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					           Benq Mx511 Lumen Ready Projector Survey
BenQ MX511 is 3D ready but it does not support HD source for 3D. You can see 3D only using
composite (yellow) or s-video cable (advised by BenQ tech support). To see HD 3D you need HDMI
1. 4 input and this projector only support HDMI 1. 3 input. I hooked up Sony 3D Blue ray player
(BDPS470) with HDMI 1. 3 to this projector and this combination was not able to project 3D image
on screen. It automatically playback to 2D/1080p. Menu Option in BenQ for 3D setup also got
disabled/turn off with this setup. I have checked with composite cable to see 3D with DLP link ready
glass and 3D was horrible with no depth, seems like 2D.

I am really quite pleased with this projector. Wanted a projector to replace my very old NEC SVGA
one with hdmi for xbox gaming and dvd/etc in the basement and i am now projecting about a 5ft
high image on a white painted wall. Was looking extensively for months, comparing lamp life, native
output, etc, etc, and waiting for something acceptable at the price point i wanted. Found this one for
$449, which was well below what i expected to pay, but there is no comprimise. DVD quality was
excellent as well. I played a few games of Black Ops standing up, and found myself trying to look
around corners and up over things. For the price and with 3d ability(which i cannot comment on
yet), i could not be happier. Colors are really good with a # of preset and configurable settings via
the small remote. Audio is obviously not going to knock your socks off, as i haven't run it through
the amp yet, but it is still more than acceptable. Kicks my upstairs HD toshiba picture actually.
Great deal and no real compromise for an excellent viewing experience for those not 'needing' it to
be the absolute best there is out there.

I have had this projector since January 2012, have put about 110 hours on it so far. I am including
the guide on how to run 3D from your computer onto this projector below. but first pros and cons. I
bought it for 350 from staples canada (toronto) Pros: Great picture quality Great color reproduction
All the standard features + hdmi (at 350 HDMI is pretty good). Cons: Loud fan (according to my
standards, others may think its alright) very poor instructions in the 3D department from Benq, and
thats where they lost the point. How to run 3D on this projector. 1- Buy the glasses. (I got "Sintron"
3D glasses from ebay for $31, they work very well) 2- secure a VGA cable. (HDMI will not work,
dont waste your time) 3- download the "stereoscopic player" from 3dtv. at (dont buy it yet, just
download free first try and see if 3d works for you) 4- connect the projector via VGA and go to
display properties -> advanced, set the resolution to the highest resolution possible at 120Hz. its
important to set it at 120 HZ (may also work at 100HZ but 120 is better) 5- Press the menu button on
projector's remote, you will see that the 3D is now available, select 3D and turn it on. 6- open your
stereoscopic player and go to File -> settings -> playback options. in "Viewing method" pick
"Software pageflipping" in "glasses control" pick "DLP 3D Ready Encoding". under Preferred
viewing methods Stereoscopic pick "Software pageflipping". 7- hit ok. 8- now play your SBS movie
and it should be throwing 3D on the wall. P. S: if you didnt turn on your 3D glasses. smack your
self :) . I hope this helps

i purchased the mx511 about three months ago. i have to say it's awesome. hdmi works great. it's
the only thing i have hooked up. i have it hooked up to my directv and ps3. i am running through a
viewsonic vp3d1 adapter. i am using cheap 3d dlp link glasses made by futurecinema. . i am totally
pleased. if you shop around, you can get this unit for around 450. 00 and less if refurbished. i am
not going to waste you time talking about the clarity of the picture. it's awesome. i have watched 3d
through espn 3d, 3net, on directv and it looks great. i have also bought and watched tron:legacy,
resident evil:afterlife, piranha, the green hornet, alice in wonderland, tangeled, cat and dogs 2. as i
said before, they look great. regular blue rays play perfect. if there is one the to gripe about it's
about my samsung ht5500 bluray surround. hdmi doesn't pick up thru it. i have heard that samsung
has had the same problems with certain manufacturers. not a deal breaker. Dec 9th 2011 update.
samsung blu ray system works . had a bad 45 foot hdmi cable

Bought a factory refurbished MX511 about 2 weeks ago. It is very bright and works well even in a
moderately lit room. I use it mostly for Xbox 360 and it looks great. I have it projecting a ~116"
image and the quality is very good. Great projector with HDMI input. If the lamp lasts as long as
advertised or even close this projector is a fantastic buy.


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