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                       Advisors Assistant Links To AdvisoryWorld

•   DST FANMail

•   DAZL / Advisors


                       N      ow you can get research reports based on
                              your clients’ individual investments or the en-
                       tire account with just a few mouse clicks.
                                                                                       based on a monthly draft from your checking ac-
                                                                                       count. The service is sold on an advisor by advisor
                                                                                       basis, so if you have a multi-producer system, each
•   Vision 20-20       AdvisoryWorld’s web based ICE™ product will de-                 user can make their own decision whether or not to
                       liver up to three different performance research re-            subscribe. The draft would be made on that person’s
•   Fidelity / NFS                                                                     account.
                       ports right to your desktop so
•   Wedbush Morgan     you can print them for your cli-
                       ents. All of the ICE reports have
•   TD Waterhouse      been NASD approved.
•   LPL                Client Marketing Systems, Inc. has
                       been working with Advisory-
•   Sterne, Agee &     World and their programmers
    Leach              for more than 6 months to pro-
                       vide a low cost real time report-
•   SEI
                       ing service.
•   First Clearing     Index Comparisons
                       Besides showing historical per-
•   Rydex Funds
                       formance, these reports show
•   CANNEX             comparisons to major indexes
                       chosen from the same sector as
•   Zurich Kemper /    the asset.
                       Portfolio Reports
•   Albridge /         You can send an entire account
    StatementOne       at the same time and see reports
                       and projections on the portfolio.
•   MassMutual
                       Tax Considerations
                       You can also enter your client’s
•   Charles Schwab     tax bracket and see projected
                       returns based on their individual
•   DATAlynx / First   tax brackets.                          Page 4 of 5 from an ICE individual asset report delivered to your desktop by right
    Trust                                                    clicking on the asset in Advisors Assistant. This is just one of three different re-
                       Unlimited Reports Available
                                                                                   ports that is available to your desktop.
•   Union Central      When you sign up for the ICE
                       Reports option, you are not limited to the number of
•   Jefferson Pilot    reports you can receive.                                       There is no commitment, so you can cancel the ser-
                                                                                      vice by telling us in writing with 5 days notice.
•   Metlife            Listed Stocks & Mutual Funds
                       The service is limited to detailed reporting from              Now In Beta
                       listed stocks and mutual funds. Other investments,             This service is now in late round beta testing with
                       such as variable annuity sub-accounts, will be com-            AdvisoryWorld and will be released soon.
•   GenAm Financial    pared based on the sector you associate with the               How To Order
    (XMLife)                                                                          Just call Advisors Assistant sales at 800-799-4267.
                       investment at the symbol level.
                                                                                      The next release of Advisors Assistant will have the
                       ICE Reports are available for just $25 per month                                                 See ICE Link On Page 7
                                                                                                                                    PAGE       2

Advisors Assistant Tips
D       id you know that you can
        click on that big down arrow
in the middle of the screen and get
                                        it’s phone number? It will even
                                        show you close matches to that
                                        phone number.
                                                                                 Did you know that holding down
                                                                                 the Windows button and pressing
                                                                                 “D” will take you right to your
                                                                                                                                We asked

                                                                                                                            Tech Support
a list of the last 10 names you         Did you know that pressing Alt-Q         desktop from Advisors Assistant or
viewed? Then just click on the          is a Quick shortcut to the Select        any other program without having          to tell us what
name and go to that name in an          Name screen? It’s the same as            to minimize programs? Pressing
instant.                                clicking on the down arrow next to       the Windows+D again will take you          tips users are
Did you know that you can right         the person’s name on the View            back to the program.
                                                                                                                           happy to hear
click on a ToDo on the calendar         Client Screen.                           Did you know that right clicking
daily view and Advisors Assistant       On the same Select Name screen           on any date field in Advisors Assis-         about when
will take you to the View Screen        you can change the way you look          tant will bring up a calendar for you
for that person?                                                                 to choose the date?                       talking to Tech
                                        up a name by clicking on any col-
Did you know that you can press         umn heading. Click on the City           Did you know that there are 4             Support. Here
Alt-P or click on the phone location    column and type in the name of a         Quick Find options on the Edit
from any View Client Screen and         city to find a client by city.           menu at the top of the Advisors                 they are!
get a screen to look up a name by                                                Assistant screen? ■

