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SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter Evaporators


									  One of the main technologies used for level measure-          nal obstacles. For instance, there are some evaporators
ment is the hydrostatic pressure principle. But it brings       used on sugar plants which have several internal tubes to
difficulties because it depends basically on the process        guide the boiling sugar cane juice. These tubes do not per-
density. If we have any product addition, or temperature        mit waves propagation, even the old manual way for level
changing as well, the “ρ.g.h” parameter will not be the         detection like scales.
same anymore.

  It is exactly what happens inside an evaporator. Gene-
rally, the intention is to increase product concentration and                The Solution
sometimes to use the evaporation steam to co-generate
energy to the other areas of the plant.
                                                                   Using a communicating chamber to the evaporator is,
  Besides, other level devices like ultrasonic or free-waves    undoubtedly, the best solution. And to this kind of installa-
radars transmitters can be affected by the steam, or inter-     tion the most recommended technology are the guided
                                                                waves, using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) principle.
                                                                The reason: inside the chamber there is still density varia-
                                                                tion and steam. The guided waves radars use that princi-
                                                                ple, which allows very well confined waves propagation,
                                                                and target detection.

                                                                                                     RD400. The waves propagate
                                                                                                     only around the probe, with no
                                                                                                       dust or steam interference

          Evaporator tank in a Sugar Mill (São Paulo, Brazil)
                                                      The external chamber, flanges and bottom sealing kit

  The vessel project must include the dead zones (upper
and bottom), and also a sealing kit to tension the single
probe from the equipment, as shown above.

  It is recommended to use flanges and the vessel with 3
to 4 inches of diameter. All the mechanical parts can be
provided by Smar.

  Smar innovated with this application, because of the
mechanical details, also projecting an installation allowing
the best waves propagation. Today, it is being used in a lot
of food plants in Brazil, Mexico and others.

                                                                                                         RD400 inside an external chamber

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