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									Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

  Wash your Unit Properly
      Inside and Out
              Road Safety requires not only
             driver fitness but vehicle fitness.
    A well maintained vehicle not only speaks volumes
    about the owner, but will protect the owner on the
 Importance of effective maintenance
• Effective and proper maintenance will provide many benefits to the
  vehicle owner, including:
• Saving fuel and money – mechanical systems of the vehicle will
  affect fuel efficiency
• Reducing long-term maintenance costs
• Minimize harmful exhaust emissions and protect the environment
• Increase reliability of your vehicle and limit the risk of vehicle
• Increase the resale value of your vehicle

                      Presenting a Clean Image
• Maintaining clean vehicles also helps promote a positive image
  among community residents, in turn, enhancing the confidence
  clients and stake holders have in company and oilfield industry.
• Regardless if we OWN IT, LEASE IT, or BORROW
   You have sign out the unit and you are
responsible for it!
Basic Maintenance of your Vehicle
Identifying aspects in need of maintenance
• The best and most efficient method of knowing about
  your company vehicle and keeping track of it is
  through the owner's manual which provides complete
  information on how to go about it. You can inspect
  your company vehicle every time you enter it, or on a
  daily or weekly basis or at intervals specified in the
  manual. Read the owner's manual carefully to
  become familiar with your vehicle's maintenance
  schedule and requirements. Maintenance regimes
  vary widely from one vehicle to another – the
  manufacturer of your vehicle knows best.
     Your Vehicle is Talking Here
• If you see the light, take it in for a check up!
        A fleet vehicle is more than
•   T – tires
•   O – oil
•   W- windows
•   B- brakes
•   I – interior
•   F - fluids
  Ride in Style
Blow it up Right
Bumper to Bumper = Roof to Road
 Check the battery once per month for corrosion and clean it or
have it cleaned and as needed. Avoid running your battery down,
   if possible. Even with a jump start, it's hard on the battery.
                  Batteries do eventually get old.

        If anything seems out of place, have it checked as soon as
        possible. An unusual smell, a new noise, a vibration, a new light
        on the instrument panel coming on, anything, have it checked!
  That Circle Check and your Senses
Smell: Strange smells may emanate from inside your car. This could be an early warning signal that
requires attention if much more time and money are to be saved later on.
• Possible causes might include:
• The existence of some trapped water, usually under the carpet. This will ruin the carpet and also
    speed up corrosion.
• Variety of smoky smells. Electrical smoky smells are the most dangerous and it is advisable to shut
    down, open the bonnet, disconnect the batteries and seek professional help. Other smoky smells
    may occur when the sound or heat proof lining inside the engine space burns. Trace the cause.
• Fuel smells might occur when the fuel tank venting gets choked or if there has been an overflow.
• Oil or exhaust smells from the engine. This maybe caused either due to too much engine oil, or if
    the engine oil has grown old and is burning, or if it has been overheated.
• A typical sweetish smell emanates when varnish is being burnt which occurs when your dynamo or
    alternator is about to pack up and would, usually be accompanied by flickering lights.
• Burning rubber smells tend to come when you drive with your brakes on or when tires are

•   Strange sounds tend to be sidelined by external noise on the road, the noise of
    radio, passengers etc. However, if the problem persists, the car will make its
    condition known every time you take a corner or ride over a bump.
•   Easily recognizable sounds are
•   Strange clicking while taking a turn from the front wheels means that the front
    shaft is about to fall apart. Get it fixed before it actually does.
•   A fan-belt squeal means that another one is needed.
•   Rhythmic clicks from the wheel indicate faulty bearings at worst or just large
    pebbles stuck in the tread pattern at the best.
•   A change in engine tone usually indicates engine overheating, especially if you
    have been driving at constant speeds for a long time. Stopping or varying the
    engine speed should be enough if there is no severe problem. Otherwise, let the
    car cool down and then check radiator and water levels.
•   Backfiring while normal driving means serious problems and should be properly
•   Engine knocks means that it is time to get into a lower gear. If it persists, however,
    it is time to get your engine and engine oil checked.
           Clean your Vehicle
           Inside and Outside
• Do you have trash in your vehicle?
• Clean out the waste and wipe down your
  dash and driver areas
We Issue it – You Maintain it

           Secure All Equipment
            Inside and Outside
        Secure your load for safer roads!
           What is an unsecured load?
• An unsecured load has not been fastened in or
  attached to the vehicle with tarps, rope, straps,
  netting, or chains, so as to prevent any part of
  the load or the covering from becoming loose,
  detached, or leaving the vehicle while the
  vehicle is moving
           If you have a issue
• Call our Supervisor and Fleet Coordinator as
  soon as you notice the problem !

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