More Advisors Assistant 2006
The new Advisors Assistant will be      screen.                                  icon, and Advisors Assistant 2006
called Advisors Assistant 2006, and     Two Paths To Report Modifi-              will automatically run a selection
is scheduled to be in beta testing by   cations                                  report, choosing all insurance and
the end of 2005. We had previ-          The new Advisors Assistant will          investments for the client currently
ously referred to it as Advisors        include a basic report writer with       on the View Screen.
Assistant .NET, but this was confus-                                                                                             There’s a
                                        lots of flexibility for creating basic   One click replaces several. (A
ing because Advisors Assistant          reports. It will be fully supported      great idea from a user.)                  different list of
2006 does not require any kind of       by our Tech Support Team. (See
Internet connection, but it can use                                              New Group Insurance Power                   new features
                                        the full article on Page 4 explaining
                                                                                 You will be able to add group par-
the Internet if available.              this feature.)
                                                                                 ticipants from a spreadsheet type             in previous
There are so many new features in       A second, advanced report de-            grid. With the address and phone
the upcoming version of Advisors        signer will be available as an option.   number features, you can add and            Newsletters.
Assistant that we have yet to count     It’s the full report writer that we      edit group members quickly and
them. But here are a few more to        use to create the Advisors Assis-                                                    Check it out
                                                                                 easily with a minimum amount of
add to the list shown in the previ-     tant reports. To design reports          system navigation.                            on our web
ous newsletters.                        with this program, IT knowledge
                                                                                 New Plan Level For Insurance
New Householding Features               will be required. It is designed for     We’ve added a Plan Screen for              site under the
When you add a client to a house-       organizations who want complete          insurance plans so that information
hold or a group, you can connect        access to be able to change any                                                        Newsletter
                                                                                 such as company, type of coverage,
the head of household or the group      report in Advisors Assistant.            class of insurance (life, health, etc.)               link.
sponsor’s address and phone to the      Report Favorites                         is entered only once.
client. Changing the address in one     Any report, whether designed by
                                                                                 Plan level information is entered
place will change it for all of the     you or us, can be put on your Fa-
                                                                                 just once and is carried down to
group or household members. You         vorites list, so you don’t have to
can even add names to Advisors          scroll through all of the reports.       the policy and coverage levels auto-
Assistant in spreadsheet fashion                                                 matically.
                                        Current Client Reports
right from the Householding                                                                 See More Features Page 8
                                        You will be able to click on a single
                                                                                                                                     PAGE     3

Microsoft Certified Partner
C     lient Marketing Systems, Inc.
      has received the Microsoft
Certified Partner designation.
                                               tem for an individual user or net-
                                               work workstation. (It also works
                                               just fine in Windows 2000!)
                                                                                       operating system of either the
                                                                                       server or the workstation. This is a
                                                                                       big deal with IT people.
To qualify for Certified Partner               The second test involved properly       The term .NET can be confusing
status, we submitted Advisors As-              detecting SQL Server, creating the      because people assume that it
sistant 2006 for Microsoft Compe-              Advisors Assistant 2006 database,       means that the Internet is required.
tency Testing in three areas.                  and properly connecting to the          .NET does not require the Internet
The primary test area was the Mi-              database, reading and writing data.     or even a network. It just means                receives
crosoft XP Client Test. This in-               The last test was exclusive to Mi-      that Advisors Assistant 2006 uses
cluded not only testing that Advi-             crosoft’s .NET Framework and            the special .NET framework rou-               registered
sors Assistant 2006 will operate               assures that 100% of Advisors As-       tines that make connectivity and
correctly in the Windows XP envi-              sistant 2006 is “Managed Code.”         sharing data with other applications         trademark.
ronment, but insuring that its instal-         When an application is 100% man-        easier and more secure than it had
lation would not interfere with any            aged code, it means that the appli-     previously been. ■
components of the operating sys-               cation cannot interfere with the

