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					             Young Frankenstein Blu Ray Gene Wilder
First, let me begin by saying that the only reason I don't give this 5 stars is that I wanted a bit more
from the commentary track, as I indicate below. The content of this wonderful movie is covered
amply elsewhere, so I won't repeat what others have so well synopsized. I WOULD like to point out
a couple of things about this particular DVD: 1) The commentary track is accessible from the the
LANGUAGE SELECTION menu, rather than from the special features menu (as is usual for
commentary tracks). I was terribly frustrated by this until I got some help from Christian at
boldopinions. com (thanks Christian!). 2) Yes, the commentary track IS mostly Mel babbling, but
there are some nice tidbits here (many of the cut-away shots were put in because Gene Wilder kept
breaking, Mel thought "Puttin' On The Ritz" was frivolous, etc. ). It's also heart-breaking to hear
about how Marty Feldman's health habits led to his death at age 59. Unfortunately, since Mel's
commentary leans toward the personal, we don't get to hear about the roots of the dart-throwing
scene (practically a duplication of a scene in "Son of Frankenstein")-- and I would SWEAR that the
trees going by the window in the Transylvanian train sequence are the same ones in the train
sequence in "Son of Frankenstein. " So we can't have everything. 3) The documentary is really
wonderful-- it's obvious that everyone has warm feelings about the film, and the recollections are
sharp and insightful. It gives the movie added dimension, so don't pass it over.

Features, features, features. Anyone who loves this film and loves special DVD features MUST buy
this special addition. There are about 30 minutes of deleted scenes, hilarious bloopers and Mel
Brooks tops it all off with insightful, intelligent commentary. A great DVD that does justice to one of
the greatest classic comedies of all time. I couldn't turn it off.

This may just be the funniest movie of all time. Mel Brooks never before (and never again) worked
with the tight parameters he did here: gene Wilder actually wrote most of the script, and that plus the
use of the old Universal sets and props seem to have kept Borooks's more sophomoric instincts
(which have gone overboard in some of his later films) tightly in check. Thus he--and everyone else
in the film--is doing their absolutely finest work ever.

. . . yes, even better than "Airplane", and quite possibly the funniest film of all time, period.
Side-splittingly funny and infinitely quotable, this is film is absolutely priceless. Filmed in black and
white, the movie is filled with atmosphere, fantastic one-liners and classic characters. Marty
Feldman and Madeline Kahn completely steal the show, you'd never guess that Inga was the same
Terri Garr from "Tootsie", Cloris Leachman is virtually, wonderfully, unrecognizable, and you will
never- and I mean NEVER- be able to look at Peter Boyle the same way again after seeing his
portrayal of the monster (especially after viewing "Puttin' on the Ritz"). The fantastic script, by both
Brooks and star Gene ("it's pronounced Fronkensteen") Wilder, was nominated for an Oscar, and so
fantastic are the lines that you will find yourself using them in every-day life (I have and still do).
This movie will make you giggle, chuckle and laugh out loud. It's the blueprint for all parody films
ever made and it's still the very best. This is a movie that can be watched over and over, as little
things will get by you on the first couple of viewings. I love the tip of the cap to "The Bride of
Frankenstein" near the end of the film and especially love Kenneth Mars' portrayal of the heavily
accented town Constable ("Footschteps, footschteps, footschteps!"). This is my all-time favorite
movie. And "Bluecher" in German means "glue". . .

People might find other Mel Brooks films to be funnier, pointing to "The Producers" and "Blazzing
Saddles," but I still think that "Young Frankenstein" is far and away his best film ever. Of course this
might be because a lot of the credit goes to Gene Wilder, who co-wrote the script and plays Dr.
Frederick Frankenstein, grandson of the infamous monster maker who finally decides to pick up the
family business.


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