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					           Southern Highlands Preparatory
                  Preschool News

Calendar Events                            MAY 2010 Preschool Griffin Gazette

Free Dress Day                                 Dear SHPS Families,
Friday, May 28th
                                               The end of the school year is near! What a
No School
                                               pleasure it has been to have your children in our
Monday, May 31st
                                               preschool program. We have an exciting camp
Early Dismissal Days
June 1st and 2nd @ 11:30a.m.                   prepared for your children. Sign up for camp today!

Last Day of School                             Our Fall tuition packets have been sent out to our
Wednesday, June 2nd
                                               Preschool families. You may also pick up a packet
Wonderland Dance                               in the lower school office. Register today!
Annual Dance/Gymnastic Show on
June 6th @ 11:00 a.m. @ Summerlin
Library Theatre off of Town Center.
Seating is free!!
                                               Terry Mapson
                                               Preschool Principal

  Administrative Numbers
 Mrs. Terry Mapson, Preschool
            Principal                        Share our story.
Ms. Michelle Howard, Preschool
       Assistant Principal             Bring a friend to our Open
                                      House and share our school’s
Phone: (702) 617-1184 ext. 115
Email:          success story. It’s a great
For information about our school
              visit…                     opportunity to meet our             Private Tours                                                  Available
                                      principal, tour our school, and             see firsthand how we make a       Invite family and friends
                                                                         for a tour of our school
                                       difference in the lives of our     and a free Discovery
                                           students every day.                     Day !

A Few Reminders…                            Enrolling Now
Aftercare payments are due for April
and May with your May tuition
                                              for 2010-2011 School Year
payment. Aftercare is generally billed    We are very excited to begin the enrollment process
a month behind which is why two           for the 2010-2011 school year. We have received a
payments are due in May.                  large number of inquiries and registration requests
Summer camp begins on Monday,             from new families, and anticipate a great student
June 7 . Please turn in your camp         population for the coming year. We request that you
registration forms as soon as possible.   respond in a timely manner with your completed
If you have any questions, feel free to   registration materials , so that we can effectively plan
stop in the office.                       for expanding programs and staffing.
Please remember to park in the                   Register Today                           for
designated parking area only.


      NO PARKING                          Summer camp is quickly approaching and we have had an
                                          awesome time planning exciting fun-filled activities that we
 in the fire lanes to drop                can’t wait to share with you. We begin our journey on June
            off your child                7th in Australia! Please return your summer camp
   Thank you for your cooperation.        registration as soon as possible and get ready to go on an
                                          amazing journey with us around the world!

Helping Your Child Cope with Fear
The preschool years are a time of amazing growth, a staggering increase in language, and a time of great
imagination. With children’s increased awareness of the world around them, an ability to express thoughts
and feelings verbally, and this amazing sense of imagination also comes a normative development of
childhood fears. Children don’t think like adults and lack the web of knowledge that we possess to reason
away most childhood fears. Likewise, because children have some limited world understanding and are
gradually acquiring the ability to think of abstract consequences, they become developmentally prime
targets for the development of fears, fanciful and real (Bauer, 2006). As children move beyond their second
birthday, they acquire the ability to mentally reenact things that they have seen, heard, or experienced.
While this is a great cognitive feat, the reenactment of such mental images can lead to the development of
fears or late at night can cause sleep disturbances.
Fears vary from child to child. They can range from places, to vacuum cleaners, to loud noises, to animals…
Fear is one of the earliest emotions of childhood, and it is important for parents and caregivers to be
sensitive to this and to handle fear appropriately (Izard, 1977; Sorin, 2000).
So how can you help your child learn to cope and handle fear?
•Understand why children are fearful. Fear is generally caused by the unknown, by theorized consequences,
or by negative past experiences. If you know that your child has not had a negative past experience with
what she is fearful of, then likely the fear has been developed my limited knowledge of the fear stimulus
and a fanciful imagination.
•Talk to your child about what she is fearful of. Help her understand more about the vacuum and why it
makes such a loud noise; help her understand why dogs bark and how to interact safely with animals that
are known to be trustworthy. Adults and children alike fear what we don’t know. Give your child the
knowledge base to approach the thing they are fearful of with a stronger knowledge base and then they can
learn to approach it through experience, not imagination.
•Be supportive of your child and acknowledge that she is scared even if you find the fear fanciful. Instead of
belittling or mocking the fear, instead reassure your child and acknowledge her feelings. When responding
to the fear, give the message that 1) it’s ok to be scared, and 2) it is good to share your fears and ask for
help. We never want children to feel ashamed of something that truly frightens them.
•Be a role model and point out similar aged role models. While being supportive of your child and
continuing to talk with them about their fear, model ways that they can confront their fear. Also, if able,
point out other children, who are conquering the fear, e.g. “Look, honey, that little boy is petting the cat
nicely. See how the cat is purring? That is its ways of showing that it is happy. Do you want to try to pet the
cat like that little boy?”
•Lastly, talk to your child about steps she can take to become less fearful. As your child makes small steps,
acknowledge this and celebrate your child’s bravery.
There are great books written for young children specifically targeted to addressing the topic of fear, such
Scaredy Cat by Cyndy Szekeres
No More Fears for Maddox by Maria Becker
There’s a Nightmare in my Closet by Mercer Mayer
When I Feel Scared by Cornelia Maude Spelman
Not Afraid of Dogs by Susan Pitzer

                Lauren Starnes, PhD- Manager of Curriculum and Instruction/ East

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