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									                 Table of Contents

           Media Release No. 01/2012

1. Season Opening on March 30, 2012
2. New Attractions for 2012
3. Admission Prices 2012
4. Shows and Stars at HANSA-PARK in 2012
5. Special Tips for 2012
6. HANSA-PARK’s Ride Attractions
7. HANSA-PARK at a Glance
                 Media Release 1a/2012
   Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested

Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

    The “Park with a Soul” is growing
 sustainably - on March 30, 2012 HANSA-
       PARK starts into the Season
Our huge unique theme world, “The HANSEATIC LEAGUE
in EUROPE” will be extended by a large new section featuring up to
14m high buildings from London, Ribe and Bergen. London was
home to the famous Hanseatic League “Steelyard”. Ribe, one of
Denmark’s oldest cities and most important ports in earlier times, is
our neighbour’s treasure trove of HANSEATIC LEAGUE traditions.
“Tyske Bryggen”, the kontor [trading post] in Bergen dating back to
1360, was Norway’s most important port city until 1880 and a place
of special significance for Lübeck’s branch of the HANSEATIC

At the Children’s World the Children’s Jungle Park, an indoor play
area, geared towards children up to 1.40m in height, is taking shape.
It will also feature a play area for the tiny tots so that parents can take
along their smaller children, too. This is our response to a frequently
expressed desire by our guests to cater to children too tall to be
admitted to the Kiddie Camp (maximum height: 1.20m). Now older
siblings can enjoy their very own play-and-explore area. The facility is,
of course, fully roofed and heated so that fun is guaranteed no matter
what the weather is like.

North Germany’s biggest park parade starts into the 2012 season
with a total of three new themed floats, new music and quite a few
new costumes for the more than 60 participants.

At the Realm of the Trolls, HANSA-PARK’s new themed play
area, Norway’s age-old myth is revived (from the summer of 2012).

Behind the scenes HANSA-PARK continues to make every effort to
protect the environment. Numerous projects are underway. The
park plans to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by almost 400
tonnes in future. HANSA-PARK has already been recognised for its
environmental efforts in 2002 when the Studien- und
Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft, a
business association for promoting regional business, awarded
HANSA-PARK the “Environmentally-friendly Business” prize. With
the implementation of a photovoltaic plant, a heat recovery
ventilation system and improved energy efficiency the park has
reached a new level in its efforts to combine economy and ecology.
                Media Release 1b/2012
   Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested

Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

                        New for 2012
Birthday boys and girls will have their very own train

The new train has already arrived and has been tested extensively, in
particular by the grown-up children among our staff. And all have
given its quality and fun value the thumbs-up. The smoke puffs out as
it should, the whistle sound typical of old steam locomotives is pitch-
perfect, the parquet flooring of the carriages has been varnished to
perfection, the modern technical equipment such as the
announcement and sound system are invisible, the craftsmanship
satisfies the most demanding standards. We now hope very much that
you and your children will enjoy the train as much as we did.

And here is why all birthday children and their guests will be eager to
celebrate their party at HANSA-PARK’s children’s birthday party

    In 2012 birthday children will have their very own parade train
     on wheels that will make its rounds in all kinds of weather.
    Up to 24 children can board the train so birthday children
     can take along all their friends and even their parents to
     share the fun with them.
    Each birthday group can reserve the train exclusively for one
     ride through the park.

Make sure to book well in advance. The train is, of course, free of
charge. It’s HANSA-PARK’s birthday present in addition to the free
admission all birthday children up to 14 years already enjoy when they
celebrate their birthday with their friends at the park.

A Children’s Jungle Park for children up to 1.40m in height

New for 2012 is our Children’s Jungle Park, a play land for our young
guests up to 1.40m in height. Here, they can romp around and play
even if the weather is not up to scratch.