(Document Storage Continued From First Page)

See Advisors Assistant 2006 Previews
Y    ou can go to our website at and see
previews of Advisors Assistant
                                               be adding movies in the very near
                                               future, so check back from time to
                                                                                       page. You’ll see just how easy it is
                                                                                       to design or change a report.
                                                                                                                                      There are

                                                                                       Security                               Advisors Assistant
2006 in Microsoft Movie format.                Overview                                With the new security model in
To play the movies, you’ll need                We suggest you first watch the          Advisors Assistant 2006, you are in        2006 Preview
Microsoft Media Player Version 10              Advisors Assistant 2006 Overview.       control. You’ll see just how much
or above or Real Networks Media                It will show you the new View           control your System Administrator           “movies” at
Player. You will also need speakers            Screens and the new Menu Bar.           has over who can do what in Advi-
or headphones so you can hear the                                                      sors Assistant 2006. ■       
                                               Custom Reporting
                                               Next check out the basic report                                                  under the Look
There are currently 3 movies and               designer described on the next
each is about 5 minutes long. We’ll                                                                                             Ahead link. All

When? When? When?
                                                                                                                                    you need is

                                                                                                                                 Microsoft’s or

T       his is the question we’re asked most. When will
        Advisors Assistant 2006 be released?
                                                                   cover bugs, but to test ease of use and make sure that
                                                                   the new features are powerful and intuitive.
                                                                                                                                  Real’s Media

Estimated Beta Test                                                Our main objective is to release an exciting new pro-            Player, and
We’re targeting late fourth quarter of this year for               gram which will do more than you expect it to do.
beta testing. This means having some selected users                                                                                 speakers or
                                                                   Some companies release their programs with little
run the program on their site. Beta testing will test
                                                                   testing, and would rather meet the time deadline than           headphones.
moving the data from Version 2.7 to Advisors Assis-
                                                                   the quality target. We’ve never subscribed to that
tant 2006 and test how the new version operates.
                                                                   philosophy. We are constantly testing in house as we       Watch that page
Beta testing is estimated to last about 3 months.                  go along, and though we try to stay away from
However!!!                                                         “feature creep” this late in the process, we’re not        for more movies!
Estimates are just that, and beta sometimes extends                afraid to add a “killer feature” late in the game.
the release time. Testing is designed to not only un-                                                   See When on Page 7
                                                                                                                                 PAGE       4

Report Design In 2006 Version
T   he screen above shows a de-
    sign session using the new
2006 report designer.
                                        scape in the Layout box at the top.
                                        Sort & Group Records
                                                                                   Name, but just one to a date of
                                                                                   birth. It also knows which fields
                                                                                   can be subtotaled because they
                                        You can also sort your report by
At the top of the screen, you can       any field in the data list, even if it’s   contain numeric information.
name the report and give it a type,     not on the report.                         Custom Headings                        With the Basic
such as Client, Investment, Insur-      The Group Records By feature lets          You can also provide any of 3 page
                                                                                   heading fields and you can custom-            Report
ance, Insurance & Investment.           you do things like listing all the
                                        same cities together so the subto-         ize the heading on any report col-     Designer, you
The type you choose controls what
                                        tals will be based on city!                umn.
menu the report shows up on, and
                                                                                                                            can copy an
you can choose the data list you        The report we designed here will           Custom Templates
want on the report from the Data                                                   The Template field defaults to the     existing report
                                        list the names chosen by city, and
Drop Down List. Name Data is                                                       “Default Report Template” deliv-
                                        show the names in alphabetical                                                    and change it,
shown here.                                                                        ered with the system. However,
                                        order by last name within each city,
                                                                                   we can customize templates for        or work from a
To place a field on a report, you       and it will subtotal the Family In-
                                                                                   you which contain your logo, spe-
just highlight it in the Available      come at the end of each city listing.                                            completely new
                                                                                   cial colors, etc. Or, if you obtain
Fields at the bottom left of the        Built In Smarts                            the optional Advanced Report De-        blank report!
screen, and click on the button         The new Report Designer is smart           signer (IT experience required),
pointing to the Report Fields list in   enough to know how much space a            you could design your own tem-
the bottom middle of the screen.        field will take, so it will automati-      plates and “super reports.” ■
You can choose Portrait or Land-        cally allocate 2 columns to the Full
Advisors Assistant Community Forum                                                                                                  PAGE      5

