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									Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 1

  August 24, 1874 - Born in Trinidad, Colorado. Died October 22, 1968
  in Los Angeles, California. Buried in Winslow, Arizona.
          NOTE: Information is according to 1880 U. S. Census she
          was six years old and living in St. Johns, Arizona) near
          Trinidad, Colorado. Antonio Jose (Chavez) GARDUNO
          Born on October 10, 1867 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
          Died April 22, 1940 in Los Angeles. Buried in Winslow, Arizona.
          Compiled and Notes submitted by Richard David Rubi, Mele’s grandson,
          from documents saved by Mele’s daughter, Margaret Garduno Rubi.
          NOTE: New Mexicans considered themselves “Manitos” which is shortened from HERMANO, or brother
          in in English, to a “MANITO the Ito” is a Spanish term for endearment and also for small as in chiquito.
          They maintained the Spanish as used in Spain as they were isolated from the rest off the world. They did
          not consider themselves part of Mexico. New Mexicans did not participate in the revolution against Spain
          or in the civil wars in Mexico . They were isolated from Mexico by a thousand miles when travel was by
          horse. Because of he Santa Fe Trail they had better relations with the United States where wealthy , Los
          Ricos, New Mexicans sent their children to be educated. Isolated New Mexicans kept the language of
          Cervantes' Don Quijote which they brought as original settlers. Isolated New Mexicans developed their
          own culture and were different from Mexicans , Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argentineans, and other Latinos.