The play land is the long-awaited roofed and heated attraction for all
children who have grown too tall to be allowed into our Kiddie
Camp, which is primarily geared towards our toddler guests up to
1.20m in height.
Parents are welcome to accompany their children however a certain
level of physical fitness may be required just to make sure they’ll be
able to keep up with their children …

And our little guests can enjoy themselves in their own area of the
play land for as long as their older siblings have disappeared in the
depths of the jungle.

The 5th section of our theme world, “The HANSEATIC
LEAGUE in EUROPE” - London, Ribe and Bergen - will
welcome our guests in 2012

We plan to complete the 5th construction phase of our theme world

Currently we are working on up to 14m high historical buildings from
England’s London, which became famous for its Steelyard during the
times of the Hanseatic League, Denmark’s Ribe, once one of our
neighbour’s most important port cities and the famous Norwegian
city of Bergen, which used to be the largest city of the Scandinavian
Just to nip any rumours in the bud: Of course there is no connection
at all between our selection of former Hanseatic cities and Hanseatic
kontors [trading posts] for the 5th construction phase and the world’s
largest sporting event celebrated on the British Isles in 2012.
In any case, the new section will be constructed in the same
outstanding quality as the previous ones, using the best traditional
craftsmanship and incorporating state-of-the-art engineering

Like the Holstentor’s the new buildings’ quality is unmatched.
Reconstructed true to the original and with extraordinary love of
detail only original materials such as stone, timber and plaster are used
to reconstruct beautiful building facades of these cities.

After its completion, the theme world “The Hanseatic League in
Europe” at HANSA-PARK will invite guests on a unique journey
into European history, from Bergen in Norway to Paris, from La
Rochelle to Lisbon, from Bruges to Visby and from Novgorod to
Venice - featured with imposing architectonical pieces of art; real,
authentic buildings that reach up to 18 metres into the sky.

Hands-on experiencing and learning, fun and education, geography
and history - with this new themed area Germany’s only family park
by the sea combines all of the above in a unique mixture of
sophisticated entertainment and interactive education.
With its innumerable maritime exhibits and the historical walkable
ship models that invite children to explore them HANSA-PARK has
become a one-of-a-kind cultural leisure facility for all age groups that
is unrivalled in Germany.
The new themed area, which is expected to be fully completed within
the next couple of years, provides a unique and broad picture of the
HANSEATIC LEAGUE’s architectural history. Add on to that an
event exhibition, event gastronomy and historically designed
Hanseatic kontors [merchant offices] and you’ll have an outstanding
family and cultural offer that is unmatched in Germany.

HANSA-PARK has been in existence for almost 35 years now and
today, more than ever, it is a part and an expression of North
Germany’s uniqueness and identity.

By the way: this new attraction will make HANSA-PARK in
Sierksdorf near Lübeck located directly by the Baltic Sea Germany’s
first leisure and family park that presents such an exciting
combination of cultural experience and fun.

Why? Because the park tells a story presented in a way that is possible
only at HANSA-PARK located directly by the Baltic Sea, on the Bay
of Lübeck - a story from the Medieval Ages, a story of trade and
seafaring, of freedom and adventure - a story that has become a
legend but is still very much alive: “The Hanseatic League in

HANSA-PARK is gradually becoming a unique brand among theme
parks, geared in particular towards families looking for quality and
interested in the art and history of the European HANSEATIC

“When the theme world is completed, our guests will say: ‘There is no
other place where you can experience so much European history in
such a short time for so little money and, on top, in such imaginative
settings!’”, describes managing director Andreas Leicht the aim of

The Realm of the Trolls – Norway’s age-old myth will be
revived at HANSA-PARK’s new themed play area in 2012

Opposite of the 5th section of the theme world “The Hanseatic
League in Europe” a new themed play area is expected to be
completed by the summer of 2012. Designed in the style of historical
Bergen it will take visitors into the world of Norwegian legends and
myths. The Realm of the Trolls will come to life – and delight all our
younger guests who will be only too eager to dash off into the world
of Norway’s little lads.

