football. I got a scholarship to play football and it was there that I realized that this could be a career. CH: Who was your biggest inspiration growing up? T.O: My biggest inspiration was my grandmother. She raised me, and my brother and sisters, and worked two jobs in order to take care of us. She is the reason that I am the man I am today. Right now she is suffering from Alzheimer’s so she doesn’t remember much, let alone recognizes me now, but I know she’s proud of me and that’s all that matters.

still is one of the greatest receivers in football. CH: Of all your accomplishments and awards which one stands out the most to you? T.O: One of the biggest accomplishments for me is being able to take care of my grandmother and my mother. To provide for them the way they provided for me, with not only what they need but with a little extra perks of enjoyment that they deserve. CH: Are you excited to be playing for your new team, the Buffalo Bills this upcoming season? T.O: I am so excited to be playing for the Bills. The city and the fans have welcomed me with open arms and I’m ready to get in the end zone and help take the team to a new level.


CH: Who is your favorite quarterback to catch a pass from? T.O: I enjoyed catching passes from all of the quarterbacks I’ve played with. Donovan (McNabb) has a great arm and we had great chemistry when we were on the football field. CH: What would you say is your most memorable moment from the NFL? T.O: Scoring my first touchdown was the best moment! CH: Is there anything you have done in your playing career that you can honestly say you regret? T.O: No in life I have no regrets… I believe that everything happens for a reason and a lot of things are nothing more than learning lessons for you to grow from.

By Andrew Gold

Terrell Owens Popularly known by his initials, T.O. is both renowned and reviled for his flamboyant touchdown celebrations currently a wide receiver for the Buffolo Bills, T.O. is six-time Pro Bowl selection, and holder of the league single-game reception record. Although one of the dominant receivers of his era, he has also found the time for his own reality show on VH1 called the T.O. Show. With an overly hectic schedule, Owens, still found the time for his Celebrity High fans.

CH: While in college did you expect to make it as far as you have? T.O: No, I knew I was just pretty good in college, but I wasn’t great at football yet. So I worked hard to improve my skills and that’s when I knew that I had a chance to go pro.

CH: What was it like going on the field for the first time, being an NFL player? T.O: The anticipation of walking out on the field was like the first day of Christmas when you couldn’t sleep because you were hoping you got the new bike or game system you asked for. I was nervous and excited to just let my cleats touch the field! CH: How was it being able to play with your childhood idol, Jerry Rice, on the 49ers? T.O: It was a dream come true because I grew up watching Jerry Rice and to actually play with him on the same team was unreal. I learned so much when playing with him. He was so dedicated and disciplined in elevating himself each year and that’s what I do. He was and


CH: What does a Terrell Owen diet consist of? T.O: I eat 2 skinless chicken breasts and 6 egg whites at least twice a day.



Recession Affects the LAUSD
Many people are still debating on whether we remain in a recession, but from my vantage point the answer is an obvious yes. I am a senior at
Reseda High School and it appears that because of either the recession – or perhaps government mismanagement - the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) budget has been cut to the bone. Walking along the halls at school we all notice how little by little our school is being affected by this crisis. Teachers are getting laid off which means now we have even larger classes. When teachers have to deal with 40 students per class, this hinders opportunity for us to get a better sense of understanding on subjects. Also, a major part of our school is made up of bungalows used for classrooms. We all believed that these would just be temporary, but apparently we were mistaken. It’s my fourth year at Reseda and I still see no change. Even though we students hardly complain, it is difficult for us to keep concentration in such a small room that doesn’t allow much movement, and from personal experience, it can get very suffocating. The LAUSD also cut budgets for extracurricular activities. Amongst these is woodshop, ceramics, cooking class and unfortunately maybe even the Drill Team. This is my second year as a member of the Drill Team, and the only reason why we are still having the team again this year is students working together to raise money. It’s a shame that instead of being handed the opportunity to be able to join a team full of school spirit and fun do to our outstanding academics. We have to fight for it, as if it were of no importance. Every day is a constant hustle for our team to have the requirements needed to still exist as part of our school. Some things we do in order to help ourselves include seeking sponsors, doing bake sales, and car washes. I hate the fact that I try so hard to have good grades, get involved in my school and join a team that I love, just to all of a sudden be at risk of getting it taken away. We accomplished getting the principal to guarantee us the team for this year, but maybe next year it will be cut. I probably shouldn’t worry about it because I will be gone, but what about all those other students? Sometimes I feel like shouting, “Hello, are we students’ invisible?” We do our job by showing up to school and trying our hardest, and all we ask in return is for a stable studying environment, with some motivation! The LAUSD has to understand that yes we are under a recession, but cutting off our school resources is not the answer. After all, we are the future! That’s why we are here at school, to learn so we can create so much more... - Ivvet & karen


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