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					                       Artterro Wool Felt Wearable Kit
While I applaud Arttero's eco-friendly message and packaging, it seems like not putting much in the
package is part of their strategy. Look very closely at the pictures for this product - they are
accurate but arranged to make it look like there's more there than there really is. You get four cutout
pieces of felt and nine pom pom balls, 5 big and 4 little. One barrette. One pair of earring hooks.
Embroidery thread, needles, a few other small jewelry fixings, and assorted beads. That's it. If this
was valued at $7. 99, I wouldn't feel ripped off, but at $17. 99 it's not even close to worth it. The
"idea book" says you can make up to six projects - I guess that's two projects with balls and one for
each piece of felt. That means each piece costs $3. 00 to make, but $3. 00 of raw supplies will buy
much more at a craft store. And the "idea book" doesn't really add any value, with tips amounting to
"pick a felt piece and choose beads and sequins to decorate it. " I bought this to give as a birthday
gift but I would be embarrassed to give just this, so I either have to return it or add to it somehow.

First of all, the materials are gorgeous. I love working with real wool felt it was a lot of fun to sew
with the craft thread on the thick pieces. MUCH easier than the typical cheap flimsy felt that falls
apart. My daughter and I literally spent hours crafting our original designs and have gotten lots of
compliments when we wear them! It was fun playing with the pretty glass beads and wool pieces,
deciding which colors looked nice together. The detailed instructions were also very helpful and
gave us good ideas to start with. Bonus that the kits are made at Goodwill! Would definitely
recommend this product.

I bought this for my 8 yr old daughter thinking it would be a fun way for her to create her own
jewelry, knowing she'd need my help with the needle and fine details but I didn't expect what a good
time I would have, too. The felt pieces are lovely and once you get into it, the possibilities of what
you can make seem endless. Highly recommend this unique and quality product.

I gave this kit to my two young nieces last Christmas, and it was a big hit. I'm thinking about getting
them a different kit this year. Their mom said they had lots of fun making jewelry and learned how to
do some simple sewing. They worked on it for a few hours, and they ended up with several pieces
of jewelry they were excited to wear. The company is only a couple blocks from my apartment so it
was a bonus to support something local. My fiance recommended it as a good gift for girls and she
was right. I guess the package seemed kind of small but there was a lot to do inside. . .

My niece loved this! A great high-quality gift for a pre-teen who loves crafts. The package is small
but the contents are high quality.


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