Redesigning of the Super Splash area - first construction phase
planned for 2012

According to surveys conducted among our guests Super Splash still
is one of the most popular and timeless water attractions. We have
therefore decided to systematically redesign the entire area and key it
to a theme. For 2012 we are planning to complete two construction

In the first phase we will redesign the slow-down area / brake run
where the boats submerge into the water. Natural rock formations
will give a first impression of how the ride will look like later when
the boats take a plunge through an historical ship wreck into the lake.
The ship wreck is planned for the 2013 season.

The water play area next to the slow-down area will also be
completely redesigned. The world’s largest beach chair and the
historical bathing machines will later find their final home there.

New parade music and new parade floats for our HANSA-
PARK Parade in 2012

In 2012 our HANSA-PARK parade will present the first parade float
keyed to the theme world of “The Hanseatic League in Europe”. This
very special vehicle features a lot of functions; among others guests
will be able to enjoy a ride in the dark. And to round it all off, new
parade music will accompany the parade participants.

In 2012 sustainability is a key concern of HANSA-PARK

From the very beginning on HANSA-PARK has taken countless
measures that prove that economy and ecology do not exclude each
other. And you, our guests, have made every effort to support us.
Such you have accepted edible wafers as a way to serve French fries,
etc. and did your share to separate the rubbish in the park. We now
take pride in the fact that our green-roof projects (the latest example
being The Midgard Serpent in 2011), our waste prevention and
recycling efforts as well as the reduction of noise emissions were
awarded the “Environmentally-friendly Business” prize by the
Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen
Wirtschaft, a business association for promoting regional business,
as early as 2002.

From the 2012 season onwards we will put in place an array of
measures that will allow us to save almost 400,000kg of CO2 per
year. The use of energy-saving LED light bulbs further contributes to
that aim as are the new installation of a photovoltaic plant, the use of
state-of-the-art cooling and deep-freezing aggregate technologies with
integrated heat exchangers and a new, ultramodern central
compressed-air supply unit which is also equipped with heat
exchangers which allow for high energy efficiency.
                Media Release 1c/2012
   Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested

   Opening Times and Admission Prices 2012
Children under 4 years                            free admission

Birthday boys and girls
up to and including 14 years   (proof required)   free admission

Children and youths
up to and including 14 years                      Euro 25.00 per person

Guests aged 60+ years, incl. coffee & cake        Euro 25.00 per person

Visitors aged 15 years and over                   Euro 31.00 per person

Season ticket for unlimited visits
in the 2012 season                                Euro 65.00 per person
Until March 29, 2012 the season ticket is         Euro 50.00 per person
if payment is made before or on that date.

Child and youth groups,                           Euro 17.00 per person
minimum 10 paying persons
up to and including 17 years

Vocational schools, evening schools and youth support agencies are
considered regular groups.
Admission for 2 caretakers is free if they accompany groups of 10-20
paying children/youths. For groups of more than 20 paying children
/youths admission is free for 1 caretaker per every 10 paying children
/youths. Only teaching personnel, legal guardians or parents are
considered caretakers. Other caretakers or children aged 18 years and
over pay the regular-group price of            Euro 25.00 per person.

All other groups,                                 Euro 25.00 per person
minimum 20 paying persons

The ticket price includes the use of all ride attractions in operation,
shows and exhibitions.

In the 2012 season HANSA-PARK is open from March 30 through
October 21, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ride attractions open at 10
a.m. Subject to changes. Discounts cannot be combined with other
discounts or special offers.
Payment options:
- cash (EURO, DKK, SEK, NOK and all common foreign currencies)- EC card +
pin number, credit card: Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard
                  Media Release 1d/2012
    Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested
Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

     Shows and Stars at HANSA-PARK in 2012
“The only place in the world where you can dream with your eyes wide open” -

The above quote by Ernest Hemmingway certainly applies to
HANSA-PARK’s shows that have long been famous far beyond
Germany. In the new season our shows will feature lots of new
routines, artists and music, and some of the shows are
completely new.

