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					 On the Move
              Michael                          Kate
              Arntz,                           Hutchison,
              Kenandy                          Riverbed
               The Red-                        Technology
               wood City                     The San
               cloud-based                   Francisco IT
               enterprise                    performance
               software                      company
company appointed Mi-           named Kate Hutchison
chael Arntz executive vice      chief marketing officer.
president of worldwide          She is former executive
sales. He is former group       vice president and CMO at
vice president of North         Polycom.
America application sales
at Oracle.                                     Caroline
              Brian                            Tidemark
              Bennett,                    The Red-
              PPC Associ-                 wood City
              ates                        cloud-based
              The San                     enterprise
              Mateo digital               analytics
              market-       company named Caroline
              ing agency    Japic, a 20-year Silicon
named Brian Bennett vice Valley marketing veteran,
president of sales and cus- chief marketing officer.
tomer development. He is Previously, she held posi-
former vice president of    tions at Bunchball.
channels and partners at
Conductor.                                Ken Klein,
              Jay Cross,                      The Moun-
              Rockwood                        tain View
              The San                         provider of
              Francisco                       storage for
              real estate                     virtualization
              investment                      and cloud
              banking           environments appointed
              firm and          Ken Klein chief executive
subsidiary of Auction.com       officer and chairman of
named Jay Cross senior          the company’s board of
vice president. Previously,     directors. Recently, he was
he was vice president at        president at Wind River
Newmark Knight Frank.           Systems.

              Jonathan                         Joe Longo,
              Fornaci,                         Serus
              Punchh                          The Santa
               The Sunny-                     Clara
               vale provider                  cloud-based
               of marketing                   manufactur-
               tools for the                  ing company
               restaurant                     for the high
industry named Jonathan         technology industry
Fornaci chief operat-           named Joe Longo vice
ing officer. Recently, he       president of the profes-
was president and chief         sional services group. He
executive officer at Rita’s     is a former vice president
Franchise.                      at PSVillage.

              Seth Halio,                      Charlie
              Adept                            Piper,
              Technology                       YottaMark
               The Pleasan-                    The Red-
               ton provider                    wood City
               of intelligent                  data and
               robots and                      analytics
               autonomous                      tools pro-
mobile tools and services       vider for the food industry
named Seth Halio chief          appointed Charlie Piper
financial officer. He is for-   chief executive officer.
mer CFO at LED Engin.           He will also serve on the
                                company’s board as a
                                director. He is former CEO
                                at Prommis Solutions.

 Bay Area News Group reports promotions of executives
 at the vice president level or higher. Send notices to
 onthemove@mercurynews.com. With each announce-
 ment, we require a photograph in JPEG format. Please
 upload the image, which should be a head shot about
 1 megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercurynews.
 com. If this is your first time uploading the images, you’ll
 need to contact the newspaper at 408-920-5088 to
 obtain a pass code.