W       e’ve had many users ask us for a Users’ Group.
        In response to this request, we’ve started a
User’s Forum called
                                                             forum is visible to all visitors, but the Advisors Assis-
                                                             tant User Feedback forum is only visible to Advisors
                                                             Assistant users.
                                                                                                                          A Users’ Forum is for

                                                                                                                             users to meet and
Three User Levels                                            Advisors Assistant User Level & Profile
When you first visit the forum, you are considered a         A Forum Administrator or Forum Moderator will have           share ideas, not only
“Guest”. You can read announcements and visit fo-            to promote you to the Advisors Assistant User level.
rums we give Guest Access to, but you can’t post any         That will be done based on the profile and interests         about Advisors Assis-
messages. Certain forums are not available to you until      you fill out when you register. The information about
                                                                                                                          tant, but other areas
you register and we verify that you are a user.              your interests will be taken into account when we add
If you register for the forum, and verify the email sent     new forums.                                                      of your business.
to you, you become a “Forum Member.” As a mem-               Please read the article below on how to register and
                                                                                                                            We’ve provided the
ber, you can post to certain forums, but there will be       become an “Advisors Assistant User Level” participant.
forums that are specifically designed for Advisors Assis-    Moderators & Forum Ideas Wanted                             setting. Now it’s time
tant users which regular members cannot read or post.        If you have an idea for a forum and would like to be a
                                                             moderator of a group, please let us know. ■                    for our users to get
For example, the News and Forum Announcements
                                                                                                                         involved and make it a

                                                                                                                                valuable asset.

                                                                                                                           We need volunteers

                                                                                                                          and ideas for forums.

                                                                                                                           The Feedback forum

                                                                                                                          shown here has polls

                                                                                                                            so you can vote for

                                                                                                                          your favorite reports.

How To Register For ClimarkCommunity                                                                                       As we do the reports

                                                                                                                          for Advisors Assistant

Y    our registration is important because it will tell us
     and other members about you. However, you do
not have to provide a public email address which will
                                                                  check the second privacy box. If a member sends
                                                                  you an email, they still don’t see your address.
                                                                  The forum actually sends you the email!
                                                                                                                           2006, we want to be

                                                                                                                            sure we include the
be available to other users unless you want to.              6.   Confirm the verification code. This is designed to         reports you want!
To register please follow these steps:                            keep automated forum robots from registering.
                                                                                                                         If you don’t vote, your
1.   Go to                         7.   Click on the Submit button.
2.   Click on Register under the logo.                       8.   You’ll receive a verification email. BE SURE to         voice won’t be heard.
3.   Fill in your User Name in a way we will recognize            click on the link in that email to verify your email
                                                                  address.                                               To vote, you must reg-
     you or we can’t verify you are a user.
4.   Fill in your email address and password. This in-       Profile Is Important. Don’t Leave It Blank!                   ister. See Page 6 for
     formation is not exposed to other members.              • When you get to the Profile & personal details,
                                                                 please indicate that you are an Advisors Assistant                       more.
5.   Be sure to leave the box about receiving email
                                                                 user or a staff member for a user, and provide the
     from forum administrators checked or you won’t
                                                                 registered user’s name. This will get you access to
     receive special announcements. If you don’t want
                                                                 the Users’ forums.
     to receive any email from other members, un-
                                                                                                                                PAGE    6