       North Germany’s No. 1 Variety Theatre
                is proud to present
               “City Dreams 2012”
The show called “City Dreams 2012” takes our guests on a
breathtaking new journey to the most exciting big cities in the world.

In Las Vegas six young acrobats perform daredevil routines on the
“Chinese pole”.

From there, you’ll be whisked off to the Landing Piers of the
Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Against the backdrop of the north
European metropolis the threesome with the name of ToRiMe show
world-class contortionist and balancing acts.

On the journey goes to New York, where the Puyang Boys playfully
jump through tires piled on top of each other, contorting and twisting
their bodies with such ease that it looks as if it is perfectly natural to
move like that.

The next stop of the city tour is Atlantis, the ancient city that sank
into the ocean. Here, four young acrobats present a top-of-their-
league performance that is unmatched in the world. Strength,
elegance and fascinating body control unite in perfect harmony.

The stunning finals of City Dreams 2012 feature all artists and
acrobats back in Berlin in front of the Brandenburger Tor. We are
sure you’ll have a brilliant time!

             New Multimedia and Special Effects Show:
                      “Dream World 2012”

A completely new show that comes with three state-of-the-art digital
laser systems, hundreds of LED show lights, digital surround-sound
producing several 10,000-watt output and various special effects such
as CO2 fog jets and fire flashes: guests will be transfixed by the
stunning experience at North Germany’s biggest show theatre.

It's hard not to get drawn in by the show. However we would like to
point out that this spectacle of the special kind may not be suitable
for people with pacemakers and/or other disorders.

                          Water Circus
John Burke‘s charming sea lions at the water circus are back with
new tricks that will leave no eye dry and have the audience roaring
with laughter!

                     HANSA-PARK PARADE

Every afternoon (in dry weather only) all dancers, musicians, acrobats,
artists and the comic characters Winnie, Orki, Flipsi, Pingi, Leo and
Emmi say “thank you” to all the guests for coming to the park and
cheering them on with a colourful show parade featuring fancy
fantasy floats. Over the years the parade has become one of the most
popular events with HANSA-PARK’s guests - “because it’s such
great fun”.

The opening float is a colourful Mexican fruit cart from HANSA-
PARK’s MEXICO theme world. The Mexican caballeros on the float
have such broad smiles and radiate such joy of living that you can’t
help it - you just have to smile with them! A screaming-red vintage
fire engine and its little brother, a Viking boat from the "Land of the
Vikings" theme world and the giant carriage from "Bonanza City"
follow close behind. The parade concludes with the African jungle car
float – the Old-Time Fun Fair’s Safari jeeps wave their ‘hello’.

The costume-clad participants and the themed floats are a unique
show in their own right. Dancing pink elephants, tame gorillas and
funny ostriches get all the guests to join in the fun while the parade is
winding its way through the park.

By the way: once more HANSA-PARK is a pioneer in the North –
apart from HANSA-PARK at Sierksdorf near Lübeck, no other
North German leisure park offers its guests a parade of this

Visit of the Shadow Creatures

When at twilight dark elves, nightmares and revenants crawl out of
their hidings, the hour of scare and spookiness has arrived...

From September 21 through 23 and from September 28 through
October 03 the Curse of Novgorod, the old thatched-roof cottage,
the bear’s cove and the Shadow World of Utgard will turn into
spooky attractions that are haunted by werewolves, scarecrows and
other eerie creatures who follow courageous visitors on their way into
the otherworld.

In the Shadow World of Utgard the hour of scare and spookiness
starts at dusk (about 7.45 p.m.), in the areas of the other attractions at
6 p.m. already. In wet weather the area of the Shadow World of
Utgard must remain closed for safety reasons and the opening hours
of the park and ride attractions may change.

Come before they get you...

“Autumn Magic by the Sea” - only at HANSA-PARK

When in the autumn the days get shorter and the sun says ‘goodbye’ a
bit earlier every day, HANSA-PARK will be transformed into a sea of
lights. Daily from Saturday, October 06 through Sunday, October 21
Germany‘s only event park by the sea will celebrate the end of the
season with a brilliant “Autumn Magic by the Sea” festival. When the
night falls, everywhere in the park light sculptures and pieces of art
will come to life, and the well-kept grounds and attractions will be
bathed in a magical glow.

