Subject Notebook Assignment _Social Studies_ by Levone


									Subject Notebook Assignment (Social Studies) Each trimester your grade is made up of a variety of things. One item that makes up your grade is your subject notebook assignment. This notebook is worth 10 % of your final grade. All work that you do in Science should be kept in this notebook including tests, labs, and projects. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. Notebook requirements:  Fill out a Table of Contents (TOC) with the following information (I should be able to look at your table of contents page and find specifically where your assignments are) o The date you did the assignment o What the assignment was o What page in your assignment notebooks is it  Table of contents needs to be neat do not rush to fill it out.  All work should be ordered by chapter and lesson (For example chapter 1 lesson 1 comes before chapter 1 lesson 3.) In theory, the dates should all line up as well but if they don’t, it’s more important to be in chapter, lesson order.  All pages need to be numbered both front and back (Even if there is nothing on the back)  Digital photos should be used to include projects in your binders  Note cards should also be kept in your binders but they only count as 2 pages (front and back). I would suggest that you use a sheet protector to put your note cards in. Some helpful hints:  File things in your binder before you number the work to ensure that you have all the work for the chapter  Pick up all work when it is placed on the shelf.  Type your table of contents if your handwriting is messy  Stay on top of your notebook, don’t put it off until the last minute  If I allow you to turn it in early for extra points, do it  You can pick up new table of contents pages in the classroom or on the seventh grade website You will have 2 notebook checks per trimester. Below is a rubric on how I will grade your notebooks

Grading Criteria Table of Contents filled out neatly and completely? Name on your notebook ALL your work from the trimester included All work is labeled correctly (page numbers) Work inside notebook is kept neat and taken care off If you have any questions please ask before the first history or science notebook check

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