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Prepared By Paul V. Cody

THIS WORKSHEET SHOULD BE DISCUSSED AND COMPLETED AS AN OUTGOING TEAM. (Will completed on during the Executive Meeting on XX-XX) 1. Have we developed members who will prove to be exceptional and involved?

2. Will the membership be innovative and creative after we have left?

3. What programs/ideas proved to be successful for us?

4. What was our greatest achievement as an executive board?

5. List three things that we would like to have accomplished:

6. List three things that we would like our successors to achieve:

This may be the most difficult work in your transition process. If your notebook is cleaned out and organized, it will make everything else run smoother! This sheet is due XX-XX (best if due prior to elections) so please get this information in order now. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Philosophy, mission or purpose statement of the organization Constitution and Bylaws Job descriptions of officers Description of committees Organization membership list Historical records of organization Meeting minutes and agendas Listing of basic annual procedures (registration process, room reservations, etc.) Calendar of past year with annual events Financial records Resource or contact list of important people UC Davis Code of Conduct Recommendations for the upcoming year _________________________ Date Completed _________________________ Outgoing Officer’s Signature _________________________ Incoming Officer’s Signature

PURPOSE To assist in officer transition by focusing upon the accomplishments and to provide a critique of your year in office. This report should serve your successor as a supplementary resource in planning for his/her term. (Due on XX-XX (best if done prior to elections.) OFFICE: _______________________________ NAME: _______________________________ DATE: _______________________________ 1. List other officers/chair people with whom you worked and the projects involved.

2. List specific successes realized during your term in office and the reasons for their success.

3. List any problems or disappointments you encountered as part of your office and suggest ways of avoiding or correcting them.

4. List supplemental materials and sources of information you found most helpful. Include faculty contacts, staff contacts, community resources, etc.

5. Comment on the timetable applicable to your office. Give suggestions for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

6. List any other suggestions you feel would be helpful to your successor in carrying out the responsibilities of this office.

Make this as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Do not breeze through this information. TAKE YOUR TIME. Remember that you are very comfortable with this information and the responsibilities of this office after serving for a full year. Remember that all of this is new to the incoming officer. Take time to explain this information and go over everything on the checklist. Remember this is due by XX-XX . ______ Give your cleaned out, organized notebook to the new officer and explain the contents. ______ Explain the duties and responsibilities of the office. ______ Explain the duties that go along with the office that are not in the officer’s descriptions. ______ Review the past year’s calendar and explain programs and events. ______ Read through constitution and bylaws. ______ Explain forms and files that have been started over the past year. ______ Review historical files. ______ Review the officer’s budget (if you don’t know what it is, get with the treasurer before you have your first one-on-one). ______ Check supplies and materials that this officer requires. Explain to the officer how to get the supplies and where to get them. ______ Together, brainstorm some goals for this office. ______ Discuss time line and deadlines for this office. Discuss the importance of meeting deadlines for events/forms. ______ Set date and time for second one-on-one meeting.

__________________________ Date Completed __________________________ Outgoing Officer’s Signature __________________________ Incoming Officer’s Signature

After the new officer has had a week to soak in the information and to write down some pertinent questions, set up your SECOND ONE-ON-ONE MEETING. Remember, this is due by XX-XX . __________ Review goals from previous year. * What is the status of these goals? * Which goals are completed? * Which goals need to be followed up on? __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ Set objectives for the new goals. Set a time line for objective completion. Discuss the role of the advisor for this officer. Set a time to meet and check with each other during the first month in office. Set a time for the outgoing officer to introduce the new officer to key resource people on campus. Answer all questions of the new officer! (Please list questions and responses)

__________________________ Date Completed __________________________ Outgoing Officer’s Signature __________________________ Incoming Officer’s Signature __________________________ Advisor’s Signature

1. What is the purpose of my office?

2. What are my responsibilities?

3. What ideas and goals do I have for improving this office?

4. What new/old programs do I plan to utilize during my term in office?

5. What short-term goals do I want to accomplish (5 goals)? How am I going to accomplish those goals?

6. What long-term goals do I want to accomplish (5 goals)? How am I going to accomplish those goals?

What do we want to accomplish in the long term as an Executive Officer (one year)? WHAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH 1. ______________________________ 2. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ 5. ______________________________ 6. ______________________________ 7. ______________________________ 8. ______________________________ PRIORITIZED LIST 1. ______________________________ 2. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ 5. ______________________________ 6. ______________________________ 7. ______________________________ 8. ______________________________

What five goals do we want to accomplish in the short term as an Executive Board (one quarter)?

How are we going to achieve these goals?

Often we need to ask ourselves a few questions before we know how we stand as a group. A few good questions to ask ourselves are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Is there a group consensus as to where we are headed? Does every member participate in the decision-making process? Does every member do his/her share in organizational operations? Do the officers know what the members really want? Does everyone have a strong, positive feeling about the organization? Do we know what is contained in our mission statement (Constitution)? What is our self-image? What things do we, as a group, do well? What do we have trouble doing? How do we work together? Do we have definite goals? How can we have a higher profile on campus? What weaknesses do we need to correct this year? Do the general members support the officers? How much do we want to be successful? What do we want out of this experience? What can each of us contribute to make our experience more meaningful?