  Antonio Jose Chavez - GARDUNO
  Oct 10, 1867 - Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to Benigna Chavez.
  Oct 18, 1867
  He was baptized at St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe. His father’s name was given as “unknown.” Sponsors
  (padrinos) were Jose Maria Morfin and Apolonia Chavez.
  Aug 25, 1876
  Grandma Mele was born near Trinidad, Colorado. Her mother, Rosa, was the daughter of Manuelito, Navajo Chief.
  Rosa, had been captured by the Ute Indians and sold as a slave to Luciano Maxwell. Rosa had two children, Joa-
  quin Maxwell and Guadalupe Maxwell with Luciano’s brother Charles Maxwell according to Dan Dubois.
  New Mexicans considered themselves “Manitos” which is shortened from HERMANO to MANITO the Ito is a
  Spanish term for endearment and also for being small (chiquito.) They did not consider themselves part of Mex-
  ico. New Mexicans did not participate in the revolution with Spain or in the civil wars in Mexico . They were iso-
  lated from Mexico by a thousand miles when travel was by horse. Because of he Santa Fe Trail they had better re-
  lations with the United States where wealthy New Mexicans sent their children to be educated. Isolated New Mexi-
  cans kept the language of Cervantes which they brought as original settlers. Isolated New Mexicans developed
  their own culture and were as different from Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argentineans, and other Latinos.
  Grandma Mele’s mother, Rosa, died when Mele was a baby. Mele said Rosa was buried between Chavez and Blue-
  water, New Mexico. That you could see the old ruined house from the old highway.
          NOTE: Highway 66 at that time was the new highway so that there must have been an other “old highway.”
          Traveling east from Thoreau on I-40 the is a “North Chavez” which was an old railroad section house. Fur-
          ther east is Bluewater. This is as close as I could locate Rosa’s burial place.
  Dan Dubois apparently worked for Luciano Maxwell who was the largest land holder in the U. S. Grandma’s story
  was that Dan Dubois told the Indian slaves that Lincoln had freed all the slaves. Rosa and her two children went
  with their mother and Dan Dubois. Both Joaquin and Tia Lupe changed their names from Maxwell to Dubois. Tia
  Lupe went back to Guadalupe Maxwell.
  Jul 18, 1877
  Letter written in Spanish on file. Written by Josefa Salazar Manderfield to her cousin, Julio Garduno, Grandpa
  Tony’s stepfather: “. . . come here to work. Greetings to you, your wife and the little boy. . . “ Josefa Salazar was
  the wife of William H. Manderfield who was the owner of the English and the Spanish newspapers in Santa Fe,
  New Mexico.
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  . . . . . . .1880
  Census has Emila (correct spelling Amelia), age 6, Juaquin (correct spelling Joaquin), age 11 and Guadalupe, age
  9, living with Tomasa Gonzales, age 80, in St. Johns, Arizona. Tomasa was Rosa Gonzales’ mother and the mother
  of Dorotea Escotia, who married Dan DUBOIS in Cubero, New Mexico.
  . . . . . . .1881
  Fran Kosik in his book, NATIVE ROADS, on pages 204-5 wrote that Chee Dodge and Stephen Aldrich owned
  Round Rock Trading Post.
           NOTE: Margaret Garduno Rubi, stated that Stephen Aldrich also owned the trading post at Manuelito, Ari-
           zona. I have some letters that Mrs. Aldrich wrote to Grandma Mele while she worked in Manuelito.
  Grandma Mele also knew Major David Shipley who Kosik mentions: Page 205: “Major Shipley was the Govern-
  ment Agent at Fort Defiance for the Navajos. He mistreated the Navajo children; was taken hostage at Round
  Rock by the Navajos and was almost hanged. He was then removed from office.”
  Jan 09, 1884
  Jose de Jesus RUBI married Damiana Garcia. According to Margaret, Grandma Mele (about age 10) attended the
  . . . . . . .1886
  Mele, as a very young girl (age 12??), walked from her father’s place, which was not too far, to El Rancho de la
  Mele to Manuelito where she was given a job by Mrs. Stephen Aldrich. Very few Navajo girls spoke English well so
  Mele might have been given the job because she did. Mele was Manuelito’s granddaughter and Dan Dubois’
  daughter and because of this, the Navajos would have been friendly. Mr. Stephen Aldrich and his wife moved to
  Gallup and let Ray Aldrich run the trading post She worked for Aldrich until she married Antonio Garduno in a
  Methodist Church on May 21, 1899 at the age of 22.
  The Aldrich’s sold the Manuelito Trading Post to Mike Kirk where, many years later, Dan Garduno worked. Mike
  is credited for having started the Gallup Indian Ceremonial.
  Chee Dodge, Aldridge’s partner, offered to marry Mele many times but she refused as he was married to several
  Navajo sisters as was the Navajo custom.
  Jul 19, 1890
  Mele was not yet married. Vicente Garduno, born to Grandpa Tony and his first wife, Irinea Garcia.
  Oct 19, 1890
  A receipt; of Antonio Garduno, $5.00 for one dozen photos, group of four to be finished.
  Jan 12, 1891

  Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company letterhead, Las Vegas, New Mexico: “--- Antonio Garduno has
  been employed at this place as Car Repairman and has also worked in Wallace as repairman and inspector. I
  can recommend him to be a sober industrious and willing man & one who understands this work---- /S/.”
            NOTE: According to Margaret, Grandpa Tony’s parents, Benigna Chavez and her husband had a restaurant
            in Wallace, New Mexico. Tony was not yet married to Mele ,who was age 14.
  Mar 01, 1892
  Letter to Mele from Mrs. David Shipley whose husband was the U. S. Indian Agent in Ft Defiance. “The lace you
  sent is so pretty --- you crocheted it yourself. --- Well how do you like Manuelito?”
  NOTE: Mele was born in Aug 1874 so she was age 17 at the time of this letter.
  “Chee (Dodge) was here., --- I had heard that you were at home and was going to write you to see if you would not
  come back and stay with me. I have missed you so much.”
            NOTE: This must have been about five or six years after Mele started to work at Manuelito for Stephen Al-
Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 3

  Apr 04, 1892
  Receipt In Spanish, translated: ”Received from Anatasio Garcia of Pena Blanca the sum of $3.50 Three dollars and
  fifty cents on the account of Antonio Garduno who owed me for beans.----/S/”
            NOTE: Grandpa Tony's first wife was Irinea Garcia. She was probably related to Anastacio Garcia??