  Polls & Surveys On Users’ Forum
T    he
     forum gives us the opportunity
to provide polls for our users to
                                        must be promoted to the Advisors
                                        Assistant User level of the forum.
                                        Be sure to fill in your profile when
                                                                                The forum software places a limit
                                                                                on the number of choices in any
                                                                                one poll at 25, so we had to break
                                                                                                                        Once you register,
vote on various areas of the pro-       you register and make sure your         up some of the polls into Part 1, 2,      please give us a
gram.                                   name is in the first and last name      3 etc.
Reports Poll                            fields. If you are not the registered   Voting                                   day or two to get
One of the first things we’re inter-    user, be sure to include the regis-     Be sure you only vote for your
ested in is which reports are the       tered user’s name in the profile.       favorite reports. If you’re not using    you promoted to
most popular and which are being        The poll will look like a forum, but    the report, please don’t vote for it.
                                                                                                                           the User Level.
used. Advisors Assistant 2006 will      it’s special in that you can vote and   Poll Results
not contain every report currently      also comment.                           You can see the results of the polls             With this
in Advisors Assistant because (1)                                               in graphical form after you vote. ■
                                        Poll Limitations
there are just too many, and (2)        There are limitations in the polls so                                           announcement, we
you will have the ability to take one   you can only vote ONCE, but you
of our reports and modify it.           can vote for as many reports as you                                              may need a little
How To Vote                             want to in any one poll.
Before you can vote in a poll, you                                                                                             extra time!

ClientDirect™ In Beta Testing
C     lientDirect is an optional
      feature of Advisors Assistant
which enables you to provide a web
                                        precaution, no private data such as
                                        account numbers or tax ID’s, are
                                        imported to the web site. Only the
address and login for your clients      client name and type of account
to see portfolio snapshots and          (such as IRA, Joint Tenant, etc.) is
graphs of their investments.            put on the web server.
ClientDirect can also communicate       Households Included
with AdvisoryWorld’s ICE, which         By using the Group With feature of
will allow your clients to see snap-    Advisors Assistant, you can create
shot reports about their various        household reports on the web site.
stock and mutual fund accounts and      Your clients can click on any mem-
compare the performance to indi-        ber of the household or a graph
ces.                                    section and “drill down” into their
                                        accounts and portfolios.
How It Works
With ClientDirect, you export           ICE Reports
investment data from Advisors           Through our strategic partnership
Assistant and import it on the web      with AdvisoryWorld, you have the
site. In Advisors Assistant, you can    option of subscribing to their Port-
designate which investments are         folio Overview Report for your
sent to ClientDirect.                   clients. With this report, they can
                                        see historical returns for their
Once the investments are on the
                                        portfolio for 1, 3, and 5 years.
web server, your clients can log in
                                        They can also see statistical projec-
with a User ID, (usually their email
                                        tions of the minimum and maxi-
address) and Password to see vari-
                                        mum performance based on histori-
ous reports.
                                        cal performance. These are NASD
Privacy Considerations                  approved reports and work with
The site is protected by SQL            listed stocks and mutual funds.■
Server security with a user name
and password, but as an added
                                                                                                                                   PAGE       7

Forum Dictionary & Terms
F   orums are a way of sharing
    ideas and opinions with others
interested in the same subjects.
                                         “User Groups.”
                                         A Forum is a list of topics all deal-
                                                                                 the same topic, much like a group
                                                                                 of replies to the same email.
                                                                                                                           You can have

