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College of Health Sciences The Pulse


First edition of College of Health Sciences newsletter The Pulse.

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									the pulse
                             your lifeline to the College of Health Sciences

                                       W Introducing the BS in Health Sciences
    New BS program
                               The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Sciences program at Rush University is
    Student Presentations      designed to prepare students for competitive application into graduate degree
                               programs in a variety of health care professional areas.
    Shining Star
                               The program’s curriculum prepares students to enter health science professional
    Health Fair Volunteers     degree programs which require or suggest a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for
                               admission. These professions include, but are not limited to, graduate degree-
    CHS Walks with Heart       granting programs in allied health (e.g. physician assistant, respiratory care,
                               occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology, perfusion technology, medical
    PA Hits High Marks         laboratory science), nursing (e.g. graduate entry level nursing), medical school and
                               graduate biomedical sciences (e.g. cellular biology, physiology, pharmacology).
    Fond Farewell
                               Students will complete a medical science-based curriculum to prepare for graduate
                               school, as well as be given the opportunity to focus on health care leadership skills
                               and/or the area of health-wellness/community health. Graduates of associate
                               degree health occupations programs may use this program to acquire leadership
                               skills needed in their occupational area.

                               If you know someone who would like to jump-start their health care studies, have
                               them visit

 Keep us posted on your
   news and updates at

                                                                                          College of Health Sciences
                                                                                   600 S. Paulina St. Suite 1001 AAC
                                                                                                   Chicago, IL 60612
Occupational Therapy Students Complete Research Presentations
 The Relationship Between Admission Occupational Therapy Practitioners: Personality Type and Practice Setting.
 Student: Renee Domzalski, Gina LoCoco and Michelle Hanawalt. Faculty Advisor: Brenda Koverman, MBA, MS,

 How Are Academic Programs Meeting the New ACOTE Psychosocial Fieldwork Standard? Student: Teodora Djondo
 and Annette Rice. Faculty Advisor: Linda M Olson, PhD, OTR/L.

 Unilateral Priming for Upper Extremity Hemiparesis. Student: Kara Mansk, Joshua Kwon, Katherine Bole, Molly
 Maletich, Cheryl Oommen and Amy Mikolajczakeo. Faculty Advisor: Mary Ellen Stoykov, PhD, MS, OTR/L.

 Analysis of Outcomes for an ACT based OT intervention. Student: Jennifer Manabat, Terrell Chaney, Joanna Feret and
 Marissa Mejia. Faculty Advisor: James Hill, OTR/L.

 Maximizing Efficiency of Stereognosis Testing in Patients With CVA. Student: Laura M Cooley, Lauren Farmer, Jamie
 Long, Victoria L Nalezny, Elizabeth R Nelson, Lisa Recher and Mark Torres. Faculty Advisor: Beverly Myers,

 The Relationship Between Admission Criteria and Fieldwork Performance in a Masters Level OT Program:
 Implications for Admissions. Student: Anne Janota, Adina Sacarea, Elizabeth De Avila, Lee Ann Ferguson and Robin
 Garfinkel. Faculty Advisors: Rebecca Ozelie, MHS, OTR/L, BCPR; Molly Bathje, MS, OTR/L.

 Examining Sensory Processing Disorder in Individuals with Mental Illness. Student: Molly Brown, Kate Ciancio,
 Kaitlin Roche, Barbara Sellers and Carly Steurer. Faculty Advisor: Linda M Olson, PhD, OTR/L.

                                        National Federation of the American Societies
                                        of Experimental Biology Presentations
                                        Chloe Berdan, who was a student at the time of the presentation this spring and
                                        graduated in June, presented a poster of her research with C. Tangney, C. Scala
                                        and M. Stolley on Childhood Cancer Survivors and Adherence to the American
                                        Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity.

                                        Megan Thomas, who was a student at the time of the presentation this spring and
                                        graduated in June, presented a poster of her research with H. Rasmussen, M.
                                        Gregoire, S. Holland and A. Volgman on Evaluation of dietary knowledge and
                                        accordance to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) evidence-based
                                        nutrition practice guidelines for disorders of lipid metabolism.

 Dr. Christy Tangney, a Clinical Nutrition faculty member, presented a poster of research done by two of her students,
 Rachel Winston (class of 2013) and Cristina Piazza (class of 2013), and H. Rasmussen, C. Bacon, C. Scala and J. Gauthier
 on DASH accordance of breast cancer survivors in the Diet, Activity and Lifestyle (DiAL) study.