The Parade of Lights

Like a fairy-tale parade the procession winds its way through the park
- countless lights cast their shine from the floats and HANSA-
PARK’s acrobats dressed in light-studded costumes wave to their
guests - HANSA-PARK’s Parade of Lights, the only one of its
kind in Germany, will enchant the hearts of young and older guests
alike and conjure a magical smile on their faces at the beginning of the
dark season.

And at the “Plaza del Mar” the end of each day will be celebrated
with an awe-inspiring performance crowned by a fireworks display
that takes off directly from the walls of the “Arena”.

For safety reasons the parade of lights and the evening show can take
place only in dry and calm weather.

Throughout the “Autumn Magic by the Sea” festival a special
admission ticket at Euro 16.00 will be available from 3 p.m. onwards.

Craftsmanship of the Vikings

In 2012 a whittler and an ornamental blacksmith will demonstrate live
the inimitable craftsmanship of the Vikings at HANSA-PARK. Based
on age-old patterns, artfully carved and lovingly painted down to the
very last detail, the ornaments will ultimately adorn the buildings at
HANSA-PARK’s “Land of the Vikings”.
Visitors of HANSA-PARK have the opportunity to watch the artists
performing their fascinating work from up close.

Almost 60 acrobats and artists have been engaged by HANSA-PARK
for the 2012 season.

                    All Events at a Glance
“City Dreams 2012” - International variety show for the whole
family on North Germany’s biggest Variety Theatre stage at the
“Plaza del Mar” Arena, daily

“Dream World 2012” - Multimedia Special Effect Show,
also at the “Plaza del Mar” Arena, daily

FantasticCinema in digital format
“Sammy‘s great Adventures” with 4D special effects, daily

Water Circus showing performances by John Burke‘s sea lions,

On the open-air stage of the Old-Time Fun Fair:
“Children’s Clown and Comedy Show”, daily

HANSA-PARK Parade featuring all acrobats, artists and the
Dixie Band, daily (in dry weather)

HANSA-PARK - Dixie and Latino Band
daily from 9 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. and from 5.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Talking Fountain, daily

Winnie & Co. say “Hello” and “Goodbye”
daily from 9 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. and from 5.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Schedule subject to changes and weather conditions!

                    All Events at a Glance
Easter Bunny and Easter Flower Festival
from April 07 through 09, 2012

Summer Flower Festival
from July 01 through September 15, 2012
incl. HANSA-PARK‘s summer parade

Visit of the Shadow Creatures
from September 21 through 23
and from September 28 through October 03, 2012

“Autumn Magic by the Sea”
featuring a unique parade of lights
from October 06 through 21, 2012

Toggo Fun Day
September 30, 2012
                 Media Release 1e/2012
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Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

Our Special Tips 2012
Our group specials

We have captured the romantic atmosphere of the Old-Time Fun
Fair and present you the glittering stage of variety theatre. Join us for
a stunning show performance with international top acrobats and
comedy of the finest - the best of variety theatre tradition at the best
time of day. Let yourself be whisked off into a sea of flowers, colours
and music far away from routine life. All in one day. All at one price.
Dreamlike view of the sea - at Germany’s only event park by the sea.

HANSA-PARK has a very special offer for the young-at-heart: senior
citizen visiting as a group of 8 or more pay only EUR 25.00 per

And what‘s best: a sumptuous lunch and optionally breakfast or
coffee & cake are already included in the price!
Groups of 20 and more only pay EUR 25.00 per person at HANSA-
PARK. A delicious lunch and one 0.3l soft drink of your choice is
included in the admission price of EUR 29.90 per person.

For its young guests North Germany’s leading theme park also has a
great offer: for groups of 10 paying persons each child/youth up to
and including 17 years only pays EUR 17.00; the price of EUR 18.90
per person includes one lunch meal and a 0.3l soft drink.

