NRI euro by ixieshaofang


									G-40 AWP   BACTA - Standard Coin Validator
                                                                          G-40.0400 AWP

                                                                             AWP Frontplate (Bezel) 42 82 638

                                                                             Dual Rundown Y-Chute 42 82 638-101

                                                                             BACTA Coin Validator G-40.0400

                                                                             5- way Sorting Modul (Manifold)                               82 601

           Compatible with AWP Industry-Standard according to BACTA-Standard
           Universal range of Sub-Assemblies for AWP-Application:
           • Established G-40 Coin Validator for High Security Applications
           • Attractive AWP Insert Panel (Front Bezel)
           • Dual Coin-Rundown (Dual Y-Chute)
           • Electronic-Interface for Token-Control
           • 5 -way – Sorting Modul (Manifold)
           In addition
           • Output signal parallel or binary
           • Factory programmed with „Euro-Inside“
           • Reliable , Euro-secure measurement technique

            Main Advantages:
                                                                                                                                           Technical Changes might be possible !

           Service- and user friendly design                                                                            TWO
                                                                                                                               in ON
           Euro Updates by Download without insertion of Coins
           Anti theft function by use of high density Anti-fishing Sensor
           Two Coin Validators in One – by NRI 2x12-Technology
           Easy replacement of models by other manufacturers

            Additional Options:
           Front Coin Insertion (G-40.14xx)
           Model without sorting modul (G-40.03xx)
           AWP-Version compatible with SWP-Machines (see next page)

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