                                                                                                                             the Climark
                                         ing with the same general subject.      A Private Email is an email you
Forum software is specifically de-       A forum within the User Groups          can send to another member                  Community
signed to make the sharing as            could be Group Insurance Market-        through the forum. You will not be
streamlined as possible.                 ing or Investment and Interest          shown the email address, but the           Forum auto-
Before going into some tips on           Rates.                                  message is not posted on the fo-
                                                                                                                          matically send
usage, it would be a good idea to        A Topic is the first post on a par-     rum.
provide some definitions.                ticular subject. Forum members          An Avatar is a small graphic which         you an email
Forum Glossory                           can either start new topics or reply    can be associated with your login.
A Member is a person who has                                                                                              when someone
                                         to existing topics.                     To Subscribe to a topic means
registered on the forum and has                                                                                            responds to a
                                         A Post is text you enter which          that you want the forum to notify
been accepted by a forum adminis-
                                         others can see.                         you through email whenever there
                                                                                 is a new post. You will be sent an          topic you’re
                                         A Reply is a comment you make
An Administrator is a person                                                     email with a link to the new post.
                                         on an existing topic by clicking on                                                interested in!
with the highest level of permis-
                                         the reply button.                       You can subscribe to a topic by
sions. An administrator can config-
                                         A Quote is a highlighted section of     clicking on the Topic Options but-
ure the forum and start new fo-
                                         a previous post that you want to        ton in the upper right of the screen.
                                         include in your reply. You just         You can subscribe to an entire
A Moderator is a person with                                                     forum by clicking on the Forum
                                         highlight the text and then click on
elevated permissions who can ac-                                                 Options in the upper right of that
                                         Quote instead of Reply.
cept or reject forum posts and                                                   forum’s section.
even ban a member from a forum.          An Emoticon is one of those little
                                         happy faces that you can insert into    Subscribing is a great feature and
A Forum Group consists of one                                                    we recommend taking advantage of
                                         your post.
or more forums in the same cate-                                                 it. ■
gory. A forum group could be             A Thread is a group of posts on

ICE Link (From Page 1)                   When (From Page 3)                      Register (From Page 5)
capability of calling for the reports.   This can cause delays in releasing      •    If you don’t fill in your name
We’ll put you on the list and notify     the program, but the goal is to              and the registered user’s name      When it comes
you by phone as soon as the ser-         release the best possible applica-           in the profile, if different, you
vice is in final release. ■              tion, not to meet a schedule.                won’t receive User Status and          to releasing
                                         Staged Release                               you won’t even see the user’s              Advisors
                                         As modules are completed, they               forums. There are forums
                                         will be released. Not all of the             only visible to users.              Assistant 2006,
                                         insurance and investment                •    You will receive emails from
                                         downloads will be available at the                                               it’s quality, not
                                                                            , so if
                                         same time. We will be rewriting
                                                                                      you have an aggressive spam          deadline that
                                         them based on the number of users
                                                                                      filter, be sure to put
                                         subscribing to those downloads.                                                  we will live by.
                                         We have several volunteers for               on the spam filter’s white list.
                                         beta testing, and we’ll choose them          That is the list of addresses
                                         based on a cross section of the              that the filter will not delete.
                                         components (such as modules,
                                                                                 Please give us about 24 to 48 hours
                                         downloads, etc.) they use so that
                                                                                 to get you promoted to the Advi-
                                         we can get a good, thorough test. ■
                                                                                 sors Assistant User Level. ■
                                                                                                                                 PAGE    8

(More Features Continued)