  Apr 26, 1892
  Four page letter to Mele from Mrs. C. E. Vandever in El Dorado, Kansas: “ ... and so you can imagine my delight
  when I received your letter.--- I was making doilies the other day and how I did wish you were here to do them
  as you know you could beat me all to pieces at that.”
  . . . . . . . 1893
  Manuelito died and is buried near Tohatchi, Arizona.
            NOTE: (See Manuelito file) Grandma Mele was about 17 years old. Mele is supposed to have had some
            schooling at Ft. Defiance, New Mexico. She could speak Spanish, her main language, Navajo fluently and
            English. She was the interpreter for her Grandfather Manuelito when he had dealings with the army offi-
  Nov 2, 1893
  Letter in Spanish from Benigna Chavez, Grandpa Tony's mother, in Santa Fe wrote to her mother Dolores
  Montoya. This is an original letter in ink and appears to have been written by a professional scribe. “---Antonio
  has married. He and his wife are living with me. “
  Feb 10, 1893
  Letter to Antonio Garduno and his wife Irinea Garcia from Donaciano Baca and his wife , in Albuquerque, New
  Mexico, to come baptize their baby born on the 4th of Feb, 1893.
  Nov 21, 189x
  Letter to Miss Amelia Dubois at Manuelito, Arizona, from J. Etta Shipley written on a letterhead UNTIED STATES
  INDIAN SERVICE, Fort Defiance, Arizona.
            NOTE: Mele , not yet married, working in Manuelito for Steven Aldridge.

  Aug 29, 1894
  Original letter to Antonio Garduno addressed by brother in Wallace, New Mexico. His first wife, Irinea and his
  son Vicente, were with him. Writer mentions Remedios, her mother, Tio Francisco, Santos and Julio (Grandpa
  Tony's stepfather). Benigna, Grandpa Tony's mother sends love to her grandson Vicente. The letter mentions that
  the writer knows Grandpa Tony is going to work the mines. The writer signs as “comadre and sister” but the name
  is not familiar with any of Grandpa Tony’s brothers and sisters.
  Aug 01, 1895
  Original letter to Grandpa Tony in Gallup from an attorney in San Francisco. Grandpa Tony was sent some herbs
  to enhance and enlarge his “manhood” !!!!!!
  . . . . . . .1895
  Irinea Garcia, Grandpa Tony’ first wife died in Gallup, New Mexico and was buried in Pena Blanca New Mexico on
  June 9, 1896.
  Jun 9, 1896
  Attorney Victry of Santa Fe wrote to Dolores Montoya de Chavez in Thornton, New Mexico. Attorney requested “--
  evidence to the Bosque Land grant,---”
  May 21, 1899
  Amelia Dubois married Antonio Garduno in the Methodist Church in Gallup, New Mexico.
            NOTE: If Grandma Mele was age 6, according to 1880 census, born in 1874 she was Age 25?? They were
            not married in the Catholic Church until 1906 as Grandpa Tony had some dispute with the Priest in Gallup
            who supposedly had different rules for Anglos and Mexicans. They remarried in the Catholic Church in
            Gallup in 1906.
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  Aug 06, 1900
  Mele was age 26; her daughter, Margaret Eva Garduno, was born in Gallup , New Mexico.
  Dec 16, 1900
  Letter: Grandpa Tony resigned in Gallup, New Mexico, from the Santa Fe Railroad having worked there from
  Nov 15, 1898 until Nov 30, 1900. Resigned to work in the coal mine. It gives his age as 35, Height as 6 feet 1
  inch and his weight as 155.
  Apr 20, 1901
  Grandpa Tony was elected as Member of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Gallup.
  Jun 02, 1902
  Mele was age 28: her son, Joe, was born in Gallup, New Mexico.
  Jun 01, 1904
  Mele was age 29: her son, Archie, was born in Bakersfield, California.
  Jul 05, 1905
  Grandpa Tony was appointed Special Deputy Sheriff. Original letter to Grandpa Tony. Letterhead: HOME
  RANCH STABLE, Harry Coddington Proprietor Gallup. “---meeting of the Republican County Central Commit-
  tee will beheld ---in the Court House in Gallup on Thursday July 30, 1908 --- to elect delegates to the County
  Convention which will elect delegates to the Territorial Convention to be held in Santa Fe Aug 18th 1908.---/S/
  McKinley County, Territory of New Mexico.
  Nov 28, 1905
  Grandpa Tony was given a certificate that he resigned from the Santa Fe. Certificate issued by the Richmond,
  California office. He was an Air Brake inspector from Mar 1, 1902 until May 1, 1905. His son, Archie, was born
  on June 1,1904 in Bakersfield, California.
  Jan 28, 1906
  Mele, age 29, and Tony were remarried in the Catholic Church, Sacred Heart, in Gallup, New Mexico.
  Oct 19, 1906
  Mele age 30: daughter Ella was born in Thoreau, New Mexico.
  Dec 19, 1906
  Original Letter to Grandpa Tony from a friend Jose D. Padilla on a letterhead from St Joseph Sanitarium, Sis-
  ters of Charity in Albuquerque., New Mexico.
  Mar 03, 1907
  Letter to Grandpa Tony in Thoreau, New Mexico from The Santa Fe Central Railway Co. in Estancia, New Mexico
  offering him job. He is offered 30¢ an hour. He is to work ten hours a day and two hours on Sunday.
         NOTE: That’s 10 x6 = 60 hours, + 2 on Sunday but paid for 5 hours at 30¢ an hour equals $19.50.

