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									                                         NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE
                                                October 28, 2013

The District and PVFT representatives met with the state mediator today. At the previous session, the state
mediator had requested that PVFT confer with a CFT financial expert and bring to today’s mediation session a
written proposal. PVFT did neither. Instead, PVFT made the following verbal proposal:

            1. The agreement be a Memorandum of Understanding "MOU" in order to avoid a membership
            2. All middle and high school P.E. classes would be limited to 35 students.
            3. Kindergarten through 3rd grade class size should be limited to 24:1 with one grade reduced each
               year until this standard is reached.
            4. Salary increase of 7% plus 2% (9% total) for 2013-2014 or in the alternative 7% effective July 1,
               2013 and a minimum of 4% for 2014-2015.
            5. Teachers who are eligible for retiree benefits but leave the District's employment to work for
               another school district can still get the District's retiree benefits unless their new employer's
               benefits are better.
            6. All 13 volumes of the California Education Code be incorporated into the collective bargaining
               agreement between PVFT and the District so that the entire Education Code can be grievable. The
               District has explained to PVFT on several occasions that there are many provisions in the
               Education Code that do not apply to certificated employees e.g. district boundary changes,
               transportation, community college provisions etc.

The District was curious that there was no mention of prep or release time by PVFT in their proposal. In the
interest of transparency, the District rejected the idea of an MOU which the membership would not see or vote
upon and made a new written formal comprehensive proposal to PVFT on all issues and requested that PVFT
allow its membership to vote on the proposal. The District’s proposal included the following:

            1. A seven percent (7%) increase for all employees (including ECE and Adult Ed) represented by
            2. Restore and increase release time for teachers in grades 1-3 to 90 minutes per week.
            3. A commitment to reduce K-3 class sizes to a maximum of 24:1 with the contingency that LCFF
               funding for class size reduction continue with one grade reduced in each future year.
            4. All six signed tentative agreements that the Parties have reached would be incorporated into a
               new collective bargaining agreement.

The District’s full proposal is on the District’s website. At 2:00 p.m. the mediator informed the District that
PVFT categorically rejected the District’s proposal and would not make any further movement on any issue. The
mediator released the Parties from mediation and will certify the dispute for factfinding.

We expect the factfinding will occur before the Winter break.

S. Roddick 2013-10-28

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