Complimentary booking of the birthday party room for
children at HANSA-PARK

Colourfully designed with a fancily decorated birthday table and a
throne for the birthday child to preside over everything - that’s our
party room for your child’s birthday located right next to the “Kiddie-
Camp”. We will organise a festive and child-suitable party for birthday
children, their families and friends they will not easily forget. And best
of all: the birthday party room can be booked free of charge!

Our present: free admission for birthday boys and girls up to and
including 14 years. On request we’ll be happy to prepare personalised,
affordable child menus.

Birthday boys and girls will have their very own train

The new train has already arrived and has been tested extensively. In
2012 birthday boys and girls will be able to enjoy their own Parade
Train on wheels that runs in any weather. Up to 24 children can
board the train, so birthday children can take along their friends
and even their parents to share the fun with them. Each birthday
group that celebrate at the birthday party room can reserve the train
exclusively for one ride through the park.

Make sure to book well in advance. The train is, of course, free of
charge. It’s HANSA-PARK’s birthday present in addition to the free
admission all birthday children up to and including 14 years already
enjoy when they celebrate their birthday with their friends at the park.

In addition HANSA-PARK offers birthday children and their guests
celebrating their birthday party at HANSA-PARK’s birthday party
room another treat: on request participation in the parade is possible.
On floats especially reserved for them, birthday children can join the
colourful procession, wave to the other guests in the park with a big
smile on their faces and enjoy the feeling of being cheered at and
celebrated. An unforgettable experience for the birthday child and
loads of fun for everyone!

Open for bookings: trapper lodges with lockable luggage

Adjacent to the Wild West town of “Bonanza City” there is a wild-
romantic camp site housing five trapper lodges made from massive
roundwood. The trapper lodges have been named after famous
mountain men and scouts from America’s Wild West.

Each lodge sports a roofed area of about 20 square metres in size and
is equipped with solid, country-style tables and benches
accommodating approximately 20 persons. A lockable luggage
storeroom is located in the rear area. Groups, school classes and
kindergartens can book a lodge against a lump sum cleaning fee of
EUR 10.00 and enjoy a memorable day out.

A charcoal barbecue can be provided at the low fee of EUR 10.00.
Juicy meat, delicious sausages, charcoal, etc. can be purchased at fair

Breakfast from only EUR 3.50 and super saving menus
throughout the park - that’s double the fun!

We always pass on to our guests whatever we were able to save
through special purchase deals. The quality and affordability of our
gastronomic offers are highly appreciated by our guests, which makes
us very proud.

And we consider it motivation to continue to offer top gastronomic
services in the future, too. However, our guests may of course bring
their own food and drinks to the park. There are lots of picnic spots
and lockers available.
                 Media Release 1f/2012
   Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested

Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

          HANSA-PARK’s Ride Attractions
1. Schlange von Midgard - The Midgard Serpent. Get ready for the
   family adventure!
2. Fluch von Novgorod® - the Curse of Novgorod. The ultimate
   thrill coaster that established a whole new coaster category.
3. The Bell - the world’s largest bell featuring special water and fire
   effects. A ride attraction for the daring.
4. Fahrt der Drachenboote® - Stormy Dragon Boat Ride
5. Torre del Mar - a flying carousel
6. Space Scooter® - interactive planet docking
7. Rio Dorado® - Germany‘s craziest water bobsled ride
8. “Monte-Zuma”® Power-Tower - nerves are on edge when you go
   up and down like a giant yo-yo
9. Odin's Travels through the Sky - the free-fall tower for little
   daredevils aged three to six
10. Indian River - the interactive canoeing trip through the “Land of
   the Native Americans” theme world
11. Pony Express - an exciting, interactive riding trip into the prairie.
   It’s all about who is best at hitting targets dead on.
12. Barracuda Slide - a racy water ride in rubber dinghies dropping
   from a height of over 12m
13. Flying Orcas - fly through the air in giant Orca whales
14. Crazy Mine - a crazy mine-cart trip on rails through an old mine
15. Viking Boat Trip – ride the waves onboard a Viking ship
16. Pow-Wow - a covered family ride attraction offering spinning fun
   of the finest
17. Nessie - the super roller coaster with a giant loop between heaven
   and earth
18. Flying Shark – from a standstill to 7 x upside down
19. Storm Bird – free fall from a height of 20m: for the steely nerved
20. Racing Roland – goose pimples on the cute-looking family roller
   coaster when Roland meets Nessie in a ‘Rendezvous in the Loop’
21. El Paso Express – the raciest train running on a very narrow
   radius and the only one of its kind in Europe
22. Super Splash - sit in a boat, shoot down from 20m and hit a lake
23. A very American Wild Water Ride – in a hollow log through a
   wild water canal
24. Wave Rider – riding merrily through the air
25. Flying Dutchman – swing up 24m high in a pirate ship
26. Russian Swing – an historic original Ferris Wheel from the 1920s
27. Swing Ride – ride the historical chair-o-plane and feel “the
   circling of the earth”
28. The HANSA Carousel - the traditional flying horses carousel for
   the whole family with pictures specially made for HANSA-PARK
   that show typical scenes of the most important Hanseatic cities
29. Cog Ship Ride – fun-packed trip up and down the waves
30. Children’s 8-Bay Swing Boat Ride – swing your own wooden boat
31. Mini Scooters – dodgem cars for the littlies
32. “Flower Magic” Boat Tour – glide through a sea of flowers to the
   sound of waltz music
33. Safari Jeeps - an interactive adventure trip und photo safari
   through the jungle
34. Dr Livingstone’s Safari Flight - the propellers rotate and the
   airplanes, flown by the children themselves, take off in search of
   the famous Africa explorer
35. Park Train - board the train and take a trip around the park
36. Holstein Tower - HANSA-PARK’s 100m high landmark with a
   revolving cabin and a spectacular view
37. Play Area around the pirate ship with a covered Kiddie Camp
   featuring “Big Truck” and many other rides for the tiniest tots

Note: The use of some attractions is subject to special height and age
restrictions as well as physical fitness!
                    Media Release 1g/2012
    Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested

Sierksdorf, June 12. June 2012

                    HANSA-PARK at a Glance
Official Opening:         May 15, 1977

Location:                 Germany’s only event park by the sea,
                          located in the community of Sierksdorf by    the Baltic Sea, 30km north of Lübeck, a
                          UNESCO World Heritage Site

Total Area:               about 460,000 square metres

Roofed Areas:             about 17,000 square metres

Concept:                  An event park marked by its maritime
                          surroundings with attractions and shows
                          integrated in various theme worlds that
                          are embedded in the coastal landscape.

Car Park:                 5,000 chargeable passenger-car
                          parking spaces
                          100 complimentary coach parking spaces
                          100 chargeable hard-surfaced
                          caravan and mobile home
                          parking spaces

History / Development:    May 1973:
                          Official opening of the family park called

                          May 1977:
                          Official opening of the theme park called

                          Re-naming to HANSA-PARK

                          20-year anniversary and most
                          comprehensive expansion in the history of
                          the park

                          Official launch of the river rafting ride
                          “Rio Dorado” - the first of its kind in
                          25-year anniversary with countless new
attractions such as the “Space Scooters”
and the parade of lights unique in North

Official opening of “Pandavision”, the
North’s top family attraction and the
never-seen-before “Cosmic Coaster”
Numerous themed events

Launch of the then highest flying carousel
in the world

Official opening of the first High Rope
Garden in a leisure park, featuring a
completely new technique

Official opening of the 1st construction
phase of the HANSA-PARK RESORT
BY THE SEA - a first in Germany

Inauguration of the world’s largest replica
of Lübeck’s Holstentor being the first
construction phase of the unique theme
world called “The HANSEATIC
LEAGUE in EUROPE” which in future
will embody the name of the park