  Jun 19, 1907
  Original letter to Grandpa Tony, Air Brake Inspector at Zuni Mt. Railroad. in Thoreau, New Mexico offering him
  a job with The Santa Fe Central Railway Co. Letter was sent from Estancia, New Mexico by his Supt. His daugh-
  ter, Ella, was born in Thoreau on Oct 19, 1907.
  Mar 9, 1908
  Original letter: Given to Grandpa Tony by the American Lumber Company in Ketner, New Mexico, “certify that
  A. Garduno has been employed here as air and car inspector for a couple of years. ---services satisfactory.”
        NOTE: Unable to find Ketner on the map.
Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 5

  Dec 13, 1909
  Grandpa Tony relocated his family from Gallup, New Mexico to Winslow Arizona.
  Aug 28, 1911
  Mele age 35; her son, Dan, was born in Winslow, Arizona.
  Feb. 28, 1916
  Amelia Garduno, age 42, signed a note at McKinley County Bank in Gallup, New Mexico for a $10.00 loan for her
  father Dan Dubois, age 71. A hand written note at the bottom: “Guaranteed by Fr. Anselm Weber.” /S/ Mrs.
  Amelia Garduno.
         NOTE: Father Weber was a founding priest of St Michaels Indian school, where Margaret Garduno-Rubi
         attended school from about 1905 to 1910)
  Sep 20, 1917
  Letter from Father Anselm Weber of St. Michaels Mission to Mrs. Amelia Garduno. “I received your letter and
  the $15.00. I enclose the note paid and the balance $3.15. I saw Dan,( age 72), in Gallup on the street last Fri-
  day. He certainly looks bad.” /S/
  Jan 20, 1921
  The United States Land Office, Dept of The Interior in Santa Fe sent a Post Card to Grandpa Tony at Manuelito,
  New Mexico: “Final proof on your Homestead 024421 is set before U. S. Commissioner at Gallup, New Mexico
  on Mar 8, 1921. ----.”
  Dan Dubois had a homestead and trading post south of Mele’s ranch. It was south of the old well to the arroyo
  which followed southwest just past the cliffs through which the arroyo flows. Erosion has destroyed the area.
  Richard Rubi at age 12 and Grandma Mele walked to Dan's place in the summer of 1942.
  Dec 29, 1921
  Mele age 47: Her daughter Margaret Garduno married Benito Federico Rubi in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  Jan 12, 1922
  Granddaughter, Ruth Rubi was born to Margaret Rubi in Winslow, Arizona.
  Feb 05, 1922
  Ruth Rubi was baptized as Maria Rufina Rubi in St Joseph's Catholic Church in Winslow. Her original Baptism
  in her book; her Padrinos (Godparents) were her Uncle Lorenzo Rubi and wife Virginia Lopez.
  May 13, 1922
  Mrs. Aldrich wrote to Mele, (age 47). S. E. ALDRICH at Manuelito, New Mexico wrote: “Dear Millie, ---a letter
  from the firm we ordered the barb wire from. Please return letter as Ray (Aldrich) keeps them on file.---.”
         NOTE: Was Mele ordering barb wire for her ranch?

