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									Your Circulatory System
Function: Your Circulatory System is Responsible for
Delivering and Removing Materials from Every Cell in Your

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Blood transports oxygen from the
lungs to body tissue and carbon
dioxide from body tissue to the

•Red blood cells: carry oxygen to body
    –Hemoglobin: protein in red blood cells that
    carry Oxygen and carbon dioxide
•White blood cells: Fight infection
•Approximately 55 percent of blood is
plasma, a straw-colored clear liquid.
The liquid plasma carries the solid cells
•Platelets which help blood clot.
Without blood platelets, you would
bleed to death.
                  Blood Types
• Blood surface antigens determine blood type
  – Antigens stimulate an immune response (your body’s
    way of fighting a foreign body)
  – A and B refer to the blood surface antigens on the red
    blood cells. O means there are no blood surface
    antigens present.
  – Antibodies which react with the antigens are present
    in your body against other types of blood
  – If you are A, then you have anti-B antibodies in your
    blood, so you can’t receive type B blood because they
    contain anti-A antibodies which would react poorly
    with the A antigens on your blood cells.
Blood Types
Circulation Path
           **Circulation Path**
• Blood Leaves the Left side of the heart and
  travels through Arteries Away from your
  heart and gradually divide into capillaries.
  The blood then travels in veins back to the
  right side of the heart, where it is pumped
  directly to the lungs. In the lungs, carbon
  dioxide is exchanged for oxygen, and this
  renewed blood flows back to the left side of
  the heart, and the whole process begins
               Blood Vessels
• Arteries – carry oxygen-rich blood away from
  the heart to the rest of the body  arterioles
• Capillaries – tiny blood vessels – only one cell
  at a time – reaches the tissues
• Veins – carry oxygen-poor blood from the
  tissues back toward the heart

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