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									Ms. Cordero AP English Literature and Composition 626-821-8370

COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND SYLLABUS Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is a year-long course designed to improve language arts skills at the collegiate level. This course will fulfill Advanced Placement, district, and state requirements. Students will read a variety of works from different genres of British, American, and world literature, including short stories, novels, poetry, nonfiction, and drama. Because of the collegiate level of the course, some topics covered in the selected literature will be of a mature nature. Students will also be expected to complete various tasks related to these works, including essays (both timed writings in class and formal), creative writing, research papers, presentations, and multimedia projects. Students are expected to work both in groups as well as individually. ****Students who desire to return to college prep English must drop by the fourth week. REQUIRED TEXTS AP Literature textbook Hamlet by William Shakespeare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard Hamletmachine by Heiner Mueller Arcadia by Tom Stoppard ABSENCES The absence and tardy policy of Arcadia High School will be followed at all times. Do not return to class from an absence without a readmit. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the agenda and to complete make-up work. MAKE-UPS ARE THROUGH ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT ONLY. Make-up work must be submitted by the Wednesday before the end of the grading period (as defined by progress report and report card due dates) in which the absence occurs. GRADING Assignments will be given point credit. There will be a maximum of 1000 points of assignments given by the end of the semester. Grades are determined by points earned (920+=A, 919-895=A-, 894-880=B+, 879-820=B, 819-795=B-, 794-780=C+, 779-720=C, 719-695=C-, 694-680=D+, 679-620=D, 619-595=D-, 594-=F). No late assignments will be accepted. Grades will not be rounded up (e.g., 899 points is a B+). All requests for corrections to grade entries must be submitted by the end of the grading period in which the assignment was given. AUTHENTICITY OF WORK You are required to do your own work for this course in compliance with the instructions given for each assignment. To that end, all work listed in the syllabus must be submitted to and must include a complete bibliography. I will provide you with logon information for Any possible violations of the cheating policy will be fully investigated. Violations of the cheating policy may result in a drop from the English honors program. The cheating policy of Arcadia High School (as listed in the student handbook) will be adhered to at all times. FINAL AND OUTSIDE READING ASSIGNMENTS A final exam/project and individual reading assignment will be given. Failure to complete the final on time or in compliance with the directions will result in a final grade of a D or a Fail in the course. Also, failure to complete or to follow the directions of the individual reading assignment will place you in danger of failing. ANY incident of cheating or misrepresentation of your work on either the individual reading assignment or the final project will result in a fail in the course.

Outside Reading assignment: Students will read and complete the AP short form report for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Students will also read and write a 2-4 page analysis of Hamletmachine. Both assignments are due Monday, April 13, 2009. Notebook assignments: In groups, students will choose five of the works previously read in the English honors/AP curriculum and compile notebooks analyzing the work. Notebooks are due every other week during 3rd and 4th quarter. Complete directions for the notebooks can be found in the AP Literature textbook. Final project: Students will be participating in the Arcadia Senior English Project. Project essays will be due May 29, 2009. Presentations will be given during Weeks 17 and 18. Please see the senior project section of the library wiki website for details. AP English Literature 2 Syllabus (subject to change) ***Note: All take-home assignments must be typed and in proper MLA format. Unit 1: Hamlet Critic of the Week presentation: In pairs or in threes, students will study a critic/philosopher and prepare the information for a 10-minute presentation. Presentations must have audio/visual components. Groups must also prepare a handout to be distributed to the class for the presentation. Presentations will be delivered Weeks 2-10. Hamlet essay: Students will complete a 4-6 page literary analysis essay of Hamlet. Essays are due at the beginning of Week 6. Week 1—Introduction, timed writing, literary terms, AP Lit Ch. 2, selected short works Week 2—Hamlet, part 1 Week 3—Hamlet, part 2, Notebook 1 due Week 4—Hamlet, part 3 Week 5—Hamlet essay work, video, and test Unit 2: Poetry Unit 2 Project: Students will choose a poem from the AP textbook (or a poem of comparable quality) and memorize it for recitation. Poems must be at least 14 lines in length. Poetry recitations will be due during Weeks 9, 10, and 11. Class Project: Students will create a website for The Canterbury Tales. The website must be fully functional by the end of Week 12. Week 6—Hamlet essay due, AP Lit textbook, Ch. 3 Week 7—Notebook 2 due, AP Lit textbook, Ch. 4 Week 8—AP Lit textbook, Ch. 5 and 6 Week 9—Notebook 3 due, AP Lit textbook, Ch. 7 and 8 Week 10—Outside reading short forms due, AP Lit textbook, Ch. 9 Unit 3: Into the 20th and 21st Century Week 11—Arcadia, part 1, Notebook 4 due Week 12—Arcadia, part 2 Week 13—Notebook 5 due, Stranger Than Fiction, AP examination Week 14—Senior project intro, Anthem, part 1

Week 15—Proposal and parent signature due, Anthem, part 2 Week 16—Anthem finale, work on project Week 17—Senior project essay and interview information due, project presentations Week 18—Project presentations, Hamlet 2 (rated R for sexual references, brief nudity and some drug content) Upon entry into AP English Literature, students are expected to have mastery of: 1. Paragraph development: strong topic sentence, concrete details, quotation use, textual analysis, and concluding sentence. 2. English grammar and mechanics 3. Thesis statement that covers topic of the essay 4. Essay structure, including introductions and conclusions 5. Reading: summary, characterization analysis, thematic analysis 6. Argumentative thesis statement and topic sentences 7. Quotation use and integration 8. Transitions between ideas and paragraphs 9. Symbolism analysis 10. Use of credible sources for research, including websites, books, and journals 11. Use and application of literary criticism, including archetypal and Aristotelian analysis 12. Poetry analysis 13. MLA format, especially bibliography/works cited 14. Author purpose identification and analysis Students will focus on the following skills: 1. Stylistic analysis (diction, syntax, organization, details) 2. Rhetoric/argument 3. Development of personal style 4. Poetry analysis 5. British/world literature stylistic aspects 6. Timed writing strategies 7. Multiple choice test-taking strategies Optional videos: Hamlet (Branagh, Olivier, Gibson) In Her Shoes Il Postino Hamletmachine The Hours The Importance of Being Earnest She’s the Man The Lion King Arcadia

I understand and agree to comply with the requirements of Ms. Cordero’s Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition 2 course as set forth in this syllabus. I also give permission for the student below to read all literature associated with the course and to view the videos listed. ___________________________________ Student signature ___________________________________ Parent/Guardian signature

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