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CCP Presentation Register - CO2 Capture Project


									                                                CCP Presentations at Conferences

    Date of Conf                             Conference Name                                Location   Deadline for Abstract          Presented By

Sep-00                GHGT-5 and reception                                           Cairns            Jul-00                  Gardiner Hill

Oct-00                AAGP                                                           Bali              Jul-00                  Craig Lewis

Oct-00                CCP USA NGO Workshop                                           Washington DC n/a                         CCP

8th - 9th January     Electric Utilities Environmental Conference (EUEC)             Tucson            Sep-00                  Gardiner Hill

16th - 17th January   International Risk Assessment Workshop                         Washington DC November                    Craig Lewis

31st January          PTAC                                                           Calgary           End December            Ken Brown

Mar-01                Commercial GHG Technology Solutions ???? Use new abstract? New York              10th Nov 2000           Gardiner Hill

13th - 14th March     CO2 Net Trondheim Meeting on Policy                            Trondheim         n/a                     Dave Thomas

30th March            Norwegian Climate Conference                                   Oslo              By invitation only      Lars Ingolf

4th - 5th April       European Union of Geosciences Biennial Meeting                 Strasbourg        End December            Craig Lewis/Gardiner Hill

25th - 27th April     International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)          Houston           30th November           Craig Lewis/Exhibit Stand

15th - 17th May       First National Conference on Carbon Capture and Storage        Washington DC 15th Nov 2000               Bob Moore

1st June-4th June     AAPG                                                           Denver                                    Craig Lewis

12th June - 13th June CCP EU NGO Workshop                                            Amsterdam         n/a                     CCP

27th - 28th June      Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestration in the Oil and Gas Ind London           May                     Gardiner Hill

30th Sept - 3rd Oct   SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2000: Emerging New Orleans        14th December           Gardiner Hill
                      and Peripheral Technology (No 511)

7th - 10th October    2001 Gasification Technology Conference                        San Francisco     June.                   Gardiner Hill

16-17 October         Norwiegian Natural Gas Conference                              Trondhiem                                 Lars Ingolf Eide

22nd Oct-2nd Nov      COP7                                                                             n/a                     CCP?

13th Nov - 14th Nov   MIT Annual Carbon Sequestration Forum                          MIT                                       Arthuer Lee/Lars Ingolf/GH

1st December          AGU                                                            San Francisco                             Craig Lewis?

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