  Mar 19, 1923
  Granddaughter Evelyn Rubi was born to Margaret Garduno in Winslow, Arizona.
  Apr 21, 1924
  U. S. Dept of the Interior sent a post card to Grandpa Tony in Manuelito, New Mexico, which was forwarded to
  Winslow by the U.S. Post Office: United States Land Office, Dept of the Interior in Santa Fe, New Mexico:
  “Patent for Homestead, Entry No. 031060, is in this Office and will be delivered to you upon surrender of the
  Register’s Duplicate Certificate.---.”
         NOTE: It was for Township 12 North, Range 20 West; Mele was age 47.

  Jun 01, 1924
  Letter to Grandpa Tony in Winslow from Harriet Wilson who land was close to the ranch: “Dad was into Gallup
  yesterday and told me to write and tell you the potatoes and beans are all planted. Your place is all planted
  now. Dad said that he could do nothing with Indian Dan. He wouldn’t even listen about bringing the cattle
  or hunting them so Dad is going to let it go until you come out to the ranch on your vacation then you can
  see if you can make him do any thing about them.---“
Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 6

  Jun 01, 1924
           NOTE: Dan Dubois was the Stepfather of Guadalupe Maxwell who had a son that Rosa named Dan Du-
           bois, after El Dan Dubois. I would guess that Indian Dan was Tia Lupe’s son, who had the same name as
           his Grandfather Dan Dubois.
  Apr 03, 1925
  Granddaughter, Louise Rubi, was born to Margaret Garduno Rubi in Winslow.
  Mar 30, 1926
  Original in file: J. L. Hubbell from Ganado wrote a letter in Spanish to Grandpa Tony that the Indian Agent at
  Canon Bonito had a house for rent and that Grandma Mele should go see it.
  March, 1927
  Grandpa Tony registered a 1923 Ford Model T, Motor No. 7385116 in Arizona by paying $5.00.
  May 07, 1927
  Grandson, Anthony Benedict Rubi, called Bennie, and nicknamed BOY, was born to Margaret Garduno Rubi in
  Mar 03, 1928
  Benigna Chavez Garduno died. Grandpa Tony gave the information for his mother, Benigna O. Garduno, age 84.
  Living at 820 East St, Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico. Death Certificate 4950; date of birth is given as
  “About 1844.” Mother’s name: Dolores Montoya. Father’s Name Bicent (spelling should be Vicente Chavez.)
  Place of birth is given as Algodones, New Mexico. Place of burial is given as San Jose. She named her son Jose
  Antonio after her grandfather Jose Antonio Chavez who was murdered by Texans near Lyons, Kansas. Benigna
  would have heard about the murder from her father Vicente Chavez who was the son of the murdered man.
  Story told in great and specific detail by Marc Simmons in his book MURDER ON THE SANTA FE TRAIL.
  Jan 29, 1929
  Grandson, Gilbert Rubi, was born to Margaret Garduno in Winslow. Gilbert passed away before his first birthday
  Oct 11, 1929
  Mrs. Mike Kirk to Mele, age 55: Telegram care of Yardmaster in Winslow. “Bernard Adakai was killed -- come
  Dec 18, 1930
  Grandson, Richard David Rubi, was born to Margaret Garduno Rubi in Winslow
  Jan 4, 1931
  Mrs. Mike Kirk of Manuelito Trading Post wrote to Grandma Mele, age 56, on behalf of Dan Dubois, a Navajo,
  who was the son of Guadalupe, Dan Dubois’s daughter. The letter said that the sheep and horses were starving
  and to send money to buy alfalfa. “The snow is very deep,.---sheep and goats are dying---, They just can’t stand
  so much bitter cold weather.”
  . . . . 1930’s
  Navajo Census numbers were recorded at Window Rock, Arizona by Mele, listed were: Amelia Garduno , Marga-
  ret Garduno, Joe Garduno, Archie Garduno, Anthony (Bennie) Rubi, Ella Garduno, Dan Garduno, Ruth Rubi,
  Evelyn Rubi, Louise Rubi.
  Feb, 1932
  Grandpa Tony retired at the age of 67 from Santa Fe railroad. The Santa Fe Magazine of February 1932 on Page
  12: “ Antonio Garduno, lead car inspector, Winslow, Arizona, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on October
  17, 1865. He entered the service as a car inspector in October, 1909. His period of continuous service is twenty-
  two years.” Mele was age 57.
Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 7