 Divyani Sarkar, who was a student at the time of the presentation this spring and graduated in June, did an oral
 presentation of her research with C. Tangney, B. Staffileno, S. Foley, C. Bacon and J. Wilbur on DASH Accordance
 among Older Hispanics: Comparison of Three DASH Scores.
Super Star                                                      Making a Difference
                      Keri Kwarta, AuD
                      (Audiology), Francis Fullam,
                      MA (HSM), and Briana
                      Jegier, PhD (HSM) presented
                      an invited lectureship at the
                      American Academy of
                      Audiology (AAA) annual
                      meeting, “The Impact of
                      Patient Experience Data
                      Collection on Patient
 Satisfaction in an Evolving Reimbursement                      RU Caring held its eighth annual city wide Back-to-School Health
 Climate.” Funded by the AAA Foundation, the                    Fair at Malcolm X College.
 presentation was simultaneously web-broadcast
 and continues to be available as a web seminar.                Volunteers provided services, including physical exams,
                                                                immunizations, hearing and vision screening and nutrition
 Also, as you may remember, last November                       counseling, to more than 500 children.
 Kwarta was the recipient of a Patient Satisfaction
 Star Award, recognizing her for exceptional patient
 service and satisfaction. Well, she has now been
 selected as the Patient Star of Stars, the award
 given to just one individual each year who
 exemplifies these qualities.

 “Congratulations Keri, and thank you for being an
 extraordinary clinician to your patients, teacher to
 your students and colleague to the rest of us. It’s a                            CHS Walks with Heart
 greatly deserved honor,” stated Mike Hefferly,
                                                                        Thank you for your support of and contributions to the
                                                                                    American Heart Association.

                                                  Congratulations are due to the first Physician Assistant Studies (PA)
                                                  graduating class for achieving a perfect score on the Physician Assistant
                                                  National Certifying Exam (PANCE).

                                                  The first PA cohort, which consisted of eighteen first time test takers,
                                                  achieved a 100 percent pass rate. The national pass rate for first time test
                                                  takers is 92 percent.
A Fond Farewell
Dr. Herb Miller Retires After 39 Years
Dr. Herb Miller PhD, MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA) is Associate Dean
of Student Affairs and Graduate Programs for the College of
Health Sciences, Chairman of the Department of Medical
Laboratory Science, Division Director for the PhD Program in
Health Sciences in the Graduate College and Associate
Professor at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois.
He oversees the baccalaureate and master degree programs in
Medical Laboratory Science and the Specialist in Blood Banking
Certificate program. He is director of general educational
resources for Rush University.

Miller earned his PhD degree in Administration and Policy
Studies from Northwestern University, his Master of Health
Science degree from Governors State University, and his
Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from DePaul University.
He completed his medical technology internship at Presbyterian-
St. Luke’s Hospital and is certified as a medical technologist by
the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Registry
and as a clinical laboratory scientist by the National Credential-
ing Agency for Laboratory Personnel.

Professionally, Miller is a frequent speaker at national, state and
local scientific meetings. He served as president of the American
Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Illinois and the Chicago
Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, and has held numerous
elected and appointed positions in both of these
societies for many years. He was honored as Member of the
Year for the Illinois Society in 1999 and the Chicago society in
1988 and 1998. Miller was elected into the American
Society for the Clinical Laboratory Sciences honorary fraternity,
Alpha Mu Tau, in 1985. He is a reviewer and site visitor for the
National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science
(NAACLS). In 2006 Miller was appointed by the governor of
Illinois to serve on the Laboratory Review Board for the Illinois
Department of Public Health. He also serves on the Illinois
Board of Higher Education Clinical Laboratory Science
Articulation Committee.

In addition to Miller’s many academic and career                       “Herb has been a fantastic mentor
accomplishments, his quick wit, unique sense of humor and              to hundreds of medical laboratory
boisterous personality have touched many lives. His deep
knowledge and passion for the profession have allowed him to          professionals all around the country.
inspire and be a mentor to many students. And although he may         His memories of the profession and
be off to faraway and exotic places and no longer walk the halls         dedication to the institution is
of the institution he helped to make great, he will remain near
and dear to the heart of CHS.                                             unrivaled and his day-to-day
                                                                         contributions will be missed.”
Photo Captions:
1. Joan Siegel, Lynn Maedel, Herb Miller and Marge Stumpe— 1982.
                                                                        Maribeth L. Flaws, Ph.D., SM(ASCP)SI,
2. Herb Miller, Demetra Castillo and Joan Siegel— 1999.
                                                                       Acting Chairman and Associate Professor,
3. Joan Radtke, Maribeth Flaws and Herb Miller—2010.
                                                                       Department of Medical Laboratory Science

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