                                          This new feature will let you do        based on any column of the grid in
Core Insurance Benefits                  just that with filters on date ranges,   ascending or descending order.
You can associate a core list of         phrases, and user name.                  You can also filter the data based
benefits with a plan of insurance.
                                         Email Archives                           on any combination of download
You can even designate two levels,       You’ll be able to tell Advisors Assis-   source, company / fund family, cli-
such as In Network and Out of            tant 2006 to check the Advisors          ent, or even symbol. This way, you
Network.                                 Assistant 2006 database anytime an       can view only the data you need to
Investment Expenses & Fees               email is sent or received with Out-      see.
In addition to expense transactions,     look 2003. If the email is received
                                                                                  You’ll also be able to choose to
management fee transactions will         from, or sent to an email address in
                                                                                  reconcile with a reconcile transac-
also be tracked.                         Advisors Assistant, Outlook will
                                                                                  tion, buy or sell transaction, or an
                                         automatically archive the email
Investment Transaction Activ-                                                     interest reinvestment transaction.
                                         “header” information and the body
ity                                                                               This means that you can tell Advi-
The new Advisors Assistant 2006          of the email. The header is the To,
                                         From, Subject, Date, cc, and attach-     sors Assistant 2006 to show you all
will record the type of activity for
                                                                                  of the Nationwide fixed annuity
each transaction. Examples of ac-        ment name.                                                                        It goes without
                                                                                  investments which are out of bal-
tivities are “Between Client and         The email will be stored in a special
                                                                                  ance. Since Nationwide doesn’t            saying that we
Investment” or “Between Cash             Email Archive which will not be
                                                                                  send actual interest transactions,
Balance and Investment.” Some,           editable by any user.
but not all downloads, send the
                                                                                  you can tell Advisors Assistant            will provide a
                                         Email Forwarding                         2006 to create an interest reinvest-
type of fund activity. This will add     You can also tell Outlook to for-        ment transaction for each out of           free program
new power for tracking the flow of       ward any email which is sent to or       balance investment.
funds.                                   received from an email address in                                                  that will move
                                                                                  We also give you the ability to look
New Cost Basis Features                  Advisors Assistant 2006 to an email
                                                                                  at the list and remove individual
Currently, we automatically calcu-       address, such as your BD’s compli-                                                  your Advisors
                                                                                  investments from the reconcile
late average cost basis and provide      ance site, or a Google gmail ad-
                                                                                  function simply by unchecking a box     Assistant data to
data input fields for users to con-      dress for online backup.
                                                                                  next to each investment you want
trol the basis in and basis out of any   Reconciling Investment
                                                                                  to exclude.                                     Advisors
                                         We’re adding a tremendous                Finally, not only will you be able to
The new system will add FIFO,                                                                                              Assistant 2006.
                                         amount of power and control to           print an Out of Balance Report, but
LIFO, and Tax Lot cost basis.
                                         the reconcile feature for the vari-      with one mouse click, you can send
Global Notes Searches                                                             the entire grid to an Excel spread-
                                         ous investment downloads (DST,
Suppose you wanted to search your                                                 sheet!
                                         Fidelity, etc.)
system for anyone you made notes
                                         You’ll be able to view any out of        We’ve taken reconciling to a whole
about discussions on “risk toler-
ance ” or you wanted to review all       balance investments in a spread-         new level of user control and ease
the notes in your office made yes-       sheet like format called a grid.         of use. ■
terday.                                  You’ll be able to sort the data

                                                    Makes Notes A Snap!
Y    ou just had a client meeting
     and you want to make impor-
tant notes about the appointment
                                         just copy and paste them into your
                                         Advisors Assistant notes.
                                                                                  has the info. Click on the Copy-
                                                                                  talk logo, and get a month free!
                                         If you’re in the office, but don’t       You’ll get UNLIMITED notes dicta-
while they’re fresh in your mind.        have the time to type notes, Copy-       tion of up to 4 minutes each for
The problem is: You’re in the car!       talk is a great solution there too.      just $49.95 a mo. ($10 Discount.)
Just use your cell phone, call Copy-     Client Marketing Systems has set         Our users are raving about Copy-
talk (caller ID identifies you,) and     up a discounted rate with Copytalk       talk. That’s how we met them, and
dictate your notes. They will ap-        for our Advisors Assistant users.        they are good people to work with.
pear in your email box and you can,            Give Copytalk a try.
                                                              Client Marketing Systems, Inc. has provided
                                               ®              office automation software to the financial ser-
                                                              vices community since 1985.

