The power of "4D Sound" in Able Planet ViviTouch headphones with CEO Dirk Schapeler @WearableCompCon by staronepr


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 The power of "4D Sound" in Able Planet ViviTouch headphones with
             CEO Dirk Schapeler @WearableCompCon

Building off of the momentum of past successful conferences, Golden Networking
  brings Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New York City (www.wearable-, "Revolutionizing the Human Experience Through
                    Next-Generation Technology", November 7.

                      New York City, NY, USA (November 2, 2013) -- Dirk Schapeler,
                      Chief Executive Officer of ViviTouch, will be speaker at Golden
                      Networking's Wearable Computing Conference 2013
                      (, "Revolutionizing
                      the Human Experience Through Next-Generation Technology", to
                      be held in New York City, on November 7.

                       Pioneered by Artificial Muscle, Inc. (AMI), a Bayer MaterialScience
                       company, ViviTouch manufactures haptic gadgets for gaming,
                       mobile devices, and headphones. Its actuators produce a one-of- a-
                       kind cinematic sensation that bridges the senses of seeing, hearing
and feeling. AMI is looking to capitalize on the growing market in haptic technology and
meet consumer needs. Therefore ViviTouch becomes AMI's main product in this market.
What they didn't realize at the time was how important their creation would be beyond the
entertainment industry.

Mr. Schapeler joined ViviTouch as the CEO in April 2010. Prior to ViviTouch, Schapeler
built up the Electro Active Polymers team at Bayer MaterialScience in Germany and
worked in the New Business group where he scouted out markets and applications for
Electro Active Polymers, as well as new materials for automotive and consumer
electronics. Schapeler had also held program management and engineering positions at
large automotive suppliers, successfully introducing innovative products to the market
place. His experience and expertise in consumer electronics, business management and
material technology make him an ideal speaker for this upcoming wearable conference.

How exactly are Able Planet and ViviTouch merging together to enact 4D sound? Able
Planet has a technology called Sound Fit. You slide a personal listening device into your
ear, press a button, and it expands and locks into the ear canal. "Every time you halve the
distance to the ear drum, you double the volume without turning the sound up. If you can
seat or deliver sound that close to the ear drum, then the volume you're providing to the
patient...well, you'll actually be able to activate the hearing in that patient."

Able Planet's technology allows an altered audio signal to activate the hearing organs in
your ear. Sound travels through the ear drum, the middle ear, and is then processed by
the inner ear. ViviTouch technology - which would be the coating around this device -
expands to create a wide surface area of contact making it the most efficient bone
conduction technology in the world." "[Their] haptic technology, it circumvents the ear and
goes right to the auditory system of the brain."

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