Launch of the “Curse of Novgorod”, a
new giant roller coaster with which the
park established a globally new roller
coaster category

Official inauguration of the 2nd and 3rd
construction phase of the theme world

Launch of the family coaster “The
Midgard Serpent”

Official inauguration of the 4th
construction phase of the theme world
                     called “The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in

                     Official inauguration of the 5th
                     construction phase of the theme world
                     called “The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in

Tests, Prices and
Awards (Selection)
                     In 2012 HANSA-PARK was awarded the
                     Best Practice Certificate - Certified
                     Service Quality

                     Winner of the “Worldofparks” award in
                     the category “Best Leisure Park for Kids”

                     In 2010 the Freundeskreis Kirmes und
                     Freizeitparks e.V., an association of leisure
                     park fans, awarded the Curse of
                     Novgorod the coveted FKF Award.

                     In 2010 HANSA-PARK® came in second
                     in each of the categories “Customer
                     Focus” and “Food & Accommodation”
                     and was awarded the Golden Pine by
                     DERTOUR leisure park testers.

                     North Germany’s top leisure park
                     received the “Parkscout European Jury
                     Award” 2009/2010 for its Curse of
                     Novgorod in the category “Best New
                     Attraction in Europe”.

                     In the category “Overall Winner” and in
                     the category “Food & Accommodation”
                     HANSA-PARK® came in second in 2009
                     and was awarded the Golden Pine by
                     DERTOUR park testers.

                     According to a survey conducted in June
                     2009 by the German Institute for Service
                     Quality on behalf of the TV news channel,
                     n-tv, HANSA-PARK is North Germany’s
                     No. 1 and Germany’s second-best leisure

                     Winner of the large-scale leisure park test
                     conducted by “SAM”, ProSieben’s TV
                     magazine (2009)
                      Parkscout, Europe’s biggest web portal
                      for leisure parks, voted HANSA-PARK
                      the leisure park with the best price-
                      performance ratio in 2007/ 2008,
                      2008/2009, 2009/2010 and 2010/2011

                      In 2007 HANSA-PARK was the first
                      German leisure park ever that was
                      awarded the quality seal “OK for Kids”
                      applicable to the entirety of the park based
                      on the quality criteria of the Deutscher
                      Kinderschutzbund, a German child
                      protection agency

                      Second-best leisure park in Germany and
                      best leisure park in North Germany
                      according to a survey conducted by the
                      weekly magazine (Alles für die Frau [All
                      That a Woman Needs], issue 32/2005)

                      North Germany’s best leisure park is
                      worldwide top in terms of safety: TÜV
                      quality seal “Certified Leisure Park” for

                      North Germany’s No. 1 and Germany’s
                      second-best leisure park according to a
                      survey conducted by the B.A.T.
                      Freizeitforschungsinstitut, a     leisure
                      research institute, on behalf of the
                      German magazine STERN (issue

                      In 2002 HANSA-PARK received the
                      “Environmentally-friendly Business Prize”
                      awarded     by     the   Studien-     und
                      Fördergesellschaft of the federal state of

                      Federal Prize in Silver 2003 for its leisure
                      offers geared in particular towards families
                      and its accessibility. HANSA-PARK is
                      Germany’s most family-friendly leisure

Workforce:            up to 800 people during the season

Number of Visitors:   1.3 million in 2011

Repeat Visitors:      about 83%
Average Age:        about 28 years

Company and Seat:   HANSA-PARK
                    Freizeit- und Familienpark
                    GmbH & Co. KG
                    Am Fahrenkrog 1
                    23730 Sierksdorf/Ostsee

Postal Address:     Postfach 12 29
                    23722 Neustadt in Holstein

Management:         Christoph Andreas Leicht,
                    personally liable partner

Telephone:          0 45 63 / 474 - 0
Facsimile:          0 45 63 / 474 - 100
Info line:          0 45 63 / 474 - 222
Internet address:
E-mail address:

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