Client Marketing Systems, Inc                                 Advisors Assistant® tracks contacts, clients,
                                                              calendar items, investments, and insurance.
880 Price Street
                                                              Since our first day of business, Client Marketing
Pismo Beach, California 93449
                                                              Systems, Inc. has provided toll free technical
Phone: 800-799-4267 or 805-773-7981
Fax: 805-773-7985                                             support to our users who stay updated .

                                                              With thousands of users worldwide, premier
                                                              support, and a twenty year record of service to
                                                              the financial community, Client Marketing Sys-
                                                              tems, Inc. is the clear choice for financial pro-
The Leader In Client Management Since 1985                    fessionals.

What Is Microsoft SQL Server Anyway?
M     any users are probably wondering,
      “What is SQL Server and why is
Advisors Assistant 2006 going to use it?”
                                               The free version is designed for small
                                               offices up to about 25 computers. The
                                               upper limit is flexible, depending on us-
                                                                                             version now or in the future. We don’t
                                                                                             require one version or the other. The
                                                                                             choice is yours.
SQL Server, (pronounced Sequel Server)         age. The paid version is designed for
                                                                                             Advisors Assistant 2006 runs with both
is Microsoft’s primary database engine. A      installations from about 25 computers up
                                                                                             versions and all features are available with
“database engine” is the program that          to thousands of workstations.
                                                                                             both versions. The choice of which SQL
stores and retrieves the data. It’s called a   Microsoft has placed some limitations on      Server to use is a matter of scale (the size
“server” because it doesn’t really do          the free version so that they can sell the    of the business and amount of data.)
anything until it’s asked to.                  full version to larger companies. These
                                                                                             Switching from SQL-X to the full SQL
However, SQL Server is not a computer,         are limits on the amount of data the data-
                                                                                             2005 is very easy, and can be done by the
it’s a software program produced by            base will hold, 4 GB, or 4,000 million
                                                                                             person who installs the full SQL version,
Microsoft.                                     bytes, and the amount of memory the
                                                                                             if and when that happens.
                                               free version will use (1 GB). The free
Why SQL Server?                                version should be fine for 10,000 to          Some users who have Microsoft Small
We chose SQL Server because it’s pow-                                                        Business Server will already have updated
                                               20,000 clients with investments and in-
erful, fast, stable, and it can be used for                                                  to the full version of SQL Server 2005.
                                               vestment transactions, or 50,000 clients
installations from a single user to a full
                                               with just insurance.                          What’s November 7th?
blown multiple location enterprise with
                                               Advisors Assistant 2006                       That’s the day that Microsoft’s latest SQL
hundreds or thousands of workstations.
                                               We will distribute and install the free       Server, the 2005 model, is being released.
It’s also designed to work seamlessly with     SQL Express version with Advisors Assis-      It’s been in development for 5 years and
Microsoft’s new C# (C Sharp) program-          tant 2006, for installations up to about 20   has many powerful new features that
ming language used for the new Advisors        stations, unless the user indicates that      Advisors Assistant 2006 will be taking
Assistant 2006.                                they are already running the full paid        advantage of. When you receive your
Two SQL Server Versions                        version of SQL Server 2005.                   update to Advisors Assistant 2006, you’ll
SQL Server comes in two versions: a free                                                     have the latest version of SQL Server! ■
                                               For installations over 20 stations, we’ll
version, called SQL Express (aka SQL-X
                                               discuss your usage, and help you decide if
but formerly called MSDE) and a version
                                               you should acquire the full SQL Server
that costs money called “SQL 2005.”

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