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Albuquerque New Mexico Appliance Repair Service Is Hiring A New Technician


Press release for Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. about the new hire. Visit:

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									Albuquerque New Mexico Appliance Repair Service Is Hiring A New Technician

After much diligent work, Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. has selected a person to
hire as a repair technician.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – It takes more than just posting an advertisement, collecting
resumes, doing fact checking of the resumes, background checks, and having people come in
for interviews to hire a new repair technician. There is also making sure the new hire is
a fit for the entire company.

As a previous winner of the Ethics in Business Award by a partnership of the Samaritan
Counseling Center and the University of New Mexico (UNM) Anderson School of Management,
Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. has a reputation to uphold. Each and every
employee of the company plays a part in holding and maintaining that reputation. So, the
hiring of a new employee is a serious matter.

An appliance repair technician spends a considerable amount of time with the customer at
the customer's home. As one might expect, how the technician interacts with the customer
is extremely important. A technician must take care of the customer's possessions during
the service visit, provide an accurate diagnosis of the problem, and sometimes have that
delicate conversation about it being better to replace than repair the appliance.

Well, after much work, Ortega's is hiring a new appliance repair technician. This
technician (name intentionally withheld) has over fourteen years of experience and will
be starting with Ortega's shortly.

To learn more about this appliance repair firm servicing Albuquerque New Mexico, visit:

About Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc.:
Manny Ortega operates Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. Since 1975, their factory
trained technicians have provided appliance repair. Types of appliance repair include:
refrigerator repair, freezer repair, clothes washer repair, front load clothes washer
repair, dryer repair, dishwasher repair, microwave oven repair, stove / oven / ranges /
cook top repair, trash compactor repair, garbage disposal repair, and ice maker repair.

Manny Ortega
Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc.
P.O. Box 31006
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87190
Phone: (505) 884-9177

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