  Jan 29, 1933
  Granddaughter Inez Rubi was born to Margaret Garduno in Winslow.
  Jun 16, 1934
  Photo of Grandpa Tony at age 67 in a large group: “ Latin American Club of Arizona, Second Annual Convention,
  June 16th & 17th, 1934 , Phoenix, Arizona.”
  Feb 04, 1935
  Mele, age 60: her son, Archie, was killed in a car accident just east of Winslow near Joseph City.
  Aug 10, 1935
  Grandson, Walter Lawrence Rubi, was born to Margaret Garduno Rubi in Winslow.
  Jul 16, 1938
  Receipt;" To Whom May Concern. This is to acknowledge that Ella Garduno has loaned Two Hundred and Ten
  Dollars to me to pay a note on a mortgage on the Ranch. /S/ Amelia D. Garduno, age 61, and Antonio Garduno.
            NOTE: This was during the Great Depression! Aunt Ella must have saved like heck!

  Apr 16, 1939
  Granddaughter, Amelia Rubi was born to Margaret Garduno Rubi in Winslow.
  Dec 15, 1939
  Santa Fe issued a receipt for $5.00 for the period Jan 1, 1940 to Jan 1, 1941 for Plot No. 24.
            NOTE: This is for the land and house in Southside.

  Apr 22, 1940
  Grandpa Tony died at the age of 75 of Bronchial Pneumonia in the Santa Fe hospital in Los Angeles. Mele was age
  64. His daughter, Ella Garduno living at 820 5th Ave., in Los Angeles gave info for death Certificate. Aunt Ella said
  that both his parents were born in Santa Fe.
  Apr 26, 1940
  Requiem High Mass held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Winslow. Interment at Desert View Cemetery in Wins-
  low, Arizona.
  May 7, 1940
  Letter from Aunt Ella to H. C. Kabelin in Winslow: “ Dear Sir: Enclosed find a check to cover loan made to my fa-
  ther A. Garduno---.” /S/ Ella.
  May 9, 1940
  Hand written note on same letter: “Mrs. Garduno, Thank you very much. Tony Garduno was honest and you are
  too. /S/ K. C. Kabelin.”
  . . . . . . 1940
  Granddaughter, Ruth Rubi, married Nicolas Juarez in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
  Feb 03, 1942
  Last Will and Testament of Amelia Garduno, age 65, of Winslow. “—bequeath to my beloved daughter, Evalengina
  (SP) Ella Garduno, everything which I may have at the time of death ----.
  I appoint Dennis J. Sweeney, as Attorney for this will.”/S/
  Nov 13, 1942
  Aunt Ella sent Mele $15.00 from San Francisco. Was Ella working in the shipyards?
Amelia Dubois-Garduno - Antonio Jose (Chavez) Garduno - Life Events, Page 8

