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   Developed by: Rose Galera, C.E.H.
         Clean Plus Systems II
        Phone: (808) 678-8021
         Senses Cleaning
  In cleaning for health and safety, our senses
     help us to perform very important jobs.

  Our senses from parts of our body must work
   together so that the job of cleaning can be
 accomplished in easier, fun and positive ways.

   Senses Cleaning will make it possible for us
 to clean our home, bedroom, school, classroom
and our belongings, so we can be free of dirt, dust
  and germs. When we do this, we will be kept
   healthy and safe from getting sick. Keeping
  clean and staying healthy will prevent us from
            being absent from school.

       Senses Cleaning is Smart Cleaning!

                 Rose Galera. C.E.H.
                     April 2010

 Theory - people master knowledge, concepts and
 skills through "certain senses" more than others.

  It is essential to understand the means by which
         people learn, thus "Senses Cleaning."

The correlation between learning and the senses can
               be charted as follows:

 80% of learning (EYES) through the sense of sight

10% of learning (EARS) through the sense of hearing

5% of learning (HANDS) through the sense of touch

 5% of learning (NOSE/MOUTH) through the sense
                   of smell/taste.
             BEST PRACTICES

           THE SENSE OF SIGHT . . .
Our eyes help us to see the dirt, soil, dust, mildew,
mold, and trash. We can see clean results when
the work is done. When we see trash on the floor
 we must pick it up and place it in a waste basket.
              THE SENSE OF HEARING
   Our ears help us to hear sounds and unwanted
noises like dripping faucets, running water and loud
 talking. The sound of the Vacuum Cleaner tells us
that someone is doing cleaning somewhere. Music
       is a sound that will make cleaning a joy!
  Our nose helps us to smell bad odors such
as smoke, mold, mildew, rotten foods . . . and to
 also smell the clean fresh air that we breathe.
   When bacteria dies it creates a bad odor.
    Flowers can add sweet scent to a room.
            THE SENSE OF TOUCH
    With our hands we can feel dirty residue,
moisture, stickiness, heat, cold . . . and we can
feel safe with a good feeling when walking on a
 clean floor bare footed. A good clean surface
           feels good under our feet.
               THE SENSE OF TASTE
Happiness is experiencing a taste of Clean. A taste
     of Excellence & Quality. A Clean and safe
 environment will allow for us to enjoy and taste all
 that is good in life. Unclean and bad tasting foods
           or drinks can make us feel sick.
    Good and ono kine food makes kids happy!
Along with our senses, a strong arm adds
muscles and strength to the cleaning jobs, when
lifting equipment and pushing or pulling heavy
items. Exercising will help build strong arms.
During and after the work is done, Clean Indoor Air
Quality (IAQ) is very important for keeping healthy
and strong Lungs. A clean environment means
there is clean, safe and healthy air to breathe.
With all that must be done when cleaning, our smart
and thinking Brain guides us through our senses by
process of seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and
tasting. Knowing about cleaning is food for our
And with our beating heart, we express the
caring goodness and thankfulness of who we
are, what we do, why we do and how we do,
because we love life and all that is clean around
us. Senses Cleaning can make us feel good
inside and outside.
The recommended Cleaning Cloth
   And Flat Mop Systems with
      Senses Cleaning are:

    Microfiber Cloths & Mop
Recommended Cleaning Tools

The Activeion IONATOR EXP Tool will
also make for an excellent cleaning tool
for Keikis. It is safe to use and kills
99.9% germs also H1N1 virus.
 Recommended Equipment
Back Pack Vacuum Cleaners
Have a Bright and Sun Shining Day!
Baby Bear
reach for
a taste of
 Thursday, April 22, 2010
 Application of all our SENSES plus "2“ are essentials to
           excellence and quality in cleaning.

                  > The Sense of Sight

                 > The Sense of Hearing

                  > The Sense of Touch

                  > The Sense of Taste

                  > The Sense of Smell

The goal is to make learning and cleaning easier through
     application of all of the SENSES PLUS TWO (2).

                   > A sense of Humor

                    > Common Sense

             LEARNING & CLEANING.

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