Officer Transition Retreat:

Officer Transition Retreats
1. Old and new exec boards must be present. 2. New exec says what old exec did well. 3. Old exec says what old exec could have done better. 4. Experiential learning activity. 5. Determine 3 mutually agreed upon areas that must improve. 6. Old exec leaves. 7. New exec sets SMART goals to improve in three areas. 8. Set a time line for achieving the goals. 9. The officers responsibilities: (walk through the officers’ guide) a) specifics to the office b) as a member of the new exec board, the policy-making body of the chapter. 10. Experiential learning activity. 11. Review the last chapter consultant report. 12. Send international offices, the Office of Greek Life, and Advisors the minutes of the retreat

Incoming Officer Evaluation
Complete this form and return it to your organization’s current President for filing.

Name of Incoming Officer: _________________________________________ Office or Position: _________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________

What specific things made you want to run for this office and why?

What new ideas would you like to implement for your office this year?

What problems or challenges do you foresee for this year?

What ways might you address these potential problems?

What aspect of your new position are you the most uncertain of?

What questions do you have for the outgoing officer? (Continue on back if needed)

As the incoming __________(officer title), I realize that I should take advantage of the outgoing officer as a great resource for information and advice.

I have received and understood all group or materials (including electronic resources) from the previous officer. ______________________ _____ (Incoming Officer Signature) (Date)

I have given and explained all group or materials (including electronic resources) to the incoming officer. ______________________ _____ (Outgoing Officer Signature) (Date)

Outgoing Officer Evaluation
Complete this form and return it to your organization’s current President for filing.

Name of Outgoing Officer: Office or Position: Date:


_________________________________________ _________________________________________

What are the most important things you did during your leadership term?

What do you wish you had been able to do or address?

What outstanding items still need completion?

What pieces of advice do you have for the incoming officer?

What are some things that you have figured out during your term that you wish you had known coming in?

What things do you still wish you knew?

Answers to questions from the incoming officer evaluation (continue on back if needed):

As the outgoing __________(officer title), I promise to assist the newly elected officer in any way I can.

I have discussed this form with and given/explained all group materials (including electronic resources) to the incoming officer.
__________________________ _____ (Outgoing Officer Signature) (Date)

I have discussed and understood this form as well as all group materials (including electronic resources) with the previous officer.
__________________________ _____ (Incoming Officer Signature) (Date)

Officer Goal Planning Sheet The Officer Goal Planning Sheet is designed to assist officers with their goal setting and it provides executive councils with a mechanism for officer accountability.

Name: _______________________

Position: __________________

The Strong Points of my office are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The Weak Points of my office are:

My objectives for my term in office are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. My goals for my term in office are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Date: _____________

Officer: _________________

President: _________________

Officer Transition Tips & Checklist
One of your last and possibly most important responsibilities as an outgoing officer is to create a smooth and graceful transition between officers. Nothing is worse in a leadership role than having to re-invent the wheel, both the leader and the organization suffers. For this reason, your organization needs to have a leadership/ officer transition period. Benefits of a good officer transition:  The RSO and officers will not have to re-invent the wheel each year, instead it can build and the programs can continue to grow.  Successful transitions will allow the RSO to grow and to continue without suffering from the “lame duck” period at the beginning of the school year.  The transition will bring closure to those officers leaving and make the incoming officers feel more confident in their position. Timing of Elections Do not wait until the last meeting of the year or the last week of classes to elect the new officers. Groups should allow a month of transition (the longer the transition period the better the transition).

 Re-register your group before summer RSOs must renew their registration with the Student Programs & Activities Center on a yearly basis. Registration expires each year th st on June 30 . Registration for the following year begins on May 1 . An update form should be completed when there any changes of information. All information for registration can be found at Here is a list of what needs to be done to complete your registration:  Either President or Treasurer must complete the online orientation.  Complete registration form and get signatures from five officers/leaders.  Turn in Registration form to SPAC 457 Memorial Union Building.  Turn in the End of Year Report  Plan a time to have a Transition Meeting Do not just drop off a binder or leave notes and say “Good Luck.” Make sure that the outgoing and incoming officers have a meeting to discuss issues and to answer any questions. Here are some questions to ask during the transition: Old Officers  What did they struggle with?  What worked/ what did not?  How to improved significant programs?  Who “friends” of your organization? (who have you collaborated with or helped you out) Advisor(s)  What goals do you both have for the organization?  What do you, as an officer, hope to gain from this experience?  How much and what type of support do you need from the advisor?  How involved has the advisor been in the past and how involved do they desire to be and what do you need? New Officers  What are your goals for the organization?  What do you expect from each other?  What are your priorities for the coming year? (academic courses, work, other organizations)  What are your recruitment strategies?  How often do you, as officers, expect to meet and how often will the organization meet?  Who is the “point” person for the summer? (to take care of any business during the summer)  Develop a clear understanding of each other’s “officer duties.”  Shares files and resources with new officers Sharing files and passing on resources are crucial to a successful officer transition. As an outgoing officer you will want to pass on as much information as possible in order to assist with a successful year. Here is a list of some resources to pass on:  Minutes from past year’s meetings  Any descriptions of officer positions

        

Email, website or listserv passwords Any & all financial records (this includes budgets, current balances, ASG funding requests, etc.) Membership Lists Past years’ program notes/ evaluations Past year’s calendars and schedules Contact information of important people/ offices on campus List of basic operating procedures Constitution/ bylaws Status reports on any upcoming programs or issues

 Book Rooms and Spaces for programs and meetings. Most organizations have some sort of recruitment meeting at the beginning of each year or if your organization is going to host a large event next year book once your registration has been approved! If you plan on having events for Welcome Week it is important to have a reserved facility. Information about reserving facilities can be found at Campus Events & Visitor Services, located at 442 Memorial Union Building or online at

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