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					NovaNET Lab Assistant Reference Guide

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009


NovaNET Requirements
*As stated in the Student Contract
       Attend class every day at the agreed upon time Arrive on time Bring a Pen or Pencil Work independently for the entire class period You Must Keep a Notebook – this will remain in the lab Remain Silent – your work must be done independently Ask for help when needed

NovaNET Notebook Requirements
Notebooks will be graded
 A heading on every page which includes: date, course title, lesson title  Only notes taken from NovaNET lessons may be written in the notebook  All pages must remain in the notebook  Notebooks must remain in the lab

NovaNET Lessons
PLEASE NOTE THAT A PASSING GRADE ON THE PRE and POST TESTS IS AN 80%  An assignment has been created specifically for you, the student, based on the subject, which you are completing.  Within each subject area is a list of Modules  Within each Module is a pretest, lessons, and a posttest  Each item must be completed sequentially  If you pass the pretest you will skip those lessons and move onto the next module. If the pretest shows that you need to review a skill area, you will then complete the necessary modules.  After all lessons are complete, you will take a posttest. If you pass the posttest you will then continue to the next module. If the posttest shows that you need further review, you will return to the previous lessons for further review. S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009 2

NovaNET Lab Assistant Responsibilities
     Attendance Handing out Notebooks at the beginning of class Collecting Notebooks at the end of class Notify NovaNet Team of any issues that arise Classroom Management  Students are to work quietly and independently  Utilize the entire period  Take notes  Make sure all students are offline at the end of class see “Backing a Student Offline” Instructions

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009


Sign on to NovaNET
Group Name: ljshs Name: first name initial + last name Example: ehart Password: same as your sign on From the NovaNET Diamond Screen, press ENTER. Type: Press: Type: Press: Type: Press: Group name Enter Name Enter Password Enter

Before leaving your computer, exit NovaNET: Shift STOP (Shift F10) back to the Diamond Screen.

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009


When you sign on the following screen will appear…

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009


Backing a Student Offline
At the end of each class it is necessary to make sure that each student has signed off.
From the main screen click

A list of all NovaNet Users and their Current Activity will be displayed

For those students still signed in, the lesson the student is currently working on will be displayed.

To back a student offline from your computer, highlight the student by clicking on him or her, and then click the Options Button.

Click on Back User Offline…

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009


The following Screen will Pop-Up, make sure that only the User which you want to back offline is highlighted, and click the Back Offline Button.

A message that the student was backed offline will briefly appear on the student’s screen and then it will return to the NovaNET diamond screen. The student is now signed off.

S:/NovaNet/LabGuidelines.doc 11/15/2009