  In 1945
  Mele, was age 71, when her sons went to World War II. She promised the Santo Nino de Atocha in Zuni that if he
  protected her sons, Dan and Joe, she would walk from the ranch to Zuni. When the time came to walk, Uncle Joe
  refused to walk saying that he had not made the promesa.
            NOTE: This Santo is said to have come to New Mexico with the original Spanish settlers. My sister, Evelyn,
            said that as a child she went to Zuni with Grandma Mele who spoke in the Zuni language with them. The Zu-
            nis also took them to see other religious object not shown to visitors.
  Apr 10, 1947
  Letter from Census Office in Washington D.C. to Amelia Garduno “The Census of 1900 as of June 1:Living on Rail
  Road Avenue, Gallup New Mexico Amelia Garduno age 22 born Aug 1877.”
            NOTE: It is unknown who gave information for census. The 1880 census give Grandma Mele, Emilia, age as
            6 and living in St Johns , Arizona.
  Dec 3, 1955
  Margaret Montoya (Mele’s half sister) sent telegram to Mele, age 84: . “Tio Inez died in Las Vegas (New Mexico) this
  morning.” Tio Jose Inez Dubois was Dan Dubois’s son according to Mom by a ?? Jaramillo and was brought up by an
  Italian family in Gallup.
            NOTE: I spent the summers of 1942 and 1943 with Grandma Mele. Tio Inez (Jose Inez Dubois) was there. He
            never spoke to any one as I recall . I don't recall which one. He died at the nut house in Las Vegas, New Mex-
            ico. He had a growth the size of a walnut on his temple.
  Jul 16, 1958
  Mele, age 83, wrote a letter to daughter Ella: “---Some times I wish I were by myself. Why do I have to live all my
  life put up with drunkards.--.”
            NOTE: Her grandfather Manuelito in his old age was furnished whiskey by the army to keep him under con-
            trol. Her father, Dan Dubois, was a heavy drinker. Her sons Joe and Dan did more than their share of drink-
            ing. Her son-in-law, Benito Rubi, was also a heavy drinker.
  Nov 21, 1959
  Mele, age 85, wrote a letter to her daughter Margaret. The return address is: Casado’s Grocery, 303 N. First Street,
  Gallup, New Mexico.
            NOTE: Jacobo (Jack) Casado was a very good friend of Mele. I think Mom said that at one time was going to
            marry Aunt Ella. I spent the summers of 1942 and 1943 at the ranch with Mele and every time we went to
            Gallup we would visit Jacobo.
  Jul 6, 1961
  Ella wrote to her mother: “--- Margaret and Ruth were here last month. They stayed at Evelyn’s and Inez’s. Poor
  Ruth is so sick.---Dan is still looking for work.--- I wish you could live near by and not be alone so much of the
  time.---“ /S/
  Jul 18, 1961
  Mele, age 84, wrote from the ranch to Ella: “---Bob Cousins (owner of the trading post) and Joe made an ice box so
  we could have ice.”
  Jun 1, 1964
  At the age of 90 Mele transferred her ranch by Warranty Deed to her son Dan Garduno. Indicates that it is recorded
  in Book 18, Page 93. (This would be in Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico.)
  Oct 22, 1968
  She died at the age of 94. Her Death certificate gives her address as 1925 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles. She had been
  living with her son Dan Garduno but later she was in a convalescent hospital. She died of old age and heart failure.
  Oct 26, 1968
  A Requiem mass was held at St. Joseph’s and burial in Desert View Cemetery, Winslow, Arizona, next to her

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